Hong Kong Beyond Touristy Things: 10 Activities That You Won't Find in Guidebooks!

Why walk when you can soak in the incredible harbour views from a traditional pirate-style Aqua Luna Chinese junk boat? Why go to a regular restaurant when you can fry your catch at HA Cube fishing farm? Smash televisions and furniture to take off your stress (and yes, it’s legal)!
Walk in the eerie alleys of a phantom village, while you take the best Instagrammable pictures. Stargaze at the night sky as you camp amidst 400 million old volcanic rock formations. All this and much more is possible in this compact Southeast Asian island destination. Hong Kong is much more than its neon-lit skyscrapers, luxury malls, escalators, and trams.
When everything is in the fifth gear and life seems to be zipping by, it is time to catch a breath on your travel and delve into the spectacularly exotic underbelly of Hong Kong. So discard the guidebooks, go offbeat and create your own ‘Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong’ experiences.

Here are 10 activities that you won’t find in guidebooks:

1. Rock Climbing Experience in Black Crag

Black Crag is a famous rock climbing spot known for its natural rock formations. It has close to 24 routes to the summit like ‘My Cat’s Blacker than Yours’, ‘Lost Link’, and ‘Black Blast’ that are easy to climb with reasonable fitness. Look out for huge webs of the exotic Golden Orb Spider as you climb to reach the summit.

Why Visit: For all the adventure enthusiasts, Black Crag is worth exploring not only for the challenge that it offers but also for the fantastic views of the major attractions of the southern part of the island like Ocean Park and the beaches of the Deep Water Bay.
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2. Indulge in Waterfall Hikes to Tai Mo Shan

Being near the gushing cascades of waterfalls is a great way to keep cool in the tropical weather of Hong Kong. They also offer a beautiful change of scenery from the sometimes-crowded beaches and the skyscrapers of the city. Some of the other waterfalls to hike are Bride’s Pool, the enormous Ng Tung Chai, Sheung Luk Stream with the high cliffs, and the beachside Waterfall Bay.

Why Visit: Tai Mo Shan waterfalls are Hong Kong’s best-kept secret of amazingly rustic natural scenery. Adventure enthusiasts love the challenging hikes that lead up to the stunning views of the falls, some as high as 35 metres. Take a long dip in the cool waters of the plunge pools or try cliff jumping while here.
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3. Canyoning at Ping Nam Stream

One of the absolute must-visit offbeat places in Hong Kong is the Ping Nam Stream. A part of the Hula Skirt Falls, Ping Nam is considered one of the most scenic waterfalls here. Canyoning your way down the Ping Nam steep & sharply edged rocks tops the outdoor adventures itineraries in this place set amidst lush forests and fresh-water streams.

Why Visit: Go beyond the usual watersports and spend a thrilling day waterfall sliding, zip-abseiling, hiking, and rock climbing on this adventurous route dotted with waterfalls, rock formations, and streams. Try cliff jumping and swimming in the plenty of plunge pools on the way.
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4. Go for Hiking at Dragon Back Mountain

A short but rewarding hike, Dragon’s Back trail, takes you into the raw beauty of nature. The 8.5 long rugged trail, starting at To Tei Wan Village meanders like the curves on a dragon’s back leads up to the Shek O Peak standing at 284 metres.

Why Visit: This hike, named as the best urban hike in Asia by TIME Magazine, is the best way to get away from the hustle of the city. The hike ends at the Big Wave Bay where you can swim or just relax and can spend time looking at the majestic expanse of the South China Sea, Tai Tam Bay West, Chai Wan skyline, and even the Lamma Island on a clear sky day.
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5. Go Indoor Fishing at HA Cube

HA Cube promises a lot of fun for people who love to do unique things on their travel. This is an indoor fishing shrimp farm where you literally ‘fish’ for your dinner! A haven for seafood lovers, you can catch your lobsters, shrimps, and fish and enjoy their delicious barbecue immediately after. The restaurant provides the baits and rods; you just need to show up for this experience!

Why Visit: HA Cube is the only place in Hong Kong that offers an indoor fishing experience. In the comfort of an indoor space where you are almost always sure of a catch from the massive pool, indulge in one of the quirkiest dining experiences on your next travel to Hong Kong.

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6. Smash Things Up at Ikari Area

Smash Things Up at Ikari Area

Trust Hong Kong to surprise you with some of the other quirky fun experience at every nook and corner. More of a ‘rage room’, Ikari Area is the place to go when a calming massage or meditation don’t help you de-stress. Book a 15-minute session to let off some steam while you pick up a baseball bat and smash toasters, washing machines, chairs, televisions, etc.
Why Visit: Ikari Area is the perfect place to vent out your rage and stress in the way you wouldn’t dare to otherwise! This alternative space lets you be completely uninhibited and gives you your own space to help you let go. The activities here are monitored and are completely safe.
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7. Explore Plover Cove by Bike

If you love to take the off-beaten path and explore the beautiful nature on a bright sunny day, Plover Cove is the perfect place for you. Brilliant views of the Pat Sin Leng mountain range, Goddess of Mercy statue, Tsz Shan Monastery, and the waters accompany you while you cycle uninterrupted minus the crowds and noise. The track stretches for around 23 kilometres

Why Visit: One must not miss seeing Plover Cove Reservoir, which is the world’s first lake to be built from the sea. Not only is its location, amidst lush green hills, magnificent but it also has hidden natural treasures waiting to be discovered like patches of lush forests, waterfalls, a charming fishing village, and quaint nature trails.

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8. For the Extreme Thrill Seeker, Visit Ma Wan

What was once a thriving residential village housing thousands of fishermen and their families, a school, a typhoon shelter, and even a restaurant is now an abandoned place after its residents were evicted. It is now a popular haunt for curious tourists who want to see this empty shell of a forgotten place

Why Visit: Taking a walk in the mystic lanes of a phantom village is not something that you can do every day. It is a popular place where people flock to click quirky Instagramable pictures and fish at the pier. The streetlights are still turned on at night, which lend it an even more phantom-like appearance.

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9. Hiking at National GeoPark

Hiking at the 400 million old UNESCO protected Global Geopark is a living dream for every adventure enthusiast. Leading to the pristine Long Ke Beach, these rocky grounds await for the thrill-seeking hikers to advance over its naturally occurring volcanic rocks. The weather eroded sandstone known as the ‘Devil’s Fist’ as it resembles a fist also lies as one of the most beautiful attractions formed due to the natural conditions.

Why visit: Whether you are a thrill enthusiast, tranquility seeker, explorer, or hydrophilic, this is an ideal destination for you to unveil. The jaw-dropping panorama from the rocks gives a bird’s eye view of the beach. The sight of the setting sun at the beach after the rejuvenating hiking at GeoPark is a rewarding experience you cannot afford to miss. Still thinking about visiting? Don’t think just do it!
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10. Enjoy at Aqua Luna Sunset Cruise

Aqua Luna boats, named after a pirate Cheung Po, are the last remaining red-sail junk boats that offer uninterrupted views of the island’s cityscape from a completely new perspective. You can choose from the 4 cruise options and see Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, Golden Bauhinia, and the world’s largest light & sound show- Symphony of Lights.

Why Visit: It is a surreal ‘past meets future’ kind of unforgettable experience. You can explore all the beautiful attractions across the four major points of Wanchai, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Hung Hom and even choose a hop-on hop-off tour.
Experience the famed Hong Kong luxury as you cruise relaxing on a lounge bed or in a window table seat sipping a complimentary drink and enjoying a delicious Northern Chinese dinner at the award-winning Hutong.

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