15 Islands in Hong Kong For An Exciting Adrenaline Rush Holiday

Hong Kong Islands

Lanata Island, Tung Ping Chau, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau Island, Ap Chau Island, Soko Island, Po Toi Island, Peng Chau Island, Grass Island, Tung Lung Chau Island, Sharp Island, Tsing Yi Island, Kat O Island, Yim Tin Tsai Island, Tai O, Ap Lei Chau, Hei Ling Chau and many more.

The city of Hong Kong is popular for its impressive skyscrapers and dense urban escape, but islands in Hong Kong offer you an entirely contrasting experience. These islands, most of which reflect the old-world charm, are a blend of serenity, fun, and adventure and reflect the authentic culture of Hong Kong. Whether you are in Hong Kong with your family or on a trip with your friends, these Hong Kong islands are an ideal place to visit and try various adventure activities or simply spend quality time in the lap of nature. 

Visit Lantau Island to experience amusement at the Hong Kong Disneyland with your friends and family, or visit the Park Island to witness how Hong Kong thrived in yesteryear. If you are an adventure enthusiast, hit the Tung Lung Chau to experience exhaustive hiking trails. While the fishing villages on these islands will offer a cultural insight, the delicious seafood available in Hong Kong islands is unmissable! 

Here are some of the best islands in Hong Kong:

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Lamma Island

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If you are looking for an offbeat outing, hit the Lamma Island to experience the hippy vibe here. Due to few numbers of visitors, you can enjoy being in the lap of nature on the island and bask in the Sun. Explore the island on a rented bicycle, as the narrow lanes and indie boutiques and restaurants dot the streets.

The island, which can be visited by a 20-minute ferry ride from the mainland, is an ideal gateway for you from the hustle-bustle if you are looking for a laidback outing with your family and friends. While the Lo Sho Beach is ideal to experience solace, the Hung Shing Yeng Beach is where you head to if you are a party enthusiast. You can also visit Herboland, which is the only organic herb garden in Hong Kong.

Shing Yeng Beach, Lo Sho Beach, Herboland,

  Cycling, Family Trails for Hiking, Kayaking, Flyboarding

How to get there from the Airport:
Take the subway from Hong Kong International to Hong Kong, followed by a ferry from Central to Yung Shue Wan.

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Lantau Island

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The most popular among islands in Hong Kong, Lantau has it all that you need to spend a day full of excursion. The island houses several tourist destinations which you can visit with your family and friends. With popular tourist destinations like the Hong Kong Disneyland and a 112-feet tall Buddha statue in the Po Lin Monastery, you will need more than a day to explore the island to its fullest.

The island also offers a visual delight as it is surrounded by greenery which can brighten up your mood, allowing you to enjoy nature at its rawest. If you are lucky, you may get a glimpse of pink dolphins off the Lantau coast.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Po Lin Monastery, Inspiration Lake, Ngong Ping 360, Dolphin tour

 Hike the Lantau Trail, Biking, Cable Car ride, Dolphin Watching, Fishing

How to get there from the Airport:
You can reach the island in 10-20 minutes in a taxi. Alternatively, you can board the Airport Express to HK Station to reach Central Pier, where ferries take you to the island. 

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Cheung Chau

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While the Hong Kong islands are popular for seafood, there is no match for the delicacies available at Cheung Chau. A dense island populated with lots of attractions and activities to explore, Cheung Chau will keep you hooked on your visit to the island. Apart from the scenic hikes and happening streets, Cheung Chau is best known for its Cheung Chau Bun Festival.

The extravaganza, which happens every May, witnesses locals hitting the streets in local costumes and flaunting their culture with dance and music, offering buns to their deity. Visit Heima Heima, where you can experience the Japanese culture amidst serenity.

Heima Heima, Cheung Po Tsai Cave, Reclining Rock, Cheung Chun Bun Festival

Windsurfing, Hike up a Hill, Surfing and Night Kayaking 

How to get there from the Airport: Take the airport express to Hong Kong station, walk to Pier 5 and board a ferry to the island. 

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Sharp Island

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There are many islands in Hong Kong that offer tranquility and solace, but if you are an adventure junkie looking to up your adrenaline levels, visit the Sharp Islands to participate in exciting water sports. While the two beaches, Hap Mun Bay Beach and Kiu Tsui Beach, offer an opportunity to enjoy the tranquil sea waters, the crescent-shaped Hap Mun Bay Beach is a visual delight.

During low tide, walk the rocky bridge which emerges out of the sea, connecting Sharp Island to Kiu Tau. Bask in the lap of nature by spending a laid back time in the cave coves if you are looking for self-discovery.

Attractions: Hap Mun Bay Beach, Kiu Tsui Beach, Kiu Tau

  Wakeboarding, Snorkeling, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Kaito Ride and Kayaking

How to get there from the Airport: The cheapest way is to take a bus to Metropark Hotel Mong Kok, followed by a bus from Choi Hung to Sai Kung

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Peng Chau

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Time travel to the yesteryear Hong Kong by visiting Peng Chau, the island which offers an unbeatable variety of seafood coupled with enjoyable views of the sea. Indulge in trekking and explore the raw side of Hong Kong on this tranquil island. The island is home to several temples which you can visit with your family and friends.

Once home to several factories, the island is now trapped in time with its vintage ambiance and wilderness, which you can relish while walking past abandoned buildings. Collect some ancient items from the local shops, or simply hike the Finger Hill to enjoy a mesmerizing view of this quaint town from the top.

Attractions: Finger Hill, Temples, Shopping, Seafood

Activities: T
rekking, Finger Hill Hike, Underwater Activities, Climbing

How to get there from the Airport: Take a bus to Discovery Bay and a ferry to the island from the Bay

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Grass Island

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If you are looking for islands in Hong Kong with a laid back atmosphere, Grass Island is the ideal destination for you and your family. Covered in lush greenery and flora, the island is a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery as the virgin nature rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.

The island also houses several cattle amidst lush greenery, giving you the experience of unparalleled meadows. Spread your carpet, pull out your snacks and relax in the lap of nature in Grass Island as it offers unique campsites.

Activities: Camping, Hiking, Biking, Kite Flying

How to get there from the Airport: Take a bus to Mong Kok East Station, followed by the subway to University Station, and walk to Ma Liu Shui ferry pier
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Yim Tin Tsai

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Image Credit : Vince Chan
Also known as the “Little Salt Field", Yim Tin Tsai was once home to salt industries in Hong Kong. If you are looking to explore abandoned areas and the raw essence of Hong Kong islands, hit the Yim Tin Tsai, an isolated island that has stood the test of time.

Experience spookiness as the island, once a thriving village with salt industry, now lies vacant with ancient structures and abandoned houses. Take a cultural trip to the island to explore the lives of the yesteryear inhabitants. The island houses St. Joseph's Chapel, a World Heritage site and an abandoned school, which is now turned into an exhibition center.

St Joseph Chapel, Ching Po School, Cultural Exhibition Site, salt mine ruins.

oat Ride, Hiking, Golfing

How to get there from the Airport:
 Take the bus from the airport terminal 2 to Huanggang Entry Port
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Po Toi Island

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Image Credit : Albert_tai
The landscape, the rock formation and the tough terrain – Po Toi has got all that it takes to test your mettle and tire you. The island offers an exhausting two-hour hiking trail to reach the summit – but the effort is worth it as the views of the tranquil sea waters hitting the rocks will leave you spellbound.

The island is home to popular monuments including Budhha’s Hand Rock and Coffin Cave. Pull up your socks and prepare for an exhaustive excursion at the Po Toi Island if adventure is what you are looking for in the Hong Kong islands!

Turtle Rock, Monk Rock, Buddha’s Palm, Lighthouse 126

Rock Climbing, Hiking, Trekking 

How to get there from the Airport: Take the subway to Hong Kong, followed by a ferry from Aberdeen to Po Toi

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Tung Lung Chau

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Tung Lung Chau is one of the best Hong Kong islands for those who are looking for an adventure and would like to test their mettle. The rock formation on the island provides an ideal escape for rock climbing, hiking, and camping. To add to your excitement, Tung Lung Chau brings to you the oldest and the largest dragon cave in Hong Kong, which is believed to be more than 5000 years old.

The rugged island is a paradise for thrill-seekers and professional rock climbers due to its challenging trails and rock formations. If you want to test your mettle, undertake rock climbing at the Technical Wall and the Sea Gully Wall, which has spectacular cliffs.

Attractions: Technical Wall, Sea Gully Wall, Ancient Rock Carving, 

Activities: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Biking, Camping

How to get there from the Airport: The cheapest way is to take a bus to Metropark Hotel Mongkok, followed by a bus from Choi Hung to Sai Kung
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Kat O Island

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Also known as the Crooked Island due to its irregular shape of an inverted “Z”, the Kat O Island is every nature lover’s paradise due to its natural landscapes and serene surroundings. The island retains the old-world charm, which is reflected in the old cannons and temples it houses.

Travel back in time by exploring the quaint village. On weekends, you can visit the Geopark Heritage Centre, which is a library of local geology. 

Attractions: Shop and eat on Keto Main Street, visit Geopark Heritage Centre

 Activities: Hiking, Camping, Boating, Water Taxi Ride

How to get there from the Airport: Take a bus from Yau Ma Tei to Sha Tau Kok

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Ma Wan Island

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Visit Noah’s Ark, a theme park that is one of the most engaging places to visit on islands in Hong Kong along with your family. The theme park, shaped like Noah’s Ark in the Bible, is a replica of the world’s ark.

You can also indulge in hiking expeditions as the southern end of the island offers excellent greenery and hilly terrains. Climb atop the 69-meter high mountain and witness the panoramic views of the quaint island.

Attractions: Noah’s Ark

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Trekking, Cycling

How to get there from the Airport: Take a bus from Airport Transportation Centre to Argyle Centre
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Ap Lei Chau

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The second most densely populated island of the world, Ap Lei Chau offers a promenade for stunning views of Aberdeen. With fishing being the main occupation of people here, you can talk to the fishermen and get to know the insights of their lives.

The main town also has a market where you can shop souvenirs and munch on the local variety of seafood available across islands in Hong Kong.

Attractions: Shopping, seafood

Activities: Fishing, Hiking, Camping

How to get there from the Airport: Take the bus to O’Brien Road from terminal 2

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Tai O Island

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Tai O island offers a quaint excursion in the Tai O fishing village, which is located on the western coast of Lantau Island. Immerse yourself in the authentic Chinese culture in the fishing village, which is one of the few surviving on the islands in Hong Kong. The Chinese stilt house community in the village has also earned it the name of “Venice of the Orient”.

Walk through the streets of Tai O and gulp some authentic seafood delicacies while enjoying the picturesqueness of the village, which is worth capturing in your camera. Take a boat in the evening and explore the floating market, or simply enjoy the views of white dolphins swimming. If you are looking for an escape from the chaos of Hong Kong, Tai O Island will provide you with a much-needed break.

Attractions: V
illage Excursion, Shopping, Seafood

Fishing, Boating, Trekking

How to get there from the Airport: Take a train to Tung Chung, followed by cable car to Ngong Ping. From there, take bus 21 to Tai O
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Tsing Yi Island

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The Tsing Yi Island is close to the Hong Kong Disneyland, which is an unparalleled amusement park, experience in the islands in Hong Kong. Shop and eat amongst locals on the go while exploring Hong Kong.

If you are looking for an engaging stroll without burning a hole in your pocket, Tsing Yi island will keep you hooked. Enjoy cool breeze blowing over the Rambler Channel while strolling along the promenade and witnessing the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong.

Attractions: Hong Kong Disneyland, Tsing Yi Park, Maritime Square, Tung Chung outlets

Activities: Hiking, Sailing, Dolphin Watch, and Outbound Fishing

How to get there from the Airport: Take the bus to Immigration Tower 

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Park Island

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Park Island offers an ideal family outing time with its laid back ambiance and range of activities. Relax at the beach with a cool breeze hitting you as your kids splash some water and construct their sandcastles. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Tsing Ma Bridge, which glows up in its full glory in the evening.

The island also houses a 200-year-old village, which inhabits the essence of rawness and history of Hong Kong. The Ma Wan Nature Park offers great opportunities to click pictures at the heritage center, flower tunnel, and clock-topped grand gate.

Noah Ark, Tsing Ma Bridge, Nature Park

  Beach Bathing, Hiking, Cycling

How to get there from the Airport: Take a bus to Lantau Toll Plaza, where you will get taxis to Park Island Ferry Pier

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