Best Hoi An Restaurants : Dine for a Soothing and Healthy Meal
Hoi An is the most delightful town in Vietnam, full of attractions like temples, museums, beaches, etc. It is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam with entertainment and fun activities for adults and kids. There are so many Hoi An restaurants, which can provide you an awesome taste.

Son Hoian is one of the most unique architectural design road side restaurants In Hoi an. Fantastic foods, lovely staff and excellent service with ancient and creative ambience is the assets of this restaurant. A chill out atmosphere, simple and elegant interiors with an open space made a wonderful experience among its guests.

Purple Lantern restaurant is highly recommended for the tourist with the delicious lip smacking food and very friendly hosts. Location is good as it is nearby the beautiful An Bang Beach which is just at the walking distance from the restaurant. Lovely ambience and excellently managed by the owner of the restaurant to satisfy his each and every guests.

Here are some of the Best Hoi An Restaurants :

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Morning Glory

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Situated in Hoi An, Vietnam, the Morning Glory is a restaurant serving Asian cuisine. It is situated at a distance of about 30 kilometres from the airport, but is totally worth a trip. It is a restaurant that serves both veg and non-veg options and is opened from 8 in the morning to 10 in the night. They serve breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Considered one of the most pocket friendly eateries, Morning Glory will definitely not be cheap on the tongue. Business meetings can also be held here and romantic dinner dates too. Great local dishes make the best menu of the restaurant. Also dishes like Barbequed Pork ribs available here are complemented and wanted too. They are known for their quick service and their excellent guest handling qualities. No booking in particular is necessary but if want they can surely get one done according to their own time.

Morning Glory

Location: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An, Vietnam.
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Son Hoian

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One of the best in its own field, rather cuisine, Son Hoian is located in the Hoi An. It’s somewhat at a great distance from the airport that is near about 30 Kilometres. But visiting the restaurant wouldn’t disappoint anyone. Son Hoian specializes in Asian as well as the local Vietnamese cuisine. They have exceptional seating arrangements available. One can have really enticing romantic dinner in their outside seating arrangement. They have a free Wi-Fi service available. Also the restaurant has great local ambience as its USP. With the Son Hoian one can hardly feel disappointed as they have great music and service. They have bar services and they are open from 9 AM to 11.30 P.M. they serve brunches, breakfasts, lunch and dinner. They have great food like that of exceptional papaya salads and ginger prawns. Trying their passion fruit smoothie and spring rolls can be nothing less than bliss.

Location: 232 Cua Dai - Cam Chau, Hoi An 084 510, Vietnam.
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Mango Mango

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The Mango Mango is one of the much known outlets in Vietnam. This restaurant located in Hoi An is probably one of the traditional restaurants with unique touch of its own. They serve the Asian and Vietnamese Cuisines. The dishes it serves is generally traditional to say but the way they prepare it are different adding variety of new flavours to it. Also the way they serve the dishes is totally different altogether. They serve the dishes on plates but with a covering of the banana leaves, that enhances the look to the dish totally. They usually serve the lunch, brunch and dinner and apart from that they have the afterhours too. They also have a full bar and free Wi-Fi connection. Reservations can be easily made. Also this place is exceptional in terms of seating arrangements. They have the most beautiful overview which can be enjoyed on a romantic date.

Mango Mango

Location: 45 Nguyen Phuc Chu, Hoi An, Vietnam.
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An Bang Beach Village Restaurant

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This is one of the speciality restaurants located in An Bang. It has one of the most enticing menus one can come across. An Bang Beach Village Restaurant serve Asian and Vietnamese Cuisine with the specialty of Seafood. The main USP of the restaurant is their varied menu on the Seafood. The red sappers served are the best. They do have the service of buffet too. Take away is another of their services. They serve brunches, lunches, breakfast and dinner. The restaurant can be found open every day from 9 AM to 10 PM. They accept all kind of payment options and thus no one need to worry about it. They have the service of alcohol available and also they have wheelchair facilities for the disabled. If you are there then don't forget to try their specially made scallops. They have great seafood barbeques done perfect which can be hardly visible anywhere else.

An Bang Beach Village Restaurant

Location: Group 6, An Bang, Hoi An 563800, Vietnam.
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Baby Mustard Restaurant

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The Baby Mustard Restaurant is owned by a young girl in her twenties who left her tourism job to set to a business of her own in Hoi An region of Vietnam. If you are in Hoi An and if you miss out coming to this restaurant, it means you are missing a great experience. The restaurant is just 5 minutes away from the old town and a few minutes away from the beach. It is open only for lunch and dinner and it is almost full all days. If you wish to explore anything else apart from just munching on the super delicious food offered here, then you should surely get an advance appointment from the management of the restaurant. You will come to know about how the restaurant grows mustard, basils and other spices in its own farm. The restaurant is also open for cooking classes for visitors arriving at Hoi An.

Location: Durong Bien, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Purple Lantern

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A small yet cute looking restaurant, owned by the chef Na is an attraction for many in the area of Hoi An. The name of the restaurant is justified by the interior decoration that it has with those amazing small purple colored lanterns all over. Not only the environment, but also the food is worth talking about. The chef Na take care that the food you order is made as per your choice and hence provides you a personalized dish each time you order. Some of the dishes that people coming over here often fall in love with are the spring rolls, scallops, mango salad and many others to name out of the menu. If you are in the region of Hoi An, then again Purple Lantern is one of the restaurants that you should surely try if you do not wish to miss out some extremely good food in a great and pleasing environment.

Location: Cam An tp, Hoi An, Vietnam
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An Gia Cottage

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This is a family run restaurant in Hoi an in Vietnam. It is famous for all the different Vietnamese delicacies that are on offer here. Their stuffed calamari and pineapple pork is so famous that people from all over Vietnam come to this quite little spot to enjoy a lovely meal. They have on offer a wide range of Vietnamese dishes that is bound to satisfy even the most difficult taste buds. The staff is extremely friendly as well and will explain to you all the dishes from the menu if you do not have a good idea about Vietnamese food. The place is beautifully decorated and makes you feel at home. The terrace sitting makes it one of the most sought after places by tourists. An Gia Cottage serves high quality food at very reasonable prices. The décor and food together will make you want to come back to this place again and again.

Location: Lac Long Quan, Hoi An, Vientnam
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Cay me

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Cay Me restaurant is located in Hoi an in Vietnam. This little café is a bit hard to find due to the appearance but is a real treat for anyone who is looking to try some authentic Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant is run by a lady who loves to make people laugh. You will feel very comfortable in the place. You will get many different types of dishes on the menu some which are common but others which you will not easily find elsewhere. The food is delicious and made with a lot of care. Their fried egg rolls are top notch and other dishes like the fried rice make it a must go to. The place is very clean and traveler friendly. The servers are very helpful as well. You can try out the different types of rolls on offer as they are quite well known for the authentic way they make them.

Location: Cam An, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Bao Han

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Bao Han is a quiet little restaurant located in Hoi an in Vietnam, which offers some of the most authentic Vietnamese dishes at the lowest price. You can be sure that the owners have not compromised with the quality even though the prices are extremely pocket-friendly. When you enter the restaurant you will be greeted by the friendly servers and the mouthwatering smell of the delicacies that are served here. The menu is limited but will appeal to all the foodies around. Bao Han is a great place to grab a quick lunch before you head off for some touring. The place has sitting arrangements inside. Their spring rolls are the most famous dish. Their ‘no like – no pay’ policy is a very interesting thing but you are bound to love all the dishes so this policy has to be rarely used. This restaurant is a must go for those who are looking to try some good Vietnamese dishes.

Location: 17 Cua Dai St, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Phi Banh Mi

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Phi Banh Mi is a quiet little restaurant located in Hoi an, Vietnam. If you love trying sandwiches and rolls then this is a must stop spot for you. You will get 11 different mouthwatering sandwiches here. The most famous is the crispy pork and cheese one. The pork is going to melt in your mouth and the bread is very fresh and soft. There are many other Asian flavored sandwiches and rolls to choose from as well. You can decide the level of spiciness from the options mentioned. The clean sitting area adds to the appeal of the place. The couple running the place is extremely friendly and is going to make your experience of eating here a very positive one. Though it can be a bit difficult to find, yet you are bound to fall in love in love with the place once you have a meal at this quite food stop!

Location: 88 Thai Phien, Cam Pho, Hoi An, Vietnam
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Jim's snackbar

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If you are looking for fast food in Hoi An, Jim’s Snackbar is the right place. A short distance from the ancient city, this ordinary looking food joint is connoisseurs of western food, offering regular burgers and hotdogs to an amazing selection of food made from imported ingredients. The owner is passionate about the food and it shows. From sausages to hamburger, everything is homemade, flavoured with secret herbs and spices. Although the sitting area is limited, you can always get a takeaway.

Location: The restaurant is located just a few minutes’ drive away from the Thai Market.

Best known for: The menu includes mouth watering blue cheese burgers to Australian beef, ostrich and even crocodile burgers. The Bratwurst hot dog served with curry ketchup and mustard is simply delicious. They also have an excellent selection of imported beer and ale at reasonable price.

Average price for two: VND 200,000.

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Away from hustle and bustle of the city Orivy Hoi An, is a paradise for people in search of peaceful dining. A short distance from crowded city of Hoi An, tucked in an alley, it is perfect for a quiet dinner with family and friends. Dinning amongst the garden setting with palm trees, lotus pond and hanging lanterns is an amazing experience. The place is charming and beautiful. The food is delicious with amazing flavours. Head chef being a mother herself assures quality and good taste.


Location: The restaurant is located in Cua Dai, just a few minutes’ walk away from the Hoi An downtown.

Best Known For: This family run restaurant is best known for its Vietnam’s cuisine, prepared from fresh and local produce.

Average Price For Two: 150,000 VND. The restaurant also offers set menu starting at 180,000 VND which is a three course meal with soft drink.

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Nhu Bau Restaurant

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Nhu Bau Restaurant is a family owned small yet cozy restaurant, serving fresh local and live seafood. Food is cooked by sisters and front hotel is looked after by brothers with mom and dad working in the background. The atmosphere is friendly and you will quickly feel at home and well attended. The beautiful traditional dishes are cooked with freshest of the local ingredients. Each dish has a distinctive flavour, as they are cooked with a perfect balance of herbs and spices. They also serve cheapest bear and ice cold descent wine. The place is fabulous, meals are delicious, the service is good and it is easy on pocket too.

Location: Located on Au Co Street opposite the sunrise hotel resort is Nhu Bau restaurant.

Best Known For: Standout dishes are Barbeque Satay Scallops, Pork in Claypot, Seafood Hotpot, Barbeque Lobster and Crab in Tamarind Sauce.

Average price for Two: N/A

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Hola Taco

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Hola taco is a Mexican fusion restaurant serving excellent Mexican tacos and tortilla chips in middle of Vietnam. The restaurant is managed by Australian/Vietnamese staff. The ambience is simple yet stylish mixing comfort of living room with restaurant style without compromising either. Relaxing atmosphere and soothing music together with delicious Mexican food makes this place hard to forget. Hola taco is ideal for people needing break from rice and noodles. The menu is not elaborate so the choice is limited to soft tacos only. Apart from that they also serve great nachos, excellent margarita and icy cold bear to wash it down. The service is fast and the staffs are friendly.

Location: The Hola taco restaurant is located on Phan Chau Trihn street of Hoi An, just a few minutes’ walk from the Centural Market.

Best Known For: Spicy shredded pork tacos and beef enchiladas.

Average prices: 150,000 VND

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Nu Eatery

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Nu Eatery is a small yet snug restaurant tucked in a small quaint alleyway at the centre of the wonderful ancient city of Hoi An. The ambience inside the eatery is effortlessly comfortable, with minimal decoration and an open kitchen. The menu is small with only handful of dishes, but the food is superb. All the dishes are handpicked by the owner Phuc. The place is known for its corky ice cream flavours, smoothies and wines. If you are looking for delicious Vietnamese meals in a relaxed environment, Nu Eatery is the right place for you.

Location: It is located in a hushed alleyway just a few minutes’ walk away from the Hoi An Ancient Town.

Best Known For: The eatery is known for unexpected ice cream flavours like ginger and chilli, as well as spring rolls, pork belly steamed buns, cheesecakes, and wine.

Average Price for Two: 160,000 VND

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STREETS Restaurant Cafe

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If you wish to dine in for a cause, then STREETS Restaurant Cafe is the place that you must visit. The non profit organization is established for the purpose of training the street kids and disadvantaged youths and providing them an employment opportunity in the hospitality industry. The restaurant is placed in a stunning shop house and serves both Vietnamese and International cuisines. The ambience is excellent, the menu is elaborate, the food is delicious and the staffs are friendly.

Location: It is located on Le Loi Street, in the central district, just a little farther from the renowned Ba Le Well, one of the eighty ancient wells located in Hoi An.

Best Known For: Apart from the noble cause, it is known for its elaborate lunch and dinner menu with coconut ice cream, noodles, cao lau and clay pot pork, being the favourites.

Average Price for Two: 150,000 VND

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Hi Restaurant

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If you are looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine at a reasonable price, Hi Restaurant is the place that you must visit. The restaurant has a warm, comfortable and friendly ambience that instantly make you at ease. It is run by a smiling couple, who are charming and friendly hosts. The food is simply delicious full of authentic Vietnamese flavours. Moreover, you can also book for a cooking class, which is a delightful experience on its own. You can choose the dish from the menu, visit the local market to procure fresh produce, and learn to cook them with easy pace.

Location: It is located on Phu Chu Street, a few minutes away from Old House of Tan Ky.

Best Known For: It is best known for its authentic Vietnamese cuisines like Cao Lau, Noodles, Wonton Soup, curry, rice pancakes, spring rolls and grilled pork.

Average Price for Two: 200,000 VND

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Minh Hien Vegetarian Restaurant

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Mihh Hien is not only famous for its scrumptious vegetarian food, but also for its intriguing interior. The restaurant has frequently been at the topmost location on everyone’s best vegetarian restaurants list in Hoi An. This family run restaurant has a comfortable ambience, simple seating arrangement with a number of books lining the wall. The food served here is delicious and reasonably priced. You can try from one of the set menus or decide to explore the a la carte menu. The different flavours are blended together, to create the aromatic and delectable cuisines.

Location: It is located a few minutes’ walk away from the Old Town.

Best Known For: It is known for its vegetarian set menus, which include Cao Lua, , Wonton Soup, White Rose Dumpling, Fried Spring Roll, Pho, Grilled tofu stuffed with mushroom, onion, turmeric in banana leaf and crispy pancakes.

Average Price for Two: 200,000 VND.

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Ho Lo Quan

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Ho Lo Quan is a snug restaurant tucked in a small and charming alleyway, ten minutes leisurely walk away from the Old Town of Hoi An. The restaurant is run by the family with the mother cooking delicious meals and daughter Amy, managing the guests. The ambience is warm and cosy, the owners are friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious and flavourful. The restaurant serves Asian and Vietnamese cuisines, fresh and seasoned with aromatic herbs to enhance the flavour. You can also take cooking classes with Amy’s mother.

Location: It is located at a small alleyway just a few minutes away from Old Town and near Hoi An Free Tours.

Best Known For: The steamed stuffed squid is a favourite. Vegetable Curries, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Cao Lau, Chicken Curry and Rice and Fried Wantons are other dishes, it is well known for.

Average Price for Two: 200,000 VND

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Nocturnal Artist

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Nocturnal Artist is a family run restaurant owned by Lam, a self taught artist. The place is as quaint and unusual as its name suggests. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with his own paintings, lanterns and historical photos. Together, they give an enchanting and chic look to the restaurant. The menu is elaborate, with a nice selection of food and drinks. The ambience is quirky and cosy at the same time. The staffs are friendly and helpful.

Location: The restaurant is located on Nguyen Duy Hieu Street and is just a short walk away from the Hoi An old town.

Best Known For: Apart from the original paintings of the incredibly talented owner and intriguing ambience, the restaurant is known for its delicious food including, seafood curry, stuffed squid, clay pot chicken, hot pot, crispy pancakes, beef curry and fried spring rolls.

Average Price for Two: 150,000 VND

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Am Vegetarian Restaurant

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Am vegetarian restaurant in Hoi An offers vegetarian food at cheap rates. It is a popular choice among tourists who are vegetarians.

 Am vegetarian restaurant serves Vietnamese as well as Asian food. The restaurant offers alcohol as well. They have also come up with vegan free and gluten free options for those who are health conscious. Wheelchair provided by the restaurant is a big relief for elderly people who find it difficult to walk. You can also access the free wifi service provided by the restaurant. Car parking space is also available near the restaurant for those who come here with their own vehicles.

Location: Am vegetarian restaurant is located at the 33D Ly Thai To, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Timings: The restaurant is open throughout the week. It opens at 9am in the morning and closes around 9:30 pm in the night all days of the week.

Price: Price depends on the type of food you order.
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Circle Cafe

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Circle cafe in Hoi An is a perfect place to spend the evening with great food and beer. The cafe is famous for its king size burgers and beautiful ambiance.

American, Vietnamese and Asian food is served at Circle Cafe. The cafe also offers a variety of beers and wines. It is famous for a wide range of delicious burgers which you can select from. Takeout service makes it easier for tourists who are in rush and do not have much time. It's beautiful ambience and great food will make your day.

Location: Circle cafe is situated at 317 Cua Dai, Hoi An, Vietnam, in the heart of the Vietnamese.

Timings: The café is open throughout the week. It starts functioning from 12 at the noon and ends its shift at 9pm.

Price: The prices are relatively cheap as compared to other bars and restaurant. It depends on the type of food you order.
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The Cargo Club

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Cargo Club in Hoi An is an European style cafe, restaurant and patisserie. This eatery destination is known to maintain its standard with high quality service and good food.

 Cargo club offers different types of cuisines that includes Asian, Vietnamese, European, and food from different parts of the world. It features a full bar that serves you a variety of alcoholic drinks. It is a perfect place to have your first meal for the day. The club also provides its customers with free Wi-Fi services among other things. Enjoy your food with beautiful scenic beauty in the background. Tourists must try this place for quality service and delicious food.
Location: Cargo Club is situated at 107 D Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Vietnam.

Timings: The restaurant is available for people throughout the week. It opens at 8 in the morning and closes around 11 in the night.

Price: It's an expensive place to eat.
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14 February 2020
Shubha Mukhopadhyay Vietnam Cooking Class Hoi an
I loved the entire session of cooking the delicious Vietnam food. Best part was the chef, he was very friendly and telling us everything about the cooking and the ingredients. I enjoyed a lot.
03 February 2020
Spontaneous and hustle free. The staffs were really helpful and quick. Highly recommended.
03 February 2020
Ranjit Kakkar Hoi an Photography Tour
Thrillophilia made it possible for us to explore the vibrant architecture, food & people and capture some awesome shots! Thumbs us.
03 February 2020
We visited Vietnam during the best time of the week in Vietnam and experienced a splendid hiking experience! Highly recommended.
03 February 2020
Rageshwari Deshpande Hoi an Food Tour
Easy to Book with Thrillophilia. The destination representative helped us immensely to explore Hoi An city and visit the best spots of Vietnamese food.
14 February 2020
Trisha Shukla Hoi an Bike Rental
The bikes were in good condition and consumed least amount of fuel. This is the best way with which we could explore the entire city and also purchased some goodies for my family and friends. Highly recommended
14 February 2020
Abhirath Prajapat Hoi an Bike Rental
I was feeling like I was in my own hometown and enjoyed to the fullest with my group. We explored each and every corner of the city. Such a delightful experience!
14 February 2020
I travelled with no worries as the driver was driving smooth along the tough route towards the hills. The views on our way were beautiful. Can say this is the best way to reach Ba Na Hills. Its affordable and scenic too
14 February 2020
The best way to move from Hoi an to Ba Na hills is with a bus. I usually opt for public transportation for journeys. But on booking with this shared bus transfers I could enjoy the journey with great privacy. A comfortable ride indeed!
14 February 2020
Bhushan Deshpande Vietnam Cooking Class Hoi an
Must say that the non-veg dishes of Vietnam are super yummy and I couldn't stop myself from eating more. Was happy during the interactive session and the locals were friendly too.

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