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What You Should Know More About Saudi Arabia

  • Q. Travel Advice

    •       Saudi Arabia has a specific dress code for men as well as Women and you are advised to follow the same. Tight fitting clothes and clothes which expose your arms and legs are not allowed to be worn. Always carry a scarf while visiting religious places as you need to cover your head completely.
    •         Do not offend the culture and traditions of the local people in any way.
    •      Do not get into doing anything illegal like consumption of alcohol and drugs.
    •       Do not carry a lot of cash or wear flashy jewelry while traveling.
    •       Read about the things which you can carry on the trip. You can find it on the official website and pack your luggage according to the latest updated list.
    •   The climate here is arid and dry. So, carry your clothing accordingly.
    •       Do not fall in trap with scamming tourist agencies. Always make all your bookings through an authorized travel agent and ask for an invoice for your payment.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    It is not legal to consume alcohol in Saudi Arabia and hence, you are advised to refrain from doing so as the penalty and punishments for offenders is very strict over here. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Albatoul Marine

    Albatoul Marine is a seaside area where you will have some of the most entertaining activities to do. One of it is the water blob, where you get to fly up in the air due to high pressure created, causing up thrust of the water. With this, you make the surrounding look really beautiful. You can also enjoy fly boarding activities along with the jumps and you will love doing this amid the crystal clear blue waters and naturally serene environment.

    Dumat Ul Jandal

    Located in the province of Al Jawf, the Dumat Ul Jandal is a castle like giant fort built in the ancient times. Built at a height of 2000 feet, this is one of the most iconic monuments in the territory of Saudi Arabia, which gives you a glimpse of the rich history and heritage of the place. The monument made with mud and bricks is a great place to explore and feed your curiosity.

    Median Saleh

    If you have a keen interest in archeology or history, this place is the best for you to visit. It is one of the most famous royal monuments in Saudi and it is one of the best heritage spots over here. Historically, this place housed a lot of civilization and attracted a lot of settlers. This rocky place is an adventure in itself and you will also get to click some amazing pictures over here.

    Mecca and Medina

    Mecca and Medina are two of the holiest sites of Islam religion, located in Saudi Arabia. People from all over the world come to this holy site to pay their respect to the religion and hence, you cannot miss going to this world famous and highly respect religious site. The view of this place at night is beautiful beyond description.

    King’s Fountain

    Located on the Red sea, this fountain is one of the most attractive sight-seeing destinations in Saudi Arabia. It does not use fresh water but uses salt water directly from the sea. This fountain is mainly magnificent because it throws water to the height of 853 meters and hence, it is a very mesmerizing sight for the onlookers. The best time to visit this waterfall is at night, as it gets lightened up with different colorful lights. The view of the fountain at night will make you feel like you are in heaven and so, you should not miss out on this at all.

    Al Tayebat International City

    The Al Tayebat International City, which is in Jeddah is one of the most famous attractions in Saudi. People mainly get fascinated by the splendid monuments and architecture of this place. It is a museum which depicts the ancient culture of Saudi. It consists of 300 rooms and 12 mansions, which was initially the Palace of the local king. There are beautiful paintings and other articles from the past, which will give you a glimpse of life in Saudi in the past.

    Kingdom Tower

    Kingdom Tower is the World’s tallest building and hence, you can indeed not miss out on visiting this destination. This tower is 3280 feet tall and is a beautiful glitzy skyscraper, which will give you a pain in the neck when you try to see its top. This building is going to have some hotels and offices at the later stage. The building is so tall that you will not even reach the end with your eyesight.

    Al Masjid Al Nawabi

    AL Masjid Al Nawabi is a mosque established in the City of Madina, which was built by the Holy Prophet Mohommad. This place is the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Muslims all over the world and the mosque here is beautiful beyond limits. You will be astonished and mesmerized to see the beautiful architecture of this Holy mosque. A visit to the holy mosque is a must even if you are not religious, as the construction of this mosque is really breathtaking. The night view of the mosque is even more beautiful.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Beautiful Monuments

    Saudi Arabia boasts of some of the most wonderful architectural monuments in the world. The mosques, ancient palaces and buildings are something which will leave you stunned. The Architecture, studded walls, intricate carvings and patterns on the mountains will give you a glimpse of some of the best architectural techniques in the world. You will also get to click some of the classiest pictures of yourself against the backdrop of these monuments.

    Preserved Culture

    Saudi Arabia has managed to preserve its culture and traditions effectively. The locals over here still respect and follow century old culture and traditions, which is a really positive aspect to experience. The locals are not at all influenced by outside culture and respect their own law and culture in a very exceptional way.

    Religious positivity

    Saudi Arabia is a pilgrimage site for Muslims all over the world and hence, the entire atmosphere over here is very positive and filled with religious devotion of the pilgrims. This makes the entire vibe of the place very positive and full of spiritual energy, which will make you attain a different peace of mind.

    Facility for Tourists

    Saudi Arabia is frequented by tourists from all over the world and hence, the facilities like restaurants, hotel and other convenience facilities like transport are well arranged in Saudi. There is very less inconvenience for tourists at this place compared to many other destinations.

    Local food

    The local Middle-Eastern cuisine of Saudi, especially non-vegetarian food and sweet delicacies are rich in flavours and lip-smacking. The food in Saudi is a perfect treat for your taste buds and you will relish the food you ate here for your entire lifetime. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

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