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About Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is one of the most vibrant, happy and exciting places you could ever visit in your life. Home to the fine crafted Guinness beer, this place boasts about having some of the most beautiful castles, monuments, natural views and lush green landscape. Ireland is indeed one of the most beautiful European countries and a suitable holiday destination for all types of tourists as well as travelers. Ireland is a perfect place to have a relaxing holiday and get away from the hectic schedule and revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Ireland is a place chilled out like nothing else. You can simply relax in one of the many pubs over here and enjoy sipping on some Irish coffee or fine crafted beer. You can visit this place with your friends and your better half, or even as a solo traveler. With a lot of tourists frequenting the destination, Ireland is a completely tourist friendly place. Ireland is a place which deserved a listing on the bucket list of each and every person who is looking for a vacation which is not only fun and exciting, but completely life changing for the traveler.

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Ireland FAQ's

Travel Advice

·         Carry your passport copy and identification proofs whenever you step out of your hotel.
·         Book your stay facilities in advance so that you do not have to face a last minute inconvenience.
·         Enjoy your time drinking indulging craft beer, but do not get into any illegal or drug related situations.
·         Ireland is a picturesque destination and hence, charge your camera all the time so that you do not miss out on clicking amazing pictures.
·         Do not carry a lot of cash with you.
·         Do not go out on the lonely streets at night as it might not be very safe to do so.
·         Do all your bookings with an authorized booking agent as unauthorized agencies might dupe you. 

Drinking Law

The legally approved age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in Ireland is 18 years of age. Whenever you go out for drinking, carry your age proofs for verification of the same.

Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

The Burren

Located in the North Clare and South Galway, this place is a must to be visited by any tourist in Ireland. If offers the most unique and interesting landscape in Ireland and is a combination of limestone formation and colorful flora and fauna, which give you the glimpse of some of the most wonderful creations of nature. The formations are a result of thousands of years of erosion of limestone. This place is a favourite among hikers and trekkers as it offers routes with a backdrop of amazing landscape around.


This is one of the most historically significant places in the entire Europe. The Passage Grave dates back to 3000 BC, which makes it even older than the pyramids of Egypt. The most special part of Newrange is that on every winter solstice, a beam of sunlight passed through the length of the tomb and almost illuminates the floor, which is a very mesmerizing sight to look at. Hence, you should ideally plan your visit during this time.


Pub Crawl

Pubbing is an important activity of Irish lifestyle and hence, you cannot miss out on pub hopping when you are in Ireland. There are many Pub crawl events organized in Ireland, out of which the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl is the most famous one. It starts from the Duke Street every night and lasts for 2 and a half hours approximately. This tour includes visit to 8 pubs and a detour through Trinity College.

Cultural Festivals

Ireland is a proud host of some of the best art, music, cultural and sports festival. No matter what your interests are, you will surely enjoy the entire feel of the festivals as everything around is very exciting and vibrant. The Irish are very well aware of enjoyment to the fullest and you being a part of these festivals is thus experiencing utmost excitement ever. The Horse Racing festivals are some of the best events over here.

River Shannon

The Shannon River is the longest river in Ireland and is one of the best places to go on for a long boat tour. All you need to do is rent a cruiser and have a day filled with fun as well as relaxation, floating amid the clear waters of the river. There are many pick up as well as drop centers for the cruise trips and you can plan the trip according to your places of convenience.

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic way is a road trip which is 2,400 kilo meter long, but every second of it is totally worth travelling such a long distance. The way takes you through some unadulterated villages, rugged coastline and panorama views which will be a treat to your eyes. There are many discovery points where you can explore around and get the view of the west coast of Ireland. If you are on a long trip, you should indeed take an experience of this trip and get the best of Ireland’s nature and authenticity.


Dingle is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland which is a blend of old Irish charm with breathtaking and serene natural beauty surrounding it. This little town is a natural harbor located at the foothill of Slievanea Mountain, which adds as a beautiful backdrop to the town. This town is a combination of little shops, pubs, restaurants, and some beautiful sea side views. Hence, you cannot afford to miss a visit to this place at all.

Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry covers 170 km of stunning landscape and breathtaking scenery around the peninsula of Iveragh. If you have an active lifestyle, you can easily cover this trek in one day and see all the main sight-seeing attractions over here like the Kenmare, Watervill, Kilorglin, Ross Castle, Lough Leane and Ladies View. Ideally, you should stay here for a longer time so that you are able to enjoy the beauty of all these attractions.

What you will like there?

Vibrant Life

The entire lifestyle of people in Ireland is very vibrant and exciting. People here are stress-free and happy and there is a different kind of excitement and positivity in the culture of Ireland. You will never feel dull and unenthusiastic in Ireland and you will also get out of the country as a completely different and happier person than before.

Culture and festivals

The culture and traditions of Ireland are very vibrant and rich. There are many cultural festivals organized here which are very amazing to witness and experience. They show you a glimpse of Irish traditions, art and culture and music and leave you all excited and stunned with the kind of pumped up energy which goes behind the celebration of these festivals.

Landscape views

Ireland flaunts some of the best landscape views and breathtaking panoramas and hence, if you go for drives or hikes, you will be stunned with the natural beauty of this place and also have some really amazing pictures of yourself as well as the landscape over here. The views of nature over here are nothing but unforgettable.

Safety and convenience

Ireland is a place frequently visited by tourists and hence, the facilities and convenience infrastructure over here is totally in place. The transport, accommodation, restaurants and emergency helplines for tourists are all the basic facilities which are easily available here and hence, the tourists can have a convenient and comfortable holiday

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Ireland Reviews

Clavelin Jean Luc
Reviewed: 01 Jun 2024
Very interesting and eye opening tour of the facilities, helped understand the recent history of the Republic of Ireland
Martin Wood
Reviewed: 12 Apr 2024
Great history and tour. The guide was very knowledgable and the  renovation has preserved the history of the site
Claudia Santos
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2023
O Guia o Alan era espetacular. Gostamos muito. Obrigada.
Devi Marar
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2020
Had a great trip to the United Kingdom, the Thrillophilia team was helpful and the trip went out of their way they want it and also they make sure that we had a good trip. The balance in a schedule of each trip we had on this for 10-days was perfect, The place we discovered like London, Dublin, Belf... Read More
Brahma Ahluwalia
Reviewed: 11 Dec 2019
Last time I booked with the Australia trip and I was impressed with that trip, so I took with this United Kingdom trip for 10-days this time I loved to travel the world to see, learn new things and get new experience. The trip went well as I expected from the package I choose... The arrangement of a... Read More
Adhrit Menon
Reviewed: 26 Jan 2020
Lots of thanks to the team for making this awesome trip a reality, the team who look after our trip was terrific during the trip. The logistics and arrangements you made worked out flawlessly, the day sightseeing tours were well-planned and well-executed, we were amazed at everything we saw and the ... Read More

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