Temple Street Night Market Overview
Tempted about the glittering and glamorous sites of Hong Kong? Then you should definitely check out the Temple Street Night Market. Located in the Yau Matei and Jordan areas of Kowloon, Hong Kong City, the place is specifically renowned for its busiest flea market at the night hours.

The place offers cheap merchandise and delicious food stops and is also commonly found more crowded with tourists as well as locals during the dusk hours. It is also called as the ‘Men’s Street’ because of the large variety of men’s fashion found here.

The street begins to charm its customers from 2 pm but the actual crowd starts to flood in the market in the evening time. It has more than 100 stalls selling items on carts amidst the beautiful and colourful lighting. The market has sellers with a collection of a huge variety of merchandise from clothing to gadgets like mobile phones and watches, etc.

Not only that but the Temple Street Night Market also has shops that offer products that are affordable and in addition to that, there are also vendors that sell second-hand stuff like videotapes, cassettes, antiques, and old newspapers. One can also check out the variety of shops on the street market that usually get hidden behind the many small stalls.

The Temple Street Night Market holds a mark in the historic era because of it being built during the Qing Dynasty and so it got named after the Tin Hau Temple built near the market. People can also get entertained by the Cantonese Opera show while shopping around in the market. The market is not only known for the buying of apparel but also for the Chinese clinics and their traditional medicines for treating diseases and these clinics have been on the run for a long period.

The Temple Street Night Market does not only provide you with great shopping experiences but also serves you with some mouth-watering snacks. You shall also find some delicious range of seafood in addition to some traditional cuisines representing the unique culture of Hong Kong. Many people also find this location as a very suitable site for filming as the place portrays the life of the people of Hong Kong. So, get here and rejoice in the fun of a whole new way of shopping and experience the culture of the busiest streets in Hong Kong.

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Essential Information

Location: The lively Temple Street Night Market is located on the bustling streets of Hong Kong's Temple St, Jordan road offering you a wide range of things and delicious variant food at very affordable prices.

One can visit this solid night market on the bustling streets of Hong Kong during the evening hours of 5 pm till 11 pm operating on all days of the week.

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Places to Visit Near Temple Street Night Market

The glamorous city of Hong Kong has a lot more places to offer near to this lively Temple Street Night Market just like the following:

1. Victoria Harbour
Known to be a top-notch attraction to visit in the city of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour is an amazing site when it comes to enjoying the mystique views of skyscrapers, harbours, star ferry, the symphony of lights and Avenue of lights. It is known to be a natural landform harbour that separates the humongous Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula from the south to the north. One should surely think of taking a visit to this gorgeous place in the city of Hong Kong when wondering about places to visit near the Temple Street Night Market. 
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2. Jade Market, Jordan:
 Wondering about where to go next? Then do explore the jaw-dropping Jade Market, offering you the flawless collection of jewellery and the bewitching 'Stone of Heaven' that is the Jade stone. One will find stunningly crafted jewels made of Jadestone. It is meant for the travellers and the people who are highly fond of jewellery and handcrafted items. You will find the place very attractive and entertaining as the shopkeepers are quite friendly at the Jade Market.

3. Tin Hau Temple: 
This temple is a beautifully built piece of architecture. It was certainly built during the Qing Dynasty era and is so renowned since then. The Tin Hau Temple is known to be the reason for naming the street night market as the  Temple Street Night Market. It is the Tin Hau Temple around which the market has been built and so also is known to be the main highlight of the market. The temple is a structure on the square that instils five different temples in a row and is now known for its historic existence in Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong Space Museum: 
Built in the 1980s, this is a known place for everyone to learn about astronomy, science, and space. It is a very fun museum to be at and is especially an informative one for the kids or even college students. The Museum holds a lot of interactive displays and exhibitions that keep you engaged and entertained. It also provides services and eases to the disabled so that their visit is a memorable one.

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Things to Buy from Temple Street Night Market

Wondering about what things to buy from this famously known Temple Street Night Market? Then here is the list of a few must-haves that one should surely check out if not buy.

1. Trinkets: 
Well, one should unquestionably check out the trinkets available at the Temple street market as these little pieces of art are a must-buy at this place. These small jewellery bits can be seen in different shapes like that of a dragon, stars, etc. and are loved by everyone.

2. Teaware: 
If one wishes to decorate their kitchen or their tea/coffee tables with beautifully crafted teapots and teacups then one should for sure look out for the teaware at this place. The shops at Temple Street Market have gorgeous pieces of teaware.

3. Electronics: 
One should take a look at electronics collection like mobile phones or laptops at the Temple Street Market as they offer a large variety and latest technology selection at very affordable rates.

4. Watches: 
Searching for some great watches? Then do not miss out on the collection by the tradesmen at the Temple Street Market. They offer a great variety of watches for all men, women, and kids at amazing and affordable rates.

5. Jades: 
The highlight of this market is usually considered to be the ‘Jades’ and the piece of jewels in which these Stones of Heaven are embedded. One should surely visit the Temple Street Night Market as you can find various vendors who will provide you with real Jade and the jewellery made of it.

6. Antiques: 
If you are searching for historic bits of art and antiques to preserve the ancient feel and decorate your houses with the same, you should definitely check out the Temple Street Market that offers a great variety in the art of antiques.

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Places to Eat in Temple Street Night Market

Well, hunger is a sure thing to happen while walking on the streets for hours so to satiate your hunger one can find many places to dine in a proper meal or to munch on a snack at the Temple Street Market. Check these out while you visit the place:

1. Mammy Pancakes, Jordan: 
If you are craving for a sweet bite after all the spicy options then the Mammy Pancakes at the Temple Street Market offers you a great variety of waffles and pancakes along with the spicy street food options. One can also opt for this little cafe that provides you with not just pizzas and noodles but also with a variety of delicious desserts.

2. Shau Shau Shau: 
Serving you with the cuisines of Thai and Asian culture, this place is a paradise-like a restaurant to have a meal at. The staff will provide you with the best services and also they offer you these ravishing meals at very affordable prices. You can prefer grabbing a bite at this restaurant at the Temple Street Market.

3. Club Noodles: 
If not in the mood for a proper meal and in search of a place where you can just munch upon some snacks then this is the place for you. They offer you various cuisines like Chinese, Asian, Deli, Pub, Gastropub and Street Food to which one cannot say no. It is a warm and welcoming place where one can go with friends or family after the long hours of shopping at the Temple Street Market.

4. Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant: 
If looking for a place to have a proper meal then one should drop a visit to the Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant in the Temple Street Market. They offer you cuisines of the Philippines and Asia at this small yet welcoming restaurant. The place has great ambience and top-notch service. One should definitely visit this place to satiate their hunger for good food.

5. Mr. Stone Congee and Noodles: 
Rated among the best hotels at the Temple Street Market this place offers you Chinese and other Asian cuisines under the range of 280-430 INR. One should surely visit this cafe cum restaurant and taste the delicious porridge and noodles.

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Highlights of Temple Street Night Market

If looking around for the things not to miss at this alluring Temple Street Market, then check out for the following list of must-see things:

1. Savour the taste of local Chinese street food: Satiate your hunger for the best Chinese food on the streets of Temple Street Market as the food vendors serve you with the best and authentic taste. Even the local street food includes many variants like rice in a clay pot or chicken noodles and much more other than the regular stuff you eat and it will surely leave you delighted.

2. Do acknowledge yourself about Traditional Chinese medicines: The main highlight of the Temple Street Market is the traditional Chinese medicines that were and are still today preferred by the local people to cure serious illness and diseases.

3. Variety of electronics and antiques: The Temple Street Market not only brings you the basic experience of shopping fashion, jewellery, etc but also the great digital pieces are available here. Unlike the local vendors, this market also has some shops that will sell you authentic branded pieces of electronic apparel and all are worth checking out for sure. Not just those but the collection of the art of Antiques available at this market is a not to miss feature of the market.

4. The grand Cantonese Opera Show: At this colourful and beautifully lit Temple Street Market, people are not just serving you with flavourful food or exclusive shopping experience but also provide you with the melodious songs sung at the Cantonese Opera show. Their songs make you feel light and joyous amidst the bustling of the market.

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Hotels near Temple Street Night Market

If in the search for a homely place to crash in for a day or two after wandering around in this extremely wonderful Temple Street Night Market, then do consider these hotels nearby for a cosy stay:

1. Evergreen Hotel, Kowloon: Located just a few meters away from the Temple Street Night Market, the Evergreen Hotel is a beautiful place for a stay. Providing you with not just basic amenities but also with a good size of a room at the price of approximately INR 1800. They provide you with an ironing board, electric kettle, work desk, and an electronic safe. This hotel is also near the train station and there are many Indian cuisines restaurants located near the hotel.

2. The Kimberley Hotel: The Kimberley Hotel offers you a luxurious stay at great prices along with decent services. They have some delightful massages and relaxing spa therapies at the hotel and after a long day out in the city of Hong Kong, shopping at the Temple Street Night Market one can experience the peace at this homely like hotel. You can find great rooms at a very affordable price of INR 3440.

3. Best Western Grand Hotel: This one is a well-built hotel to make your stay the comfiest and a memorable one. With amazing hospitality and 24-hour luxurious services, this hotel is a great place to stay in when visiting the Temple Street Night Market. They also serve you with free breakfast, club area for kids, a pool area and restaurants with delicious and authentic meals. The staff at this place is multilingual so that tourists from any part of the world do not have a problem communicating.

4. Best Western Plus Hotel: One who visits the Temple Street Night Market and is looking out for a great place to land for relaxation then the Best Western Hotel is the place for you. Just a km away from the main market, this hotel offers you amenities like free wi-fi, parking, spa area for relaxation and great hospitality. It is a modern hotel with an Italian restaurant at very nominal prices.

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Tips for shopping at Temple Street Night Market

When visiting the busiest street of Hong Kong that is the Temple Street Market with friends or family the following tips should be kept in mind beforehand so that you are known about the place:

- One should always look out for the shops that get hidden behind these multiple little stalls as the shops will offer you products of much authenticity and better quality whereas the stalls shall offer you the non-branded products and maybe with fake tags of brand names on the merchandise.
- Do check out for the difference in the prices of local products and branded products as the vendors sell the local ones with brand tags on them at high prices.
- Keep yourself bargain ready, as the merchandise being sold at the Temple Street Market is very cheap and sometimes second-hand material so bargain as much as possible according to the quality and buy the products at much cheaper rates.
- One who wishes to buy souvenirs that are cheap and affordable can try buying the trinkets and other stuff similar to those as they are available at much cheaper rates.
- One who wishes to buy affordable products should check out the second-hand merchandise at the Temple Street Market sold by the shops that provide you with second-hand products only.

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Best Time to Visit Temple Street Night Market

Dropping a visit to the most renowned and busiest streets of Hong Kong and wondering about the suitable time for that? Well, then one should keep in mind that the Temple Night Street Market operates every day from 2 pm noon till 11 pm. Although it has been observed that usually, the shoppers give a visit during the evening hours. The market is seen to be flooded with people since then and the vendors will be at service providing you with a wide range of products to shop, food to munch on along with entertainment.

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How to reach Temple Street Night Market from Airport?

Searching for conveyance for a trip from the airport to the classic Temple Street Night Market? It might be right for you then to choose from the following:

Train: One can opt for the Airport Express train that can be found inside the airport building itself at Tsing Yi station. The train will take you to the Central but make sure to get down at Jordan MTR Station and then walk for 3 blocks and you will find the Market.

If you wish to get there by means of the bus, then take the A22 Airport CityFlyer that will pick you up directly from outside the airport and drop you at Shanghai Street shop from where one can walk two blocks and reach the Temple Street Night Market.

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1. What’s so unique about Temple Street Night Market?
Taking you away from the idea of regular shopping experience and serving you with some ravishing street shopping hours, the Temple Street Market is uniquely famous for keeping the culture of street shopping alive in the glitz and glam of the city of Hong Kong. the most unique features of this market are that the place offers you with all kinds of antiques and souvenirs and also the cultural dishes at food stalls.

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2. Is there anything special in Temple Street Night Market?
After when the sun sets down in the city of Hong Kong, the colourful streets of the Temple Street Night Market get lightened up by the traders setting their stalls and the fortune-tellers start to emerge and the opera show begins. The speciality of this classic street market is everything it displays from antiques to the fashion apparel, from electronics to the souvenirs like trinkets, from the tasteful street food to authentic Chinese cuisines the market has all of it.

3. What is Temple Street Night Market famous for?
The Temple Street Night Market is famously known for its collection of Men’s fashion and is called the Men’s Street because of the same. The market has a great collection of men’s wear and also is known for the Tin Hau Temple after which it was named. People are deeply attracted to this place as it has also been a great background for filming movies, theatre and Chinese festivals.

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4. What is the history of Temple Street Night Market?
The Temple Street Night Market holds a mark in the historic era for it being built during the period of the Qing Dynasty and also got named after the Tin Hau Temple built near the market. People even today worship and celebrate their Chinese festivities at this temple. The historic architecture holds the culture of those times and people are seen rejoicing in its presence because of it being the highlight of the Temple Street Night Market.

5. Why is it named Temple Street Night Market?
The Temple Street Night Market is not just renowned for its street style shopping experiences but also because it highlights the traditions through the Tin Hau Temple which defines the true meaning of this place. This humongous yet ravishing market gets its name from the historic era of the Qing Dynasty during which this beautiful temple was built. The Temple Street Night Market derives its name from the same as the market surrounds the Tin Hau Temple and has, therefore, become the main highlight of the market area. Most people even visit the market because of this divine temple and its architecture where the ethnic traditional Chinese culture is until today followed.

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6. Is there any place to eat street food near Temple Street Night Market?
Yes, people can find various places to eat the common street food at the Temple Street Market and as well as near to it. One can find many places like Spicy Crab Restaurant, Tong Tai Seafood Restaurant, Manakamana Nepali Restaurant and many more that serve you with mouth-watering dishes like the clay pot rice and seafood noodles. One can also explore the Shanghai market just 4 blocks away providing you with some great street food dishes. The Jordan road has many such places where one can find various food outlets to grab a bite.

7. Is Temple Street Night Market a kid-friendly place?
One does not have to worry about taking their kids to the Temple Street Night Market as it is unquestionably a kid's friendly place. It may occur at the beginning of losing sight of their child in the market but this night time market will relieve you of that frown on your head as the place is a delight for the kids to rejoice in and to keep them engaged. The little differently shaped trinkets and the savouring street joints will never fail to attract your child. So, one should without any doubt visit the Temple Street Night Market with their kids as the aura and colourful decorative market will keep the kids delighted.

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