10 Water Adventure Experiences Everyone Should Try in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a paradise for adventure lovers, and it offers enticing water sports if you are looking to push your adrenaline levels with water adventure activities in Hong Kong. The waters of Hong Kong range from calm to torrential, offering an ideal atmosphere to try adventure sports like surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing amongst others.
If you want to try water adventure rides, hit the Ocean Park or the Hong Kong Disneyland, where you can experience wading through man-made forests and adventures. Hong Kong offers water adventure activities for visitors across all age groups. Get set to drench yourself in the crazy water adventure experiences everyone should try in Hong Kong!

Following are the 10 water adventure experiences everyone should try in Hong Kong:

1. Ride in the Raging River at Ocean Park – Rising Adrenaline with a Drop

The logboat ride builds the ideal enigma while sailing in calm waters before making your adrenaline levels go bonkers. Float on the wooden logs as it takes you to drop slopes and blind curves.
By the time you gather yourself, you will find yourself in the middle of a vertical drop into the mist below at a whopping speed of 58 kmph. Get a picture clicked right when you are on the downhill slide for memories that will last a lifetime.

Where: Adventure Land, Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang Road
Cost: HK$ 498
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2. Sea Kayaking at Sai Kung – Burn your Calories

Explore the tranquil waters of Hong Kong by indulging in some water adventure sports in the form of sea kayaking. The adventure will also serve as a great upper body workout while you make your way through the sea waters.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find varied coastlines to kayak along. Explore the villages and beaches of Hong Kong by hiring kayaks and safety equipment at Sha Ha Beach and paddle for an adventurous sojourn of self-discovery.

Where: Sai Kung New Pier, Fuk Man Road
Cost: HK$ 800
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3. Scuba Diving at Sai Kung – A Journey to Self-discovery

Hong Kong is an ideal place for beginners to try scuba diving at their pace before they head for their first major diving expedition anywhere else. Explore more than 80 different species of coral reefs under the pristine waters of Hong Kong.
Enjoy swimming with colourful fishes and other aquatic beings for a close encounter with marine life. Set off on this adventurous journey of self-discovery underwater by diving deep into the sea.

Where: Sai Kung Public Pier
Cost: HK$ 620 (including lunch)
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4. Experience the unusual game – Water Polo

Usually held in swimming pools, the water polo games are played at a reduced court size of 10m x 15m at the Repulse Bay. Open for all ages, you will love this sport if you like ball games, social sports and swimming.
The game requires tremendous concentration on the ball and excellent swimming skills. Even if you are new to the game, you will enjoy watching the action for its high-octane action amidst the waves and currents. At Repulse Bay, you also get an opportunity to swim up close and watch the players in action.

Where: Repulse Bay
Cost: Starts at HK$120
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5. Wakeboarding at Tai Tam Tuk – Every Adventure Junkie’s Paradise

Your search for extreme water adventure ends with wakeboarding at the Tai Tam Tuk Village. Learn the basics of body positioning, edging, jumping, flipping and spinning before you set off for the ultimate adventure. Get jumping and flipping over the surface of the water and up your adrenaline levels by mastering the art of wakeboarding.
Feel the speed while trying acrobatic moves ranging from flips to rolls as you give set out to conquer the seas with whirls. With the handle hooked to the boat and a wakeboard under your feet, the adventure in Hong Kong waters is all yours!

Where: Tai Tam Tuk Village
Cost: HK$ 850
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6. Windsurfing at Stanley – The Ideal Summer Ride

If you are confused between trying surfing and sailing, choose windsurfing to experience the adventure of both the activities together.
If you are a beginner, ride on the gentle summer waves of Hong Kong seas at Stanley Beach offers the best winds between the months of September and April. Enjoy windsurfing at Stanley, where most active windsurfers of Hong Kong are located.

Where: Stanley Main Beach, Hong Kong Island
Cost: Starts at HK$ 16 per hour on weekdays, HK$ 24 on weekends
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7. The Rapids at the Ocean Park – The Epitome of Wet Adventures

Ocean Park

Located in the Rainforest, enjoy the wild ride zigzagging, twirling and sliding through the river, past multiple waterfalls and dense forests.
Hop on to the rubber dinghy and slide through the tropical jungle to enjoy the adventure in the lap of nature. With sudden water gunshots and gleams of sunlight waving at you over your ride through the suspension bridges, this wet adventure is all you need to up your adrenaline levels.

Where: The Rainforest, Ocean Park, Wong Chuk Hang Road
Cost: HK$ 498
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8. Surfing at Big Wave Beach – Ride the Tide

Surfing is one of the most popular water adventure sports, and whether you are a beginner or an expert, the sea waters of Hong Kong provide ideal waves for you to surf on.
The Big Wave Beach is the best spot to surf after getting a few classes on how to surf solo in the seas. The height of the waves may range from 1-6 feet, and the number of surfers is usually high here due to the high popularity of the beach and its easy accessibility.

Where: Big Wave Beach, Shek O
Cost: HK$ 50 with a deposit of HK$ 100
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9. Enjoy cruising  at Jungle River Cruise, Disneyland – A Nature Lover’s Delight

Disneyland is a paradise for visitors across all age groups, and if you want to try adventures in the water, the Hong Kong Disneyland resort offers a great spin to the regular water park rides. Enjoy the views of the jungle-themed ride where you wade through adventurous waters on a junky boat.
Encounter playful elephants, reptiles and giant spiders, wading hippos, headhunters and the Canyons of the Gods during the thrilling ride in treacherous waters of the tropical river. Whether you are a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast or an adventure junkie, the Jungle River Cruise knows how to keep you hooked on this junky board ride.

Where: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island
Cost: HK$ 639
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10. Snorkelling at Hoi Ha Wan – The Coral Delight

Explore the underwater life at Hoi Ha Wan, which translates as “Bay Beneath the Sea”. Enjoy swimming next to over 84 types of corals and more than 120 different species of coral fishes. The abundant corals and crystal clear waters make snorkelling at the Hoi Ha Wan resort an unmissable water adventure sport.
To your surprise, the number of corals found here is more than any other popular snorkelling sites in the world. You will find exotic marine species like seahorses, sea urchins, fishes, lobsters, sea cucumbers amongst others as you prepare yourself to witness the wondrous underwater world off the shores of Hong Kong.

Where: Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
Cost: HK$ 350
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