Bathers Beach, Perth: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is a small white sand beach that is situated in Fremantle, Perth. Despite being relatively small in size, it has a soothing and secluded vibe to it. A lot of locals frequently come here to enjoy their day at this place. Bathers Beach is also the first one to get a liquor licence among the Australian Beaches, so you can expect a festive scene on its shores.

Many chic restaurants, cafes and bars line up where you can enjoy eating and sipping on some of the delicious snacks and drinks. Bathers Beach is 300m long and faces the west side of the harbour resulting in very large waves. The average size of the waves at the beach is around 1m which is loved by the surfers.

There is also a rock structure present in the middle of the beach which almost divides the beach into two parts and one of them is the city of Fremantle. The locals also refer to this beach as the Whalers Beach because, in the 1800s, whaling was one of the biggest activities that were done at the premises.

It was one of the earliest industries in the area that was established on the arrival of the British settlers in the region. This activity attracted huge interests of archaeologists around the area of the beach.

How to Reach Bathers Beach

The distance of Bathers Beach from Perth airport is 29km. 

- If a person is travelling by car, then he/she can either take Leach Highway/ State Route 7 and South St. It will take around 35 mins to reach the beach. They can also take the Roe Highway/ State Route 3 and South St which will take around 36 mins. 

- If a person is travelling through public transport, then a 2minute walk from the airport will lead them to Fauntleroy Av Before Miller Road from where they can get into a bus and get down at the Fremantle Station. The bus ride would take around 1hour 30mins. From Fremantle Station, it is a 10-minute walk to Bathers Beach.

Best Time to Visit Bathers Beach

The best time to visit Bathers Beach is from the months of September to February which comprises both summer and spring seasons. The spring season lasts from September to November and summer season lasts from November to February.  

The beach provides a welcoming breeze from the Indian Ocean during the summer months. It is sunny and hot during this time and the temperature fluctuates around 300C. But Bathers Beach provides a welcome relief from the heat and invites you to a nice dip in the water. 

The spring season is full of colours which provides the perfect feel of the lukewarm waters and clear skies. Larger part of the day is generally sunny and uninterrupted by rain during this period.

What Not to Miss at Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is situated in the city of Fremantle and is just a 10-minute walk from the city centre. You can do the following activities in that area: 

1. Visit the Roundhouse
The oldest building in Western Australia is the twelve-sided Roundhouse. It is situated on the northern side of Bathers Beach. Initially, the Roundhouse was built as a jail, then it served as police lock-up. Later it also served as a storage facility for the police before it opened to the public.

2. Visit Kidogo Art House
The Kidogo Art House was also built in the late 1890s and is situated in the northern side of the Bathers Beach. The Limestone listed heritage building is a unique and popular space for musicians, poets and authors, singer-songwriters where they can perform and showcase their talents.

3. The Esplanade Park
Esplanade Park is Fremantle’s public reserve and is the perfect place for a family picnic. The park is a walkable distance from Bathers Beach. In 2013, a Tourist Wheel was added in the park to give people an opportunity to witness the view of the town and harbours from 40m above ground level.  

4. The Shipwreck Galleries
The Shipwreck Galleries give people an opportunity to look into the hundred years old history of the town even though they belong to different generations of natives.

While taking a stroll from the beach, one can visit the museum and explore the housing of hundreds of relics like the original timbers from the Batavia, which is a ship that got wrecked in the year 1629. Also, different artefacts from the Dutch ships can be found here. 

5. Dine at the Bathers Beach House
While visiting the Bathers Beach, enjoying a meal in the Bathers Beach House is a must. The place provides indoor as well as outdoor arrangements for dining. You can opt for outdoor seating arrangements and look at the beautiful beach while having a hearty and delicious meal. The Fish and Chips is a must-try for everyone visiting here.

6. The Cappuccino Strip
The Cappuccino Strip is a legendary place in Fremantle, and just a few kilometres away from Bathers Beach. This place offers different kinds of outdoor cafes and restaurants to the people and lets them enjoy the special locally brewed beer of Western Australia. The place also offers live music and performances on weekends as well as in the evenings.

7. A look into the Western Australian Maritime Museum
Just a few minutes away, the Western Australian Maritime Museum is a go-to place as it symbolizes the unique connection of maritime with Fremantle. This museum is home to many leisure boats, iconic vessels as well as sailboats from different times in the history of the state.

Bathers Beach Markets

The nearest markets from Bathers Beach are South beach Sunset Market, Fremantle Markets and E Shed Markets. 

1. Among these three markets, the Fremantle Markets is the oldest and the closest market. This market was started in the year 1897 and has served as a market from the time it was started. It is an indoor market and is an attraction for locals as well as tourists.

It appeals to people of all ages because it offers fresh food, local produce, handicrafts, clothes, and many more things. There are 150 stalls for people to look through and apart from this, the market also promotes independent and indigenous arts and products that reflect the history of the place. 

2. The South Beach Sunset Market is a bit away from Bathers Beach. It market provides fresh and affordable goods brought in by the locals. you enjoy the food here while looking at the magnificent sunset over the Indian ocean.

3. E Shed market is also a little far from Bathers Beach. A large timber structure supports the market and this is why it is called E Shed. It is the only waterfront market in all of Australia.

Other Essential Information About Bathers Beach

A 12-minute walk from the Fremantle bus or train station will bring you straight to Bathers Beach. Fremantle also has a free bus service which takes you directly to the beach. 

Distance from the airport: The nearest airport from Bathers Beach is the Perth airport which is just 30kms away.

Highlights of Bathers Beach

- The biggest highlight of Bathers Beach is that it is situated just below the Roundhouse, which is the first prison in the state. Roundhouse has a long history, as it is one of the oldest structures in Fremantle. There are also lots of other historical sights to visit around the area and the beach.

- Bathers Beach has a few deck chairs that are provided for visitors to sit and enjoy the weather. 

- There is also some important flora and fauna that is worth exploring.

- Visitors can also be a witness to the indigenous tribes in the vicinity. 

- Visitors can snorkel at the beach which is a welcome surprise since the beach is not crowded and totally safe. The restaurants present at the beach are mostly scattered along the boardwalk, which makes the walk to the beach quite enjoyable.

Places to Stay Near Bathers Beach

1. Esplanade Hotel Fremantle- by Rydges
Just 0.44 km away from Bathers Beach, this hotel is the perfect place to stay. Like any other 5-star hotel, it offers different rooms with the price starting from AUS$170. The hotel also offers free wi-fi, an in-house restaurant and a pool.

2. Fremantle Holiday Accommodation
The Fremantle Holiday Accommodation is 0.8 km away from Bathers Beach. The hotel does not provide any view of the beach from the rooms but is worth the money since the range of the rooms starts at AUS$130. The hotel also provides a space for parking for its guests.

3. Fremantle Prison YHA
This property is situated just 1.1 km away from Bathers Beach. This is a perfect place to stay if a group of friends are travelling as it has dormitory rooms. The stay is also pocket-friendly as it takes just AUS$70 to occupy a twin-sharing room. 

4. Be Fremantle
This is another popular place to stay. Just 0.47km from Bathers Beach, the place costs AUS$229 per night. This is a smoke-free apartment kind of hotel which features self-parking, meeting room as well as a conference room. Each apartment also has a kitchenette with a microwave and wi-fi and free-wired internet.

Places to Eat at Bathers Beach

1. Bathers Beach House

The Bathers Beach House is the perfect place to dine if you are at Bathers Beach. The restaurant offers indoor as well as outdoor dining facilities. The place also offers vegan food. Most of the time the place is packed with people because of the magnificent view and great atmosphere provided by the restaurant.

2. Kailis Fish Market Café
Just around the corner of Bathers Beach, this place offers the best Fish & Chips in the area. This is a waterfront eatery which was established in 1928. It offers a seafood barbecue, along with gelato which is a crowd favourite. People usually love to spend an hour or so, once inside the restaurant. 

3. Cicerello’s Fremantle
This is a hundred-year-old wharf building, which has its own charm. The place also has an aquarium from where visitors can take a hand at fishing for the seafood of their choice. Cicerello’s Fremantle is also famous for its preparation of Fish & Chips. 

4. Joe’s Fish Shack
Large crowds are drawn to Joe’s fish shack due to the friendly behaviour of staff. It is situated near the Fremantle’s fishing Harbour and the food quality here is brilliant. One of the attractive dishes of this restaurant is the crayfish and also the steaks here are brilliantly made. 

5. La Sosta
The place is a bit far from the Bathers Beach since it is close to the Fremantle Markets. If you are comfortable with a few minutes’ walk, it will be worth the food at this place. The best delicacies of the restaurant are pasta, meat and seafood plates. Also, if you are looking for some exclusive wines, then this is the place to be at.

Tips before visiting Bathers Beach

While visiting Bathers Beach, every person must remember the following things:

- It is advised to carry an umbrella or raincoat while travelling to Bathers Beach because it may rain anytime.

If you are travelling from outside the country, it is a must that you travel around with your passport. If you are a citizen of the country, then any legal identity proof is enough.

It is also advised to carry a sunscreen, bathing suit as well as shorts while travelling to the beach. 

Also, snorkelling is allowed here. So, if you are a fan of snorkelling, then you must carry your snorkel.
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