Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum Overview

An avid collector of cultural and traditional artifacts, millionaire philanthropist Abdulwahab Al Ghunaim opened the Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum. Walk down memory lane exploring the historical facts and stories about the Kingdom. One of the most important cultural institutions and a very informative and resourceful place to dig into the history of Saudi Arabia.

In the year 2018, millionaire collector Abdulwahab Al Ghunaim decided to turn his hobby of collecting rare and esoteric artefacts into a serious vocation. As a result, the Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum was born, one of the largest Museums in Saudi Arabia. What began as a collection of a handful of items has now grown into over 500,000 invaluable pieces of history, packed and displayed splendidly in the warmth of his palatial villa.

One of the most beloved places to visit in Dammam among those looking to explore the heritage of the city, the collection here is quirky and varied at best, including everything from a 500- Quran to vintage cars. The highlight of the Museum is the private possessions of King Abdulaziz, the first monarch of Saudi Arabia. The Museum also features a set-up of a traditional Saudi bedroom and meeting hall, decorated splendidly and open for visitors to explore.


• Explore the history of the country from the age old relics preserved in the galleries
• Enjoy the Eastern Art, Saudi culture, Islamic art, the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula and the Archive gallery.
• Get an experience of the Saudi Arabian culture.
• Get a chance to ignite ideas and new forms of cultural expression
• Collection includes a 500-year-old copy of the Quran, vintage cars, antique gramophones and some of the private possessions of Saudi’s first monarch, King Abdulaziz.
• Take a look at the interactive exhibits, thought-provoking talks, and specialist tours that will provide you with an enriching and transforming experience.

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