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Water Sports in Hong Kong can be a compelling pursuit in your summer holidays. As the sweltering summer heat afflicts your nerves, you can plunge into the wide variety of exciting water activities in Hong Kong. If the tiring routine has got on your nerves, then Hong Kong city is the place to revive yourself. Every year hoards of tourists visit this place and try out some exciting feats.

Hong Kong water sports include Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water polo, and myriad other stimulating ventures. Clad with warm and pristine beaches in Hong Kong, some of the prominent spots for water engagements here are Tai Tam Tuk, Cheung Chau, Hoi Ha Wan, Lantau Island, Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay, and several others. If you are an eager adventurer, then fling yourself into the embracing arms of the South China Sea.

Good news for the beginners! Under the proper guidance of trained experts, you can have a ravishing time in the enchanting marine world of Hong Kong. So, prepare a list of the aquatic activities in Hong Kong you don’t want to miss out on. Come and experience the mellowness of the blue waters. Indulge in daring sports and take back cherishable memories of Hong Kong with you.

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Hong Kong Water Sports FAQs

What are the best water sports in Hong Kong?

1. Night Paddling at Cheung Chau Island: Cheung Chau Island happens to be the most popular place for trying out water sports in Hong Kong. If you are a nyctophile or ardently wish to have a night experience, then the shorelines of Cheung Chau will give you a warm welcome. Below the shimmering night sky, you can indulge in kayaking and paddling, and the illuminated city of Hong Kong will appear in front of your eyes as a unique vista.

If you are one of those lucky souls, then you can even be a spectator to the gleaming glow emitted by the bioluminescent algae. 
The night paddling can be undertaken by anyone with basic swimming skills, and the expedition is carried out in small groups. Once you finish your trip, go grab some delectable seafood and other eateries from Cheung Chau’s night market. Get the tickets of Night Paddle at flat 12% off.

2. Kayaking: Amongst diverse Hong Kong water sports, kayaking is the easiest and safest, thus attracting many people.  This thrilling sport welcomes people of all age groups. As Hong Kong is dotted with beautiful islands and cerulean waters, kayaking will offer you the vast expanse of a sublime picture. With the northern coastline offering a serene view, the eastern side will take you on a meandering exploration of rugged sea caves and silvery beaches. A kayaking venture towards the Lantau Island comprising the southern side will take you to the abode of the pink dolphins. Brace yourselves, for kayaking, will lead you to a spell-binding journey where you can seek out for immaculate beauty nestled amidst the tranquil sea. Book the tickets of Kayaking at flat 15% off.

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3. Scuba Diving: The limpid waters of Hong Kong pave the path for yet another thrilling water sport. The craving for scuba diving kindles in every energetic heart and a journey down to the underground aquatic world can indeed be mesmerizing. Scuba diving happens to be one of the most captivating water activities in Hong Kong as the marine biodiversity comprises different species of fishes and vibrant coral reefs. Trained professionals will teach you the necessary driving skills and will ensure your safety when you are beneath the water surface.  Plunge into the waters, and the fleeting glimpse of the radiant swarm of fish is sure to remain etched in your memory.

4. Water Polo: If you are planning for an adventurous vacation in Hong Kong with your friends, then don’t forget to include water polo in the to-do list. To beat the scorching heat, this game can be an effective remedy. Splash around and enjoy a hearty game inside the water. Gather some of your proficient swimmer friends and begin a friendly match to enjoy the buoyant mood. Several clubs and beaches organize this game luring tourists to participate. The beach Water Polo tournaments are also equally enjoyable and attract a lot of keen spectators.

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5. Wakeboarding: Wakeboarding is one of the modish water sports, and in Hong Kong, you can procure the required training for indulging in this rousing feat. Different crash courses will help you to learn the skills of operating your boat and derive maximum enjoyment. Hourly rentals of boats are also given to tourists. Master your balance and then out you go to conquer the sea. Wake yourselves up with the agile moves and the adrenaline rushing whirls. The city has numerous bays, and the crystalline waters will make the experience worthwhile.

6. WindSurfing: Keeping the adventurous things to do in Hong Kong in your mind, steal some hours, and devote yourselves to a wuthering experience. Windsurfing is essentially done in many beaches of  Hong Kong and the few days course will help you to grasp the requisite skills for exploring the waters. As you glide along the water, a considerable rise in the speed will bring you a sublime experience of flying past the seagulls. So, go out and enjoy the fresh gust of wind as you surf along. Even newbies can try out this sport.

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7. Kiteboarding: Amidst the series of water Sports in Hong Kong, Kiteboarding is one of its kind. Racing through the winds and sliding on the waters with a board, the experience is enthralling. You can boast about your whirls and twirls as the game is much easier than windsurfing. As you harness the power of the winds, follow your kite for an exalted journey. Gather some balancing know-how and train yourself to enjoy kiteboarding. For those resting on the beach, look out for an azure sky dotted with colourful kites gliding past.

8. Surfing: Go and meet the waves as you surf along the South China sea. The ideal places to visit in Hong Kong for surfing are numerous, including the Big Wave Bay, Tai Wan, Cheung Sha, and others. Surfboards are readily available on rent, and beginners can ensure their safety by understanding the basic surfing techniques through short lessons.  Surfing will offer you a breathtaking experience where you race against the wind, meet the waves and exhilarate your spirit.

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9. FlyBoarding: Another exciting water activity is Flyboarding, which offers you an exotic combination of flying and sailing. The Jet Ski attached to the flyboard will help you to leap out of the water and float in the air, urging you to try some series of twisty moves. One needs to balance their weight and steer the board with the feet and with your eyes on the horizon, experience a gripping ride. Proper training is advisable for amateurs as this sport requires considerable effort in mastering the flexuous skills.

10. Snorkelling: 
Take a day off and if you are not a pro diver, then snorkelling along the coastlines is a tempting idea. Take your family and friends along and venture into the underworld marine sphere full of colourful fishes and blooming corals. Trained professionals will assist you on your snorkelling journey, thereby catering to your safety. With basic swimming skills and breathing tips, you can easily try out this thrilling sport. The beautiful coral reefs, colourful sea fishes and the alluring sea caves are waiting to fascinate you. Dive in and enjoy the underwater charms.

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What are the best places to do water sports in Hong Kong?

The most prominent places to visit in Hong Kong for water recreations are sundry. The city will offer you a galore of relaxing yet adrenaline driving fun sports to indulge in. The warm tropical waters with the pristine white sand and gleaming beaches, unexplored craggy sea caves, and the strikingly beautiful marine life are sure to render timeless memories. Here are some of the places you can head to for cooling your nerves this summer.

1. Blue Sky Sports Club in Sai Kung will bestow you with an extensive variety of water sports in Hong Kong. From surfing to kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, this place is a tourist’s favourite hub. One can enrol themselves for training classes to attain proper knowledge before hurling oneself into any aquatic activity. Accomplished trainers will guide you and ensure your safety at each step.

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2. Cheung Chau Windsurfing centre has an array of water activities, and the adventure geek can choose from kayaking, windsurfing, paddling, and others. Whether you are incompetent at the activity or a pro surfer, the place will offer you the required courses. Get ready to race with the winds for an exhilarating exploit.

3. At Splash Hong Kong, one can try their hands in scuba diving or simply go for a fun dive. With PADI professionals, one can decide upon the diving course according to the tenure of the stay. You can book yourselves a weekend at Splash which coordinates its diving tours at the ClearWater Bay and Sai Kung and explores the beguiling marine world.

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4. The Kiteboard Association of Hong Kong is where you can learn some skills regarding balancing your body weight and your kite before you embark upon the daring journey of kiteboarding. The club assists the kiteboarders and experts accompany you for ensuring a safe journey. Learn the strategies, and from Lantau Island, you can commence with your exciting trip.

5. Big Wave Beach and the Shek O Beach: Bespeckled with lovely beaches, the coastline is the ideal place for surfers to engage in an ebullient mood. The Big Wave Beach and the Shek O Beach serves as the central locales for surfing. Rentals are easily available at affordable prices. Big Wave, however, might challenge you with wild ripples whereas Shek O is comparatively calmer. Before you surf along, fine-tune your paddling skills to hit the waves.

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6. The Tai Tam Wakeboarding Centre is another popular place for Hong Kong water sports.The favourable weather, along with the cool waters, will make a perfect adventure holiday for you. The school offers daily wakeboarding and wake surfing classes, and while you undertake the challenging task, trainers will see to your safety. Once you grasp the right posture and the balancing skills, venture out with the wakeboard and lark around the waters.

7. With Countryside Adventures, you can go about exploring some untraversed islands and beaches. One such island happens to be the Ninepin islands known for its vivid beauty. Sharp Island and Hap Mum Bay Beach are also viable options for paying a visit to. Snorkelling is also done here, and the serene islands will help to take yourself off from the cacophony of the city.

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Is water sports safe in Hong Kong?

As tourists from all over the world flock together for engaging themselves in different kinds of water activities in Hong Kong, public safety is of huge concern. Each school or club related to water sports in Hong Kong houses proficient instructors who will teach you the balancing and breathing techniques and will ascertain your safety at each juncture.

Proper swimming attire is also provided for a hassle-free marine experience. Group tours are advisable for keeping off any forms of threats and procuring a medical certificate declaring you fit for the sport is also preferable. Keep yourself fit and hydrated and enjoy a secured and adventurous time in the sea.

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Which are famous water parks and amusement parks in Hong Kong?

Enjoy a terrific holiday with your dear ones. Hong Kong has many water amusement parks, so splash around and bob about in the mellow waters and revel in the moments. You can get hold of Hong Kong water sports at these famous tourist spots.

1. At Ocean Park, Aberdeen you will come across a marine theme based amusement park housing a variety of fish and sea creatures. The roller coaster rides will take you along a zigzag aqueous path, and you can feel your heart throbbing with the intrepid act.

2. Situated on Lantau Island, in the Adventureland of Disneyland, you can avail one of the most famous cruise rides. Venture through the deep jungles and feel the intrinsic aura of the forest around you. Look out for Tarzan’s Treehouse also.

3. At Tai Po’s Core Aqua Park, you can enjoy the inflatable water rides nestled amidst a scenic village and a freshwater lake. Bring your kids along for a thrilling weekend.

4. For kids and adults alike, Tseung Kwan O Outdoor Swimming Pool is the ideal place. Even if you are not an agile swimmer, plunge into any of the pools and paddle along. The giant water rides is also a stimulating attraction.

5. If you are a nimble seeker of water rides and want to try out the longest ones, then Hong Kong’s Tai Po Aquatic Center is your perfect destination. The water park flaunts the latest water technology like the Translucent RTM, and the colorful rides will surely give you a rollicking time.

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What is the age criteria to do water sports in Hong Kong?

Young and old alike can enjoy water sports in Hong Kong. However, the minimum age is 6 years for sports like snorkelling. For some challenging sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, it is advisable for kids above 14 years of age to indulge in these activities. Kids aged 10 and above can easily go for the open water scuba divings and surfing along the shorelines.

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Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sports in Hong Kong?

If you happen to be a keen admirer of stimulating marine activities, then do not worry if you are not an adroit swimmer. However, basic swimming skills like swimming for at least 50 meters is obligatory for safety purposes. Receive proper training regarding swimming, balancing, breathing underneath the water surface and the correct usage of required equipment before you embark upon any water sports in Hong Kong.

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What happens in case of any medical emergency during water sports in Hong Kong?

If in case you meet with an untoward situation while involved in any kind of water sports in Hong Kong which demands medical attention, then do remember to draw the attention of the trainers or rescuers via signals.

If you feel uneasy once you begin surfing or develop any muscle cramp, headache, skin itching or fatigue, then immediately let your trainers know about it for they can get you the needful medical help. If there are any signs of health deterioration or diving accidents, then you will be taken to Hong Kong’s public hospital and assessed by a doctor for the required treatment.

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