Fishing in Abu Dhabi

For all the fishing enthusiasts, there are a plethora of fishing spots in Abu Dhabi which render a perfect view of the pristine water bodies and clean desert islands to spend a quality time with your family. Abu Dhabi has a myriad of offbeat beaches, community centres where fishing is a great sport and a definite try in your vacation excursion.

At Al Aryam, tourists can find a tranquil and peaceful fishing spot, and catch a multitude of rare species like kingfisher, barracuda, black bream etc. which are rare delicacies in the state of Abu Dhabi. The lavish Al Rabha, which is currently one of the most futuristic complexes for development, renders serene spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi and exhibits a country-side ambiance.

Tourists shouldn't miss the ethereal eastern mangroves which are tucked away from the hustle of Abu Dhabi and relax in the kayak moving amidst the verant wilderness. You can find a number of rare vibrant fishes and common local fishes and spend quality time here. Tourists are required to issue the state fishing licence to participate in any fishing activity. Don't forget to add the enchanting ICAD II and Yas Island in your travel itinerary and make splendid memories to last an eternity!

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Abu Dhabi Fishing FAQs

Which are the best spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi?

1. Al Aryam: Situated on the west coast of the Persian Gulf stretch in Abu Dhabi, the panoramic Al Aryam is one of the most tranquil fishing spots in Abu Dhabi. This exemplary island belongs to one of the most well off sheikhs, and houses a myriad of luxurious projects under development.

What makes Al Aryam one of the most ravishing spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi is its wide desert landscapes adorned by tranquil stretches of pristine water bodies perfect for a fishing and photoshoot expedition. Take your fishing rods and indulge in a fun filled experience.

Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, 60 kilometres off the coast

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2. Al Rahba:
  Al Rabha is one of the most serene fishing spots in Abu Dhabi and can be best enjoyed at Al Sheleliah island which is perched at a distance of 14 minutes from the main community centre.

With tranquil and serene water bodies, a plethora of fishes, majestic marine life and delightful ambiance, tourists are sure to love this grandiose arena. Al Rahba makes its way in the best spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi  and is a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

Al Rahba fishing location: 24°40’57.6?N, 54°39’39.6?E

ICAD II, located on the outskirts of Musaffah South, is an excellent fishing spot in Abu Dhabi. The location is off Taif Road, and because this location is frequently visited by visitors and anglers, there are numerous charter boats and camping companies at your disposal. ICAD II includes a campground to make sea fishing excursion days even more exciting.

For an overnight stay, don't forget to bring food and drink. If you arrange ahead of time, staying at ICAD II after a successful fishing trip can be truly spectacular. ICAD 11 holds one of the most pristine spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi, and one should definitely enjoy it.

24.2930° N, 54.4616° E, edge of Musaffah South, right off Taif road

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4. Eastern Mangroves:
On a kayaking expedition through the dense wilderness and the flamboyant mangroves of Abu Dhabi, enjoy a pristine fishing adventure session at the Eastern mangroves, which is one of the most amazing fishing spots in Abu Dhabi. Surrounded by vibrant aviary creatures, tourists can relish upon the serenity and utter silence that this location carries.

The water here holds a number of fishes, of which most are a part of delicious Arabian delicacies that can be enjoyed later. The dense mangrove growth blocks the hustle and bustle of the city and renders one of the most exquisite spots for fishing in Abu Dhabi.
Location: Close to Mushrif Mall

5. Al Bateen Fishing: Best known for housing stingrays, small sharks, sailfish and kingfish, the incredibly famous Bateen beach is the perfect getaway for a pleasant fishing expedition. What makes Al Bateen Fishing so famous is its coastal range, lounge chairs, umbrella and beach picnic spots. The rocky trains are a topnotch spot to sit and relish upon the fresh marine smell. This is definitely one of the best fishing spots in Abu Dhabi and a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

Al Qurm - Qasr Al Shatie - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

6.Yas Island: Yas island is spread over a vast area of 25 kilometres and is one of the most pristine fishing spots in Abu Dhabi. Yas Island consists of a plethora of intriguing activities that one should not miss like the exquisite Yas Mall, Ferrari World, Yas Waterland and Warner Bros World. Tourists can find exemplary fishing spots and indulge in a fun fishing expedition in their vacation getaway.

At a walkable distance from the Stasio and Rysio iron bridge, tourists can find a relaxing spot where they can fish for vibrant fishes and relish upon the otherworldly ambiance of this grandiose island of Abu Dhabi.

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

7. Hameem Beach:
On one side, you'll find a never-ending desert environment, while on the other, you'll find a large stretch of blue sea. Hameem beach and its exemplary attractive surroundings is a topnotch location to participate in a fun-filled fishing excursion.

Tourists can also hire a ferry and relish upon the exemplary fishing spot in the middle of the ocean. Hameem beach is one of the most ravishing fishing spots in Abu Dhabi and promises you a tranquil and serene experience away from the city hustle.

794M+JW9 - Abu Dhabi Industrial City - Mussafah South - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

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Which are the best attractions to explore in Abu Dhabi?

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a pristine and  grandiose capital and highlights the exquisite Isalmic culture at its best. If you are around Eid then you will get to relish upon the deep cultural aspects of Abu Dhabi. The marble studded courtyards, islamic inscriptions and humongous prayer halls are a must visit. Click here to book Sheikh Zayed Mosque Guided Tour

2. Emirates Palace: Magical staircase, well lit  chandelier adorned hallways, a pristine and well maintained garden with exquisite view of the Arabian sea makes Emirates palace a grandiose attraction and a definite visit. Tourists can book their stay at this palace and enjoy a royal treatment as well. You can also Book Emirates Palace Day Pass.

3. Louvre Museum: Majestic interiors, futuristic decor and a vivid collection of beautiful paintings, sculptures and art make Louvre Museum a glamorous and successful replica of the original wonder in France. This museum has pieces from the legendary Da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vicent Van Gogh and other exceptional artists of all time. Explore the Arabian world’s first Universal Museum By Booking Louvre Museum Tickets

4. Yas Island: Spread over a vast area of 25 kilometres, Yas Island is a definite addition in your travel expedition. Tourists can find a plethora of intriguing activities here like Ferrari World, Warner Bros Amusement Park, turquoise Arabian beaches and lavish lounges, resorts, hotels and restaurants.

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5. Ferrari World: Try out exemplary rides like Flying Aces, Scuderia Challenge, Formula Rossa, lengthy roller coaster rides and other adrenaline boosting ventures. Get an amazing chance of riding a real ferrari through the race tracks and relish upon the grandiosity of this super car. Ferrari World also sells amazing souvenirs and soft toys that are a definite buy. You can also Book Ferrari World Tickets

What is the age limit for fishing in Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi, the minimum age for fishing is at least 18 years old. As per the environment protection guidelines issued by the government of Abu Dhabi, all must have good conduct, natural affinity towards nature’s wellbeing and protection and exhibit good behaviour.

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What species of fish can we catch in Abu Dhabi?

  1. Barracuda
  2. Black Bream
  3. Cobia
  4. Grouper
  5. Kingfish
  6. Silver Grunt
  7. Spangled Emperor
  8. Spotted Queenfish
  9. Trevally

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What are the things that we need to carry for Fishing In Abu Dhabi?

1. A government issues fishing licence
2. Steel fishing rod
3. Fishing hook (a packet with 4-5 pieces)
4. Live baits or packages fishing lures.
5. If you are planning camp then bring your own food.
6. A bucket to keep the fish.

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Is a licence required for fishing in Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi government issues a state recreational fishing licence which should be carried by all tourists and locals alike if they are willing to indulge in fishing activities. The licence is provided to tourists or residents above 18 years and mentions good social behavioural and conduct towards nature. This licence is valid in the state for one year.

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