Boating in Langkawi

The tropical destination of Langkawi is where you should head this fall. Go boating or kayaking, or jet-skiing, because from Geo Parks to private cruises, this is a haven for offering the best boating tours in Langkawi. The Malaysian city is one of the most convenient places to indulge in watersports and some major beach fun. Want to engage in fishing from a private jet boat? Or maybe spend a day swimming in the pristine Malaysian waters? You can do it all here. Explore the gorgeous mangrove forests near Tanjung Rhu Beach and the Kubang Badak River. Here, you can go for the most epic jet ski ride of your life. You will also get to see the most exotic animals like White-bellied Sea Eagles, Brahminy Kites, Kingfishers, Herons, Mudskippers, Fiddler Crabs and Monitor Lizards. Indulge in a tour of mangrove Eco safari in the Langkawi islands on a private boat or from Tanjung Rhu Mangrove River. Also, check out Gorilla Mountain and its neighbouring fish farms which are globally famous.

If you want to try out some bigger water challenges, go kayaking at the Kubang Badak. In this four-hour journey you can take your kayaks through the mangrove forests, and a rain forest, where you can enjoy a mini picnic. Private cruises are a hit in Langkawi. Embark on a delightful cruising trip that enables you to explore the real beauty of Malaysia like never before. Enjoy the facilities offered at one of the best beach clubs of the city and cruise around on the best boating tours in Langkawi. But if you don’t want a long cruise ride, you can take a jet ride to some of the best locations on Langkawi, like Fresh water lake of Pregnant Maiden Island, Intan Kecil island, Intan Besar island, Chawi Bay, Pulau Lima Cave.

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