Best Time and Season to Visit Kalpa in 2020
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Best time to visit Kalpa, taking into consideration it’s astounding beauty and spell casting landscapes would preferably be April onwards. Kalpa is a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh, located on a high altitude that attracts tourists from all over throughout the year. The winters are freezing cold with snow clad mountains and considerable dip in temperature, summers are pleasant and perfect for outdoor activities and monsoons makes up for the best time to see alluring greenery, therefore, enticing you to visit this place once in every weather.

From apple orchards sprawling in the small town of Kalpa to snow-clad mountain of Kinner Kailash in the backdrop and the small villages of Reckong Peo and Roghi, you don’t want to miss this place when you visit Himachal Pradesh.A true gem in Himachal Pradesh, this weather guide of Kalpa will spill all the beans regarding the best time to visit this place, forcing you to add this to your must-visit list.

Here are the best seasons to visit Kalpa:


Kalpa in Winter

 Kalpa in Winter

There is nothing better than seeing snow and playing with it, and that is why winters are also one of the best time to visit Kalpa, if not the greatest. This can be said due to a number of factors: snow, adventure, and the place being the least crowded in the entire year. Winters bring with itself the beauty of the higher mountains into the very valley if Kinnaur, and to the doorstep of Kalpa.

The sheet of white covers everything except the lakes, because they are frozen in a different color. Winters begin in the month of October with the first falls of the snow, and go on till the month of March, passing three super freezing months of December, January, and February in between.

The reason why you should visit Kalpa in winters is that primarily, everything will be covered in snow. Another great reason is the extremism of the adventure that one can face in here. The treks become whiter, the valley is crawling with snow all around, and the roads are also snowed heavily making the adventure more palpable.

Another great reason why you should visit this heavenly place in the winters is that you will be finding the least number of tourists in the region as compared to the rest of the year. You will find the best of deals on the hotels and homestays of the region, the pictures will be free of other tourists, and the crowd will be of similar minds, making the experience all the more worth it. This also means the road will be less crowded. But the factor of roads being dangerous also looms in front of you the entire while.

A rather adventurous choice to go through with the plan of arriving here in the months of winters, it is nonetheless a fine choice for the adventurers to come and experience the mystical beauty of a snow-laden Kinnaur Valley.


The highest temperature in days of winters will be in the month of November and in March, somewhere around 15 degrees, with the lowest hitting zeroes in the night of the month of January. The average temperature in the winter season in Kalpa remains around 6 degrees.


Kalpa in Summer

Kalpa in Summer

Being a part of one of the best time to visit, the summers in Kalpa have their own charm that attracts tourists to this place. Awarding its own color to the Kinnaur Valley, the summers bring joy and ease of access into Kalpa. This is also the time when a hoard of tourists and adventurers start to pour into Kalpa for some of the most amazing experiences.

Starting from April when the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom, you can experience natural beauty and charisma of the place at its best. The temperature is soothing and perfect for sightseeing and adventure sports till July when the summer ends and monsoon begins, which again is another time of the year to visit Kalpa. Right at the edge of these two seasons mixing up, the weather becomes more pleasant.

Taking advantage of these facts, Kalpa is one of the greatest places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. You can visit Reckong Peo which is a small town which has a small market for all your shopping needs, Chandika Devi temple, Brelengi Gompa monastery, Roghi village and many other places with an amazing, picturesque setting in the Himalayas.

The beauty of the town of Kalpa never disappoints you with its magical landscape and you can view it closely while you explore this little town still untouched and unknown to many people. For the adventure lovers, Kalpa trek is worth giving a shot. The trek begins from Kalpa and ends in Chakka peak, situated 15,000 ft. above sea level. One can encounter valleys, springs, lakes and water channels on the way, till you reach the top. Arriving here, the most mesmerizing views of the high altitude green meadows await with the most exquisite experience for the tourists.


The average temperature of Kalpa ranges between 8 degrees to 24 degrees in summers, with the morning highs going at 25 degrees, and nights hitting the lowest at slightly lower than 10 degrees.


Kalpa in Monsoon

Kalpa in Monsoon

Rains are the perfect spice to add to your vacation, but when it comes to mountains, always remind yourself to take it with a pinch of salt. It is not like that the city of Kalpa and the valley of Kinnaur gets closed during the months of Monsoons, or inaccessible. But the conditions of the roads are not the best at this time. And since the roads are the only way in, it gets a little tricky to get in.

But you can rest assured that when you do gain entry in the valley, the misty environment, the green meadows, and the clouds hugging the snow-capped peaks will make all the efforts and risks worth it. Much like the winter time, the months between July to September are the times when you will feel the area to be the least crowded. The scenery and the quiet of the area only broken by the spattering rain on the windows and roofs make the experience a musical one. One can easily forget about the fast-paced life in the cities when they get a look at the quaint settings.

Although the roads are not closed, you may face a little difficulty in reaching Sangla and Reckong Peo, but the views and the amazingness of the area of Kalpa itself are going to prove to be an amazing getaway into the hills.


Talking about temperature, the average during this season will be around 18 degrees, with the mercury going as high as 25 degrees in the afternoons of June, and lows hitting 13 degrees in the month of September.

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