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Yanchep National Park
Yanchep National Park Perth is a perfect place for people looking to spend some quality time with their family, or even for those who want to be amidst nature for a while. The traditional name of the park, Nyanyi-Yandjip, is derived from the aboriginal 'Yandjip,' meaning 'reeds,' which are very common along the lakes in the region.

Yanchep National Park is rich in flora specimens like paperbark, Stuart, banksias, or jarrah. The fascinating fact about the park is that one can find numerous species of fauna here as well. The animal species consists of Koala Bears, Western Grey Kangaroos, Quenda, and much more. In case you love to explore wild, as well as native species of flora, then this is the place to be at. One can be amazed to see so many species of animals, plants, and birds living together in one habitat.

Due to the fact that the park is home for wild animals, one can find many caves at each corner in Yanchep National Park. The place is also used for livestock farming, as well as is a popular tourist destination for people who love to be amidst nature.
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Swan Valley
On the northern side of Perth and the Swan river lies the beautiful Swan Valley. It is the oldest wine region of Western Australia. The Swine Valley food and wine trail is a wonderful location to explore some of the best cuisine and bag some fine bottle of wines. There are many breweries, winery cafes and fresh produce stalls which can be explored to know the real essence of the city. One can visit the national Park and even do cycling in the Swan Valley Heritage trail. Village Guildford is based at the gateway of Swan Valley.

One can shop a lot of antique goods or work of art here and explore the local shops. Horse riding tours are also quite popular in Swan Valley. In fact it is an ideal location to have a full day trip with many entertaining activities that helps in spending good time with friends and family. One can get close to koalas in Caversham or enjoy the visual treat of crocodiles in Henley Brook.
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Caversham Wildlife Park
Caversham Wildlife Park is an animal lover’s paradise. Fostering some of Australia’s exotic animals this place is a touristy delight. As for the story of Caversham Wildlife goes, David and Pat bought the park back in 1988 while it was located in the locality of Caversham.

The couple worked towards the development and expansion of the animal park. The wildlife park soon doubled in size, improving the lives of the fosters, also increasing the number of species in the park. Eventually, with a big number of 200 species and 2000 head count of animals they decided to move to the Whiteman park.

The wide variety of exotic animals and its accessibility to visitors makes Caversham Wildlife one of the most visited wildlife parks in Australia. The park currently houses Wombats, Koala's, Llama’s, Penguins, Kangaroos reptiles and many more.

Some fun facts to know while you add the wildlife to your itinerary are, Koala is cute and cuddly species, their behavior is amusing. Also, the very fact that they are on the edge of meeting an extension is an important reason to pay a visit. You might be one of the lucky few to witness them.

After spending some candid time with the Koalas and the small soldier wombats head to meet the fairy penguins of Australia. Well, they aren’t like the ones you see in the movies, these fairy penguins are small with their appearance and have a different style of living. Know about their habitat and explore the wild side of Australia in the most fun and amicable manner along with your family.

The park has something in store for all ages, the kids enjoy a run with ponies, the adults learn to shear a sheep and the seniors adore the maternal love of the Kangaroos. Visiting Australia is indeed incomplete without adding these experiences to your album. 
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Perth Zoo
Located at the banks of Swan River about 5 minutes from Perth CBD, lay the Perth Zoo. The Zoo remains open every day of the year and as per records it has never been closed from the day it was opened in 1898. It is quite large an area so if the program is for half a day then one may lose out on essential part of the zoo, so an ideal tour would be for a full day. Almost all types of animals are available here with all coming from different parts of the globe. There are Asian animals, African, Australian, South American and not to forget a whole range of love fauna and a wide range of unique plants. The entry fee of the zoo is different for individuals and for groups. However for child below 4 years of age the entry is free. There are membership cards and citizen concession card which allows great discounts. Educational programs and events are organised here too which are especially good for the kids.

Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth 
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Scitech Discovery Centre located at Sutherland Street, close to King’s Park at the city centre displays some of the best theories on science and technology through exhibitions, events and activities. Taking participation from all the visitors this is absolutely entertaining as well as educational that all can enjoy. There are separate sections on space and galaxy and the world of physics s been explored firsthand here.

 One can actually enjoy the versatility of science which is known to have many standpoints that can provide entertainment to people of all ages. It is actually a great value entertainment and a place to get huge knowledge. There are restaurant and in house cafes where one can enjoy snacks and other refreshment. The place is a fascinating location and a must visit for all. 
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Fremantle Prison
Variously called Fremantle Jail or Fremantle Gaol, this 15-acre prison is now a World Heritage Site that attracts tourists from near and far, for its architecture and history. The site includes prison cell blocks, perimeter wall, gatehouse, tunnels and cottages.

Fremantle Prison is also referred to as Fremantle Jail or Fremantle Gaol. The maximum-security prison, built from 1851 to 1859, was constructed to house prisoners from England. A quarter of a century later, in 1886, the local government took over the control of the prison and this led to the housing of prisoners from Australia.

The architecture of the Fremantle Prison is reminiscent of prisons from 19th century England and was designed to house workshops, a hospital and even a section for female convicts. Since 1991, Fremantle Prison has been opened as a recognized heritage site.

Various restoration construction has been done to restore the monument. The entire build up is being open for various uses like restaurants, restrooms, museum rooms etc. to attract more tourists. Fremantle Prison is the only lawful execution place in western Australia where more than 40 hangings have taken place between 1888 to 1984.

On 30 Nov 1991, the prison got close due to prisoner riots that lead to the damage of $1.8 million. Fremantle prison after closing got replaced by the high security Casuarina Prison.
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Bathers Beach
Bathers Beach is a small white sand beach that is situated in Fremantle, Perth. Despite being relatively small in size, it has a soothing and secluded vibe to it. A lot of locals frequently come here to enjoy their day at this place. Bathers Beach is also the first one to get a liquor licence among the Australian Beaches, so you can expect a festive scene on its shores.

Many chic restaurants, cafes and bars line up where you can enjoy eating and sipping on some of the delicious snacks and drinks. Bathers Beach is 300m long and faces the west side of the harbour resulting in very large waves. The average size of the waves at the beach is around 1m which is loved by the surfers.

There is also a rock structure present in the middle of the beach which almost divides the beach into two parts and one of them is the city of Fremantle. The locals also refer to this beach as the Whalers Beach because, in the 1800s, whaling was one of the biggest activities that were done at the premises.

It was one of the earliest industries in the area that was established on the arrival of the British settlers in the region. This activity attracted huge interests of archaeologists around the area of the beach.
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Fremantle Markets
Fremantle market happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Perth and Western Australia. This historic market has been serving the locals and tourists coming from all over the world since the year 1897. It is considered to be the perfect place if you wish to get some authentic local Australian produce and handicrafts.

The market is divided into two parts – The Yard and The Hall. The yard deals with a wide range of farm-fresh products of the local Australian people whereas the Hall deals with a variety of apparels, assorted knick-knacks, woodwork and many other souvenirs.

Since its inception, it has been known as a significant landmark in the port city of Perth and has earned itself a reputation as one of the best destinations in Fremantle as a leading source of independent wares and produce. 

Fremantle market is home to countless stallholders in Perth. The vibe of the marketplace encourages many local talents such as designers, artist to launch their products before the audience and kick start their careers in this historic and heritage-listed building, which is known for its exceptional bohemian atmosphere.
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Coogee Beach
Affectionately called “Sydney’s Seaside Village”, Coogee is a family-friendly beach located in the territory of New South Wales, Australia. It is the most popular beach where tourists get to have a pleasant experience. Thanks to its picturesque setting and mellow atmosphere, and chill vibes, Coogee beach makes for a perfect seaside vacation. 

Besides the beautiful beach views, Coogee is replete with world-renowned hotels, pubs, and cafes. You can come here and get a taste of the unique Australian cuisine as well as other international dishes. It is also home to the leading leisure and adventure activities which include Standup Paddleboarding & surfing classes, kite flying, and beach volleyball courts where you can have a ball of a time!

Slightly smaller than its counterpart Bondi beach, the Coogee beach is also known for its dangerous coast break, due to which it has been shielded with rock island to keep swimmers safe inside the shore. Safety instructions are also given by patrollers so that no accidents occur on the beach.
Coogee is crowded throughout the season by tourists and locals. Some come here for a picnic, others for surfing, walking, swimming or just basking in the sun. It is also the perfect spot to go for the waterfront stroll or go through the underwater trail on the dazzling seaside.

If you want to pass on the beach swim but still enjoy the waters, then there are baths like Wylie’s Bath that offer you a more private time for a little fee. Also, remember to end your day on the beach and watch the sun go down in tranquil waters.
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Elizabeth Quay
Resting by the shore of the Swan River, Elizabeth Quay is the most successful cultural addition which adds glam to Perth's modern streets. This is a magnificent foreshore which has been transformed into a free playground for all kinds of visitors.

Giving the glimpse of the amazing lifestyle to the surreal views and alfresco dining which gives a festive vibe all day round. Built on a vast area of 2.7 ha inlet, this incredible project was started to revitalise the city centre and also enhance Perth’s name in the list of the most liveable cities in the world.

 In the early years, Perth's riverfront was once an ideal place for picnics and paddling. Alongside that there were public baths just along the water’s edge. With the development of the city, the connection between the river and the city was disconnected.

This cut off between the city and the river was reunited with the development of the Elizabeth Quay which came along with a vast number of new recreational opportunities for the locals and the tourists. This place is easily accessible by every mode of transport which runs within Perth city.

The entire area bustles with a vast attractions to explore which includes inlet, island, landscaped gardens and public art which are connected via the striking arched suspension bridge and promenade circuit. Alongside these famous highlights of Elizabeth Quay, there is a long list of events which turns around this place into an ultimate stage of festivals.

This place at Perth is surely not a miss and to know more about what to do here, this is a handy guide for the first time travelers.
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Cottesloe Beach
Pretty as a picture, the Cottesloe Beach is the perfect place to enjoy various water sports like surfing, snorkelling, and swimming in the crystal clear waters. It is a perfect relaxing space where one can enjoy long hours hearing the gushing waters and the scenic beauty beyond with family and friends over a refreshing drink.

The place can be easily reached by taking a ride with the Transperth busses or take a train ride and then hop off to enjoy a 600 m walk to the lovely Cottesloe Beach. The white sandy beaches and the lovely beachside food is the best way to get entertained as well as spend quality time with the near and dear ones. A lazy afternoon with good is what is promised by the beachside. 
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Hillary's Boat Harbour
Hillary's Boat Harbour is one of the best recreational places to visit in Perth. The harbour was opened in 1988 and since then it has been providing matchless experience to both the tourists and locals alike. A perfect getaway for families, the Harbour has some of the best attractions to spend a day full of adventure.

Highlights: The Hillary’s Boat Harbour is home to the famous AQWA – the largest aquarium in Australia – which takes you to the incredible journey of discovering the varied marine life of Western Australia’s coastal areas. Other major attractions are The Great Escape – a leisure park and Sorrento Quay Boardwalk – a retail hub for shopping enthusiasts. You can also visit the Rottenest Island from the Harbour.

Location: The Hillary’s Boat Harbour is located on the north of Perth, in Hillary, a coastal suburb of the city. It is 25 minutes drive away from Perth CBD. 
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Aviation Heritage Museum
The Aviation Heritage Museum of Perth offers you a one of its kind experience. The museum includes the display of civilian and military aviations, with thirty aircrafts and a number of other artefacts. The museum was opened to the public in 1983, but it has a rich history that goes back to the year 1929, when the RAAF association was found.

Highlights: You can book a special Lancaster tour, which gives you the actual experience of what it is to sit inside the Lancaster Bomber, a unit that was acquired by the museum in 1962, and which served in World War II. There are other guided tours that are available on request.

Location: The museum is located in Bull Creek.

Timing: 10.00am to 4.00pm every day.

Price: Entry fee is $10 for adults over 16 years and $5 for children. The price for Inside Lancaster Tour is $100 per person.

Location: The museum is located in Bull Creek.

Timing: 10.00am to 4.00pm every day. 
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Shoalwater Islands Marine Park
The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is the best place to enjoy pristine islands, ship wrecks, coral reefs and not to forget exciting sports like snorkelling, diving and marine life watching. At the beautiful Penguin Island one can come close to the beautiful penguins and sea gulls and then feed them and play with them. Various other kinds of fish species can also be viewed from here. The bottlenose dolphins are a sight to watch and with abundant availability this is truly the best. One should also not miss the exotic sea lions of Australia available majorly at the seal Island. Saxon Ranger which is actually a 400 tonne fishing vessel which was used earlier is now based here. The marine park is well accessible from Rockingham which is based on the southern part of Perith. For the entire water sports lover it must be known that necessary permits should be taken for diving here.

Location: 135 Arcadia Drive , Rockingham, Perth 
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Scarborough Beach
The long stretch of white sand and the impressive surf breaks makes it an ideal spot for the teen and surfers, swimmers and even the body boarders. Wind surfing and kite surfing are also popular games being played here especially when the afternoon sea breeze flows. The nightlife here is equally interesting with a lot of cafes and restaurants being based here. One can also pack a picnic and enjoy family time on the stretched grasslands located closeby.

Beach cricket is also played here especially in organised events in this location. There are also facilities to be accommodated in any of the nearby hotels so that people can stay here and enjoy a lovely summer holiday. The Scarborough Beach is located in the north western side of Perth and takes about a decent 20 minutes drive from the city centre to reach here. Regular buses are also available to reach the spot. 
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The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles are one of the wonders of Mother Nature. Thousands of these spires like limestone formations are scattered all over the desert area in Nambung National Park. Millions of year old, these intriguing structures are one of the most fascinating places of attraction in Western Australia. Some of them are more than three and a half meter high.

Highlight: The view of the landscape is magnificent during the sunset. There are some secluded and pristine beaches in the park where you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling. A number of idyllic beaches can be found in the beautiful coastal town of Cervantes. Visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre, located in the park, from where you can learn more about the formation of these natural sculptures and the habitant wildlife.

Location: The Pinnacles are found in Nambung National Park, which is located roughly two hundred kilometres from Perth. 
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Art Gallery of western Australia
At a distance of easy walking distance from the Perth train station, where the Perth Cultural Centre is located which houses the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The gallery was founded in 1895 and it consists of heritage buildings. The gallery consist of some of the best creations of Australian artists, the prestigious State Art collection, and eminent collection of western Australian art and also some International design and art. Design, craft, painting, culture all are present in this collection having altogether about 17,000 collections. In a nutshell, one has a peek into the cultural heritage of the country and enjoy its artistic strength. The gallery remains closed on every Tuesday. One can also take a bus ride to the museum. The blue CAT buses give the nearest drop off and pick up from the museum. There are no entry fees for the museum but one can voluntarily donate.

Location: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth

Timings: 10am to 5 pm 
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Leighton Beach
Based on the northern part of Fremantle, lies the beautiful Leighton Beach which has brilliant scenic views and is an ideal location to enjoy snorkelling and swimming. The waves of this beach are quite low and that s why it provides an ideal location to be with kids and family and enjoy a fabulous day. Body surfing is another sport which can be tried here n the cool waters of the ocean. One can enjoy the sight of the locals swimming here daily and view extensive marine life by snorkelling under the water.

The sight of sunset is one of the key attractions of this location especially with the backdrop of Rottnest Island. The best part of enjoying a day in Leighton beach is that it allows pet and it is an animal exercise ground. So for all those pet owners this is an ideal place to enjoy some play time with your loved ones. 
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St Mary's Cathedral
St Mary’s Cathedral is considered as one of the major tourist attractions of Perth. This Cathedral Church is the seat of the Archbishop of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. It is an interesting edifice in Perth which is located on a peak of the hill with a calm and tranquil surrounding. The construction of the Cathedral was completed in three phases and has a rich history of more than a century. The recent expansion work of the Cathedral was ended in 2009.

Highlights: You can enjoy the impressive architecture of the building and attend the service. The calm surrounding of the Cathedral is perfect to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also join for a special tour that is conducted every Tuesday for a donation of $5.

Location: The Catehdral is located at the heart of Victoria Square, close to Perth CBD. 
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Rockingham Beach
Placed 50 minutes out of Perth City, Rockingham Beach is a popular tourist spot that has been declared as the cleanest beach of the state. In fact, it is a primary centre of Western Australia. The cleanliness credit goes to the massive underground filter tanks that protect the ocean from water pollutants and harmful storm particles. The rehabilitation works integrated by the state government in the dune system curb the heavy storm that takes place in the winter season. This beach represented Western Australia in the National Clean Beaches Awards held in March 2011.

Talking about the facilities over here, there are schools, industries, shopping outlets, petrol station, fast food chains, cafes, shops, and much more. Although, the place has mind boggling population growth, but tourists who love to enjoy in a serene and clean environment can step in to Rockingham Beach. Highlights: kite surfing, wind surfing, boating.
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Pinky Beach
Located 18 kilometers off the coast of Western Australia, Pinky Beach stands near Fremantle and Perth, on Rottnest Island or ‘Rotto’, which is a premier Island Gateway with around 60 beautiful bays and beaches. Pinky Beach provides an alluring experience to the tourists who visit here and makes it a memorable trip for them. It is just below the Bathurst Point Lighthouse, which is only a short walk away from the Thompson Bay settlement. If you like, you can expand your trip by staying there overnight in a variety of accommodations available there or if you wish to return back you can catch the Rottnest Ferry back from Fremantle. The best time to visit this beach is during the summer months and rest in the lap of lovely bays and beaches, relishing the soothing effect of the sparkling blue water.

You can enjoy at the Pinkies between 8pm and 11pm.
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Little Parakeet Bay
Situated to the north side of Rottnest Island, the approximate distance of Little Parakeet Bay from Thompson Bay is three kilometers. All it takes is a short ferry ride from the city. The structure of the bay is covered with rocks all over. It is hidden behind the rocky outcrop and beyond it is a large sandy beach.The water is clean and crystal clear. The jagged rocks perforated on its surface tend to exhibit a kind of dramatic backdrop. It is a safe as well as protected place for those who love to swim, as the waters are well protected and shallow.

The best time to visit here is September to March as you can enjoy whale watching, wild flowers, and summer months. Highlights: this place is ideal for swimming, surfing, and beach walk, cycling, tunnel tour, Oliver hill gun, Quokkas, little salmon bay, and much more.
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AQWA - Under Water World
Visiting AQWA Under Water World is a unique way to discover the distinctive marine life of Western Australia. It is the largest aquarium of Australia with more than four hundred different species of sea life. Built in 1988, the aquarium has five different regions, representing the different marine life and their environment in different parts of the Western Australian shoreline. The aquarium has one of the largest living coral reef exhibits.

Highlights: If you are a qualified snorkeler or scuba diver, you can join AQWA’s Divemaster and discover the sea life from close. After exploring the unique aquarium, you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks with a cup of hot coffee at AQWA Café.

Location: The aquarium is located in Hillary, the northern suburb of Perth.

Timing: 10am - 5pm

Price: The entry ticket price of the aquarium is $79 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

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The Perth Mint
Being the oldest gold mint of the world and a branch of Britain Royal Mint, the Perth Mint was built in 1899. Crossing the iron gates one can visually treat their eyes with the greatest collection of gold bars available on earth. It is almost worth a million dollars gold asset present in the museum. Located within walking distance from Central Business district, the Perth Mint is open on all days throughout the year. The primary work of the institution at the beginning was to gold refining as it was collected from the eastern goldfields of Western Australia and then produce coinage. In this process they have successfully built up a fascinating collection, which is definitely worth a view. One can enjoy the sight of the biggest coin which is made of a ton of pure gold and values about 50 million dollars. Enjoy the view of gold nuggets and many other forms. One can also fetch an entry in the melting house and see gold melting from solid gold bar.

Location: 310 Hay Street, East Perth

Timings: 9am to 5pm 
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Swan Bell Tower
Based in the thriving Barrack Square, where Perth meets Swan River lies the designed buildings which houses a set of historical bells which was actually a gift from London to Western Australia. Open in the year 2000, it accommodates 12 historical bells from Church of St Martin which is known to be from 14th century. In this place one can get a fabulous insight of the historical times and get to know more about the bells. For the history lovers this is an exclusive way to know more about ancient Perth. The Bell Tower also provides 360 degree views of the Swan River as well as the city and it strikes as the best place to enjoy photo shooting. One can enjoy the fascinating views of the oldest bell in Australia. The place not only showcases the bells but also execute exhibitions and programs worth viewing. For a good time with friends and family this is an ideal location

Location: Barrack Square, Perth

Timings: 10am to 5pm 
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Western Australian Museum
If you want to learn more about the cultural and natural heritages of Perth, Western Australian Museum is the right place for you. The museum was first opened in 1891. At the time, it has the assemblage of geological samples. Today, the museum has some permanent exhibitions that tell the tale of Western Australia. The engaging exhibitions have the history of the region from prehistoric times, containing samples and specimens of extraterrestrial rocks along with dinosaur fossils. The exhibition also tells the story of the aborigines and the exhibitions which display the biological diversity of the area.

Highlights: After enjoying the various exhibitions in the museum, you can rest for a while at the new Muse Café, which serves you delicious beverages, cakes and lunch menu.

Location: The museum is located at Perth Cultural Centre.

Timing: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: $17.50 for adults and $12.5 for children.

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City Beach
Being one of the favorite white sand beaches of Perth City Beach is exceptionally beautiful and clean. It is popular with surfers and families who can enjoy 3000 hours of sunshine. Located at a 20 minutes driveway to the west of Perth city, it offers some of the extravagant homes with a captivating view of Indian Ocean. It also provides a perfect place for picnic as it has facilities like showers, playground, and toilets. Also, a broad way to Floreat Beach makes an adorable seaside stroll for the visitors.

The beachside restaurant offers spectacular food and drinks for those who prefer to wait and savor the snacks served over here. If you plan to stay, Scarborough is the best option, which is only 3 minutes drive away from the beach. The best time to visit here is the month of August. Highlights: sporting clubs, schools, and organizations conducting social events.
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The Basin Beach
The most amazing natural swimming pool one could imagine is none other than The Basin. It looks similar to a manmade pool and is placed just two or three steps away from the beach across a shallow platform at the edge of a large hole. The water is refreshing as well as crystal-clear and it feels is different while swimming in this natural pool. The soft white sand surrounds the refreshing ocean water and the gentle waves of water wash your feet, you feel as if in heaven. The right climatic conditions to visit over here are the summertime when there is gentle breeze and low tide. It is the best swimming beach at Rottnest and therefore is considered to be an ideal place to swim and enjoy the calm waves of water.

Highlights: close to the beach, shallow water level, 3 meters deep, ideal for swimming, natural pool.
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Port Beach
Relish the powdery sand, crystal sparkling water, and tiny water waves. Located in north of Fremantle,Port Beach is close to the huge rock wall at the northern edge of Fremantle Port. As is the name of this,so to continue the feel of port there is an empty area across the road that is full of fuel tanks, containers, and old mill. These containers are kept ready to be loaded onto ships and trucks. From the beach, you can easily see the red, black, and white cranes of harbor.

The best time to visit here is during the summer season and if you want to get that picture-perfect conditions with cool breeze, you can go there between 10:30am to 2pm. Highlights: The things and activities that attract tourists to port beach are swimming, walking along the beach side, bike rides, and Restaurant Salt that serves delicious food.
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Being the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is designated as one of the best cities to live. Flushing with money from mining, this beautiful city is based on the south west coast is a thriving rich place with a modern outlook. The sterling beaches and the meandering Swan River form the source of many activities and the greatest attraction of this place. One can enjoy sailing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, diving and many other things that guarantee entertainment unlimited.

Camping at the national parks and visiting Rottnest Island is also quite entertaining here. Some of the major attractions here include King’s Park, Botanical Garden, Perth Zoo, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Aviation Museum, St Mary’s Cathedral Cultural Centre and many others. Cycling through the bike tracks beside the Swan River is one of preferred pastime of people here. 
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Rottnest Island
A few miles away from Perth, lays the Rottnest Island, a place of picturesque beauty, abundant sea life and sandy beaches with emerald green water. The island consists of a number of beaches and bays. There are walking and biking trails to explore the island.

Highlights: Relax on the sandy beaches or swim in the emerald water, enjoy surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving or come close to the nature and wildlife by exploring the island on bike. Take a tour to the museum, gallery and heritage buildings to learn about the history of the island. To enjoy the panoramic view of the island, climb the Wadjemup Lighthouse. You can take a guided tour to the island or you can hire a bike to explore the area on your own.

Location: The Island is located eighteen kilometres off the Fremantle harbour, Perth. It can be reached by a short ferry ride. 
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John Forrest National Park

Renowned for its scenic landscapes, John Forrest National Park is seated 24 kilometers east of Perth in Darling Scarp. Got recognized as a National Park in the year 1990, it is the first national park established in Western Australia. A great site for conservation and recreation of nature, the park is the perfect place to witness the Australian treasury of its flora and fauna.

Apart from housing a significant population of kangaroos, you expect possums, bandicoots, reptiles, frogs and over 90 species of birds flocking the beautiful gardens. Besides the exotic fauna, you can witness the tropical flora which includes several species like hakeas, grevilleas, dryandras, myrtles, sundews, trigger plants, acacias, and blue lechenaultia.

Waterfalls like the Hovea Falls and National Park falls makes the national park even more charming as it already is. Many nature walking trails like wildflower walk, John Forrest bridle trail, Glen Brooke walk, and others are some of the best to feel the true essence of nature. Some of these trails are looping in nature and vary in difficulty level as per the terrain level and length of each.

A picnic area nestled amidst the national park would be seen bustling with people interacting with friendly kangaroos. Still holding the magic of luring the heart of its overlookers, the national park is also a great place to plan a picnic where you could enjoy a meal and some drinks in the main picnic area.

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