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Ocean Park Hong Kong Tours & Activities

About Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park stands amongst the largest marine-themed amusement parks in Hong Kong. Spanning across a land-stretch of 915,000 square meters, this park features marine animals, thrilling rides and live entertainment shows. With constant expansion and new additions, this Ocean Park crowns itself as one of the most visited tourist places in Hong Kong.

World-class thrilling rides, land, and marine zoo areas, state-of-the-art aquariums all add to the uniqueness of Ocean Park. Whether you are a child or someone with some physical disability, Ocean Park cares for all your entertainment. Right from children to senior citizens, this park greets one and all.

Adventure in Australia, Amazing Bird Theatre, Arctic Blast, Bouncer House, Bumper Blaster, Cable Car, Castle Of Redd, Crazy Galleon, Flying Swing, Expedition Trail, and Garden of Joy are some of the attractions you will find here.

Ocean Park allows you to witness some of your marine friends such as walruses, dolphins, capybara, tamarin, penguins, sea lions, giant panda, seal. For years, this park has been hosting wedding ceremonies, graduation bash, birthday parties, and VIP premium tours. Besides personal events and celebrations, you can plan your corporate events here. One-day company outing, corporate evening party, corporate training schemes, and evening charters are some similar past events.

Fun and entertainment at Ocean Park are not only limited here. They do organize an interactive event called Ocean Park Summer Water Battle, where you will witness some classic scenes from the anime series – One Piece.

Lakeside Chill Bar, Aqua City Bakery, Neptune’s Restaurant, Ginger Grill, Club Panda, Tuxedos Restaurant, and The Terrace Café here will take care of your appetite. In case you feel like going for some quick bites, head towards food kiosks. You will find many of them throughout the park. Popcorn Cart, Chick n Chill, Tapas Bar, O So Sweet, Chan’s Noodles, Yaki, Happy Snacks are few such names.

Lastly, you may end your visit to Ocean Park with shopping. Panda Kingdom Shop, Sichuan Treasures, Deep Sea Traders, Shutters, Waterfront Gifts, and Mystique Treasures will have everything you want to take back from here. As Hong Kong’s Ocean Park supports environmentalism, you should carry your own carry bag.

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Essential Information

 Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Southern District of Hong Kong

 Hong Kong’s Ocean Park opens sharp at 10:00 am and closes down by 07:00 pm. It is functional on all seven days of the week.

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Ocean Park Hong Kong Attraction Pass Types

There are 3 different passes available at Ocean Park Hong Kong for your unlimited fun and entertainment - 

Premium Pass (Limited Reservation): 
This pass provides free entry to the park for all 365 days in a year. Members with this card are eligible for Ocean FasTrack service. This service offers prior access to specific attractions and rides. Charges for different visitor categories are as follows:

2580 Hong Kong dollars (23658 INR)
1290 Hong Kong dollars (11829 INR)
1795 Hong Kong dollars (16459 INR)

Gold Pass: 
With a gold pass, you get access to a free 340 days entry at the Ocean Park. Charges applicable are as follows - 

1340 Hong Kong dollars (12290 INR)
670 Hong Kong dollars (6145 INR)
975 Hong Kong dollars (8942 INR)

Silver Pass: 
With a silver pass, visitors are entitled to a free Ocean Park access for 220 days in a year. Charges applicable are as follows -

1050 Hong Kong dollars (9630 INR)
525 Hong Kong dollars (4815 INR)

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Rides & Attractions at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park rides, and attractions are a true delight for every age group. From marine animals to mammals to grad aquarium to thrilling rides, Ocean Park will surely leave you spellbound with its fantastic experiences. Although the total count of rides and attractions here is above 80, here are some of the must-try options - 

1. Amazing Bird Theatre: 
Here you will be witnessing around 10 amazing prey birds with 70 different bird species.

2. South Pole Spectator: 
South Pole Spectator gives you an exciting opportunity to play with the penguins Witness their cuteness at the level of sub-zero temperature.

3. Ocean Theatre: 
Ocean theatre unveils the magic of oceanic world before you. There will be an interactive session to let you know the importance of the aquatic world.

4. Giant Panda Adventure: 
This is a place where you will find Red Panda, Giant Salamander, and Giant Panda under one roof. Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of their panda party.

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Rides at Ocean Park

1. Arctic Blast: 
This is a roller coaster ride drives you through the snowscape wonderland of the Polar backdrop. So, be ready to capture some adorable moments of your ride here.

2. Hair Raiser: 
Experience the plunges, dangles, loops, and hurtles with this most thrilling ride. Suspended high above the surface of the South China Sea, this is faster and wilder ride amongst all others.

3. The Rapids: 
The Rapids allows you to have a rafting experience like you might have never done before. It takes you across all the dark spots of dense jungles and rainforests.

4. The Eagle: 
This is a spinner ride which whirls in the air and then further splits into four different passenger pods with a frequency of 8 revolutions per minute.

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Family Attractions

1. Castle of Redd: 
This castle is full of mazes and adventures to be enjoyed with your complete family. It will surely take you back to your childhood days.

2. Mine Train: 
This roller coaster ride stands juxtaposed a sea on its side. With this ride, you will be riding from one hill to another.

3. Jungle of Giants: 
For Jungle of Giants, you must move in the direction of Whisker’s Harbour. This ride is exclusively meant for your small kids where they can climb the racks and ropes course. Whiskers, Fluffi, Mark, and Dougie will be your teammates here. Be cautious, as you might come across some giant creatures like you.

4. Old Hong Kong: 
A great way to recall all your memories of the 50s and 70’s retro area of Hong Kong will come alive here at the Old Hong Kong section of Ocean Park.

Transport Attractions

Here’s how you can enjoy your transportation within this park -

1. Cable Car: 
Enjoy the cable car ride which extends between The Summit and Waterfront. While enjoying this ride, do not forget to capture some backdrop memories of the sun, sky, and the vastly stretched sea cover.

2. Ocean Express: 
This ride runs between The Summit and the Waterfront for 4 minutes. Do not confuse it with an ordinary train journey as you will witness the magic of simulations just like you have felt within a submarine underwater.

3. Escalator: 
Escalator at the Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is the second-largest outdoor variant which drives you from MarineLand to Adventure Land. All over it, it is shielded with the aid of a glass tunnel.

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Places to Stay at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel: 
This hotel lies to the southern coast of Hong Kong island. There are around 471 guestrooms and suites here. You have three themed guest rooms to choose from – Whiskers Submarine, Bao Bao Paradise, and Redd Forest. The interiors of this place feature a modern design combined with nature-inspired décor. There’s a versatile event space within, and a pillar-free ballroom. The welcoming lobby features a 16 meters aquarium. For your lunch, snacks, and dinner, there’s a restaurant within exhibiting an alfresco themed ambience. This restaurant overlooks stunning lush gardens and a beautiful lagoon. Besides the regular hotel room facilities, you have a Lagoon pool, spa centre, fitness centre, grand ballroom, interactive spots, as some add-on recreational facilities.

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Places to Shop and Dine at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Where to Dine?

1. Lakeside Chill Bar: 
Lakeside Chill Bar overlooks the Aqua City Lagoon. This is the best place to try some afternoon or evening snacks. Cocktails, cider, mocktails, wines, and beers are the best options to try here.

2. Neptune’s Restaurant: 
Neptune’s Restaurant offers international dining options throughout the day. This restaurant is located in the backdrop of Grand Aquarium.

3. Tuxedos Café: 
This place is famous for its low carb meal which you can enjoy watching penguins frolicking on the sheet of ice that lies beneath.

4. Café Ocean: 
Café Ocean serves some cuisines from Hong Kong and Southeast Asian regions. You can have fantastic water views while having your meal here.

5. The Bayview Restaurant: 
This open kitchen restaurant is a part of Marine World where you can enjoy your dinners with jaw-dropping views of the vistas. South-eastern Asian cuisines are must-to-try cuisines of this restaurant.

6. Panda’s Café: 
Asian cuisines are best to try at Panda’s Café. Siu Mei and Dim Sum are some of their signature dishes.

7. The Terrace Café: 
This is an alfresco dining outlet with a wide array of seasonal dishes to try while relaxing yourself amidst an airy ambience.

If you don’t want to go for a heavy lunch or meal, you can grab some fast food items from different food kiosks that are present within. You also have a McDonald's if you want to much on some burgers or French fries.

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Where to shop?

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park features around 17 different shopping outlets for you to buy souvenirs as a take-home memory of this park. Panda Kingdom Shop, Deep Sea Traders, Sichuan Treasures, Waterfront Gifts, Shutters, Mystique Treasures, and Ocean Paradise are some of them. From key chains to umbrellas to hats to different memorabilia, there’s a lot for you to shop at each of these shopping outlets.

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Best Time to Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong

It is best to visit the Ocean Park Hong Kong during Autumn (September to November). If avoiding the crowd is your motto, you should schedule your visit to Ocean Park during the off-season. Tuesday to Thursday is excellent, as you can definitely expect a less crowd. On the other hand, Mondays and Fridays might trouble you as people may still be there for their weekend celebrations. Also, make sure that you avoid Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival.

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Tips for Visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong

- For a hassle-free admission to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, it is better to pre-book your admission ticket.
- You need one entire day to explore every nook and corner of the park. So, once you are in, do not rush in to vacate from here. Also, try to make yourself available during the early opening hours of Ocean Park. This will give you a reasonable period to explore the park in-depth.
- Keep track of daily attractions and ride schedule before you sit down and plan your itinerary.
- Public transportation is always good to plan your visit here to Ocean Park. This will keep you away from wandering in search of parking space.
- It is always advisable for you to pack your bag with at least one changeable clothing.
- Maintain discipline while you deal with animals. Disturbing, teasing, or interacting with them might either scare them or you.
- Keep track of weather conditions before planning your Ocean Park’s itinerary. For this purpose, you may check the official website of the Hong Kong Observatory.
- Make sure that you first buy an Octopus card which will help you during transportation.
- Visit the official website of Ocean Park once for all emergency contact numbers and keep them handy with you.

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How to reach Ocean Park Hong Kong from Airport?

From Hong Kong International Airport, you have six different options to reach Ocean Park - 

By Subway: 
Start your journey from Hong Kong International Airport by riding an Airport Express subway and get down at Hong Kong Subway Station. You have an Airport Express subway after every 10 minutes of wait time, From Hong Kong Subway Station, change transfers to reach Central where you will get either Bus No. 260 or 6A to drop you at Hong Kong Country Club. Now you just need to walk more for 4 minutes until you reach the entrance gate of Hong Kong Ocean Park. Subway transfers will cost you around 1000 to 1200 INR per head.

By Bus: 
Wait for Bus No. A11 or NA11 at Hong Kong Airport which will take you to the Jardine House. From Jardine House, change transfers to reach Central where you will get Bus No. 260 or 6A for Hong Kong Country Club. Walk for 4 minutes to finally reach the entrance gate of Hong Kong Country Club. Bus transport will cost you around 400 to 500 INR per head.

By Taxi: 
Hire a direct taxi to take you to the entrance of Ocean Park. From Airport, Ocean Park is at a distance of 41.3 km. Taxi drive will cost you around 4000 to 4500 INR per ride.

By Uber: 
Book an uber ride for Ocean Park at 2500 to 3000 INR per trip.

By Drive: 
If you are aiming to reach Ocean Park in your car, you can expect a fuel expense of 500 to 900 INR.

By Towncar: 
Towncar services between Hong Kong Airport and Ocean Park are available at 6000 to 8500 INR.

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How do I get from Hong Kong Ocean Park?
There are various options before you to reach Hong Kong's Ocean Park:
By Bus: You can either ride opt for a local or a cross-boundary bus to get down at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. As soon your bus crosses the Aberdeen Tunnel, you are supposed to get down. From this bus stop, your final destination is at a short walking distance. If Central Star Ferry is your starting point, Citybus Route 629 runs after every 20 to 60 minutes time interval.

By MTR: 
You can ride an MTR and get down at Ocean Park MTR station located on South Island Line. For this, avail a Tourist Octopus Card.

By Car or Coach: 
Hire a car or a coach to take you directly to the entrance of Hong Kong Ocean Park. There are parking facilities available at Ocean Park. Alternatively, you can opt for private van transfers.

Q2 Where it is Located?
Ocean Park is located at Aberdeen which lies in the southern region of Hong Kong.

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Q3 How many species of animals are there in the ocean park?
With a total count of 400 species of plants, birds and animals, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park homes to around 12000 animals from different parts of the world.

Q4 Is there a water park in Ocean Park?
Although a proposal has been made for creating a water park at Ocean Park, it still has two wet rides – Raging River and The Rapids. There are minimum height restrictions for both these rides. So, make sure that you go through them.

Q5 Which is better, Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park?
If you take a look at their entertainment level, both the Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Parks are spectacular. Yet, Ocean Park is more preferred by visitors, as here you have both nature and amusement under one roof. On the contrary, Hong Kong’s Disneyland is theme restricted. Nature and animal experience at Ocean Park provides a holistic piece of real entertainment. Hong Kong Disneyland Park Ticket @ Flat 20% Off, Book Now!

Q6 Are there pandas at Ocean Park Hong Kong?
Out of 120 pandas in zoos across the world, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park homes to four of them.

Q7 What is the child age limit and cost?
Yes, there’s an age limit for children. Child ticket is applicable for children within 3 to 11 years of age. Here are some applicable charges -
Premium Pass Type: 1240 Hong Kong dollars (11372 INR)
Gold Pass Type: 645 Hong Kong dollars (5914 INR)
Silver Pass Type: 525 Hong Kong dollars (4814 INR)

Besides the basic pass types mentioned above, Ocean FasTrack Standard, Deluxe and Grand passes have the same price for adults and children.

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Q8 How can I avoid getting lost and overwhelmed in Ocean Park?
Before stepping inside the Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, make sure that you download their official mobile app. This app is loaded with all essential information as well as real-time updates. You can have quick access to showtimes, interactive maps, guided tours, and other things which will assist you in navigating through the park.

Besides, if you are bringing your children here, you can get free wristbands from Guest Relation centres. These wristbands will indicate your contact number and the height of your child. In case your child is missing, you can seek the assistance of park staff, The wristbands on their hands will help the park staff to locate your child comfortably.

What to wear to Ocean Park?
Ocean Park is quite vast, and you will have to walk a lot. So, it is always better to wear comfortable shoes while reaching here. There is a seasonal variation in Hong Kong’s weather. Make sure that you dress according to the change in weather conditions. If you are scheduling your Ocean Park visit in summer, wear thin and comfortable clothing to avoid the hot and bright sun. For those visiting during the cold season, the jacket is perfect clothing to face the chilling cold with ease.

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Q10 What are the different type of package available?
There are three different package types available at the Ocean Park Hong Kong – Premium Pass, Silver Pass, and Gold Pass.

Q11 What are the operational day and hours?
Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is operational on all days of the calendar from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm.

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Q12 Does Ocean Park have lockers?
Yes, Ocean Park, Hong Kong does provide for locker facilities. After you get your tickets, you can rent a storage locker inside the locker room, which will be on your right-hand side. Renting a storage locker won't cost you more.

Q13 What are the different type of rides available in Ocean Park?
There are more than 80 different rides available at the Hong Kong’s Ocean Park which are bifurcated in six different bifurcations – animals, thrill rides, family attractions, in-park transportation, wet rides, and journey experience.

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