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Langkawi snorkeling

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Being surrounded by the Andaman Sea, snorkeling in Langkawi is one of the most popular water sports. If you had pictured Langkawi as just another place shrouded in banal rurality, you would be mistaken; there is a plethora of places where you can try snorkeling in Langkawi, and explore the underwater life of the Andaman Sea and other local water bodies to your heart’s content.

Langkawi snorkeling as an activity is in fact one of the most central reasons tourists opt for visiting this lovely archipelago. The clear and relatively pollution free waters that Langkawi is so unambiguously famous for, make it perfect for both above-water and underwater activities in general, obviously including snorkeling. As far as safety is concerned, there is absolutely nothing to worry or fuss your mind over. While it is indeed true that there were once, a long time back to be sure, sharks near the coastal regions and crocodiles in the inland parts. But there are absolutely none to be found there now and it is completely safe to go about snorkeling in Langkawi provided that it is done under expert guidance.

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Langkawi Snorkeling FAQs

Which are the best beaches for snorkeling in Langkawi?

1. Pulau Payar Marine Park - When it comes to snorkeling in Langkawi, the Pulau Payar Marine Park rests comfortably as a popular tourist destination offering clear turquoise water and diverse marine life. Located off the main island of Langkawi, reaching the island can take a while by boat, but suffice to say, it is well more than worth it. Pulau Payar, which has been converted into a marine park and operates under government protection of the marine life it sustains, offers a range of activities beyond snorkeling, including of course, scuba diving.

2. Pulau Beras Basah - There are numerous reasons for the Pulau Beras Basah beach to be amongst the top priorities of tourists traveling to Langkawi as a spot to visit, including snorkeling in Langkawi. With its crystal clear waters, lush and plentiful greenery, and sands as white as marble, the Pulau Beras Basah beach is truly amongst the crown jewels of Langkawi. This beach has also been relatively successful because of its serene location, which keeps its visitors away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. After enjoying an exciting session of snorkeling, one can relax by the bay and process all the beauty in their brain, while admiring the island's sunset.

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3. Pulau Timun - Pulau Timun is an island that often finds itself struggling for competition and exposure amongst the other islands of the Langkawi archipelago. However, as every coin has two sides, the positive flip side of this argument is that you would find more peace and calmness on this island as compared to others. When it comes to snorkeling in Langkawi as well, Pulau Timun is a perfect fit: its loamy soil is a welcome contrast to the Langkawi norm. Sandy coasts, and the crystal clear water conditions in its banks provide ample opportunity for tourists to engage in water based activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

4. Pulau Dangli Beach - The beauty and joy of Langkawi lies in its tremendous range and its incessant capability to surprise, and the Pulau Dangli Beach is yet another instance that exemplifies the archipelago’s immense natural variety. Filled with sandy coasts and inundated with the lush greenery of mangrove forests, the Pulau Dangli Beach is an absolute tourist’s dream. If you are thinking about snorkeling in Langkawi, this beach should be on your list. Moreover, with the usual activities of snorkeling, one can capture its flora and fauna from up close, offering a memory to cherish for life.

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5. Pulau Bumbon Besar and Pulau Bombon Kecil - While it might seem odd to describe two islands under one heading, Pulau Bumbon Besar and Pulau Bombon Kecil are in fact twin islets that are seen as one conglomerative unit. Most tourists looking forward to getting their fill of Langkawi snorkeling would find the islands an absolute thrill; with clear and pollution free waters that harbor a rich marine life, snorkeling and scuba diving are expectedly the most popular activities to engage in when on these islands. Moreover, given the clear weather conditions and sandy beaches, sunbathing is encouraged and enjoyed as well.

6. Datai Bay Beach - The Datai Bay Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Langkawi, attracting tourists all year round. The beach is a beautiful simultaneity of warm, clear climate conditions, turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, sandy banks and a lush rainforest that hugs a considerable portion of the shoreline. The presence of the rainforest also expectedly acts as a moderating agent on the climate of the beach, keeping pleasant temperatures all year round. In Langkawi snorkeling is famous and this place is the reason for its popularity.

7. Tanjung Rhu Beach - Located in the Northern part of the Langkawi archipelago, the Tanjung Rhu Beach is a simply stellar option when considering Langkawi snorkeling. It is one of the few beaches in Langkawi that revel best in seclusion; tourists preferring the Tanjung Rhu Beach for the most part specifically do so for the peace and quietude it offers as compared to the other options. With open stretches of sand complemented by the aqua blue waters of the Andaman Sea, snorkeling here is one of the best things to do among other water sports, such as scuba diving. 

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What is the best time for snorkeling in Langkawi?

The best time for snorkeling in Langkawi is between the months of October and May, when the weather is clear and pleasant with marine life visibility at its best. During monsoon season one should avoid snorkeling as the climate is rather clouded and mudy.

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What are some tips for snorkeling in Langkawi?

- It should not need to be stated in addition, but if you are not experienced in snorkeling, it is strongly advised against to try it out on your own.

- Always engage in snorkeling in the presence of an expert.

- The best and most convenient way to go about snorkeling is just to sign up for a package, which takes the burden away from you and you get to relax and enjoy, which is the entire point of the activity.

- Only purchase a well-fitting mask.

- In case you have not signed up for a package, do not forget the basic essentials like mask defogging and related particulars.

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Is there any age restriction for snorkeling in Langkawi?

There is no age restriction as such for snorkeling in Langkawi, or snorkeling in general for that matter. Kids as young as 3 years old have gone on snorkeling tours in Langkawi and elsewhere without any issues, given that there are no underlying respiratory conditions or other complications of similar kind.

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How do I get to Pulau Payar from Langkawi?

Pulau Payar is basically an island located about 30 km away from the main island of Langkawi, and most tourists consider it absolutely necessary to visit the island. Going there would require you to rent a speedboat or a small motorboat from the Kuah Jetty, as large boats are not allowed near the Pulau Payar Jetty.

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What are some other water sports to try in Langkawi?

1. Parasailing: Apart from snorkeling, parasailing is definitely a top tier water sport to try in Langkawi. There is simply nothing like the wind in your hair while you are harnessed to a parachute being dragged by a speedboat careening at breakneck speeds.

2. Jet skiing: Jet skiing is yet another adrenaline pumping water based activity to give a shot at when in Langkawi. Seriously, who has not dreamt of being behind the handlebars of one of those mean machines to ride the waves underneath?

3. Kayaking: Kayaking as a water based activity is much more relaxing than most of its contemporaries while being equally fun. It is also extremely easy to engage in, and virtually no previous experience is required.

4. Scuba diving: Besides snorkeling, scuba diving is arguably the most popular water based activity that tourists prefer in Langkawi. With divers aplenty to assist tourists, previous swimming experience is far from being an absolute necessity.

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