Trekking in Hyderabad

If you are in search of some beautiful places for trekking in Hyderabad, you have landed at the right place. Hyderabad surely is situated at one of the most pleasant locations of India and has endless trekking destinations, within as well as nearby the main city. Some of the most popular trekking destinations near Hyderabad are Kondamadugu, Ahobiman, Narsapur, and various others.

Some of the most beautiful trails for trekking near Hyderabad are Tiger Hill Trek, Khilla Ghanpur Trek, and Kanakai Waterfall Trek. All of these trails pass through the beautiful natural landscapes and surely offer mesmerizing views from the summit. Moreover, if you love spending some time by majestic waterfalls, it is a must for you to take up the Kanakai Waterfall trek. Apart from that, there are various other trails which will take you along beautiful water streams and dams, with untouched natural surroundings.

Some of the best trekking places in Hyderabad also have beautiful historical forts at the summit for the trekkers to explore. These treks are perfect to be taken up with families. Not only will they offer you a wonderful outing but will also add a bit of adventure to your day.

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Hyderabad Trekking FAQs

Which are the best trekking trails in and near Hyderabad?

1. Tiger Hill Trek: Tiger hill is surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful villages. It is one of the most popular destinations for camping & trekking in Hyderabad. Also, the Tiger Hills trek is quite easy and can even be taken up by beginners. It is situated in the Kondamadugu area and you can also take up the Golkonda Fort Trek along with the Tiger Hill Trek to add up to your adventure. The tiger hills peak offers an amazing view of the nearby Villages.


2. Koilkonda Fort & Koilsagar Dam Trek:
Considered to be one of the best getaways from the city of Hyderabad, Koilkonda Fort, and Koilkonda Dam are situated approximately 135 kilometers from Hyderabad. To reach the summit of Koilkonda Fort, one needs to hike through a deep gorge along with a number of streams until they reach a series of steps leading to the fort. To reach the Koilkonda Dam from Koilkonda Fort, one can follow the trekking trail along the beautiful Peddavagu River.

Koilkonda Fort Rd, Jamalpur, Telangana

3. Bhongir Fort Trek: Situated approximately 1.3 kilometers from Bhuvanagiri Railway Station, Bhongir Fort is situated at a height of 500 ft. This beautiful fort is spread over a vast area of 40 acres and is also a prominent historical site. It is an easy trek and would take you approximately an hour to reach from the base to the Fort entrance. It is an enjoyable trek and also can be taken up by families.

Shanthi Nagar, Nalgonda, Telangana

4. Khilla Ghanpur Trek:  One of the most beloved trekking places in Hyderabad, this beautiful trek stretches from Ghanpur Village to Ghanpur Fort and stretches for a span of 2-3 kilometers. The fort situated at the top of the hill dates back to the 13th Century and also has a number of small temples within it. The various caves situated at the top of the hill also act as a point of attraction for all the trekkers.

Near Mahabubnagar District, Telangana

5. Medak Fort Trek: Quite a challenging trek, in order to reach the top of the Medar Fort, you will need to climb up at least 500 steps. Built in the 12th Century, Medak Fort is spread over a huge area of 100 acres and is a perfect destination for history enthusiasts. The views from the summit of the trek are quite mesmerizing and it offers a panoramic view of a beautiful lake and untouched nature.

Arabgalli, Medak U, Telangana

6. Narsapur Forest Trek: The lake, with a beautiful ghat area, situated in the Narsapur Forest area is one of the favorite destinations for trekking lovers. Balanagar Junction can be considered as the base point of this trek. The complete trekking trail passes through a dense forest area, where you will also get to meet a whole lot of mischievous monkeys. To complete this trek, you need at least 5 hours in hand.

Narsapur, Medak, Telangana

7. Ahobilam Trek: Also known as the holy abode of Lord Narsimha, there are a number of temples situated at different places throughout Ahobilam. In order to reach the different temples, one has to go through quite difficult treks through the forested area over uneven rocky pathways. Apart from bringing a trekkers paradise, it is also one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimages in the near vicinity of Hyderabad. You can easily spend 2 days hiking to various different temples in the Ahobilam area. The best time to take up these treks is from October to March

Ahobilam, Nandyal

8. Ananthagiri Hills:
One of the most popular places for trekking in Hyderabad, there are two different trails in the thick forests of Ananthagiri Hills. One trek starts from Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, whereas; the second one starts approximately 500 meters from the temples towards Kerelli. The water reservoir, lush green thick forested area, and the endless water streams throughout the trek attract endless trekking enthusiasts from October to March.

Location: Vikarabad, Telangana

9. Keesaragutta Trek: One of the other major places for trekking near Hyderabad, Keesaragutta is home to various popular tourist attractions as well. Along with taking up the famous Keesaragutta trek, one can also visit the Keesaragutta Temple, Chowmahalla Palace as well as the Nehru Zoological Park. It is quite an easy trek and offers amazing views of the main city.

Medchal-Malkajgiri district

10. Kanakai Waterfall Trek: Kanakai waterfalls is one of the most favorite destinations for trekking near Hyderabad. You will get to witness 3 beautiful waterfalls, including Kankai, Bander, as well as Cheekati Gundam through this 5-kilometer-long trail. You will need at least 3-4 hours to complete the trek, along with spending some time at each of the 3 beautiful waterfalls. The best time to take up this waterfall trek is from the month of August to October.

Bazarhathnoor Rd, Balanpur

Which are the best One Day Treks around Hyderabad?

1. Gunrock Trek: Gunrock is one of the most popular trekking places near Hyderabad. One can indulge in trekking around the popular Gunrock hill. Also, Gurock is a prominent historical site that was built during British rule. One can also plan to visit Gunrock park along with taking up the trek.

2. Horsley Hills Trek:
One of the most beautiful trekking places in Hyderabad, apart from trekking around the Horsley hills, one can also camp at the base of the hill amidst the beautiful natural landscape. Do not forget to trek to the amazing viewpoint and the Gangotri lake.

3. Nagarjunakonda Trek:
If you are interested in taking up some adventure activities as well, Nagarjunakonda is one of the best places for trekking in Hyderabad for you. You can trek all the way to the summit of Nagarjunakonda Hills and Nagarjunakonda Caves, Waterfall, as well as the Dam.

4. Chityal Hills Trek:
A perfect weekend getaway from Hyderabad, Chityal Hills has 3 ranges where you can consider trekking. If you are in for a long weekend getaway, you can also camp at the beautiful valley of Chityal Hills.

5. Ali Sagar Trek:
Ali Sagar is surely a bit far from Hyderabad, however; it is one of the most beautiful places for trekking near Hyderabad. You can trek through the thick forests of Ali Sagar and also enjoy boating at the Ali Sagar lake. You can also add on visiting the AliSagar Deer Park and Ali Sagar Waterfalls on your trekking trip.

What is the best time for trekking in Hyderabad?

The best time for trekking in Hyderabad is from the Month of October to March. The temperatures during these months are quite pleasant and don’t even experience much rainfall. If you do not mind a bit of drizzle during trekking, you can also take up trekking during August and September.

What is the average cost of trekking in Hyderabad?

A 2-day 1-night trekking and camping tour in Hyderabad can cost you anywhere from INR 1500 – INR3500, depending on the place that you pick for trekking in Hyderabad. There are endless places for trekking in the near vicinity of Hyderabad and almost every destination has a different trekking cost.

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