Tick Tock Escape Rooms Dammam Overview

Tick Tock Escape Rooms Dammam happens to be one of the most sought after activity centres in Dammam where tourists will be able to get an experience of a live video game scenario. When you visit this place, you will be grabbing your squad and solving puzzles to move forward to reach the end of the puzzles. At the end, you will be winning your freedom from the closed four walls.

One of the most creative places to visit in Dammam, the TIck TOck escape rooms invites you to employ your best intelligence in order to win. Visitors can choose between two escape scenarios. The first one, called ‘Sacrifice’, asks you and your group to escape an isolated house from the clutches of the psychopath that has trapped you there. The second, called ‘The Star of Africa’, imagines your group as dacoits poised to steal an invaluable gem from a Museum.

Groups are challenged with obstacles and brain twisters that they must decode to pass from one level to the next, until the story is solved in its entirety. The escape room is not only fun to solve, but also lets you use your intellect while solving it. One can play in groups of 2 to 7, with the ticket rates depending on the size of the group playing.


• Tick Tock Escape room has some of the trickiest yet fun puzzles that will leave you scratching your brains.
• Enjoy your company with welcoming and entertaining staff.
• They offer two distinct escape rooms for you to choose from, each with a different theme and atmosphere!
• Experience something new and think out of the box at this place.
• Enjoy the refreshments available in every room.
• uncover our hidden clues and complete all of the riddles before time runs out!

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