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Nallamalai Jungle Camp Hyderabad2 days & 1 night
INR 4,000

Hyderabad Camping

Browse through a wide range of Hyderabad Camping packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book the best camping tours in Hyderabad with exciting deals & offers to pamper you on your Hyderabad trip.

Surrender yourself to the scenic bounties with camping in Hyderabad! The city that is mostly renowned for being called the technological hub and industrial center also serves you with all the bewitching campsites where one can connect with nature. Be it a weekend getaway with friends or a vacation with family, these plush campsites of Yercaud, Srisailam, Ananthagiri Hills, Bhongir Fort, etc will leave you amazed by the peace and tranquility offered by nature.

Camping in Hyderabad is offered at multiple locations that can be found in nature’s lap varying in terms of serenity and topography. Other than just nature’s view and tranquillity, these campsites offer you loads of adventurous fun through watersports and trekking. One can also find many camp locations nestled at just a few kilometers distances from Hyderabad like Horsley hills, Pocharam Dam, Chandrapur, etc. These bewitching spots serve you with a splendid background of the majestic hills and the gushing waterfalls and make you fall in love with Mother Nature.

Wondering still about the spots for camping near Hyderabad? Then do not worry as there are lots of spots that offer one a relishing experience to bond with nature. Serving you as the most idyllic and pristine site for setting up a camp or to go trekking, etc. the places like Ethipothala waterfalls, Nallamala Forest, and the Laknavaram lake are found to be some of the versatile spots. Showing you around the wildlife and the heartwarming views of Mother Nature, these locations will never fail to mesmerize you. One can always plan a weekend getaway at one of these enchanting spots where you can not only just set up your tents and sit around the campfire but also explore interesting fun facts about these places that enhance the beauty of India.

Donating to the best camping experiences, Hyderabad campsites will provide you with the most memorable encounters with day and night camping. Simply just imagine the moments of lying down beneath a sky full of stars and relaxing. How just listening to the sound of waterfalls while encircling the bonfire provides you peace and makes you want to sing, dance, and strum the guitar strings playing your favorite songs. Even just the mere thought of it makes one want to explore the idea of camping. Well, Hyderabad and the nearby places will give you a dose of the same daunting experience of camping. So, pack up your backpacks and get going for this thrilling and rejuvenating experience of Hyderabad camping and strike that off of your bucket list.

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Hyderabad Camping FAQs

Where can we go camping in and around Hyderabad?

1. Ananthagiri Hills: This spot of camping near Hyderabad is one of the best campsites that will leave you mesmerized. One can relish in nature’s arms and rejoice in the lush greenery and calm rivers. The best time to visit this campsite located at a distance of 81 km near Hyderabad is considered from July till October when one can relinquish in peace and tranquility.

2. Ethipothala Waterfalls: This is the best spot to set up Camps in Hyderabad, where one finds a soothing atmosphere of the gushing Ethipothala waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery. One can plan their camping time at the Ethipothala Waterfalls easily as it is located at a distance of just 176 km from Hyderabad. One should surely visit this spot during the months of July until October and also rejoice in the fun of trekking and boating at this nature’s beauty.

3. Nallamala Forest: A dense green vegetative spot never fails to allure the tourists as a perfect camp location. Nallamala forest offers the adventure enthusiasts everything they search for. From being a jungle safari spot that provides you with a combination of birdwatching, trekking, and camping to a place that fulfils the wish of watching wildlife surrounded by the serene view of the lake, Nallamala Forest has it all. One should make sure to at least for once chose this location for camping from December to February for the most memorable experience.

4. Horsley Hills: Nestled at an elevation of around 1290 m, Horsley Hills is a series of hills in the state of Andhra Pradesh. You can choose this place as the next camp location for your weekend getaway. Experience the bliss of watching the wildlife and the picturesque view of the majestic hills and relish in nature’s arms. This place will serve you the best experience of camping from December till February.

5. Laknavaram Lake: Experience the joy of day as well as night camping at this bewitching campsite located at a distance of 217 km from Hyderabad. With a view of this ravishing lake and the lush greenery surroundings of nearby Eturnagaram sanctuary, people are attracted to this spot for camping. One should plan their camping time during the winter season from October to February.

6. Pocharam Dam: A beautiful spot for a perfect getaway is what Pocharam Dam is going to offer you. Nestled at a distance of 120 km from Hyderabad this place is amidst a wildlife sanctuary, plush greenery and lakes. One can camp at this enticing campsite after experiencing the site of various animal species. The best time of the year to visit this place is known to be from October to July although it is pleasant throughout the year.

7. Chandrapur: One of the old yet enchanting places one can find near Hyderabad as the perfect spot for camping is Chandrapur. Explore the thrill of night camping as well after taking a stroll around watching the ancient temples, caves and the stunning wildlife sanctuaries. One should plan their getaway to visit this ravishing nature’s beauty from October to March as it is known as the best time of the year to visit Chandrapur.

What is the general cost of camping in Hyderabad?

The general cost of Hyderabad camping ranges from INR 2000-3000. This cost is inclusive of camping along with trekking and kayaking. This cost also includes some basic amenities like food, accommodation in tents, first aid kit and itineraries. However, the terms and conditions can vary according to different costs and providers.

What is the best time to visit Hyderabad for camping?

The best time to visit Hyderabad for camping is considered during the monsoon season in the months from July till October. However, for some of the campsites located a few kilometers near Hyderabad, the best season is considered to be the winter months, i.e., from December to February. Hyderabad serves as a versatile location for camping during these months of the year as nature’s beauty is at a wild peak. One can explore places like Moulali hills, Machleshwar, Bhongir Fort and many more in the monsoon season to experience the lush greenery and pleasant atmosphere while camping at these sites.

Is it safe to do camping in Hyderabad?

Yes, it is safe to do Camping in Hyderabad. There are many campsites in and near Hyderabad which are considered as a safe trip for the tourists. Whereas, when it comes to night camping, one may also find quite a number of different groups of travellers experiencing the joy of camping around which does not make them feel alone in the deserted place.

What should I wear while camping in Hyderabad?

When planning for a camping trip to Hyderabad one should wear proper and protective camping apparel in order to be safe from the external factors. The following are some of the dress options one can choose from:

1.One should wear breathable innerwear and socks.

2.Make sure to wear moisture-wicking T-shirts and shorts or pants.

3.Carry a lightweight hat or visor to protect you from the direct heat of the sun

What things I must carry while camping in Hyderabad?

One should carry some basic requisites while backpacking for camping in Hyderabad. To be safe and cautious there is quite a lot of camping equipment one should make sure to tag along with themselves. One should also try to learn to set up a tent beforehand. Some of the requisites for Hyderabad Camps are as follows:
1.Campsite Gear
2.Poles, stakes.
3.Tent footprint (ground cover for under your tent)
4.Extra tarp or canopy.
5.Repair kit for pads, mattress, tent, tarp.
6.Camping pillow.
7.Headlamps or flashlights (and extra batteries)
8.Camp chairs.
9.Tent (and footprint, stakes)
10.Sleeping bags.
11.Sleeping pads.
12.Camp table (if no picnic table)
13.Lantern (and mantles and fuel/batteries if needed)

What things should I keep in mind while camping in Hyderabad?

One should keep the following things in mind when it comes to Hyderabad Camps.

1.One should never forget to carry their basic camping pieces of equipment like a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, lanterns, headlamps, etc

2.One should always carry an extra pair of batteries for the flashlights and headlamps

3.One should also keep in mind the type of clothes to be worn and carry an extra set of clothes too.

4.Always take some picnic games, chairs and wood for the bonfire.

5.Never forget to carry your identity proof.

Hyderabad Camping Reviews

Mayoor Tandon
Reviewed: 29 Jan 2020
Great job team, the itinerary was satisfying, the staff there were supportive, everything was organized and managed perfectly. Worth recommending.
Balagopal Mukhopadhyay
Reviewed: 08 Jan 2020
Jungle-camping and jungle-safari what an exciting combination, to be honest, I booked this package because of this, I am glad that it went as I really think so, Stays, foods that I know it will be perfect as this is not the first time camping with Thrillophilia, Talking about the place it was extrem... Read More
Divjot Sinha
Reviewed: 09 Dec 2019
Stayed at the jungle was truly adventurous, the campsite was well-maintained and well-arranged, nature already attracts us with different birds, flowers, and many more. Everything was as promised and nice people to deal with we were very happy. Must-visit camp.

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