Things to Do in Hoi An

A Vietnamese city with an old-world charm, Hoi An is a tourist’s paradise. There are many wonderful things to do in Hoi An, and the combination of old-fashioned and modern makes all activities one undertakes in Hoi An unique. Its ambience adds a subtle charm to the traveller’s adventures and makes it memorable. The grand architecture of the buildings beautifies the city and the salty sea winds that blow around at all times fill the city with positivity and freshness. Spending some days in Hoi An is a great way to let yourself be rejuvenated and refreshed in Vietnam.

The culture of Hoi An is an apt reflection of the culture of Vietnam, and roaming around here is a great way to imbibe the cultural aspects of the country. This cultural depth is reflected in all the things to do in Hoi An- in its architecture, in its streets and markets, and inside its museums. The past still holds sway in Hoi An, and so, historical and cultural tours of the city will prove invaluable during your vacation, especially if you really want to understand the pulse of the city. Shopping in the local markets and participating in activities like cooking and fishing with the local population is also a fantastic way of understand Hoi An, and this also gives you the means of enjoying yourself in a new fashion. 

Hoi An is bordered by the blue seas while the Cua Dai river cuts through its centre, offering a picturesque setting that enhances the charm of Vietnam vacation packages. Water related activities are consequently of great importance in the city, and make for a large share of its activities. Tourists can enjoy many water adventures both in the sea and on the river, from watersports to gentler activities like fishing and boating. Opportunities for romantic sunset cruises abound. Enjoying the water is an important part of enjoying Hoi An, so come prepared with all essentials since many of your hours will be spent in happy reflections on the beaches.

With so many great things to do in Hoi An, a holiday here will never be marred by a dull moment.

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Cam Thanh Fishing Village

Cam Thanh is a picturesque fishing village in Hoi An, Vietnam. Known for its unique water coconut palm forest, it's a tranquil escape offering traditional coracle boat rides and insights into local fishing techniques. The village harmoniously blends nature and culture, making it a charming destination for travelers seeking authenticity.

Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An Night Market in Vietnam comes alive with vibrant stalls offering local crafts, clothing, and delectable street food. The bustling atmosphere, illuminated lanterns, and riverside location create an enchanting experience, making it a must-visit destination for soaking in the cultural and culinary delights of Hoi An after dark.

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop
Hoi an Handicraft workshop is a 200 year old Chinese business house where typical handmade produces and handicrafts such as lantern making, embroidery and other eccentric works are part of the main trade. It again is a colourful museum that depicts various cultural characteristics of the region. The place not only holds eccentric and aesthetic architectural works but also demonstrates very many culinary traits.
The front part of the campus is taken by the local musicians and singers organising cultural events (Quang Nam) for the tourists through dance and drama show. The Hoi An Handicraft workshop is a blend of modern and sophisticated technical sculpture and more than 12 forms of traditional handicrafts.
Few of the classic souvenirs you can take along from the place are furniture, pottery, art lanterns, embroidery works, woven fabric, weaving, bamboo products, kitchen wares etc.

Location: Nyugen Thai Hoc

Best Hour: 10:15 amd to 3:15 pm

Price: Local town ticket admission 
Quan Kong Temple
Built in 1653 and gone through many renovations since then, the Quan Cong Temple stands out as one of the beautiful and charismatic Chinese architecture. The temple is named after a Chinese rebellion from the Han Dynasty who had been deemed as victorious hero because of his loyalty, devotion and sincerity towards his mother land. At the entrance of the temple, two dragons entwined in clouds greet you. The temple is built with red bricks and is adorned by green, gold and red at work. The statue of Quan Cong is perched on top of a centre pedestalinside the main hall. The statue is made from papier-Mache`. There are two more statues set on either side of the war hero- General Chau Xuong, one of his guardians and a beautiful horse called QuanBinh, ridden by Quan Cong.

Location: 24 Nguyen Hue, Hoi An

Hours Open: All day

Admission: Free, Donations accepted
Hoi An Ancient Town
If you are visiting Vietnam then this is a must visit for anyone who is looking forward to learning more about its culture. Hoi An Ancient Town is placed very conveniently on the sides of a river and if you want to take in the picturesque scenery then walking would be the best option for you. Both sides of the streets are filled with beautiful ancient building. Just walking around the place will fill you with an old world charm. The place is full of hawkers. If you are looking to buy things that are significant to the Vietnamese culture than this is the place for you. But be sure to bargain well or you will be made a fool quite easily. The place also has many different food halts and restaurants that you can stop for some authentic Vietnamese. Hoi an ancient town is definitely one of the best places for a walking tour.

Best time to visit: In between February and April
Hoi An Night Market
When in doubt go shopping! This is actually a statement that definitely goes well with destination. This Hoi An Night Market is a must stop spot for all the shopaholics. If you want to pick up some souvenirs that are traditional to the Vietnamese culture then you are definitely at the right place. You can be sure that you will find something of interest in this huge space that is filled with shops on different sides of the streets. The hawkers and the shop owners are extremely friendly. The shops are all number for your convince. You will be required to haggle a bit in most of the shops but if you are lucky you will get a steal deal in some of them. There are thousands of different varieties of products available in the markets. The jade figures sold in some of the shops are a must have from this market. 

Timing: The market is open from evening 7pm till 12 midnight
Yaly Couture Tran Phu Branch
When you are visiting a place you would definitely want to purchase something that is very parallel to their culture. This Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch shop will not only help you pick up an apparel that is in their traditional form but you can actually get it tailor made for you. The shop also offers the option of choosing your own fabric and getting a dress or shirts made from it at very short notice. The different fabrics on offer are beautiful and most of them have the famous Vietnamese designs on them. The staff in the shop is very patient and warm. They will make sure that you can pick up the exact fabric of choice by showing you many different options. They will also help you to choose the cut that will be best for you. The best thing about this shop is that they are very fast and will deliver your apparel within the stipulated time.

Location: 47 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
Tra Que Vegetable Village

If you are looking for some quite time in Vietnam then this is the best place for you. If you can reach the village early in the morning then you are in for a treat. From the quite peaceful walk to the bustling to village life once the morning sets in, you can enjoy it all. A big attraction to Tra Que Vegetable Village is the cooking classes that are held here. Their corn pancakes bring locals and tourists alike from all over Vietnam. You can do hands on cooking class or just enjoy the tasty delicacies. Another very good thing about this place is that the roads are quite empty and you can enjoy a nice bicycle ride with your loved ones. Though there is a bus service available for the tourists, it is recommended that you take a bicycle and move around at your own pace, to enjoy the most.


Location: Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An 51000, Vietnam

Best time: 7am or 5pm
An Bang Beach
Vietnam is not exactly known for its beaches. So, most people have very low expectation when they are visiting beaches in Vietnam. But when you are visiting this beach, in the interiors of Vietnam, you can be sure that all your expectations will be exceeded. An Bang Beach is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. You can have a wonderful swim in the clear water and then hang out on the beach. It is good for sun bathing as well. It is not exactly a very quiet spot as a lot of different locals meet here but if you are looking for some quality beach time then you can definitely visit this place. Another very good thing about this beach is that there are many small shops surrounding the perimeter of the beach, where you can shop till quite late in the night. This is one of the throbbing areas of the city.

Best time: The best time to visit the beach is somewhere in between March and September
Cam An Beach
Cam An Beach, Hoi An: Cam An Beach, just north of its more popular counterpart, Cua Dai Beach is a pleasantly scruffy alternative to the tourist focused Cua Dai. Ramshackle bars dot the far less visited beach, seen as the local expats beach of choice. Cam An Beach is one of the few remaining stretches of beach that remains mostly unspoiled by development, offering clean blue sea, castaway restaurants, and bohemian beach bars. It flaunts not only the most fabulous island and mountain views that you don’t even need to climb off your lounger to enjoy but also some of the best seafood in Hoi An. And unlike many beach destinations, there is something to do whatever the season, whether you prefer some self-indulgent R&R or an action packed surfing safari. This beach now reigns as Hoi An’s main beach. This little slice of paradise is popular all year round with both locals and tourists alike. During the popular summer months, the local Vietnamese crowd comes here mostly for sunrise swims and sunset family beach barbecues, meaning that during the day it stays quiet.
Aobaba Cloth Shop
Aobaba Cloth Shop is a moment of ecstasy but a lifelong reminiscence of beautiful Vietnam. Hoi An is a shopper’s paradise, the streets thronged with tailoring shops of all shapes and sizes showcasing a lively and colourful side of Vietnamese culture.Aobaba is a generation old family business that focuses mainly on tailoring clothes. The 400 odd tailors can copy and replicate any kind of garment whether be it a picture or some celebrity designer wear; anything and everything within an affordable price. And also, be rest assured of the quality of the fabric; they are good enough to pass as any good brand.As you walk down the street you will encounter with many energetic shop owners trying to lure you in their shop. But the trip is worth everything.

Location: Tran phu St, Hoi An

Hours Open: 8 am to 10 pm

Best Time: Festivals of Vietnam

Avg. Price: Can be as cheap as VND 7, 80,379for a dress and VND $44, 59, 308for a Suit
Assembly Hall Of Fujian

Fukian Assembly Hall was constructed for Chinese visitors in Hoi an, who could spend some time in the place. This is situated in the heart of the city. The main hall is beautifully decorated and the public is allowed to visit it. There is a beautiful Golden temple inside the complex that houses the Chinese deity of the sea. Since it is located in the city main you can expect a lot of hustle bustle outside the complex. But as soon as you enter the complex you will be met by an environment of absolute tranquility. It is a beautiful place that you can stroll around in. There are places you can sit for a while and take in the beauty of the place. The dragon sculptures are the biggest attraction in this place. You are allowed to take picture but you have to wait for a while for the crowd to disperse a bit before you take a snap.

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00-17:00

Location: 46 Tran Phu Street

Central Market
Central Market is the go to place in Hoi an if you are looking to get a taste of the different items available in the Vietnamese markets. This particular place is very well known among the locals as the place where you will get anything. Since it covers a large area, you will get access to shops selling different kinds of fruits, vegetable and even live produce. This is one of the best places for fresh stock. One of the best things about this particular place is that you are bound to see things that are authentic to Vietnam, things that you have likely never seen before. So it is a very good option to just walk around these lanes in order to get a glimpse of the market culture in the city. But if you are in the mood to buy anything be sure to haggle with the prices!

Location: Nguyen Hue and Tran Phu Streets, Hoi An, Vietnam
Kim Bong Carpentry Village
You can witness Vietnam’s beautiful and ancient side through its nurtured handiworks, one such being the Kim Bong Carpentry Village in Hoi An. The carpentry village is owned by the Cam Kim Commune, a boat ride on the Thu Bon River away. Carpentry was a major occupation of the town folks and the Kim Bong Carpentry developed its niches in three categories namely – Civil wooden furniture, ship building and Ancient architectural construction. The carpenters still follow age old techniques inherited from their fore fathers. They mostly use their hands to give a new meaning to clay designs and architecture. However their techniques are as skilled as building ships and exporting them.

Additional Info: You can buy wooden Kim bong souvenirs from the shops and take a tour to various artisans’ workshops to observe their skills.

Location: Boat ride from old town and across the Thu Bon River

Best Time: Jan to Sept san the monsoon

Hours open: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Alibaba Tailor
There are more than 600 tailors in Hoi An. But only few can be denoted as an exciting touring spot. You may wonder how we can call a tailoring shop a tourist place. But wait! Have you visited Alibaba tailoring company? Alibaba Tailor is one of the greatest shoppers stops in Hoi An with more than 100 varieties of fabrics and innumerable types of tailoring techniques. Alibaba hosts a group of tailors who design and stitch made to order clothes in a most affordable price. Silk is their major trade and their workmanship can surpass any veteran tailor handiwork. Alibaba can be credited with the best custom made boutique in Vietnam.

Tourists can also take a guided tour in the premises and observe the techniques and craftsmanship of the tailors.

Tour Duration: 1 hour

Location: Tran Hung Dao, Hoi An

Hours Open: 9 am to 10 pm
Cua Dai Beach
Cua Dai beach is quite a popular beach in the city of Hoi An. Most people choose to ride bikes on the beach as the environment is so nice that it feels soothing to traverse through the sand in speed. Travelers can also explore the beach independently by riding on two wheelers. The beach is quite clean and has white sand so looks gorgeous.

Location: Hoi An is known as one of the most delightful towns in the country of Vietnam and the location of the beach couldn't be any better. It is situated in the Cam An ward region of Hoi An.

Highlights: The beach also has some big resorts so you can choose to stay here during your vacation. Nothing beats the luxury of staying at a beach resort.

Best time to visit: Usually people like to visit here in summer to swim around as the water is cool and soothes you.
Museum Of Trade Ceramics
With the strategic support of Hoi An Government, the Museum of Trade Ceramics which was opened I 1975 has an important role in the artistic and cultural empowerment of this port town. The traditional architectural style gives the building itself an incomparable charm. Here, the visitors can see about 430 ceramic artifacts which are considered to be the testimony for the ceramic trade that happened during the old centuries from 08th to 18th.

Highlights: Middle East, India, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam have contributed to the collection of ceramics in this old port. The things which are displayed in the museum take us back to the ancient days of economic and trade prosperity. From 08:00 AM onward till 05:00 PM, visitors are allowed inside the museum.

Location: 80 Trần Phú, Minh An, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Price: The entry is free of cost.
Museum Of Sa Huỳnh Culture
The pre-historic Sa Huynh Culture is the replicated here at the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture. It showcases the alluring terracotta works which are prominent in the nearby area. It was established in the year of 1994 and the artifacts shown here help us interpret the way of live Sa Huynh people who were believed to be the first settlers of the port town.

Highlights: The inhabitants of Sa Huynh race left many important customs such burial customs, conceptions of life and death, the developmental history of the region, and relationships with other cultures and those are preserved here at the museum. Visitors are allowed to enter the building from 07:00 AM to 05:30 PM.

Location: 149 Ð Tran Phu, Hoi An, Vietnam

Price: Admission by Old Town Ticket
Japanese Covered Bridge
If you are planning on sight seeing the different historical places in the city then this Japanese covered bridge is one of the must go to places in Vietnam. The best thing about this place is that you will get to travel between two different markets on both sides of a river by crossing this bridge. So when you actually visit the bridge you can plan on some shopping as well. The beauty about the bridge is the lovely architecture. You can be sure that you will not have any problem in getting to the place as it is quite in the heart of the city. You will e required to purchase a ticket in order to enter the bridge. The place is throbbing with people who are visiting this historical place and even taking pictures from all around. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Hoi An.

Location: Tran Phu St. | At the West end of Tran Phu St., Hoi An, Vietnam
The Old House Of Phung Hung

The Old House of Phung Hung is a historic gem nestled in Hoi An, Vietnam. Its exquisite architecture, rich cultural heritage, and captivating stories transport visitors back in time, evoking a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

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Hoi An Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Hoi An?

Hoi An is a small and quaint city bursting with activity. There are many fantastic sights to be admired around the city and many interesting activities to be partaken of. Touring Hoi An is a fantastic way to gain an understanding of the cultural side of Vietnam, since the city is rich in history and tradition, and its art and architecture is influenced strongly by these factors. If you wish to enjoy every aspect of Hoi An, you should:

  •        Visit beaches like An Bang Beach and Cua Dai Beach
  •        Visit the Hoi An Riverside
  •        Visit the Central Market
  •        Visit the Museum of Trade Ceramics
  •        Visit the Fujian Assembly Hall
  •        Visit My Son Sanctuary
  •        Visit the Japanese Covered bridge
  •        Visit Hoi-an Old town
  •        Enjoy water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, boating

What are the best adventure activities to do in Hoi an?

Hoi An is a city full of adventure. There are many exotic activities that you can enjoy in the region, from watersports to aerial and land based sports. The variety of adventure offerings in Hoi An allows tourists to choose according to their tastes and enjoy many types of things in a single place.    Some of the best adventure activities that one can do in Hoi An include:

  •        Snorkelling
  •        Scuba diving
  •        Sailing
  •        Cruising
  •        Motor Biking
  •        Cycling
  •        Trekking
  •        Rock climbing
  •        Rappelling

Which are the best routes for cycling in Hoi an?

Cycling through Hoi An is an experience you will never forget. To pedal through the dainty historic city with its old-fashioned architecture feels like an adventure out of a fairytale, such is its charm. Cycling in Hoi An allows tourists to experience it in an intimate manner, and so should definitely be a part of every tourist’s itinerary in Hoi An. The best routes for cycling in the city are as follows:

  •        Around Hoi An Beach And Rice Terrace
  •        Hoi An to My Lai to- Quang Ngai
  •        E024D to Thanh Binh to Hoi An
  •        Hoi An to Chau O
  •        Hoi An City Centre To Thanh Ha Pottery Village
  •        Cycling on Tran Nhan Tong road

Where can I enjoy helicopter ride in Hoi an? How much will it cost?

Helicopter rides are a fun-filled way to enjoy Hoi An and its environs. One can take a helicopter ride from Danang to take a tour of Hoian Old town and My Son, the Holy Land of the Cham people from the 4th to the 13th century.

It will cost around 870 USD.

Which are the best destinations to do snorkelling in Hoi an?

Snorkelling in Hoi An is a very popular activity and to make the most of it, it is imperative to know just the sites to visit. Few of the best destinations for the activity are:

  •        Nha Trang
  •        Bai Dai Beach
  •        Con Dao
  •        Phu Quoc
  •        Ly Son Island
  •        Nam Du
  •        Whale Island
  •        Hon Mun Marine Park
  •        Hoi An’s Cham Islands

Which are some famous locations for rock climbing in Hoi an?

Rock Climbing is an exciting activity that is popular amongst tourists in Hoi An. Climbing steep rocks has a thrill of its own. The combination of the adrenaline rush with the beauty all around makes for a memorable experience in Hoi An. If you are confident of your abilities, heading over to the Marble Mountains for rock climbing is a great idea. This location caters to intermediate and advanced learners primarily, though beginners can also try their hands at it.

But if you wish to start in a basic and sheltered environment, the HoiAn Rock Climbing Centre is a great place to head over to. This indoor rock climbing centre allows you to test your body with different levels of rock climbing before you head over to the Marble Mountains for more hardcore rock climbing fun.

Which are the best destinations to do rappelling in Hoi an?

Rappelling is a popular adventure sport in the environs of Hoi An. Much of the rappelling in Hoi An takes place around the majestic Marble Mountains. Rappelling in the Marble Mountains gives tourists a chance to zip through the dense jungles and caves of the region, and enjoy an adventure activity unlike any other.

Where can I enjoy fishing in Hoi an?

Hoi An is blessed with waterways all around. Not only does the Cua Dai river pass through the quaint city, the vast seas also kiss its shores. This means that fishing activities abound around the city, and making it a popular activity with tourists. There are many types of fishing that can be enjoyed in Hoi An including river fishing on the Cua Dai river, and deep-sea fishing and night fishing in the ocean. There are many tour operators that provide fishing tours here, and resorts also have fishing options for their guests. One can also ask a local fisherman for a fishing tour in Hoi An.

Which are some famous markets to shop in Hoi an?

Shopping in the quaint city of Hoi An is a unique kind of pleasure because the other-worldly charm of the city spreads its vibes over every nook and corner, and elevates shopping from an activity to an experience. There are many markets where good shopping and local interaction can be enjoyed, and these include:

  •        Central Market
  •        Ba Le market
  •        Thai market
  •        Cua Dai local market
  •        Chon Tan Hiep
  •        Cho Go
  •        Cho Thanh Ha
  •        Cho An Bang

Which are the best destinations for motorcycling in Hoi an?

Motorcycling in Hoi An is a wonderful way to explore the city. The nearly empty streets of Hoi An with their old-time charm are a biker’s paradise, so full of history and serenity are they. To zoom through these locations is a wonderful thing indeed. While one can hop on a bike and head practically anywhere in Hoi An, some of the places where you will get the best biking experiences in the city include:

  •        Tran Cao Van
  •        An Bang Beach
  •        Cua Dai
  •        Cau Cam Nam
  •        Dao Duy Tu

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