Best Theme Parks in Langkawi

From water adventures, to forays in the jungle of Mount Cincang, the theme parks in Langkawi offer a stunning range of thrills and adventures. Whether you’re traveling with children, or are looking to test your mettle in the realm of extreme sports, these thrill parks are sure to have something to meet your needs.When it comes to water parks in Langkawi, Splash Out Langkawi deserves a mention. The island’s very first water adventure park, Splash Out features around 12 exciting rides catering to adults and children alike. VR Universal is another exciting addition to Langkawi’s adventure scene, offering a splendid host of virtual reality adventure scenarios. Skytrex at Langkawi tests one’s physical vigor with its obstacle courses along Mount Cincang’s slopes, where adventures are challenged with rope, net and ziplining adventures. The Langkawi Wildlife Park, on the other hand, is home to the island’s very own mini zoo and aviary, and makes for an excellent family visit.

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Langkawi Theme Parks FAQs

Which are the best theme parks in Langkawi?

1. Splash Out Langkawi: When speaking of water parks in Langkawi, Splash Out deserves the loudest mention. Surrounded by the deep blue sea on all sides, Splash Out is Langkawi’s first and only water park yet.
Inspired by the marina voyagers of the year, the water park is perhaps one of the most sought after theme parks in Langkawi. Splash Out features 12 separate water attractions, which include wave pools, thrill adventures, slides and lagoons for children. The water park also features a food court featuring the best of Asian and Arabic cuisine. Click Here to Book: Splash Out Langkawi Tickets

Location: 79, Persiaran Mutiara 2, Pusat Perdagangan Kelana Mas, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 12.00 PM- 07.00 PM 
Friday and Saturday: 10.00 AM- 07.00 PM 
Closed on Wednesdays.

2. VR Universal:  One of the most exciting of Langkawi theme parks, VR Universal brings the best VR experiences to the island. Visitors at the park can choose from a number of exciting adventures to choose from, which range from battling zombies on a virtual field, to riding on a coaster, and even manning one’s own fort. The VR park in total is divided into five themed zones, each zone housing VR adventures corresponding to its theme: Thrill Zone, Speed Zone, Beat Zone, Hype Zone and Battle Zone. 

Location: E01-E04, Oriental Village, Jalan Teluk Burau, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Timings: 10.00 AM- 07.00 PM on all days of the week, with last entry at 06.00 PM

3. Skytrex Adventure Langkawi: Combining adventure with nature, Skytrex is one of the most popular theme parks in Langkawi. Sprawling along the slopes of Mount Mat Cincang, the adventure park offers adventure circuits that include bridge crossing, monkey bars, rope climbing and more. Skytrex Langkawi offers three circuits in total: Little Legends for Beginners, Eagle Thrill for intermediate adventurers, and Extreme Island for confident climbers. These adventure circuits are not just a great way to test one’s mettle, but to explore the best of Langkawi’s natural beauty as well. Click Here To Book: Skytrex Adventure Langkawi Tickets

Location: Jalan Teluk Yu 07000 Langkawi Kedah

Timings: 09.00 AM- 05.30 PM on all days of the week.

4. Mini Zoo Langkawi: One of the best Langkawi theme parks for children, the Langkawi Wildlife Park boasts of the island’s very own mini zoo and aviary. The first of its kind in Langkawi, the Wildlife Park was built with the aim of bringing visitors closer to the animals through interactive sessions and shows. Apart from a fantastic array of birds, the Wildlife Park also houses meerkats, palm civets, damara sheep, geckos, crocodiles and much more. All exhibits at the Park, including the bird exhibits, are designed to reflect the natural habitat of the animals they house.

Location: Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Timings: 08.30 AM- 06.00 PM on all days of the week, with last entry at 05.30 PM. 

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Which are the Best water slides at Splash Out Langkawi?

1. Shipwreck Fall:  The Shipwreck Fall is an exciting roller coaster that boosts adrenaline levels in thrill enthusiasts. One of the more challenging slides, this one starts with a steep plunge before hurtling vertically uphill, then reversing and finishing in a splash pool.

2. River of Life:  The go-to lazy river at this water park in Langkawi, the River of Life offers a quiet oasis, a pleasant and enjoyable voyage while taking in the tranquility of quiet water. Float along the River of Life and relax in the midst of the waterpark's squeals and screams.

3. Wild Water: Wild Water is the classic wave pool at Splash Out. A fun family adventure, the waves here gather momentum and swell out at different lengths, inviting its visitors to jump or wade through them.
4. Sprinkle Island: Designed especially for children but frequented by all, Sprinkle Island is quite literally, an island of sprinklers. A perfect place to cool down amidst the thrill, the island has sprinklers emerging from all sides, giving all a well deserved wash down. 

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What are the best adventure activities to do at Skytrex Adventure Langkawi?

1. Flying Fox: Somewhat like ziplining, the Flying Fox adventure has one zip across distances while attached to a harness. Flying Fox rides tend to gather extreme momentum while zipping along, adding to the thrill of the adventure. 

2. Cable Walking: Also known as tightrope walking, Cable Walking will literally have you walking across a thick cable or rope. Climbers are well harnessed, and can hold on to a separate rope while walking across. The trick is to make one’s way to the end without looking down!

3. U Roping: U roping is, in simpler terms, rope climbing. Adventurers will need to complete the course by making their way to the very top of the rope. The activity may look easy, but requires a rigorous use of full body muscles. Make sure you are physically fit and mentally prepared before boarding this adventure in your life.

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What is VR Universal famous for?

VR Universal is Langkawi’s first VR theme park, and is also the only free-to-roam VR park in the world, where visitors are free to visit each themed zone on one ticket and explore all of the experiences they have to offer. 

What are the minimum height and weight requirements for rides at Splash Out Langkawi?

Each ride at Splash out has its own height and weight requirements. For most rides, the minimum height requirement is 120cm.

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What animals can we see at Mini Zoo Langkawi?

Burmese Python
Fennec Foxes 
Box Turtles
Small Clawed Otters
Malayan Porcupine 
Damara Sheep
Leopard Gecko
Mandarin Ducks
Asian Palm Civet
Sugar Glider
Koi Fish

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