5 Cycling Trails in Hong Kong That Will Surprise You at Every Turn!

Cycle through the highs and lows of Hong Kong and spice up your vacation! Ranging from locales like the Nam Sang Wai that are famed for the wetland wildlife to the lush greenery of Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk here you can witness everything that you crave for. From the sparkling water of the Shung Pui river to the urban streets of Cheung Chau, here you can cycle through them all.
Apart from this, you can also ride through the Pak Shek Kok Promenade where you can gape at the major attractions of the city that are arched by the trails of greens or you can just witness the lure of Shing Mun River. Whether you are vacationing with your family or your friends these cycling trails are just a choice with no regrets and leave no stone unturned to amaze the visitors!
Here are some of the cycling trails in Hong Kong:

1. Cycle through the Wetland Wildlife – Nam Sang Wai

Escape the urban life and explore the abandoned greens of Hong Kong with this trail. If you are a nature enthusiast then here you can delight your eyes with the green landscapes. Right from the ponds to the Shung Pui river here you can take a look at all the wonders of nature. Not only this but here you can also witness an exotic collection of flora and fauna that are dotted on the entire track!

Cycling Tips: Make sure that you are comfortable with the circular paths as this trail is a whirling one and is quite rugged.
Starting Point: Tai Wing Wah
Duration: 7 km long trail | 2 hours duration
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2. Enjoy the Trail for a Family Ride – Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk

Enjoy the Trail for a Family Ride – Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk

Embrace a melange of natural and man-made wonders on the Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk which takes you to the Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok Promenade, and several other major attractions of the city. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the local cuisine at the cafes that are dotted on this trail and can make it even more memorable. While you trace these paths, you can whiff in the fresh smell of tender leaves and can delight your eyes with the jaw-dropping displays of nature.

Cycling Tips: Make sure that you are all hydrated as the trail is quite long but a straightforward one.
Starting Point: Maxim’s Palace
Duration: 22 km long trail | 3 hours duration
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3. Ride along the Shing Mun River – Sha Tin to Wu Kai Sha

Famed as the shorter version of Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk the Sha Tin to Wu Kai Sha is an amazing trail. With this route, you can trace the major attraction of the region Shing Mun River and relax along with the soothing environs it offers. Apart from this, you can also cover the off-beaten trails that will give you a chance to learn about the traditions and culture of the region.

Cycling Tips: It is quite an easy trail and all you need to do is to keep yourself hydrated.
Starting Point: Sha Tin or Tai Wai
Duration: 20 km long trail | 3 hours duration
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4. Ride at Main Streets of the Island – Cheung Chau

Dotted with a number of points from where you can rent a cycle, the Cheung Chau is an amazing place for the cyclists. If you wish to take a glance at the Tung Wan waters then this is the perfect trail to choose and on this trail, you can also take a 360-degree view of the entire city. Not only this but here you can also explore the backstreets of the region and take a deep insight into the lifestyle of people.
Cycling Tips: Rent out the cycle from the initial point, that is BayView Chinese Restaurant as after this there are no renting places.
Starting Point: BayView Chinese Restaurant
Duration: Depends on the route you choose, but the island is just 2.5 km, so a maximum of 4 hours could be spent cycling.
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5. Enjoy Elevated Cycling Track – Po Kong Village Park

Sprawling over 9 hectares, the Po Kong Village Park is a paradise for the souls looking for an escape from high paced city life. At this track, you can witness a wide range of leisure activities like the third generation artificial turf pitch, cricket practice areas, and several others. Apart from this, here you can also witness the jogging trail or just trace the cycling paths. The park also features a Renewable Energy Zone which is one of its kind and one must not dare to miss out on this attraction.
Cycling Tips: This a perfect trail for beginners as it is low heightened and straightforward.
Starting Point: Diamond Hill
Duration: 650 meters trail | 1-hour duration
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