10 Best Beaches in Saudi Arabia For A Sun-Kissed Getaway
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Saudi Arabia Beaches

Umluj Beach, Indigo Beach, Al Fanateer Beach, Uqair Beach, Farasan Al Kabir Beach, Half Moon Beach, Silver Sands Beach, Duurat Al Arus, and many more.

There is something so alluring about the beaches in Saudi Arabia that you cannot help but gravitate towards the sunshine, water, and sand here. If you are all set to upgrade your beach vacay then head to the Arabian coasts to discover these varied and enticing spots. Beaches like Jeddah and Umluj are stunning year-round getaways and not just summer hotspots. That is because these regions are big on boat rides, diving, water sports, and of course spending days lazing on the toasty sands.

A Saudi Arabia beach like Fanateer attracts tourists of all age groups; as sightseers can spend their mornings playing and enjoying the cool breeze of the sea or stroll peacefully on the walking paths here. At this Al Jubail beach, you can picnic with your kids while enjoying the serene views of the boats floating on the water.

One of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Half Moon Beach in Dhahran that is an all-inclusive beach and is calm enough for a refreshing swim with kids. The beach features water rides and a play area besides being fully equipped with showers, lockers, and bathrooms to spend a gleeful day.

Here is a list of beaches in Saudi Arabia:

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Umluj Beach

One of the dreamiest beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Umluj Beach as it has the smoothest island sand, natural islands, and unadulterated beauty. It is also called Saudi’s Maldives and is free from the hustle-bustle of crowds. It houses some of the most stunning natural springs and is a sheer delight for nature lovers, all thanks to the beach’s rich marine biodiversity.
A visit to the Umluj is incomplete without experiencing the coral reef snorkeling adventure. This spot may be an unexplored snorkeling destination but promises to woo you with excellent weather and breathtakingly beautiful marine life. It looks like a live painting with its white silk sand, turquoise waters, and a flock of migratory birds.

Best Time: Between January and June

Location: Yanbu, in the Medina Province

Facilities: Cafes, restaurants, and Farmer’s market

Indigo Beach

For a unique experience, the Indigo Beach is not to be missed. It is one of the most elegant private beaches in Saudi Arabia where the minute you make your way barefoot, you feel your vacay has begun. It offers the perfect escape from the mad rush of the city and here you simply forget about all your worries and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
At this beach, you can witness the beauty through the lagoon’s turquoise while rejuvenating on the white sands. You must explore the cascading waterfalls at this Bali-inspired beach, and visit Bwejuu, a tiny fishing village that looks dreamy with swaying coconut palm trees lining the periphery.

Best Time: October-February

Location: Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Street? Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Facilities: Spa, a gym, 4-bedroom bungalows, and infinity pools

Al Fanateer Beach

One of the most popular public beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Al Fanateer Beach in Al Jubail. It attracts tourists and locals with its expansive stretch of green lawns, white sand, children’s playground, paved paths for walking, and palm trees shading the area. You can stroll on the sands, hop in a sailboat to marvel at the sea views, and ride a bike across the pathway.
A section of the beach is reserved for families while the other section is reserved for single people. You can take showers here and sunbathe under the straw umbrellas. You can walk barefoot or simply head out for an evening jog here. A nearby mall offers dining and shopping opportunities, thus you can come to the mall, and savor the best dishes here.

Best Time: February-March

Location: Fanateer, Unnamed Road, Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

Facilities: Restaurants and shopping mall

Uqair Beach

When Saudi Arabia came into existence, it was the Uqair Beach that came to be an important port and economic center. Today, it is one of the gorgeous beaches in Saudi Arabia, known for its tropical island, and pristine coastline. You will absolutely love coming here to watch the fresh azure waters and pay a visit to the historic fortress that adds a lovely cultural dose to your day.
It is located 70 kilometers from Al Ahsa’s Al-Hofuf and is a historical gateway to the Al Ahsa region. There are 300-year old remains from the structures built during the Ottoman period and date back to the Islamic era. If you are a history aficionado you will fall in love with the finely decorated warehouse here. This hidden gem located in the country’s eastern part is the best place to make the most of swimming opportunities.

Best Time: 8-9 AM or on weekdays in the evenings

Location: Uqair Beach, Uqair, Saudi Arabia

Facilities: Eateries and malls

Al Saif Beach

The Al Saif is home to some of the most incredible diving spots. But, you may not know that it is also one of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia that is also the most accessible near Jeddah City. The views of the vivid cobalt blue waters and setting sun, take your breath away.
This beach is a swimmer’s paradise and if you are a swimming enthusiast you cannot miss this one. But, this beach is also a perfect place for beach lovers, backpackers, and family vacations. You can lounge on the white sands here, sunbathe and if the movies ever inspired you to lead a beach life, believe it or not, it is pretty much a possibility here.

Location: South of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Half Moon Beach

There is no Saudi Arabia beach as scenic as Half Moon Beach. It has been named the half-moon beach owing to its crescent shape and this breathtakingly beautiful beach is a public one; which means you can come with your army of tiny tots to ride a beach buggy, sunbathe, and take a refreshing swim.
There is also an amusement park and play area dedicated to the kids where they can have a gala time. This beach is well-equipped with lockers, showers, and bathrooms thus you can spend an entire day here without getting bored even for a second.

Best Time: March or November

Location: Eastern Province, Al Khobar, near Khobar city

Facilities: Kids play area, amusement park, and beach buggy

Silver Sands Beach

If you are an adventure tripper, you are going to love a day at this Saudi Arabia beach. This beach features a private beach club where you can make the most of all sorts of fun activities on the massive sandy stretch. You can windsurf, snorkel, and swim without a pause.
Most ex-pats love this beach mainly because the dress code here is not too strict, fully covered people or those donning abayas are not permitted here. It offers a paid entry, and upon entering you have complete access to showers, bathrooms, restaurants, umbrellas, and deck chairs on the beach.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St, Al Lulu, Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia

Durrat Al Arus

Considered as the oldest and original Saudi Arabia beach, the Durrat Al Arus is a massive beach resort area that boasts as many as 1000 villas, a private hospital, and a diving school. The entire area of the beach is like an artificial island located on Jeddah’s northern outskirts.
You can reserve sea-facing villas here and spend days in complete privacy. There is a marina here which happens to be a great place for hangouts. The weekend scene at the beach is electrifying with endless parties and live music erupting on the edge of the waterfront. This beach is very liberal when it comes to Saudi Arabian traditions and dress codes; which means international tourists and ex-pats can have a fun time here.

Best Time: November-March

Location: Saudi Arabia

Facilities: Diving school, private hospital, and sea-facing villas

Bhadur beach

If you despise the mad rush of the crowds, you can surely head to one of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia, Bhadur Beach. This beach is a serene and tranquil spot that lets you enjoy some leisurely and rejuvenating activities like sunbathing, sauna, and spa therapies. There is a small resort here that offers you a comfy stay.
You can come here to sail, swim, stroll, or simply mollycoddle yourself with the beach’s ravishing beauty. There are many attractions like game rooms and waterparks that lie close to the beach and add to the thrill and fun. Do not miss out on diving here to unravel the beauty of the underwater wonders. If you want your kids to learn some basics of scuba diving, enroll them for a sesh at a special diving school here.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal St, Pearl District, Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia

Facilities: Diving school, sauna, and snorkeling amenities

Farasan Al Kabir Beach

One of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Farasan Al Kabir Beach. If you are yearning to witness isolated islands, clear blue water, and beautiful seascapes with the most picturesque diving spots of the world, Farasan Al Kabir beach is the place to be at. Every year this beach attracts diving lovers and fans galore. People come here to make the most of boating in the midst of the wilderness, inhale some fresh breeze, and marvel at the resplendent scenery.
The beach is almost empty as it is devoid of any souvenir shops, clubs, noisy bars, or “other globalization gifts” but that is what adds to the island’s primeval beauty. You can swim and sunbathe here without a care of the world; besides visiting the nearby attractions of the Ottoman Fort, coral houses, picturesque villages, and ancient mosques.

Best Time: November to April

Location: Farasan Al Kabir archipelago in the Red Sea

Facilities: Two beachside hotels and diving spots

People Also Ask About Saudi Arabia

  1. Which are some of the best beaches to visit in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Umluj Beach: One of the postcard-pretty beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Umluj Beach that is no less than a gem with its aquamarine waters and white sands. You can come here to spot the dolphins and the migratory sea birds. But, the most unique creature that tourists frequent here are the hawksbill turtles, keep your eyes peeled to have a good view of them!

    2. Yanbu Beach: The Yanbu beach has been nicknamed the Red Sea’s Pearl and is a haven for scuba diving. You can come here to have a whale of a time near the Seven Sisters Reef, eat fresh seafood, and spot a variety of sea creatures especially the hammerhead sharks.

    3. Haql Beach: One of the most breathtaking beaches in Saudi Arabia has to be the Haql Beach that lets you enjoy the clear blue waters and pristine sands. You can come here to marvel at the amazing backdrop of majestic mountains and view of a half-sunken ship.

    4. OIA Beach: There is no other beach better than the OIA beach that lets you unwind from the city’s madness, and try frolicsome water activities in a floating water park beside sports like kayaking, sailing.

    5. Half Moon Beach: The huge public beach of Half Moon has a crescent shape and thus has been named the half-moon beach. It is a popular destination amongst tourists to give into several activities like beach buggy hiking, sunbathing, and swimming.
  2. Which beaches are famous for water sports in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Golden beach and Farasan Island: Situated 40 kilometers away from Jizan city, the enticing Farazan Island is an archipelago of 170 islands, which makes it perfect for snorkeling. The Golden beach also located nearby in Jizan city is unarguably one of the top spots for snorkeling and diving; you will be in awe of the shimmering coral reefs, and striking underwater species of sea creatures.

    2. Umluj: A 2-hour drive from the port city of Yanbu lies the gorgeous spot of Umluj. With the turquoise waters, and virgin Jabal Hassan islands, this beach is rightly called “Saudi Arabia’s Maldives. You can hop on a boat with your snorkeling equipment, and revel in the beauty of some spectacular coral reefs. Off the Umluj’s shores, you can swim and dive to see swarms of dugongs) in the Red Sea.

    3. Barracuda: Situated on the Red Sea’s coast is the Barracuda beach in Yanbu where you can make the most of activities like snorkeling and swimming whilst getting face to face with magnificent marine creatures like barracuda, tuna, and sharks.

    4. Jeddah: Jeddah is the ultimate Scuba diving destination in Saudi Arabia, where you can come face to face with schools of incredible sea creatures and fishes like lionfish, and clownfish. Thus, slip on our dry or wetsuit with your diving mask and explore the timeworn shipwreck of Air Tabur’s Staphonos.
  3. Which are the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Al Ula: You cannot miss visiting the gorgeous place in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the mesmerizing golden rock formation will captivate you beyond measure. Once you come here and take an evening walk amidst the citrus farms to explore the ruins of ancient kingdoms, you are bound to get transported to a bygone era. When here, do not miss out on the Mada’in Saleh that houses over several Nabatean tombs aged 2000 years old.

    2. Wadi Al Disah: Located in the Southwest Province of Tabuk in KSA, this paradisiacal place will bowl you over with some of the most gorgeous elements of the dazzling Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley. The palm trees, high grasses, and dusty desert with the wonderful sandstone columns make for a sight to behold.

    3. Hegra: If you desire to visit the archaeological site of Hegra that offers clues about a mysterious empire, then you must head to Hegra to witness the mystical rock-cut tombs. This place is home to some entrancing wildlife too.

    4. Asir: To beat the Arabian heat, you must whisk off to Asir as the summer rainstorms make this place look like heaven. This site feeds your soul with touring and hiking opportunities galore. But, what really stays etched in your mind is the sight of locals sporting crowns made of flowers in their hair.

    5. Al Ahsa: If you are having a tour of Saudi Arabia, you cannot miss out on this wonderful destination called Al Ahsa. This fascinating tourist destination lets you explore the Saudi Kingdom’s culture and the enthralling Al Qarrah caves that stay unheated during the summers and offer you a cool respite.
  4. Which are the watersports to do in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Reef diving: You can try reef diving on the beaches in Saudi Arabia, especially at the diving spots of Jeddah beaches. All you need to do is wear a snorkeling mask, and dive underneath to explore the underwater outcropping, grass beds, coral bushes, large sea fans, and colorful marine life.

    2. Snorkeling: At an untrammeled Saudi Arabia beach like Umluj you can go ahead and try coral reef snorkeling by slipping on your snorkel gears. During a snorkeling sesh, you can explore the rich marine diversity beneath the sea.

    3. Swimming: At a Saudi Arabia beach like Haql Bach in the Al Jouf region, you can swim to your heart’s content. At this secluded beach, if you are a fit swimmer, you can swim close to the shipwreck on your own.

    4. Kayaking: One of the best beaches in Saudi Arabia to try kayaking is Yam Beach that lies 1.5 hours away from Jeddah. If luxury is on your mind then you can take your paddles and your kayak and experience the joy of an extravagant escape here.
  5. Is it worth visiting Saudi Arabia?

    Yes, it is totally worth visiting Saudi Arabia because it is one of the most historically and geographically relevant travel destinations. Irrespective of the length of your itinerary, you can come here to discover the incredible attractions, diverse landscapes, and rich culture of Saudi Arabia.

    For instance, you can visit the oldest city of Jeddah and explore the ancient Arabian remains here. You can also head to Taif city to visit the museum, the parks, and the Shafa garden here.
  6. What is Saudi Arabia special for?

    Saudi Arabia is special for its rich Islamic heritage, its Bedouin traditions, and its classical role as an age-old trade center. It is also famous for the countless mosques, Arabian coffee, Al Ahsa (world’s largest oasis), the largest sand desert (Rub’Al Khali), oil, and of course the sword-wielding dance.

    On the food scene it is special for serving dishes namely the Murtabak, Sambusak, jalamah, and others while on the shopping scene, tourists find Saudi Arabia special for gold jewels, the Oud perfume, date jam, and camel milk soap.
  7. Where is the Silver Sands Beach in Saudi Arabia?

    The Silver Sands Beach is located in Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Lulu, Jeddah 23821, Saudi Arabia.
  8. How do I get to Saudi Arabia?

    By Air: You can reach Saudi Arabia via air through the major international airports located in Dammam, Jeddah, Medinah, and Riyadh. Many airlines offer non-stop and regular flights from Saudi Arabia to major countries of the world.

    Some of the prominent ones are Saudi Gulf, Saudia, Mid East Jet, and Flynas. If you are traveling from India you can board any of the major airlines like Air India, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Saudia, or Jet Airways and reach Saudi Arabia within 6 hours 30 minutes.
  9. What is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia?

    The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is during November-February. This is the time when you get to experience mild weather, and you are saved from the scalding heat as average temperatures prevail. During this time, you can visit the archeological sites, go swimming, and sunbathe without getting any 3rd-degree burns. You must avoid the months of April-October as the weather can be very unforgiving during this time.
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