Camping in Abu Dhabi

Camping Places in Abu Dhabi

AGBS Fossil Dune Camping, Tristar Camp, Al Wathba Desert, Al Jaber Camp Prefab, Al Saadiyat Labor Camp, Empty Quarter and many more.

Indulge in Camping in Abu Dhabi, and experience the desert in a more unique way. Whether it is to soak in the verdant beauty of the Arabian Desert, or to enjoy the region under clear skies, twinkling stars and amidst nature, a camping experience in Abu Dhabi is something you must definitely indulge in at least once in your life. 

There are many camping places in Abu Dhabi, some of which include the Al Qudra Lakes, Al Dhafra Beach, Liwa Oasis and more. Great for locals wanting to go for a weekend retreat, or for tourists who want to experience something new in this desert land, camping is one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi. In addition to numerous sites for camping, you can also find a wide range of camps, tents and other accommodations for camping in the region, most of which are well equipped to provide you with a comfortable stay. 

From desert camping in Abu Dhabi, to booking a stay in one of the many glamorous properties situated in deserts, the options for camping here are endless. By camping here you can blend many adventures and unique activities all together. From desert safaris, dune bashing, camel rides and quad biking, to traditional performances, belly dancing sessions, Arabic barbecue, as well as enjoying a taste of the Bedouin lifestyle, there is a lot that you can do while camping in Abu Dhabi.
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Abu Dhabi Camping FAQs

Which are the best Places for camping in Abu Dhabi?

1. AGBS Fossil Dune Camping: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time marvelling at the stunning landscape of the Arabian desert. Untouched by humans and a true marvel of nature, this place is perfect for spending a few hours with yourself.

Looking at the rocks cut into bizarre shapes by sand and wind, you can let your imagination take over and watch in wonder as the shapes turn into humans and animals. There is no food or water facility here, so you have to carry them yourself.

Location: Al-Wathba South - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Price: AED 1400

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2. Tristar Camp: Maintained by a private company of the same name, Tristar offers one of the best accommodations when it comes to camping in Abu Dhabi. Located far away from the city and featuring quiet, clean facilities, the camping grounds have emerged as a favourite among tourists for its modern facilities and hospitable environment. Experience the joys of stunning Abu Dhabi outdoors without the hassle of setting up camp. Tristar offers you the best of both worlds. 

Location: Tristar - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Price: AED 200

3. Al Wathba Desert: Located just 30 minutes from the city, the desert offers perfect camping grounds for people who are new to the activity and do not want to go in too deep too quickly. There is a distinct serenity in the environment here and you will find yourself utterly relaxed and calm.

Enjoy the beautiful sight of an orange sun setting over white sand dunes and soak in the feeling of serenity and tranquillity. On your way back to the city the next day, you can also visit the wetlands.

Location: Al-Wathba - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Price: AED 500

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4. Al Jaber Camp Prefab: The apartment complexes at Al Jaber group provide some of the best camps in Abu Dhabi. Located far away from the city in the middle of the desert, the facilities at Al Jaber are truly marvellous.

And if you want to enjoy the beautiful blend of nature and culture, you just have to step outside. Take time away from your daily routine to get the authentic Arabian lifestyle. Interact with other guests and make friends from all over the world. Get the best Arabian Night camp experience at Al Jaber.

Location: Al Jaber, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Price: AED 300

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5. Al Saadiyat Labor Camp: The labour camps at Al Saadiyat offer you clean and quiet accommodation for camping in Abu Dhabi. Here, you will get to experience the community feeling and hospitality of the Arab nation.

Blue skies and serene atmosphere await you at this stunning location. Panoramic views of the desert, unforgettable sunsets, and a camp that offers all the ultramodern facilities you could ask for – the labour camps offer the best of everything Abu Dhabi at throwaway prices.

Location: Al Saadiyat – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
Price: AED 300

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6. Empty Quarter:
 The Empty Quarter is one of the best camping places in Abu Dhabi. Located near the borders of Saudi Arabia, Empty Quarter is considered to be the largest sand desert in the whole world, with numerous secluded spots for those who wish to set up their tents here.

Sprawling across a hundred thousand square miles between UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman, this region is also great for those who wish to indulge in quad biking or dune bashing while camping. And once the sun sets, you can enjoy stargazing whilst enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner with your friends and family. 

Location: Rub’ Al Khali Desert  
Price: 4,800 AED onwards 

7. Liwa Oasis: The Liwa Oasis is one of the best places for desert camping in Abu Dhabi. Home to the stunning Moreeb Dunes, this oasis is in the shape of a crescent that expands over 100 kilometres to the north of the Abu Dhabi Island.

Known as an important farming and pasture production region in the emirate, Liwa Oasis camping offers tourists an insight into the authentic life of the people here. You can set up camp in one of the 50 villages here, or choose to go offbeat and camp up in the outskirts. From desert drag racing and village tours, to climbing the Moreeb Dunes, there is no dearth of activities in this camp. 

Location: Madinat Zayed al camping Gharbia
Price: 4,500 AED onwards 

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8. Nujum Camp: 
To experience authentic desert camping in Abu Dhabi, head over to the Nujum Camp, which is a part of the luxurious Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. While the basic camping experience here lasts for two days, you can extend it to enjoy the desert for a longer period of time.

From enjoying sunrise camel rides and sandboarding during the sunset to enjoying a bonfire at night, indulging in lip-smacking Bedouin food and numerous other activities, a camping experience at Nujum Camp is nothing short of unique. 

Location: Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Qasr Al Sarab Road, Al Mirayr - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Price: 2,000 AED onwards 

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9. Arabian Nights Desert Camp: The Arabian Nights Desert Camp is amongst the top camping places in Abu Dhabi. Located in the beautiful deserts of the region, the camp offers several camping and safari programs, such as the Desert Days Safari program.

From a wide range of desert activities like hammam baths, 4x4 car rides, quad bikes and dune bashing, to desert safaris, traditional entertainment programs as well as delicious Bedouin food, the camp has it all. You can also enjoy live oud music performances during dinner here. 

Location: Arabian Nights Village Rd - Mushrif - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Price: 300 AED onwards 

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10. Al Dhafra Desert: Another one of the top camping places in Abu Dhabi is the Al Dhafra Desert, located right on the Al Dhafra Beach. It is here where you can set up camp near the sea, or enjoy soaking in the views of the surrounding natural vistas.

If you are lucky enough, you can also catch sights of a few turtles, along with other marine creatures near the beach. This camp is one of the best places to indulge in water sports and activities like snorkelling, kayaking or even diving, among others. This campsite is also a great place to enjoy fresh seafood BBQ, while enjoying local performances. 

Location: Liwa, United Arab Emirates
Price: 600 AED onwards

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Which are the Best Desert Camping Places in Abu Dhabi?

1. Shuweihat Island: Blend a desert camping experience near the sea at the stunning Shuweihat Island. Located between Ruwais and Al Hamra, this island is one of the best places to indulge in a one-of-a-kind desert camping.

Travel in a 4x4 to the island, and set up camp near the caves on the island. Complete with serene waterways, low lying cliffs as well as sand dunes, this island boasts of low tide waters and rocky paths. All you need to do is carry all the camping essentials with you to enjoy a memorable camping getaway amidst verdant nature. You can also indulge in water sports or enjoy a bonfire with your near and dear ones at night. 

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2. Jebel Hafeet Desert Park
Located in Al Ain, the Jebel Hafeet Desert Park is another great area for desert camping in Abu Dhabi. Blending the rich history of this beautiful land with great adventure, this camp site in Abu Dhabi stretches across 9 kilometres, and offers tourists a taste of the local Bedouin life here.

From exploring ancient camps and tombs in the region, to adventure activities like biking, hiking, nature trails and other activities, there is a lot to do in Jebel Hafeet Desert Park. The camping area here offers options for fully serviced camping experience, with meals in Bedouin style tents, glamping in luxury open tents or even guided 4x4 tours. 

3. Empty Quarter: 
The Empty Quarter in the Liwa Desert in UAE is one of the best in the region for desert camping. Known as the longest sand desert in the world, this region is known for its fine sands, majestic dunes and vast stretches of unexplored land.

To camp in the Empty Quarter, all you have to do is prepare the essentials and head to the camping site. From dune bashing and open 4x4 rides, to surviving in the nature with no settlements around, a camping experience in this site is no less than extraordinary, especially at night, when the only light here is that of the twinkling stars.  

4. Fossil Rock: 
Located in Sharjah, a few hours away from Abu Dhabi, Fossil Rock is one of the best sites for desert camping in the region. Tucked amidst mesmerising sand dunes and great for those traveling with large groups of friends and family, Fossil Rock is also home to fine sands and rocks that are embedded with marine fossils dating back to hundreds of years.

Since it is located close to villages and towns, this camping site is perfect for those who do not wish to travel very far away from the city. Fossil Rock is also perfect for adventure enthusiasts, since it offers activities like 4x4 off-roading, dune bashing as well as water sports. 

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5. Al Razeen Desert: 
If you are a nature lover and want to indulge in a memorable stargazing experience in the desert, then the Al Razeen Desert is the place to set your camp in. Great for an overnight stay, the Al Razeen Desert is one where you can enjoy delicious BBQ whilst sitting around a campfire.

And if you are lucky enough, you can even catch a glimpse of the Milky Way during your night camp here, which is an experience unlike any other, and even rarer when you are in a desert. However, to set up camp here, you will need all the necessary camping equipment, along with food, water, lanterns and other essentials.

What are the best places for camping in Abu Dhabi for couples?

1. Al Wathba Desert: Viewing the picturesque sunset from your camp with your partner is a sight that will be etched in your memory.  

2. Fujairah: With the view of the serene beach and the glorious mountains, Fujairah is a great place to camp and is highly popular among the couples for the privacy it offers.  Apart from camping, you can also enjoy snorkeling here with your partner. 

3. Fossil Rock: Away from the loud noises of the city, Fossil Rock, located in Sharjah is a popular choice when it comes to camping for couples. The availability of several water sports, off-roading, and dune bashing provide a lot of thrills.

4. Bedouin Camp: You can experience the culture of Abu Dhabi with your partner by availing of the camping facilities in the Bedouin Camp. You can also enjoy sand-boarding, camel riding, and enjoy the famed belly dancers that the Arabian Peninsula boasts of.  

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What are the essentials for camping in Abu dhabi?

Trekking pants that you are absolutely comfortable in. 
Trekking boots that fit your feet and do not cause any discomfort.
First-aid kit and the necessary medications for emergency purposes. 
Food to keep yourself sustained
Water bottle to prevent your throat from drying.
A sturdy tent that is easy to construct.
Torch to look out in the dark.
Blankets to keep yourself warm. 
GPS for smooth navigation.
Maps, in case your GPS fails or gets damaged.
A backpack which should be light but big enough to pack in all the necessary items.
Caps to cover your head and neck. 
Sunglasses so that your eyes do not get tired from the Sunlight. 
Sleeping bags that are of your size and is comfortable to rest for the night.
Warm clothes as the nights get really cold in Abu Dhabi. 
Power banks so that your mobile phone does not die, and you get lost.

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What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry?

For camping in Abu Dhabi, it is recommended that you wear clothes which complement the environment and the culture. You will also need clean clothes made with breathable fabric as it can get quite hot in the desert. Besides sturdy shoes, you may sport a jumper or a jacket during the night time as the region may get cold. 

On your camping excursion in Abu Dhabi, it is recommended that you have at your end drinking water, sheets and sleeping bags, mattresses and pillows, first aid kid, waste bags, barbecue set, insect repellent and torch/flashlight.

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Is Abu Dhabi famous for camping?

Yes, the stunning locales and unique deserts make camping in Abu Dhabi an attractive tourist activity. The picturesque beauty of the white sand dunes, clear blue skies, and the serene environment act as a tourist magnet and people flock from all over the world to experience the unique Arabian culture and witness the beautiful scenery.

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