Saudi Arabia Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
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Once allowing only religious and business travelers, Saudi has opened its doors to tourists and travelers coming to experience the majestic beauty, grandeur, and calm of this Middle East gem. Surrounded by the Red Sea and Persian Sea, the country is home to the numerous beautiful tourist destinations.

The cities of Mecca and Medina are important religious sites, that bring millions of Muslim travelers every year. Its golden sand desserts, remarkable grand monuments of history, and the developing skylines in its cosmopolitan cities - everything adds to the charm and allure of Saudi. The country boasts of its culturally rich heritage, magnificent history, and religious community.

Tours over the golden sand dunes and witnessing majestic palaces, camping on picturesque valleys, are among the many activities that tourists can enjoy while visiting Saudi. The development of towering skyscrapers, world-class hotels, and resorts, have added to the many reasons Saudi attracts tourists. The luxury and sophistication of the middle eastern gem are unmatched, and some facilities are specially designed for tourists. 

Saudi is a desert country with days being hot and nights being cold. In summers the temperature rises to 38 degrees and the climate is hot and dry. Winters here are mild but in the nighttime the temperatures drop and sometimes rain can also be experienced.  This middle eastern country is perfect for taking a luxury trip with your friends and family, enjoying the rich culture, heritage and learning about the history of this religious country.

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Saudi Arabia Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Saudi Arabia

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  1. Which are the best places to visit in Saudi?

    1. Riyadh: The capital city of Saudi, Riyadh is one of the largest cities in the country and home to many amazing architectural wonders and historical sites. The city has some wonderful shopping malls, one of which is situated on a skyscraper. While visiting the mall, tourists like going to the sky bridge which connects both the towers of the skyscraper.

    You can also take a sightseeing tour to Al Masmak Fort, National Museum, Deera Square, and Ad-Diriyah. Tourists also witness the culture of this wonderful city in its cultural events and exhibitions. If you wish to treat your taste buds, you will find some delectable dishes with traditional flavors in local restaurants and eateries.
    • Best Time to Visit: During the months of November to March

    2. Jeddah:
     Jeddah is the most open and accepting city of Saudi with its unofficial motto “Jeddah ghair ” which translates to ‘Jeddah's different’. Once a port town with trade and art flowing in-out of the country, Jeddah today is a cosmopolitan hub with sky-high buildings, dazzling hotels, and many grand events.

    The culture of past ages is still reflected in the streets of Al Balad, where the historical square has still kept its roots after waves of the renaissance. This stunning city is the perfect blend of old meets new, its cosmopolitan towering buildings, and the delectable seafood in the old square. Jeddah is mesmerizingly different and this is what makes it a perfect tourist destination.
    • Best Time to Visit: Cool weather during the months of November through March is ideal for a visit

    3. Dammam: Dammam is a city that should not be overlooked by travelers when in Saudi. Dammam is a beautiful city and offers scenic desert views and mesmerizing backdrops. In addition to its beautiful landscape, the city also offers a wide range of restaurants that will serve tourists delectable cuisine and flavors.

    Shop from local markets for souvenirs or stroll in the lush green parks. You will also find some stunning seaside walkways where you can enjoy leisure time.
    • Best time to visit: Between the months of October and March

    4. Al Soudah:
     The juniper-covered Soudah, positioned at 3,000 metres on the side of Saudi's tallest peak, is the country's designated outdoor adventure capital. This area of cold mountain air, wild environment, and mist-cloaked valleys is part of the enormous Asir National Park, which has a network of hiking routes. While hiking and organised camping trips are popular pastimes, this is also a culturally rich area, particularly in the old village of Rijal Almaa west of Soudah. The annual Flowerman Festival here celebrates the culture of the native Aseri people, particularly the men's headdresses of flower wreaths.

    5. Mecca: As the religious center of Islam, Mecca holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims all around the world. Situated on a hilly valley, the city is built on the west coast of Saudi. Mecca is the birthplace of Mohammad (SAW) - Prophet of Islam and is also credited as being the place where Allah revealed Quran to Mohammad.

    Mecca is the holiest city in Islam and the most important structure is Kabba, situated in the heart of Haram Mosques. Mecca today has developed into a beautiful city with modern infrastructure, where thousands of travelers coming to pray can easily stay but still does not allow entry to non-Muslims.
    • Best time to Visit: Bases on climate, November - March

    6. Medina:
     Medina is another holy city in Islam, that is situated in the Western regions of Saudi. The city has the first mosque of Prophet Mohammad and is also known as his city. He took his last breath on the holy lands of Medina. The city is perfectly blended with traditional culture and welcoming change.

    When in Saudi, Medina should be added to your tour as it has many amazing historical monuments and beautiful mosques. The city also has more affordable restaurants, where tourists can enjoy the delectable flavors of the Middle East. Shop for some local art and crafts in the Old Medina market.
    • Best time to visit: Tolerable weather in between the months of October to May

    7. Taif:
     The unofficial capital of summers, Taif is a great escape from the summer heat of Saudi as it is situated on higher altitudes. Taif offers a thrilling and adventurous experience to tourists who visit this fragrant hill City. The surrounding valleys and mountains are full of fragrant flowers, fruit markets, and deep lush green valleys.

    The picturesque views and serene atmosphere of Tafi make it the perfect place for visiting during the summers. While the city is surrounded by rose farms in full bloom during April, the best time to visit the city is in August. This is the season when the place has cool breezes and a scenic backdrop in addition to its popular Souq Okaz cultural festival and the Crown Prince Camel Festival.
    • Best time to Visit: The Month of January is the best time to visit Taif, followed by December, November. Even August - October can be considered.

    8. Abha: 
    Abha is a city in the sky of Saudi. A very vibrant and green landscape, Abha boasts moderate cool weather that can be enjoyed all year round. Located in the southern parts of Saudi, Abha and neighboring areas have more rain than many other regions in Saudi.

    Therefore the city has a very scenic atmosphere and green trees. Abha still boasts the distinctive traditional architecture and has been spared of influences from the outside world. Enjoy the wildlife in Asir National Park, or paraglide over one of the villages built on cliffs. Abha has adventure, uniqueness, and natural beauty that charms tourists and locals alike.
    • Best time to visit: Around the months of March through May

    9. Hail:
     Hail is one of the oldest established towns in Saudi, dating back thousands of years ago. The city is famous for Jubbah rock carvings that depict animals and people in a time long before us. While Hail has been a center stage for the culture, history, and art; you will find that with time the place has only gotten better with new monuments and mosques.

    Tourists can witness the Hail Rally, a regular event since 2006 that also happens to be the biggest rally in the country. Take sightseeing tours to Al Samra Mountain, Qishalah Palace, Airif Fort, and many other popular tourist attractions.
    • Best time to visit: Best months to visit are from March To November

    10. Tabuk:
     Tabuk is an important city in the northern regions of Saudi, and also one of the biggest cities in the North. The city is famous for its authenticity and elegant lifestyle, surrounded by the sea, desert, and mountains with a pleasing atmosphere all year round.

    The city witnesses many amazing festivals and has a great architectural heritage including the very popular tourist destination Tawbah Mosque. 
    • Best time to visit: Between the months of November to June

    11. Yanbu:
     Yanbu is a popular tourist destination in the western region of Saudi with many attractions, white sand beaches, and historical monuments for sightseeing. The city was once a port town but now plays an important role in the industrial area of the country. Yanbu has some great tourist spots that you must visit on your tour to Saudi.

    It can be a day picnic in the Yanbu Historic area or sunbathing on the waterfront of Yanbu beaches. Take a tour to the popular Dolphin Free Driver and Yanbu Lake Park amongst other popular attractions.
    • Best time to visit: December to March are the perfect months according to the weather
  2. What are the best things to do in Saudi?

    1. Visit Masjid Al-Haram: The Masjid Al Haram or the great mosque of Mecca is one of the most important and holy places in Islam. The mosque is visited or wished to be visited by every Muslim at least once in their life.

    The great Mosque includes many significant sites and structures, such as the Kaaba, Black Stone, Zamzam Well, Maqam Ibrahim, and the hills of Safa and Marwa. Non-Muslims are however prohibited from entering Mecca. 
    • Location: Al Haram, Mecca 24231, Saudi
    • Timings: Prayer timings vary every day.

    2. Meet the Early Muslims at Dar Al Madinah Museum:
     The Dar Al Madinah Museum has everything that one needs to know about the beautiful history of Medina and Islam. A glimpse of the deep heritage and culture that prospers in the city of Medina, the museum is a great way to explore this religious city and meet the early Muslims.

    The museum also throws light on the life of Prophet Mohammad and tells a lot about how Islam grew to be the great religion it is today, from the lands of Medina. Witness and admire the wonderful hand-built models, collection of rare pieces, and shots of the history of the city.
    • Location: Safwan Ibn Malik Al Tamimi, Al Mab'ath, Medina 42362, Saudi
    • Timings: 12 PM - 8 PM

    3. Explore Shopping Options at Makkah Mall: This amazing mall is situated very close to the heart of the city and therefore gives a contrast to the local shops in the region. If you are someone who can visit Mecca, you will definitely love the collection of Internal brands that this mall has to offer. While you shop, kids can find themselves enjoying the play area that is specifically designed for keeping kids busy.

    • Location: Makkah Mall, King Abdullah Rd, Al Jamiah, Mecca, Saudi 
    • Timings: 10 AM - 8 PM

    4. Tour The Seven Mosques:
     These beautiful mosques are one of the few places tourists can visit in Medina. There are, however, only 6 mosques despite the name translating to seven mosques. The grand mosque is a late addition to the ground and is closed at all times leaving the prayer hours. The rest of the mosques are carved out of stones and hold a unique beauty in themselves providing an amazing experience.

    • Location: As Sih, 7075, 3423 Medina 42312, Saudi

    5. Visit Fakieh Aquarium: The Fakieh Aquarium is one of a kind in Saudi and a great place for spending time, for both adults and kids. Kids will love to learn about marine life in a fun and entertaining way. With around 200 species of marine creatures in the Aquarium, tourists will love to learn about them in the detailed audio.

    • Location: Next to Al Quraysh Rd, Al Nawras Jeddah 23413, Saudi
    • Timings: 1 PM - 1 AM

    6. Kaaba Visit: While non-Muslims cannot enter Mecca, as a Muslim visiting the Kaaba is one of the most peaceful and beautiful experiences in Saudi. Thousands of Muslims comes here every year and maybe even for years to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and wisdom they feel in the presence of all the fellow Muslims and that of Kaaba.

    • Location: Al Haram, Mecca 24231, Saudi

    7. Enjoy at Al Shallal Theme Park: The Al Shallal Theme Park is located in Jeddah Cornish, spread over 60,000 sq meters. An ideal location for tourists to visit with families and friends, the theme park has undergone major changes in recent years.

    With the aim to provide amazing entertainment and recreational activities, the theme park has rides like slingshot and roller coaster. Tourists can also enjoy ice skating and boat rides while stopping for a delectable break at the Thames restaurants serving Chinese and Lebanese food.
    • Location: Ash Shati, Jeddah 23413, Saudi
    • Timings: 5 PM - 1 AM

    8. Tick Tock Escape Rooms Dammam: Escape rooms are nothing new to the present time. This exhilarating activity is actually quite popular amongst the younger generation and young travelers in Saudi will definitely enjoy their time in the Tick Tock Escape Rooms.

    The entire activity depends on you and your group's ability to solve the puzzles in 60 minutes. Communicate and work together to enjoy this wonderful group activity.
    • Location: Khaleej Rd, Al Jawharah, Suite 202, Thuraya Commercial Center 2, Dammam Saudi 
    • Timings: 5 PM - 11 PM

    9. Spot WIldlife at Riyadh Zoo: Saudi largest zoo, this popular tourist attraction is great for wildlife watching. The place allows only one parent to enter the zoo with the children on some days and on some days the entire family can go together.

    In addition to being the largest zoo in Arabia, there are around 40 species of animals and 1500 animals to witness during your visit. The marvelous landscapes and natural atmosphere will definitely make your day better.
    • Location: Mosab Ibn Umair St, Riyadh Saudi
    • Timings: 9 AM - 4:45 PM, Sunday Closed
  3. Which are the best mosques to visit in Saudi?

    1. Masjid Quba: The Masjid Quba is the place where the first Friday prayer ever was spoken, led by Mohammad. The beautiful mosque is one of the first mosques that were built during the time of Prophet Mohammad in the 7th century. The stunning courtyard and mesmerizing architecture of the mosque were recently done under the guidance of Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil.

    2. Mosque of Atban Bin Malik: The mosque of Atban Bin Malik is a historic Mosque in Medina dating back to the Prophet himself. It is believed that this place was turned into a mosque after the Prophet prayed at the very spot upon someone's request. The stunning architecture of the mosque makes it a popular tourist attraction.

    3. Mosque of Mesbah: The Mosque of Misbah is situated south of the Mosque of Quba. This place is believed to be the spot where the prophet gave his Fajr Salaah for the very first time.

    4. Omar Bin Al-Khatab mosque: This early Islamic style-inspired Mosque is known for its 42ft minarat and continuing the traditional style of architecture that dates back to the beginning of Islam. This mosque is one of the oldest in the country and also an important part of the historical heritage of Saudi and Islam.

    5. Jawatha Mosque: The Jawatha Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in eastern Arabia. While most of the structure is redone time and again to maintain it, the mosque is still used for prayers and worship by followers of Islam.

    6. Al-Olaya Mosque:
    A significant landmark in Riyadh, the mosque is wonderful and can be accessed easily. Muslim Tourists who are looking for some peaceful quiet time to pray in Riyaadh will find themselves charmed by the simplicity of this place.

    7. King Khalid Grand Mosque: Constructed entirely of a white hue, the mosque is a large modern building with beautiful exterior decorations and amazing detailing in the interiors. A beacon of hope and faith, the mosque is visited by a number of worshippers, and many big events are held in the mosque premises. 

    8. Al Rajhi Grand Mosque: This grand and beautiful mosque is a huge part of the Riyaadh Islamic community. The mosque is not just a place for worship but also provides space for many community gatherings and events like Eid and other important festive days. The largest mosque in Riyadh, Al Rajhi is an architectural marvel and a picturesque sightseeing attraction for tourists to admire. The mosque is however not to be visited by non-Muslims.

    9. Al Rahma Mosque (Floating Mosque): The Al Rahma Mosque or the floating mosque is one of the four mosques that non-muslim tourists can visit in Saudi. The mosque itself is built over the water of the Red Sea and attached to the land by a walkway. Visitors like the serene atmosphere in its open courtyard and the marble design. Tourists can also enjoy boat rides in the nearby waters after visiting the mosque. 
  4. How to reach Saudi?

    • By Air: Major Airlines like Emirates, Saudia, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, and Air India service this route from major Indian cities to a few cities of Saudi, which is the only method to reach Saudi from India.
    • By Bus: Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, and Bahrain all share Saudi borders. There are no buses connecting Oman's major cities with Saudi. Buses run frequently between Dubai and Mecca and Jeddah. Jordan's capital, Amman, is also connected to the country's major cities via bus. Qatar's capital, Doha, is connected to Saudi by convenient public transportation.
  5. What is the best time to visit Saudi?

    Summers are to be avoided when planning a tour to Saudi, as the months are very hot and humid. The best time to visit this country is in between the months of November to February. These months witness a very soothing climate when the breeze is cool and the temperature is average.
  6. What is Saudi famous for?

    Saudi is well known for its golden sand deserts and oil wells. The country also boasts some remarkably stunning mosques with a serene atmosphere and rich history. Tourists also enjoy the local spices, Arabic coffee, visiting the world's largest sand desert and the largest oasis.

    However, the crown jewel of this country is the Islamic religious center Mecca. Every year around 2 million Muslims travel to Mecca for religious reflection and in search of peace.
  7. How many days are enough to explore Saudi?

    While visiting this stunning culturally rich and stunning country, make sure you have at least 10 days to enjoy the famous tourist attractions and destinations. With so many wonderful cities that have preserved the history and at the same time are developing with changing times; Saudi has some very gorgeous landscapes and towering skylines.
  8. What are the famous things to buy in Saudi?

    Saudi is the old grandeur and strong base of the Middle East. While there, tourists will find some very gorgeous and wonderful souvenirs to shop for that they will see only in Saudi.

    Shop for Dates, Date chocolates, intricately carved dishes of dates, awe-inspiring perfumes, camel milk soaps, and chocolates. You can also buy some beautiful rugs and scarves to take back with you.
  9. Is it worth visiting Saudi?

    Saudi is definitely worth visiting for tourists as the recent developments happening in the region are adding to the rich culture and gorgeous backdrop of the country. It also has wonderful tourist attractions and destinations, where travelers will find themselves charmed by the majestic architecture and history.
  10. Which are the best historical sites to visit in Saudi?

    1. Mecca: Mecca is the center of Islam in the world, and this place dates back to the birth of Mohammad. The city of Mecca is in the hearts of Muslims around the world and is home to many historical landmarks. The Kabba and the Zamzam well are very important structures in the Grand Mosque where millions of Muslims come to visit every year.

    2. Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom: The Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom is housing rock art that shows animals and people from 7000 years ago carved deep to survive the waves of change in history. This Archeological site is actually very unique and exquisitely beautiful.

    3. Old Dariyah: Old Dariyah is a place with utmost importance and history. The native village of the ruling family of Saudi, the village of Old Dariyah has mud buildings and architecture that dates back to the 9th century.

    4. Najran's Traditional Architecture:
    Najran is situated in the southwestern part of Saudi, near the border of Yemen. The place boasts a traditional architectural style and has a number of buildings that date back 700 years ago. Head to southern Saudi for witnessing the stunning traditional houses and brick architecture.

    5. Old Jeddah: The city of Jeddah may have developed into a cosmopolitan hub, but even today the old Jeddah (Al Balad) reflects its traditional culture and rich heritage. The old town square still has stunning architecture in traditional style, preserved through ages.
  11. Which are the best museums in Saudi?

    1. National Museum of Saudi: The national museum of Saudi is a modern building that is preserving ages of culture and history within. This museum in Riyad is a popular tourist attraction in Saudi, with various exhibits and art on display to take a peek into history.
    2. King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture: This architectural marvel stands tall with 18 stories of enriching exhibits, a huge library, an auditorium, and various exhibition halls. Made with shiny steel, the center brings together new ideas and dreams to provide them with a platform.
    3. Tayebat Museum: A window into the history of Jeddah, the Tayebat Museum has 12 buildings and 300 rooms adorning the culture and memoirs of old Jeddah. The museum halls are full of early manuscripts written by Arab travelers, traditional architecture, and Islamic history.
    4. Scitech Technology Center: The science technology center takes a deep dive into science, with numerous exhibitions that take you from deep underwater aquariums to the star-filled space.
    5. Dar Al Madinah Museum: The rich history and heritage of Medina are reflected in the private-owned museum through photo galleries and historical relics. The exhibits depict the development and change that Medina and its people have undergone throughout history.
  12. Which are the best malls to visit in Saudi?

    1. Al Nakheel Mall: The biggest mall in Riyadh, Al Nakheel Mall has a very innovative architectural design. Its fine service and availability of so many international brands have made it one of the most popular malls for shopping amongst tourists visiting Saudi. The mall has an in-house theme park and many eateries.
    2. Kingdom Center Malls: Another gem in the shopping scene of Riyaadh, Kingdom Centre is a popular destination. The mall has a wide range of brands and offers a lot of entertainment to its visitors. With so many international brands to choose from, luxury cafes and restaurants, and a beautiful sky bridge; Kingdom Center Mall has comfort and style brought together in one place.
    3. Riyadh Gallery Mall: The Mall houses many international brands, the interior is stylish and topped with luxury. The mall might lack entertainment but provides a very nice shopping experience to its visitors.
    4. Red Sea Mall Jeddah: The Red Sea Mall in Jeddah is not your average mall. In addition to an amazing shopping experience, the mall also features a history section that history buffs will find fascinating.