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Noah's Ark Tours & Activities

About Noah's Ark

World’s first full-size replica of the legendary Ark of Noah, Noah's Ark is one of the ideal tourist destinations in Hong Kong for tourists across the globe.  Found on the Ma Wang Island, this grand tourist attraction is the situated in the beautiful city of Hong Kong that complements the view of the tantalizing Tsing Ma Bridge. The life-size ark incorporates tons of activities and elements for kids and kids at heart.

The ark also explores various cultural and educational aspects of Ma Wa in a fun and exciting way that provides for an excellent opportunity for tourists to interact with nature. Noah's Ark is home to tens of attractions with the primary motive to educate and enlighten children in an entertaining way.

From the Ark Garden where more than 67 pairs of life-sized animal sculptures reside to the Ark Expo, an audiovisual exhibition that narrates the difficulties our tropics are suffering from. Every aspect of Noah’s Ark is an attempt to make the youngsters aware of the environment in a way that will always stay with them.  Natural Garden, Solar Tower Camp, Noah’s Adventure Land are some more examples of the grand spread of awesome activities Noah’s Ark has to offer.

This glorious ark by the bay also hosts various family and corporate events including the Fire Fighter Elite Badge Workshop, Happy Dream Special Agent, Water Adventure and more.  Their stay package is creatively segregated into the Solar Tower camp, accommodation for 4 top 10 members; these rooms are minimalistic but comfortable. The visitors can also choose to reside in the Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resorts in their Birthday and Couple Anniversary Room Package or the Play, Dine and Stay Vacation Package.

Taking it a step further, Noah Ark has also introduced Noah’s Academy, a club designed to develop various analytical, life and social skills among people of all ages. The Academy offers a number of programs, camps, workshops, PTA’S and a whole new take on educating children.

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Essential Information

Location: Noah’s Ark Theme Park, 33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan, New Territories

Timings: Noah’s Ark is open 7 days a week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Noah’s Ark Admission Pass Type

The Tickets for Noah's Ark Hong Kong are divided into two types:

The General Admission Ticket: $198
Children and Senior Citizen: $158
The tickets are applicable for Ark Expo, e – Planet, Ark Garden, Treasure House, Solar Tower, and Natural Garden.

Tickets can also be bought on the official Noah’s Ark website and at the Ticketing office at Ma Wan.

If the visitors plan on taking the Ark Express for the tour, they are requested to purchase their tickets 10 minutes before the departure.  Round trip Ark Express coupons can be redeemed at shopping centres.

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Noah's Ark Attractions

1. Ark Garden: This extraordinary garden is decorated with 67 pairs of life-sized sculptures of various species of animals. Surrounded by tropics and miniature waterfalls, every angle of this garden is an excellent photograph. Additionally, visitors can also download their Noah’s Ark Animal Application and use it to learn more about the animals. The garden is an excellent learning opportunity for kids.

2. Ark Expo: Studying from a book is ancient, the Ark Expo is equipped with interesting audiovisuals in its state of the art theatre that makes learning about the planet entertaining. It also exhibits hundreds of ark models and an intriguing meteorite.    

3. Adventure Land: As the name suggests, this particular destination is a thrilling stop. Adventure land is packed with numerous activities including an 8-meter large swing and a monstrous 3D ladder among other adventures.  Warning: This thrilling escaped is for adults only and requires a minimum booking of 20 participants. 

4. Ark Life Education House: Constructed with an amalgamation of a number of entertaining stories, fun activities, and DIY projects, the Ark Life Education House is an activity hub enjoyed by kids of all ages.  The activities are targeted towards children with the primary motive to enlighten them about the wonderful nature. 

5. Treasure House: Molding the 15 models of life like culture, history, music and more into interesting and mindful games, the treasure house is a quest kid should definitely indulge in. 

6. e – Planet: One of its kind multi-sensor nature-themed display in Honk Kong, e – planet uses audiovisual technology to educate visitors about nature. 

7. Solar Tower:  The biggest solar telescope in South East Asia is now open to all and it resides in Noah’s Ark.  Astonishing experiences including a glimpse of the sun’s surface and 3d documentaries about our space are a part of this majestic Solar Tower. 

8. Nature Garden: Encompassed with thousands of flora and fauna, the Nature Garden is a natural bliss.

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Things to do at Noah's Academy

Noah’s Academy is a modern take on educating anyone and everyone about various facets of life. The academy uses STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) to educate the participants in a fun and engaging way.  There are various camps and PTA programs that run throughout the year and anyone from children to parents can participate and explore the courses.

1. Noah’s Academy Campus: The educational camp is developed for children. It focuses on developing numerous intellectual and personal skills in kids. All the activities are thoughtful and creative helping individuals to take home skills that will help throughout their life.

2. Workshops and Programs: There a number of engaging and entertaining workshops namely, Mad Science Laboratory Workshop, Be A Great Artist Workshop, Water Adventure, Kinball Promotions, and Fire Fighting Elite Brigade Workshop. The workshops are specifically designed to discover and explore the various interests of the kids.

3. PTA/ School Program: If your kids love the park, they will surely love Noah’s school. Taking a step further in educating the children, the school program at Noah’s Ark is not a usual program. Little Medical Trainees, Smart Money Management, Bubble Laboratory, Surviving in the Wild are some example of the kind of real-life programs the academy offers.  All the programs are targeted towards anyone in Kindergarten to Adults who love to learn.

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Hotels in and near Noah's Ark

1. Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resorts: Localities or a visitor from another part of the world, a stay at Noah’s Ark is as good as the experience. Visitors can reside in the Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resorts using their packages, Birthday and Couple Anniversary Package and Play, Dine, Stay Vacation Package. Simple double bedrooms to deluxe rooms for up to 8 members are available in the premise.  The hotel is also accompanied by the Harvest Restaurant.

2. Solar Tower Camp: Looking for a camping experience? The Solar Tower Camp extends the thrill and excitement of Noah’s Ark into a comfortable yet simple accommodation option. Rooms available here can reside up to 10 members. Refrigerator, beds and air conditioning are some of the highlight amenities of the place.

3. Royal View Hotel: If not inside the park, visitors can also choose to stay at the nearest hotel named Royal View Hotel. A four-star, non- smoking hotel with free parking and a pool, the place is perfect for travellers on a budget.

4. Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat: The hotel is found a little further from Tsuen Wan but there are minibuses always available for the island. Simple décor with basic amenities like Wi-Fi, restaurant, parking is available in the hotel, a night here can be a decent option.

5. Rambler Oasis Hotel: At 5 KM from Noah’s Ark, the hotel is a little further from the park. Basic amenities of the place include internet connection, parking space and a pool among others.  The rooms can accommodate up to 4 members and come with complimentary breakfast.

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Dining & Shopping at Noah's Ark

1. Harvest Restaurant: A blend of international cuisines served with a tantalizing view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Park Island Beach, and the Ting Kau Bridge, the Harvest Restaurant is the perfect place to dine when at Noah’s Ark.  The restaurant is open between 8:00 AM and 9:30 PM making it a perfect option for a meal or a light breakfast.

2. Noah’s Kitchen: In the midst of thrill and excitement, Noah’s Kitchen provides an opportunity for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy a fine dine.  With a hint of natural touch and a rejuvenating environment, the restaurant has a menu of quick snacks including delicious desserts, drinks, and fresh organic dishes from their own herb garden.  Noah’s Ark is a semi-open restaurant and is a function between 12:30 PM and 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekends.

3. Kids Deck: The Kids Deck offers a unique shopping experience for kids. The shop is extensively filled with themed goods, toys, craft items, gifts, books and more. The shop provides an excellent opportunity for your kids to take home some memories from the park.

4. Rainbow Gallery: An amalgamation of everything the park has to offer, the Rainbow gallery is decorated with a number of items adapted from the park's theme. Toys, Plush and more fun goodies for everyone who would love to take back some happy memories along with them are available in the gallery.

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Best Time to Visit Noah's Ark

The park is open year-round. The best time to visit the place during the weekend or weekdays is early in the morning. There are a number of attractions and opportunities to explore in the place that only early birds would be able to optimize upon. Avoid visiting in the rainy seasons as most of the activities are outdoors and during heavy rainfalls, outdoor activities are paused.

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Tips for Visiting Noah's Ark

- There is a lot to explore so better be early than late.

- Make sure to check out all the attractions.

- Adults can enjoy the Adventure Land thoroughly but the fun only begins if there are 20 or more participants.

- Download Noah’s Ark Animal Application to learn more about the sculpture animals in the Ark Garden.

- Don’t forget to take away some memorabilia from the shopping stores.

- Be sure to check out e- planet. It is fascinating and fun for both kids and adults.

- It is always better to get tickets 10 minutes before the Ark Bus departs.

- Tickets at the main entrance are in limited numbers hence, buying them online is highly advised.

- If you have booked a round Ark Bus ticket, it can be redeemed in the shopping malls around the park.

- No food is allowed inside the park. But, there are restaurants inside.

- Kids or adults should not carry any kind of wheeled object including wheeled shoes. Exclusion of baby strollers and wheelchairs are made.

- Photography is not allowed inside the indoor activity zone but plenty of photos can be taken on the outside, only for personal purpose.

- During heavy rains, the outdoor activities are put on halt but the park is still functional.

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How to reach Noah's Ark from Airport?

Ark Express Bus: A bus from MOKO to Noah’s Ark runs daily between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM every half an hour.  It takes around 20 minutes and the bus is costs nothing if you have booked your ticket online. The bus is usually found on terminal 2.

By Ferry: Tsuen Wan Ferry Terminal to Park Island. Timings are 10:35 AM,  1:35 PM and 4:35 PM

Taxi: Taxi service to Ma Wan has been commenced and visitors can use that too. It is available 24 hours a day.

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Q 1. How do I get to Noah's Ark?

Once at the Hong Kong International Airport, take Terminal 2 and head towards “Transport to Main Land China” section.  In the bus terminal lobby, you will find various bus schedules, take the Park Island bus. After about 30 minutes you should be at your location, Beach Commercial Complex, Ma Wan. Visitors can also use the ferry service from Tsuen Wan Ferry Terminal for Park Island.  Taxi service is also now available 24 hours a day.

Q 2. How long does the Noah's Ark take to visit it whole?

From the Treasure-house to Noah’s Adventure land, Ark Life Education House and more. There are a number of activities and attractions in Noah’s Ark that can take a very long time, probably the entire day. It is always advisable to reach the place early morning to enjoy every aspect of it. There are activities that can take anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour. However, if you are just there for a few attractions and some dining, a couple of hours will suffice.

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Q 3. Can I bring food into the park?

No. There are no food items, drinks or alcoholic beverages allowed inside Noah’s Park. However, an exception for baby food is made.  There are a number of dining options inside the park itself that the visitors can enjoy. Noah’s Kitchen is perfect for some delicious snacks on the go while the Harvest hotel is an excellent option for a good meal. So, while packing your bags make sure that there aren’t any eating items at all.

Q 4. What is unique about Noah's Ark?

Well, to start with Noah’s Ark is the exact replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark and stands at 450 feet. There are a number of attractions in the park including Ark Life Education House that uses fun multimedia techniques to educate kids and Noah’s Adventure land, designed to maximise the adrenaline rush in adults. Apart from that, you can also choose to reside in the largest Solar Tower in South East Asia. If that was not enough, there are accommodation option at Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resorts too. In short, fun, food and accommodation, there is everything here at Noah’s Ark.

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Q 5. Is Noah's Ark worth going?

Absolutely, if you are parents to young kids, they will love this place and you will too. There is so much to do here and for both kids and adults. If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, take a day out and visit Noah’s Ark. The life-size ark by the beach explores a number of aspects of the towns, Ma Wan, culture and tradition. Additionally, the attractions here provide a fun way to interact, engage and discover nature and it’s the true meaning.

Q 6. Can I bring the wheelchair or baby stroller in Noah's Ark?

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are the only kinds of wheels allowed in the park. Apart from that any kind of cart or wheeled carrier including skateboards, scooters, in-line skates, coolers, shoes with wheels or any other kind of wheel is not allowed on the premises. This is due to the safety measure.

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Q 7. Is it allowed to take photos in the park?

No, there is no photography, videography or taping allowed inside the premise on all indoor activities. It also applies to any live show that’s going on inside the park.  Media activities also require permissions from the park authorities. However, photos at the external activity areas can be taken for personal use only. Photography or videotaping for commercial purpose and broadcasting is also not allowed by formal permission. On the flip side, the Park has the authority to film, record or photograph any person who enters the park and use it for their own self without paying any amount to the person in the video.

Q 8. What are the things I should not bring to the park?

- Any kind of wheeled items including inline skates, coolers, shoes, scooters, skateboards and more should not be carried inside the park. Wheelchairs and baby strollers are excluded.

- Any kind of weapon is strictly prohibited in the park.

- Dangerous or hazardous material of any kind should not be carried.

- Any type of food drinks or alcoholic beverage excluding baby food is not allowed inside the premise.

- No pets are allowed inside the park with the exclusion of guide dogs for blind people.

- Glass containers are also not allowed. If you are carrying any kind of edible in a glass container it is also not allowed. Baby food and perfumes are allowed, however.

- Foldable chairs should not be carried.

Q 9. What is the child age limit and cost?

Any person below the age of 15 is not allowed inside the park until he is accompanied by an adult. The park authority also has the right to dismiss entry of any person in the park or in a part of the park if he/she to maintain safety orders.  Park can also limit the number of entries in the park if it’s required for safety reasons. 

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