Victoria Peak Overview

At the elevation point of 552 m, Victoria Peak is the highest hill in the entire expanse of the Hong Kong Island. Though, the summit of this peak is closed to the general public. However, nearby parks, hotels, and other attractions in Hong Kong are what sum up to be called The Peak by residents and tourists across the world.

Otherwise, this spectacular hill station of the World’s Most Vertical City-Hong Kong is also called Mount Austin. The historical evidence proves that back in 1841-1997, this Peak was a different neighborhood with non-standardized ways to commute. However, now the whole situation has turned around.

Today, the Peak is preferred by tourists across different countries. They plan their trip to Mount Austin in advance for their favourite weekend reliefs. At the Peak Tower, just in the neighbourhood of the Peak, plentiful tourists line up for amazing dining and shopping experiences in Hong Kong.

And as evenings set in, the crowd feels delighted with the over the top view of the Hong Kong Island city. The sky turns orange or faded pink, welcoming a beautiful sunset instance. Whereas, the Peak Tram, which is no less than a heritage transportation service for reaching the Peak, is often travelled by thousands of passengers daily. And if the riders are on time, within 7-8 minutes of the commute, they get to check out the famous skyscrapers of the Island.

Adding to that, there are trails at the top of the Peak to hike at the early hours. This starts at the Hatton Road and ends at the hilltop. Normally, hikers are also found around the Circle Walk; an area commonly known for travelling to the commercial hub of Victoria Peak.

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Essential Information

Location: At the western side of the Hong Kong Island, China, this Peak stands over the 552 m height over the sea level.

Timings: This is a residential premise where there are no exact timings. Though the Tram starts to run from 7 AM till late at night for the whole week. The pinnacle of this hill station is prohibited for the public to enter.

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Places to Visit In Victoria Peak

1. Peak Tower: It’s Hong Kong’s epitome of touristy attractions. With space-age design and architecture, it has been snapped on the postcards, selfies, albums, and so much more. In fact, this tower is the exact top point of the town! In here, tourists spend their time for a delicious treat to their shopping and binge-eating habits. The magnetic city backdrop flatters the travellers to extend their stay while enjoying the ambience of cafes and restaurants. It opens from 10 AM to 11 PM on weekdays, whereas the timings to visit this attraction is from 8 AM to 11 PM on weekends or public holidays.

2. Sky Terrace 428: As clear from its name, this terrace is located inside the premises of the Peak Tower. Standing above the seal level of 428 m, this platform is the highest point with 360-degree panoramic view in entire Hong Kong. Also, it has the same opening timings as the Peak Tower. The price of a single ticket for Sky Terrace 428 is HK $ 42 for an adult whereas it’s HK $ 26 for children of 3-11 years or senior citizens of 65 years or above.

3. Madness 3D Adventure: At the level of the Peak Tower, you will find the brilliant 3D artworks series created by the local Hong Kong artists. You can click precious memories here. And the background of 3D art will make it look almost real. Some of the fantastic 3D art examples are Peak Tram, The Panda, Sky Terrace 428 Bunjee Jumping. So, when you try a photo shoot, the whole scenario will look like you are actually pulling the cart or jumping from the Sky Terrace. The entry is free for everyone and it opens from 10 AM to 11 PM every day, including public holidays. But make sure the kids are of 2 years or more age. Infants are not allowed here.

4. The Peak Tram Lower Terminus: This Tram starts from the Garden Road, Central District of Hong Kong Island and stops at the Peak Tower. Therefore, commuters can travel from the main towns of Hong Kong Island up to this hill station easily. A one-way ticket price for this tram is HK $ 37 for an adult, whereas for others it’s HK $ 14. Otherwise, a two-way ticket costs HK $ 52 for an adult; HK $ 23 for children (3-11 Years) and Senior citizens (65 age or above).

5. Victoria Peak Garden: Currently, under the control of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this garden is located extremely near to the Victoria Peak’s summit. This garden has become one of the top-most attractions because of the designs of the park. These designs can be related to the origin of the British & Chinese styles. So to say, visitors can enjoy their day time exploring the gazebos, pavilions, lush bushes, and parks.

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Peak

The climate of Victoria Peak is mostly subtropical, which means tourists experience both extremes of the weather amongst the diverse seasons. Therefore, we recommend visiting this place in pleasant weather, i.e., during summers or winters. The reason is that the rainy season does nothing good for anyone in general. Your travel would not execute on the slippery roads. And in mild summers or winters, the temperature is not that irritating, giving you a chance to explore more at once.

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Places To Shop In Victoria Peak

Crocs: You can check out casual footwear at this retail store. This brand is very well-known for its comfort and durability. The Croslite is the reason behind its top-notch delivery. It is located at the G level of the Peak Tower and opens from 10 AM to 9:30 PM daily.

Giordano: This fashion retail has got everything to make every buyer feel good. The quantity of the accessories is worth buying at least once. This shop is also located on the G floor of the Peak Tower, and you can find it open from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM on weekdays.

Hard Rock Café Shop: Here you will find the most famous items from the branded t-shirts to magnets and limited-edition accessories. As you must be aware, this brand is known for its quality and hip-culture around 51 countries, so you can trust this shop with your time and money.

Peak Post Office: Do you want to send something back to your family and friends? Go visit the post office at the P1 level of the Peak Tower and send the postcard with letters you have been waiting to send home. But keep in mind, it opens from Monday to Saturday only. Sundays are closed.

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Places To Dine In Victoria Peak

1. Wildfire+: Located at Level 1 of the Peak Tower, this restaurant is famous for its thin-crust pizzas. And be it tasty homemade Gnocchi, or a 24-inch pizza, chefs try their masterpieces to give an unforgettable delight here. Moreover, your average cost per person would amount to be HK $150-200 for lunch and slightly 100 dollars more for dinner.

2. LÚ FĒNG: If you are craving for authentic Cantonese or Hong Kong food with traditional ambience, this place fits the bill in a heartbeat. Which is also proven by the Chinese calligraphic paintings and lanterns with Chinese scripts. Our recommendation is to try dim-sums and seafood while you visit this restaurant at the 2nd Level of Peak Tower.

3. Pacific Coffee: Being awarded as “The Best Coffee Shop Of The Year,” for 7 years, this outlet is a must-visit for every tourist. They’ve got the backdrop view of the hills and the village, the aroma flares in the air, and you know ultimately how it feels to gulp down a sip of authentic Hong Kong Coffee. They charge HK $ 40 – HK $ 50 per person on an average for the coffee and snacks. You can find this outlet at the G level of the Peak Tower, a perfect spot itself for the spectacular views.

4. Hong Kong Day: This dine-out has an array of classic dishes from fried rice noodles to French toast, milk tea, and egg noodles. This restaurant is open daily for at least 10 hours, from 12 PM to 10 PM. So, you can visit it for a quick bite whenever you want to. Also, this restaurant is not difficult to find as it is located at P1 level of Peak Tower premises.

5. MIMI Desserts: Are you craving for a perfect dessert after your meal? Walk down to the G Level of the Peak Tower to find this mini outlet. They charge approximately HK $ 70 per person for the snacks.

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Hotels Near Victoria Park

1. Two MacDonnell Road: This hotel is about 800 m far from Victoria Peak—the nearest till date. Also, it has been reviewed as a fabulous place to stay. The reason for such a fantastic rating is the amenities. This hotel provides air-conditioned rooms, LED TVs, microwaves and refrigerators. So, the visitors would not have any trouble staying here. They can warm their snacks on time while surfing their favorite channels.

2. Hotel Madera Hollywood: You will find this hotel at a distance of 1.3 KM from Victoria Peak or Mount Austin. This hotel is given the best tag in Hong Kong for its services. These include free Wi-Fi, fitness centre, and even a 24-hour call for help from the front desk. So, as a visitor, you would not have to worry about any problem here.

3. The Murray, Niccolo Hotel: This is a massive hotel 1.3 KM near The Peak, with 25 storeys and spacious rooms. So, large families or a group of travellers can stay here comfortably. In fact, this hotel has everything from a swimming pool, in-house gym, spa centre to free Wi-Fi.

4. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel: If you are a couple travelling to Hong Kong Island, this hotel, which is 1.3 KM away from Victoria Peak, is quite suitable for your stay. They will provide you with a great buffet and aromatic coffee while you are visiting its restaurant. Otherwise, you can enjoy fine drinking at the bar with your partner, while your car is parked at the parking lot with the utmost security.

5. The Jervois: Within 1.6 KM distance of Victoria Peak, you get to stay at this hotel, which is best for two-travellers, exploring Hong Kong together for the weekend. To prove the point right, this hotel has a vast variety of amenities for two people, for example, free Wi-Fi, private lobbies, windows with enlarged views, free calls to foreign countries.

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How To Reach Victoria Peak From Airport?

There is no direct way to reach Victoria Peak from the Airport. You would have to take the Airport Express train first to reach the MTR or Hong Kong Station. From there on, you can hail a bus, taxi, or reach Garden Road for using the Tram.

Bus: From the Central Pier no. 8, you can board the bus no. 15C to reach Victoria Peak within 40-50 minutes. It’s the last station for the bus, you would not need to check for every station.

The Tram: It’s the quickest transport to reach Victoria Peak, only taking about 7-minutes, if there is not a queue already waiting to get cleared. Otherwise, it could take up to 2 hours as well.

Taxi: Hail a cab which takes about HK $ 100 or so for taking you to Victoria Peak within 20-30 minutes.

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Q 1. Can I Walk Up Victoria Peak?

The summit of the Peak is not allowed for the general public to enter. But you can hike up to the area nearby. You would also need to take the Tram Peak for commuting till the Peak Tower point. From there on, you can walk around or hike to the area that is allowed to be explored at Victoria Peak. Also, if in case you have children along with you, then it would not be convenient to walk all day long.

Q.2 How Long Is Peak Tram?

The Peak Tram, starting from the Central to the Victoria Peak Tower, covers about 1.4 KM of distance at the height of 400 meters above the ground level. Other than that, it takes about 7-8 minutes to reach the top. But, depending on the crowd, it can also take 1-2 hours with a lined-up queue in front of you.

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Q 3. Can Octopus Card Be Used On The Peak Tram?

Octopus travelling card comes quite handy for travellers in Hong Kong. From stores, railways, buses and other public transport, this card saves a lot of your money during the travel. And yes, you can surely use your Octopus card while you wish to commute to and fro the Peak Tram. This will help you go forward from the unending queue. You can buy this card online in advance with free cancellation facility. Otherwise, you can purchase queue jump packages online, helping you and your group of travellers commute easily through the Peak Tram.

Q.4 Are There Any Baby Care Facility In Victoria Peak?

Victoria Peak itself does not have a baby care facility. But you don’t have to worry. You can visit Peak Tower for the same issue. They have nursing rooms where proper nannies or nurses take care of your babies. You can call up the Peak Galleria or Peak Tower helpline number any day for further clarification on the same. Otherwise, you will find the customer care centre on the ground floor of the Peak Tower. So, if you are already around somewhere Peak Tower, you can reach out to them right now.

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Q.5 Is There Any Car Parking Facility At The Peak?

There is no provision for parking your cars at Victoria Peak because it is a residential district. But you can always park your rental cabs or private cars inside the Peak Tower parking area. It might cost you some Hong Kong Dollars, which you can inquire about on the spot; the charges might be updated. For further information, you can contact the Peak Galleria executives. Dial 2849 4113 for the clear and right information.

Q.6 Is There Any Locker Facility At The Victoria Peak?

Unfortunately, there is no locker facility available at Victoria Peak or nearby. Even the plaza of Peak Galleria or The Peak Tower does not have such storage facilities for your belonging or the luggage. Therefore, you need to put all your belongings at the lodge or hotel you have paid to stay at. However, you can always carry a travellers backpack with you while travelling near Victoria Peak. Though, there is a parking facility for the cars at the Peak Galleria, which is pretty safe. So, your shopping bags and other regular stuff can be kept inside your parked car. However, there is no point in packing for a whole weekend if you are travelling only for a day or two. So, you wouldn’t need a locker facility either.

Q.7 What Is The History Of Victoria Peak?

Firstly, Governor Sir Richard MacDonnell built his summer home back in 1868 at Victoria Peak for enjoying the quiet time here. Then the others followed his trend and built their respective houses. People used to travel by sedan chairs back then because of the rotten roadways. Though, from 1904 to 1947 the neighbourhood of this Peak was designated only for the expatriates. In fact, until 1881, the peak saw no development. It was because of Alexander Findlay Smith, who took the initiative to draw a petition in front of Sir John Pope-Hennessy to start the Tram services.

Also, Mr Findlay hoped that the Tram would increase the footfall at the Peak Hotel, which got demolished in 1938’s fire. But a little late, the Peak Tram picked up speed and became the regular source of commute to and from the Victoria Peak or The Peak Tower.

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Q.8 Is Baby Stroller Allowed In Victoria Tram?

Yes, the baby strollers are allowed inside the Tram, but they should not be wider than 26 inches when they are folded. However, if there is any issue, the staff is ready to provide help.

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Q.9 Is There Free Wi-Fi Services At Victoria Peak?

Yes, you will find free Wi-Fi at Victoria Peak, as well as, Sky Terrace 428 and the Peak Tower.

Q.10 Is It Possible To Watch Victoria Harbour Firework From Sky Terrace 428?

Although the view is gigantic from Sky Terrace 428, on the day of Fireworks, crowd control measures might be put on. And due to that, the Sky Terrace 428 might be temporarily unavailable. The authorities do not confirm the dates when it opens next. Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Night Tour, Flat 20% Off, Book Now!

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