20 Beaches in Denmark For An Unforgettable Vacation!

Denmark Beaches

Palm Beach, Rageleje Beach, Sondervig Beach, Copenhagen Beach, Lonstrup Beach, Romo Beach, Bisnap Beach, Nordstrand, Blokhus Beach & many more

Denmark holds many alluring beaches where one can rejuvenate their minds and souls. There are more than 1300 beaches in Denmark and no matter wherever you are in the country you’ll always be close to the coast. The charm of swaying palms at Palm Beach and the night parties of Copenhagen beach will never fail to impress you.

Everything in Denmark is alluring including food, culture, people, and pleasant weather. Tourists coming from different parts of the globe never miss a chance to visit the beautiful beaches of Denmark. Various best beaches in Denmark like Rageleje Beach and the Sondervig Beach are famed for the small food stalls they house where you can chomp on numerous delicacies after a thrilling session of watersports. All Denmark beaches are “Blue flag” verified i.e beaches are fully equipped with public toilets, drinkable water, and necessary safety standards. This massive paradise of beaches might confuse and you must be figuring out which beach to dive in first.

Here is the list of beaches in Denmark:

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Palm Beach

Talking about delightful Beaches in Denmark then Palm beach is the first that comes to mind. This spectacular beach holds breath-taking views of 7 islands located in the North East of Frederikshavn. If you plan to see the natural beauty of this beach then you must plan your trip during the fully grown-up Palm trees.

Other than Palm trees, you can spend quality time with your family at the southern part of the beach which is shallow and safer for children. Palm Beach is fully set to serve you with their 8 beach volleyball court to get your inner sportsman out.

Palmestranden, Frederikshavn, 9900, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

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Rageleje Beach

If you are scrolling to find the best Beaches in Denmark at Copenhagen then Rageleje Beach is the spot you are looking for. This place holds major tourist attractions as it has turned into a resort, where people stay at this beautiful sight to enjoy and experience ocean waves and breeze with palm trees natural beauty.

Get your beach dress on to enjoy the bright sunshine and glance at the ocean while lying under a palm tree. This beach is safer for children to plan around and to make your enjoyment to the fullest at this mesmerizing beach you can take booze on your balcony and enjoy every sip of it with a delightful view.

Location: Rågeleje Strandvej, Vejby, 3210, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

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Sondervig Beach

When we are talking about the most popular and oldest beaches then how can we miss Sondervig Beach in Denmark?  This beach is famous since the 19th century for its massive spread of white sand which looks hypnotizing. The best part about this beach is its recently made “terrain path” which allows easy access to the baby carriage and wheelchair-bound person.

This addition gives an extra enjoyment to the scenic views for physically disabled people and small babies. Adding to the eye-filling natural scenes is the morning walk at this beach which will make you fall in love with nature.

Sondervig Beach, Sondervig, 6950, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

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Copenhagen Beach

You can’t resist yourself from taking a tip in the clean and blue waves of Copenhagen beach in Denmark. People find this place so refreshing that they always plan their meetup to party and take dive in hypnotic blue ocean waves.

If you want to make your beach experience smooth and calm with a peaceful seashore view then you can take a walk to Amager Strandpark, a 2km long sandy beach which is best suited for families and children. Plan your picnic time with your loved ones at the built-up area for picnic spots on the southern side of the beach.

Tovelillevej 59, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

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Lonstrup Beach

You can’t resist yourself to fall in love with the beauty of Lonstrup beach. This alluring place is packed with a lot of fun activities and artistic beauty which makes it an ideal place for a relaxing time with nature. It is one of the ideal places for travelers who want to spend their quality time at the beach.

You can take your kids to take a splash around and on the other side you can take a calm walk along the sandy beach. It has the best eye catching market spot in the northern part of Denmark which includes top-rated glass blowers, jewel makers and other beautiful artisans.

13 Kysten, Hjorring, 9800, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

Romo Beach

Located to the west of Denmark, Romo Beach is the largest sandy beach in Denmark. The vastness of this beach is made captivating with Wadden sea, which surrounds the beach beauty. If you love adventurous sport and outdoor activities then the place will be heaven for you.

It has different fun activities and sports including horse riding in the forest, windsurfing, kitesurfing at the hub of Lakolk beach in the north. Get ready to rush your body with adrenaline with sailing and other adventurous activities in Soderstrand in the south.

Location: Romo Strand, Romo, 6792, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Bisnap Beach

Looking for an ideal weather condition beach for swimming in Denmark Beaches then Bisnap beach is the place that you must give it a try. This beach is located within the city of Hou and Bisnap spans with a lifeguard facility for your safety.

You’ll surely fall in love with the sight scene of this beach with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Plan your summer holidays with your families or friends to enjoy the beauty of white sandy beaches with blue waves running over you and create memorable moments forever.

Bisnap Vej, Hals, 9370, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August


Talking about the beautiful beaches of Denmark then you will feel overwhelmed with the white sand taking space between your toes while walking around the Nordstrand beach. With dazzling palm trees, transparent blue water waves, sunshades cafes, and bars at the beach make this Nordstrand beach a divine place for tourists.

Grab your favorite ice-cream or candy and take a walk around the beach which refreshes your mind and energy. You can’t make an excuse to move out of this beach as it has all the eatery items and chairs around the beach making it a perfect destination to visit.

82 Hindsholmvej, Kerteminde, 5300, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

Blokhus Beach

From kids to adults, Blokhus Beach has the best things to make your travel more memorable and enjoyable. This beautiful beach is wrapped with parks, galleries, sculptures, and many other spots for fun and entertainment. Love for water sports activities is regained with diving, snorkeling, deep swimming, and many others. Blokhus beach is one of the best beaches in Denmark and gains the titles of a perfect spot for all family members who are ready to create new memories for lifelong.

Location: Blokhus Strand, Blokhus, 9492, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Blavand Beach

Blavand Beach is one of the best Denmark beaches that holds stunning crystal clear water with soft sand to walk over the beach. This makes the beach popular among travelers and the size of the beach is small which makes it look more crowded. You can take time off with your kids and do camping at the shallow beach side which is child-friendly and safe for families. Take a walk to the northern party of the beach to enjoy the calm atmosphere and soothing waves passing over you.

Fyrvej, Blavand, 6857, Denmark

Best Time to visit:
June- August

Amager Beach Park

Spend your best summer vacations at one of the biggest and best beaches in Denmark. This sandy coastline covers an area of around 4.6KMs and has an array of activities for you. The Beach Park has two artificial islands on each end forming lagoons.

The Surf - Swept sand is best for everything - a picnic or a day out with your family and loved ones or if you want to hang out with your friends. As the Beach park offers a separate area for beach sports, you can always enjoy yourself watching or taking part in some great events.

Location: Amager Strand Promenaden 1, 2300 Kobenhavn, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Tisvildeleje Beach

Get away from the chaos of your daily hectic life and run towards this beautiful white sandy beach. The Tisvildeleje Beach has space for everyone, just roam on this kilometer-long beach to find your own spot in the dunes to sit-relax and feel like nature.

As you are surrounded by the sea, the forest, and the Meadows. This is a perfect place for you to spend your holidays in any season, as you can catch the last warmth during summer, watch the clear beautiful sky during Autumn, and the snow-covered sand during Winter.

Location: Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August


The Beautiful, Calm, and small beach of Nymindegab is to die for. The beach is very clean and full of small little stones, as one can just sit by and enjoy their Mornings and Evenings there. The picturesque beach looks more amazing and beautiful when the rays of the sun fall on those little tiny stones and makes the beach shine.

You won’t see such kind of lights or view on any other beach. Just walk around, listen to your favorite songs, and mesmerize this beauty of nature in your visit.

Location: Southwest Jutland, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Henne Strand

Henne Strand offers you a peaceful and relaxing time and still does not let you get bored of its beauty. There is nothing like bikini girls or people surfing around here as you can find on any typical beach. The Henne Strand is a wonderland among Denmark beaches where you can find rolling sand dunes covered with golden grass.

Adding more to the beauty and peace you can find few daffodils springing up here and there on the beach. The best scenic view is when the sun is hung between two clouds and showering a soft light on the surroundings and making this beach glow.

Location: Henne Kirkeby, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Bellevue Strand

Looking for a day out with family or friends, then Bellevue beach is the place to be. Just 5 minutes walk away from S-train station, Klampenborg. This beach is perfect for outings on any day of your life where you can relax and enjoy the weather. If you are coming here with your friends, you can have great fun playing or watching Volleyball on the Volleyball field which also has its own stand.

The beach is quite famous among locals as well as tourists and you can find many taking sunbathes here. Apart from these, the main attraction of the beach is the blue-white lifeguard tower on the beach.

Location: Bellevue

Best Time to visit: June- August

Hornbæk Strand

If you are looking for a weekend getaway with your family and friends, then this beach is the best place to spend some time around. You can make the best of your swimming time in the baltic sea with your family, as the weather is pleasant throughout the year. Later on, you can just take a sunbathe on the beautiful beach while the kids can have their own fun.

Location: Hornbaek, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Agger Strand

Located in the west, Jutland, Agger Strand stands out among other beaches in Denmark. The beach is full of beautiful white sand and looks both wild and stunning at the same time.   Agger Strand is one of the most famous beaches in Denmark, for its location away from the chaos of the city.

The beach is surrounded by one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing water reserves in the Jutland area. You can come here with your family, enjoy a picnic and some fishing with your kids as it offers some great fishing opportunities. You can also easily see horse riders and hikers nearby the surrounding dunes.

Location: Vestervig, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Lokken Strand

From the list of beautiful Denmark beaches, Lokken Strand is the dream Beach for tourists as they can spend wonderful time with their loved one and add to their experience. On the beach, you can find bathing houses and colorful fishing boats which are just amazing to watch.

You can just have a walk on the beach and while doing so you can also take a look at the remains of the Second World War Bunkers. The highlights of the beach are the sunsets which should not be missed at any cost.

Location: Lokken, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August


Are you planning to explore Denmark’s coastal wildlife then Grene will be the right spot for your search? This is one of the mesmerizing Denmark beaches packed with eye-catching plant life around the beach creating a green vegetation environment.

Don’t get surprised if you see seals along the coastal line as this beach has a more frequent impression of Seals. You can come with your family or friends and enjoy the sea breeze while taking a dive into the blue hypnotic ocean.

Location: Skagen Odde, north of the town of Skagen, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

Eriks Hale

If you are looking for a small break but don’t want to wander too much, just head towards Erik Hales. A perfect way to get out of the daily chaos and relax your muscles for a little while.  You can enjoy some swimming and sunbathe near the beach and then just get into the beautiful and colorful huts made on the beach. These huts are one of the beautiful things on the beach and probably the best ones in South Erik Hales.

Location: Marstal, Denmark

Best Time to visit: June- August

People Also Ask About Denmark

  1. Which are the best Beaches in Denmark?

    1. Blockhus Beach: Blockhus Beach is one the best beaches in Denmark and favorite Beach among the windsurfers and water sports lovers. It is a massive piece of white sand where you can sunbathe and relax your body.

    2. Blavand Beach: The best thing about Blavand Beach is the calmness of the sea which makes it ideal for kids and families. Be ready to get mesmerized with the crystal clear sea water and cool breeze running over your bodies.

    3. Lonstrup Beach: This alluring place is packed with multiple fun activities and artistic beauty which are ready to make your visit memorable. You can splash around with your kids and have a peaceful walk around the coast and explore one of the best Denmark beaches.

    4. Palm Beach: One of the most crowded Denmark beaches accommodating the best facilities like lounges, play areas, public convenience is all set to make your trip more memorable. Get your sportsman out by showcasing your skills at beach volleyball playoffs
  2. What adventure activities one can experience on Denmark beaches?

    1. Surf along the waves: Just a few kilometers outside Denmark lies the scenic and fun filled Ocean beach. The Beach is a popular spot for surfers, and you can find many people surfing along the waves or learning this beautiful sport. This beach is a safe place to start with your surfing lessons.

    2. Jet Skiing:
    Rent a jet ski and fly through the waves. There are many beaches alongside the Denmark Coastline where you can find Jet Skiing being done.

    3. Scuba Diving: Just dive into the sea beneath and enjoy the unreal experience of scuba diving. There are many scuba diving centers where you can get lessons and get ready for the dive.

    4. Windsurfing: Get yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy windsurfing in Copenhagen Beach. If you wish to learn it, there are various centers around the Denmark beaches that teach you so.
  3. What are the best romantic beaches in Denmark?

    1. Rageleje beach: The beautiful Rageleje beach offers beautiful sightseeing where you can enjoy a delightful evening with your partner. You can take a walk around with your partner and feel the cool breeze, which adds to your lifelong experience.

    2. Copenhagen Beach: Enjoy the walk with your loved ones along the edges of this beautiful and clean beach of Copenhagen. Just sit around the beach in the evening and spend some quality time with your partner while watching the sunset.

    3. Skagen: Located at the southernmost tip, the Skagen beach is a paradigm of natural beauty. Most famous honeymoon location in Denmark where couples can take a stroll out on the beach where two seas; Kattegat and Skagerrak meet.
  4. Can you swim in Denmark beaches?

    Yes, you can swim on Denmark beaches as most of the beaches are safe and child-friendly. Whether you are looking for shallow waters for families or remote coast for your swimming skills, Denmark's beaches have got you covered.
  5. Is Denmark safe for tourists?

    Yes, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world, where visitors can travel without worrying about crime, and especially women need not fear harassment. Being a solo traveler, If you get stuck in some unknown areas then locals are always ready to help you out in the best possible ways.
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