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Lamma Island Tours & Activities

About Lamma Island

Hong Kong’s Lamma Island is known for its laid-back experience. Locals visit Lamma Island either to relax during their free time or to try some adventurous trails. There’s some sort of free-spirited and multicultural vibe which makes Lamma Island stand out from the remaining Hong Kong attractions.

For all newcomers, Lamma is all about rustic villages, local temples, seafood restaurants, and adorable coastal scenery! Exploring Lamma Island on foot allows you to meet and greet the local community here. Meeting them could be a turning point in your life as you will get to know their culture and tradition.

Amidst all its natural and man-made excellence, Lamma Island is famous for its hiking adventure in Hong Kong. Your hiking trail begins from Yung Shue Wan which is in the north-west region and ends at Sok Kwu Wan towards the south. Sok Kwu Wan is the place where you’ll find ample dining options to serve you some of the most excellent quality seafood preparations. Tin Hau Temple of Lamma dates back to the 19th century is a worthy place to visit.

Amongst beaches, Lo So Shing Beach and Hung Shing Yeh Beach add on to the glory of Lamma. Both are characterized by their crystal clear silent waters and glittery golden sand. Swimming and sunbathing are two popular water activities here. And guess what? These beaches have secret BBQ spots where you can cook your own family meal.

Sham Wan is the only bay of Lamma nestling some endangered species of green turtles. Kamikaze Caves and Fisherfolk Village are two other essential destinations to adore at Lamma Islands. Lamma Rainbow, Tai Yuen Restaurant, Bookwork Café, and the Waterfront Restaurant & Bar are some places for you to sit and dine. Alternatively, you can step in at Herboland for some organic preparations. Sweet tofu dessert is yet another traditional cuisine to try when you visit Lamma Island.

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Essential Information

Location: South-western region of Hong Kong Island

Timings: There are no time restrictions to visit Lamma Island. All you need to do is to keep track of the ferry schedules that run from Central Pier 4.

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Things to do in Lamma Island

1. Enjoy beach activities at Lamma Island: Once you are here at Lamma Island, visit Lo So Shing Beach. This beach is situated within a small cove and is fenced all around by foliage. You can seek some time at relaxation here as it’s a hidden piece of silence. You can either indulge yourself in the sunbathing or swimming activities. If not, enjoy beachside games like cricket, volleyball, football etc.

2. Have a nice meal at the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant: Rainbow Seafood Restaurant is located within Sok Kwu Wan, which draws the attention of seafood admirers. Stir-fried prawns, fried crab with honey, Oyster Sauce and rainbow fish are some must-try delicacies here.

3. Read books at the Lamma Island Bookworm Café: If you are here at Lamma Island, do not miss visiting this bookworm café. While you read your favourite books, try their organic and vegetarian food preparations. If you don’t want to have a heavy meal, you can always club your reading session with a fresh and brewing organic cappuccino. This café is at a walkable distance from Yung Shue Wan Main Street.

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4. Walking down the Yung Shue Wan Main Street: Calm walking through the Yung Shue Wan Main Street is people’s favourite pastime hobby as there are many eateries and shops to crawl around. Other than that, you can always go for heavy shopping with handicrafts and goods from Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

5. Participate in the Lamma Island Family Trail: The path between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan is known to be a hiker’s paradise. As you begin with your hiking, your journey shall offer you some fantastic views of Cheung Chau. Sandy beaches of Lo So Shing Village features phenomenal fishing rafts.

6. Visit the Lamma’s Fisherfolks Village: Angling, hauling in fishing nets, catching large fishes, weaving ropes are some activities to be enjoyed at the Lamma’s Fisherfolks Village. Authentic fishing junks, exhibition hall, fishing raft, traditional dragon boats, themed folklore booths, and dwellings are significant attractions of this village. You can take a look at the marine handicrafts and products at the authentic fishing junk.

7. Seek blessings at the Tin Hau Temple: Although you will find many Tin Hau Temples present throughout Hong Kong, this one at Yung Shue Wan is something different. The temple buffs resemble Western architectural style. Birthday of Tin Hau is celebrated here with dragon boat, Cantonese opera performances and sampan races.

8. Enjoy Lamma winds: Lamma homes to the first-ever green energy plant of Hong Kong. The wind turbine here stands 71 meters high and is open for everyone’s visit. As soon as you reach here, do make an attempt to capture some beautiful movements of the turbines from various directions.

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Best Restaurants to Eat at Lamma Island

Lamma is a paradise for all seafood lovers. Yet, there are myriads of international cuisine options to try here - 

1. LaLa Mamas: Located on the main street, this restaurant focuses more on healthy eating habits. Egg preparations are a popular breakfast option available here. Blue rice salad, which is a Malaysian inspired cuisine is an excellent dining option to try here with your family.

2. Carlos Tapas/ Candela: Candela or Carlos Tapas is a 30 seat restaurant which serves some utterly delicious food preparations such as creamy spinach, tuna stuffed eggs, and eggplant salad.

3. Andy’s Seafood Sau Kee Restaurant: This is a Cantonese restaurant standing different from all other competitors in the market. Salt pepper squid, steamed bean curd, crisp roast chicken are some must-to-try options here.

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4. Lamma Grill: Slow-cooked barbecue pork ribs, pizza’s and sandwiches are signature dishes at the Lamma Grill. You can even try their vast array of burgers for some really quick bites.

5. Lamma Rainbow: Lamma Rainbow is a people’s choice dining option at Lamma Island. Some of its signature preparations are inclusive of steamed prawns, fried lobster, fried crab, fried squilla, rainbow fish and smoked chicken. This restaurant has been in operation for the past 30 years.

6. Wai Kee Sea Food Restaurant: Wai Kee SeaFood Restaurant exhibits a sunny yellow scheme with a relaxing ambience. Steamed fish, tender fried squid, steamed scallops, fried clams, Yangzhou fried rice and roasted pork, are some delicacies to try here.

7. Loso Kitchen: This eclectic bar and café are open 24 hours. Pasta, noodle soups, chips and salads are common preparations to try here.

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Best Hotels to Stay in Lamma Island

Although this is the right tourist spot, Lamma falls short when it comes to planning your overnight stay. There are very few accommodations options before you. Here are three of them - 

Hotels: There’s only one good hotel where you can accommodate yourself while you are on your Lamma Island visit. The Concerto Inn is a mini-hotel situated on the beach itself. Although there are very few rooms available here, they do provide a facility for private events. The entire hotel represents a luxurious lifestyle.

Holiday Flats: There is a self-catering flat system available at Lamma Islands. You can easily rent them from kiosks. These kiosks are located around ferry piers. Some of them are available on advance booking via emails. Lamma Resort, Dollarful, and Sun Hing Hotel are some of the similar service providers.

Youth Hostel: Well-known as the Lamma Youth Camp, Youth Hostel is monitored by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. These are usually arranged as a part of the outdoor activities for the group, and other tourists cannot avail this facility.

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Best Time to Visit Lamma Island

You can never expect stable weather conditions at Lamma Islands. October to December is usually the best season to visit Lamma Island. The atmosphere during this period is generally calm and dry. Lamma witness showers from January. Throughout the period from July to September, its summers here. Lamma’s summer season is warm, beautiful and sunny. However, you may experience some occasional tropical storms.

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Tips for Visiting Lamma Island

- Your ferry ride from Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan would last for around 30 minutes duration. It will cost you around 17.80 dollars (162.70 INR) for adults and 8.90 dollars (81.30 INR) for children.

- Your Lamma Island hiking trail will cover a distance of around 3km.

- Both Lo So Shing Beach and Hung Shing Yeh Beach remain closed during the period between June to October. This is so because the green turtles hatch during this period.

- Weekdays are always better to enjoy at the Lamma Islands and escape the weekend crowd.

- You can board an MTR to drive you to the Hong Kong Station or Central Station.

- Before reaching here, make sure that your bag contains quick to eat foods, refreshments, plenty of water, or other drinks.

- Victoria Peak, Ma Wan Islands, and Lantau Islands are some of the nearby attractions here.

- As you won't find any cars running through the streets of Lamma Islands, you need to dodge motorised carts for your commutation purpose.

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How to reach Lamma Island from Airport?

You have two options to reach Lamma Island - 

Option 1 – Subway, Ferry

You are now at Hong Kong International. After every 10 minutes, you have an Airport Express Subway to take you to Hong Kong. Once you reach Hong Kong, you need to walk for 7 minutes until you reach Central Pier. From Central Pier, you will be boarding a ferry which will drive you to the Yung Shue Wan within 30 minutes. Your entire trip will cost you around 1200 to 1320 INR per head.

Option 2 – Bus, Ferry

You are now at Hong Kong Airport. From here, you will either need an A11 or NA11 bus to take you to the Harbour Building. After a walk of 10 minutes, you will reach Central Pier from where you’ll get a ferry to Yung Shue Wan. Your entire trip shall cost you around 600 to 800 INR per head.

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Q1. How long is the Lamma Island Hike?

Lamma Island Hike is around 3km long trail connecting two large villages there. Ferry pier terminal at Yung Shue Wan is the start point of the trail, and it goes on till Sok Kwu Wan. Throughout your trial, you will come across numerous shops and a Tin Hau temple. You just need to be on the path. There are signboards hung everywhere to take you to your destination.

Q2. How do I get to Lamma Island?

Lamma Island is situated off the Hong Kong’s south-west coast. Thus, you have to take a ferry to reach there. There’s no other route to take you to Lamma Island. Here’s how you can travel there –

Ferries from Central Pier 4: From Central Pier 4, you have ferries to both Yeung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. Each ferry goes to only one particular destination. So, be careful as you opt for the right one. Ferry services from Central Pier 4 run on all seven days of the week. For Yeung Shue Wan, the ferry leaves after every 30 minutes; while ferry for Sok Kwu Wan leaves after every 2 hours. the former will cost you around 16 Hong Kong dollars while the latter will cost you around 19 Hong Kong dollars.

Ferries from Aberdeen: Aberdeen provides ferry services to Lamma Island. Frequency of the ferry rides is fair enough with one ride after every 90 minutes. On weekdays, you need to pay around 11 Hong Kong dollars per adult whereas on Sundays, the cost will be 16 Hong Kong dollars per adult. You need to approach Promenade to catch this ferry service.

Rainbow Restaurant Ferry: Hong Kong’s famous restaurant also provides a free shuttle ferry service to  Lamma Island. To avail this ferry service, you need to head towards Central or Tsim Sha Tsui piers. You will have to make an early registration for the same at the restaurant via phone call or by dropping an email to them.

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Q3. What is Lamma Island famous for?

Lamma Island is famous for its seafood, relaxed villages and long stretches of golden sand. Laidback Bars, Seafood Restaurants, Lo So Shing Beach, Lamma Island Bookworm Café, Yung Shue Wan Main Street, Lamma Fisherfolk’s Village are some attractions to explore here.

Q4. Do you have to pay to go to Lamma Island?

Although you need not pay anything to visit Lamma Island, you will be charged for the ferry services. On average, it will cost you around 17.80 dollars (162.70 INR) for adults and 8.90 dollars (81.30 INR) for children. However, you need to visit their respective ticket counters to check for their ferry prices. As you ferry boarding point differs, your pricing will differ further.

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Q5. How long does it take to visit and view the entire Lamma Island?

You can wind up your Lamma Island tour within 3 to 4 hours if you are not planning for an overnight Lamma stay. This holds true when you are just willing to see the major tourist attractions. If you are looking to explore Lamma Island’s nook and corner, you will need some more time as there are plenty of attractions here.

Q6. Where can I find lockers in Lamma Island?

There is no public locker facility available at Lamma Island. You need to lock all your belongings inside your hotel room itself.

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Q7. What to buy from Lamma Island?

There’s not much to buy from Lamma Island. However, you can easily find some small shops at Yung Shue Wan selling arts and crafts. Besides, there are shops selling beach supplies. For dried fish and peanut candy, you need to visit the shops at Sok Kwu Wan.

Q8. How long is the ferry ride from Central to Lamma Island?

A ferry ride from Central Pier 4 to Lamma Island (Sok Wu Wan) will consume around 30 to 40 minutes.

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