Parasailing in Langkawi

If you have ever dreamt of flying, parasailing in Langkawi is one of the greatest methods to fulfill your flying fantasies. Being an island city, parasailing is naturally a popular sport in Langkawi. There’s no need to worry if you’re not a frequent flier, for the island accommodates first time fliers as wellThe Langkawi parasailing tour starts with one’s journey on the boat, as one is first ferried to the best spot in the ocean. You'll be buckled into your harness and safety procedures should be done before taking off after you've found the perfect area in the water for parasailing. Following the completion of the preparations, you will be gradually released, and before you know it, you will be up in the air, enjoying a serene bird's-eye view over the Langkawi archipelago.When it comes to parasailing, there is no one size fits all. While solo flying is an excellent way to test your nerves, those desiring to fly in groups can go for the double or the triple flier experiences as well. All experiences, however, come with their own weight and height restrictions, which must be adhered to at all costs.

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Langkawi Parasailing FAQs

Which are the best places for parasailing in Langkawi?

1. Pantai Cenang Beach: The island’s most popular beach, Pantai Cenang is one of the most sought after sites for parasailing in Langkawi. Although extreme in its nature, parasailing in Langkawi is a fully guided activity, with fliers thoroughly instructed before beginning the sport. Click Here to Book: Water Sports at Pantai Cenang in Langkawi

2. Tanjung Rhu Beach: Tanjung Rhu is another very popular spot for Langkawi parasailing. Like in Pantai Cenang, the activity here is preceded by an instruction session from a sailing expert. Taking off on their parachutes, one is greeted with the best, panoramic views of the stunning green islands, flanked only by the uninterrupted blue of the Andaman Sea. 

3. Kuah (Bass Border): Perhaps the least crowded spots for parasailing in Langkawi, the Kuah border is ideal for those looking for a lesser-crowded experience. The parasailing adventure here takes place at the Bass strait; fliers are taken to the center of the ocean on a boat, from where the adventure begins. 

What are the different types of parasailing available in Langkawi?

1. Single Flier: Pepper up your Langkawi adventure by flying high and enjoying the scenery from above. This trip is ideal for thrill seekers who wish to try out exhilarating activities on their own and explore Langkawi from a fresh perspective.

2. Double Flier: The Double Flier experience allows one to take a partner on the ride, and is among the best romantic adventures one can have on the island for those intent on extreme sports.

3. Triple Flier: Triple Flier parasailing is ideal for people who wish to share this incredible experience with others. Three people can sail at once, seated next to each other and wearing individual harnesses.

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What are the tips for parasailing in Langkawi?

- Langkawi parasailing adventures have, in the past, led to accidents, such as crash landing in telephone wires and trees. It is  best, therefore, to seek out a local parasailing tour operator who are well versed with the possible dangers of the sport

The different activity types have varying height and weight requirements, so make sure you check them accordingly before flying

Take good account of the safety instructions meted out by your parasailing expert before venturing into the water

Avoid parasailing when the weather is unsuitable; that is, when the wind gets too strong and unpredictable, or the waters are turbulent 

Done all safety equipment and gears at all times throughout the activity

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What is the best time for parasailing in Langkawi?

The weather, of course, plays the biggest role when it comes to parasailing sports. Mornings in Langkawi are generally less windy, making it the ideal time for parasailing. Season wise, summer seasons- which span between November and March- remain dry and thus best suited to the sport.

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Is there any age restrictions for parasailing in Langkawi?

Children below the age of 5 cannot participate in the Langkawi parasailing sports. Young children who are above 5 must be accompanied by either a parent or their instructor.

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What are the best adventurous activities to do in Langkawi?

Kayaking: Kayaking is a water-based activity that is both more soothing and entertaining than most of its contemporaries. It is also quite simple to participate in, and no prior expertise is necessary. Click Here to Book: Private Mangrove Kayak Tour with Transfers & Meal in Langkawi

Yachting: As you travel around the island on a private yacht, take in the stunning views. Discover hidden treasures by exploring amazing cave formations, sea arches, and sea stacks. Take in spectacular views of the echo channel, watch eagles dine, and marvel at incredible limestone changes while floating over mountains.

Abseiling: Now gaining in popularity, abseiling is an extreme sport best suited to those looking to break a sweat. Also known as waterfall canyoning, this extreme adventure has one scaling the sides of waterfalls while secured to the harness.

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