Maldives Food: 20 Delicious Dishes to Try in Maldives
COVID-19 : MALDIVES is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 19 Nov 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to MALDIVES?

Entry to Maldives is open for all kinds of travel. Flights to Maldives are functional from India, London, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and 20+ other destinations.

  • It is mandatory to have a prior confirmed booking in a registered resort or hotel to obtain an on-arrival VISA
  • Passengers with COVID-19 symptoms will have undergo PCR test. The costs of the tests will be beared by them and if found positive for COVID-19, their accommodation unit can transfer them to a government isolated facility.
  • Other documents required during the VISA process includes- proof of sufficient funds, a confirmed return ticket, and 2 health declaration forms.
  • Tourists are not allowed to travel to other islands while their stay in Maldives.
  • For asymptomatic international tourists arriving in Maldives, quarantine is not mandatory.
  • For symptomatic international tourists, a PCR test will be run. If the tourist is found positive, he/she can be sent to a government isolation center for a 14-day quarantine by their accommodation unit.

Flights to Maldives are running from London, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and 20+ other destinations.

Local Transport
  • Airport transports are available from pre-booked tourists facilities

The Maldivian government has published guidelines to restart safe tourism. The guidelines are followed by all the vendors to provide the tourists a safe travel experience. With the opening of various Resorts & Hotels, Thrillophilia advises tourists to follow the guidelines provided to them by the government and ensure personal hygiene to stay safe.

A confirmed return ticket is mandatory for entry to Maldives Updated: 19 Nov 2020

Under the newly issued guidelines, a return ticket a confirmed hotel booking, proof of sufficient funds and 2 health declaration forms are mandatory for the VISA application to Maldives.

Prior booking at a registered tourist facility required for entry to Maldives Updated: 19 Nov 2020

As per the newly issued guidelines, a confirmed booking at a registered tourist facility is mandatory for entry to Maldives. The entire holiday in the Maldives should be booked at the same hotel, except for transit purposes. You will also need a confirmed hotel booking for your tourist visa.

2 Weekly IndiGo Flights Commenced Between Male And Kochi Updated: 23 Sep 2020

IndiGo Airlines has started 2 weekly flights between Male and Kochi to facilitate travellers to visit Maldives more frequently.Read more.

COVID negative test result required to enter Maldives Updated: 07 Sep 2020

The recent jump in cases in Maldives has made the ministry of tourism of Maldives to make COVID-negative certificate possession compulsory for all travellers for entry to Maldives.Read more.

India signs air bubble agreement with Maldives Updated: 18 Aug 2020

Travellers from India will now be able to travel to Maldives freely. The first flight from India to Male left on the 18th of August.Read more.

Various luxury resorts in Maldives reopen for tourists Updated: 11 Aug 2020

A majority of luxury resorts in Maldives have now reopened for tourists with several safety measures in place. These include Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort, Amaya Kuda Rah, Angsana Velavaru, Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, Cocoon Maldives, etc. Click here for the full list.

Maldives open for global tourists post July 15 Updated: 10 Aug 2020

From July 15, Maldives has opened tourism for all nations. Although, international visitors will only be allowed on the resort islands and would need to book their entire stay in one registered establishment.Read more.

Radisson Blu opens its operation in Maldives Updated: 10 Aug 2020

Radisson Blu Resort starts its first resort in Maldives at Alifu Dhaalu Atoll. The island is just 105 km away from the Velana International Airport.Read More  

Delicacies to Try in Maldives

Fried Yams, Masroshi, Fish curry, Gulha, Mas Huni, Maldivian Live Lobster, Saagu Bondibai, Reef Fish Cutlets, Bis Keemiya, Kulhi Boakibaa, Aluvi Boakibaa and many more.

Maldives food is an authentic blend flavours that leaves one craving for more. If you are a foodie and love trying different varieties of food then this island destination is perfect for you. Food in Maldives revolves around seafood and some of the most prominent ingredients here are tuna fish, coconut, curry leaves and lime. 

If you are a sweet tooth then Maldives has in store some out of the box desserts for you. Try Aluvi Boakibaa which is made of cassava and coconut and it literally melts in your mouth or indulge in Saagu Bondibai which is a delicious pudding. Food of Maldives like Masroshi, Gulha, Bis Keemiya are made of flour dough with filling of fish, onions, chillies and coconut either toasted or fried.

Rihaakuru and Fish curry are the staple food which are made in most households in Maldives. To beat the heat try Lucky & Al and Maldivian Lady, the two famous cocktails that will leave you feeling refreshed and a little tipsy. So, when in Maldives, you must try these delicacies that are readily available in the many cafes and restaurants here. 

Here are some of the best Maldives Delicacies:


Fried Yams

Fried Yams

Friend yams are delicious crunchy snacks that are made by frying yams which are very similar to sweet potatoes. This is a very famous  Maldives food which can be enjoyed by different sauces and drinks. Yams are a little sweeter on taste and are Starchier. These are used as a variation of french fries by many as they are high in fibre and vitamins compared to potatoes. When visiting Maldives, these yams are a must try and you can find them in almost all cafes and restaurants as they are a very popular food of Maldives

Price: MVR 10 - MVR 35

Where to get it: Cafes in Raaveribe Maizaan, Male

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Fish curry

Fish curry

Fish curry is one of the most famous food in Maldives due to the abundance of freshwater fish. Fish curry is considered as a staple food and you can find it in wide varieties. The top varieties of fish used in maldives for this recipe include little tunny, bigeye scad, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna,  skipjack tuna, wahoo and mahi-mahi. Mainly there are three main foods involved in making this curry which are fish, coconut and starch. It can be enjoyed with rice,  roshi and papadhu, and also Maldivian poppadoms.

Price: MVR 15 - MVR 75

Where to get it: 
Sunset Corner, Kaalamaa Restaurant, Maafushi,  Café Sea Breeze and Bandos.

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Gulha is a typical  Maldives food which is made of wheat or rice flour dough filled with tuna fish, chopped onions, coconut as well as chillies. They are like small dumplings and taste absolutely delicious. These are crunchy on the outside as they are fried and soft on the inside.

Some chefs also add  turmeric, lime juice and chopped curry leaves into the filling mixture. Gulha makes for an amazing evening snack and can be enjoyed with tea as well as coffee. This is a hit in Maldives and you should try atleast once.

MVR 2 - MVR 10

Where to get it: 
Faruma Restaurant, Dhiffushi Island, The Lighthouse Restaurant and Sunset Corner, Thoddoo 

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Mas Huni

Mas Huni

A famous breakfast in Maldives, Mas Huni is a shredded smoked Tuna mixed with onions, chillies and  coconut. It is a very running dish in maldives and is most eaten with Roshi which is a flatbread. Fish used is mostly tuna. Mas Huni is also prepared using muranga pods.

These pods are boiled first and then the flesh with the seeds is removed. You can also find Mas huni made with boiled butternut squash or pumpkin. Relish on this rare delicacy of Maldives and indulge is a fusion of flavours. This is a must try food of Maldives.

Price: MVR 50 - MVR 250

Where to get it: 
The Sea House Maldives, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Crystal Sands, Maafushi and At many restaurants in Raaveribe Maizaan

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Maldivian Live Lobster

Maldivian Live Lobster

Lobsters are a main dish of Maldivian cuisine and if you want to enjoy the most lip smacking lobster then it definitely has to be cooked in front of you and served hot. The more freshly cooked the lobster is, the more soft as well as delicious it tastes.

You can enjoy live lobsters at many places in Maldives and this is a popular dish and many restaurants serve it in their own style. Sit and relax while you watch the dish being prepared by the most professional chefs. This is a must have experience if you are a seafood fan. 

MVR 250 - MVR 400

Where to get it: 
Sea Fire Salt, Anantara Dhigu, Restaurant Edge, Niyama and Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 

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Masroshi is Maldives food that is eaten as a snack and is absolutely lip-smacking. Made with flour, it is typically a stuffed dough with a filling of tuna fish, coconut, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, hot peppers as well as onions and lime. The blend of these ingredients comes off so deliciously that you won’t be satisfied by eating just one. The dough is kneaded with warm water, oil and salt until it's soft. Small balls of dough are flattened and then stuffed with this mixture and made into a ball again. The dough is then flattened and cooked till golden brown on each side.

Price: MVR 7 - MVR 50

Where to get it: Café Rio, Male and Findhandi Restaurant

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Saagu Bondibai

Saagu Bondibai

If you are a vegetarian then Saagu Bondibai is a must try dish amongst the  food in Maldives. It is basically a pudding made by boiling saagu seeds. The dish is prepared with Saagu and warmed with coconut milk. It is then laced with condensed milk and the taste of rose and cardamom adds cherry on the cake. It is an epic dessert and  is a hit amongst locals as well as tourists. When in Maldives, try a bowl of Saagu Bondibai and get the real taste of the island’s cuisine. 

Price: MVR 200 - MVR 500

Where to get it: 
Sea Fire Salt, Anantara Dhigu, Epicure, Niyama, The Lighthouse Restaurant


Reef Fish Cutlets

Reef Fish Cutlets

These are delicious Maldivian fish cutlets which are hit snacks amongst  food of Maldives are prepared using fresh ingredients and spices. Main ingredients of reef cutlets include tuna, chilies, onion, eggs, salt, black pepper and boiled potato.

A mixture of these ingredients is prepared and is made into small balls. It is then covered with breadcrumbs and fried in hot oil. The cutlets are soft as well as crunchy and make for a great evening snack. These can be enjoyed with various chutneys like coconut and mint chutney, papaya or cucumber. 

MVR 300 - MVR 500

Where to get it: 
Ufaa Maldivian Restaurant, COMO Cocoa Island, Sea Fire Salt, Anantara Dhigu


Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya

Bis Keemiya is somewhat like spring rolls which are filled with a mixture of tuna or hard boiled eggs, some chopped onions and sauteed shredded cabbage. This fried pastry is a delicious dish and can be enjoyed with different sauces.

Some chefs also add curry leaves and chillies in the mixture of filling. You can also call Bis Keemiya as square Maldivian samosa. It is easy to make and tastes absolutely gorgeous. It is a great snack which is a hit in all locals of Maldives and is available in mostly all restaurants.

MVR 2 - MVR 10

Where to get it: 
Available at many street cafes of Male and Hulhumale


Lucky & Al

Lucky & Al is a famous cocktail of Maldives that is made using many strong combinations of spirits that turn to give it an intense flavour.  It is a classy cocktail and is only served at Avi Pool Bar on Velaa Private Islands

 For paying homage to Prohibition Era in the US this cocktail was made and is served with a vintage 1930's Guy Lheraud, Vieil Armagnac and Salon 1988 Champagne. It is an expensive drink but is worth all the money. So, if you are someone who likes sipping new drinks, Lucky & Al should be a must try. 

Approximately MVR 1,00,000

Where to get it: 
Avi Pool Bar, Velaa Private Island


Biyadhoo Special

Biyadhoo Special is yet another famous drink in Maldives which is named after the renowned Maldivian island, Biyadhoo Island. It is a very delicious cocktail and serves as a perfect mood booster. It is basically a mix of alcohol and fresh fruit juice.  Biyadhoo Special is made of one part of vodka as well as pineapple juice with two parts melon liqueur and a pineapple slice. This drink will leave you refreshed and in a tipsy mood. 

MVR 200 - MVR 350

Where to get it: 
SIP Sunset Bar and Moodhu Bar and Restaurant


Kulhi Boakibaa

Kulhi Boakibaa

This is a fish cake made of smoked tuna, chopped onions, ground rice, ginger, garlic , chillies and scraped coconut. It is a special dish of the Maldives food and is mostly prepared in households on special occasions and celebrations.

Enjoy Kulhi Boakibaa with a hot cup of tea as nothing can beat this combination. This dish is a great great snack and is also very filling due to the presence of rice. It  can be prepared in an oven or on a stovetop as well. Since it is basically a baked dish, it makes for a healthier option for all fitness freaks and calorie conscious people. 

MVR 50 - MVR 100

Where to get it: 
SeaLaVie Café, Ukulhas, Salathai Café, Male, Findhandi Restaurant, Komandoo


Aluvi Boakibaa

Aluvi Boakibaa

Aluvi Boakibaa is a lip smacking coconut and sweet cassava cake which is super softs and literally melts in your mouth. It is one of the most loved Maldivian desserts and is liked by locals as well as travellers. Due to its popularity it is readily available in many restaurants and cafes.

It is specially made during the months of Ramadan. For preparation, coconut, cassava, sugar and the jasmine flower water are blended into a paste and baked for about 1 hour 15 mins until it is golden brownish. It is then cooled and sliced and ready to eat. 

MVR 50 - MVR 70

Where to get it: 
City Bakery, Salathai Café, Male and Fine Bake by Suzi 




Rihaakuru is a thick sauce prepared by cooking fish on low flame for a very long time. If you are someone who loves spices then this is a must try dish in Maldives cuisine for you. It can be light brown to dark brown in color and is eaten with Roshi that is a flatbread. This is a common dish and a staple food of Maldives prepared in almost every household. High in protein and low in fats and carbs, it is a great food of this island nation.

MVR 50 - MVR 150

Where to get it: 
SeaLaVie Café, Ukulhas, Iberry Café, Hulhumale and Jazz Café, Male


Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni  also known as banana flower salad is a healthy and tasty dish of Maldivian cuisine. It is somewhere in between a salad and salsa. The dish is prepared by using  crunchy banana flowers and some fresh coconut, curry leaves, lime and chillies. Spices like turmeric and cumin add to the taste of the dish.

MVR 50 - MVR 100

Where to get it: 
Iberry Café, Hulhumale, Crystal Sands, Maafushi and Café Rio, Male 


Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a very popular dessert of India and is also widely famous in Maldives. Whether you are a sweet tooth or not, Gulab Jamuns are a must try delicacy. This is prepared with milk-solid-based balls which are dipped in sugar syrup until they are spongy and soft. It tastes even better when served hot as you will be able to get the enhanced flavours of this sweet.  Some gulab jamuns are also stuffed with dry fruits and cardamon. This is the ultimate dessert! 

MVR 50 - MVR 70

Where to get it: 
Tandoori Flames, Hulhumale, Belle Amie Bistro and Samsara Restaurant, Bolifushi Island.



A traditional food in Maldives cuisine, Garudhiya is a clear fish broth that tastes delicious. Broth is made of tuna species namely skipjack (kan?umas or go?a), yellowfin tuna (kanneli), little tunny (la??i), or frigate tuna) (raagon?i). These species are found in the ocean waters of Maldives and they give the broth an authentic taste. You can enjoy this dish with rice, chapati, bread, grilled fish or simply consume as soup. It is a dish low in fats and highly is protein and can be enjoyed anytime as it stays light on the stomach.

Price: MVR 50 - MVR 200 (depends upon the place)

Where to get it: Iberry Café, Hulhumale, Jazz Café, Male and Muraka, Mirihi Island Resort.


Maldivian Vegetable Curry

Maldivian Vegetable Curry

Maldivian Vegetable Curry also commonly called as Tharukaaree Riha is a great option for vegetarians amongst the food in Maldives. Where mostly all dishes in Maldivian cuisine are made with fish, this curry is loaded with vegetables.

It is prepared using vegetables like pumpkin, beans, sweet potato, carrots etc, favoured with curry leaves and is enjoyed with or without Roshi. The dish has taken a great influence from Indian and Sri Lankan culture and you will realise this with the first bite.

MVR 25 - MVR 50

Where to get it: 
Amore, Guraidhoo and Street cafes in Male west harbour area


Sai (Tea)

Sai (Tea)

If you are a tea lover and can’t go about the day without a cup of steaming hot tea then Maldives has in store something very authentic for you. Maldivians follow the tea culture of Britishers. You can enjoy a hot cup of Kalhu sai which is black tea and Kiru sai which is a milk tea. Start your day with a cup of your choice and relax and unwind. Tea can also be enjoyed with light Maldivian snacks including Masroshi, Gulha or Bis Keemiya. 

MVR 10 - MVR 35

Where to get it: 
T for Tea House, Furanafushi Island, My Café Maldives, Male, The Royal Garden Café, Male and Family Room Café


Maldivian Lady

Maldivian Lady is a perfect tropical drink made with apricot brandy, white rum skinned, grenadine, pineapple and orange juice. If you want to relax and have a fun time with your friends then you should try this drink. Having a fresh aroma with fruity taste, you can never get enough of the Maldivian Lady. When in Maldives, this is a must try drink that will refresh your mind and body. 

MVR 200 - MVR 350

Where to get it: 
Raabondi Restaurant, Horubadhoo Island, Kakuni Bar, Meerufenfushi and Sea Fire Salt, Anantara Dhigu 

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Explore All (24)

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It was our first memorable trip as partners and it was beautiful. Fully satisfied and happy from the services and our travel companions.
Great staff.. Excellent buffet.. The entire water villa is really spacious. The gym on water villa overlook the sunrise is amazing
Amazing resort, very friendly staff great selection of food.the only negative thing is the internet speed but that's understandable.The water villas are amazing.
Heaven on Earth...Top Quality at every turn and interaction. Accommodations were superb. Private, clean, with fantastic views of the ocean.
Absolutely loved every minute of our honeymoon at the You And Me Cocoon. The island itself is beautiful, and our villa was large, clean and well appointed.
We enjoyed our submarine tour in Maldives. Also we were supported by transport and our pick and drop to submarine dive as well as refreshment drinks were also provided. We closely witnessed the sea and underwater sea life by a submarine. It was a good experience with the best of services provided.
Skydiving is a whole new experience and therapy you get only when experienced. We were supported by experienced and specialized instructors which made us feel more safe. Everything was provided to us and so we didn't had to panic about anything. t was a overall good teamwork.
We booked this city tour for us and it was absolutely mesmerizing, it being the city, with the vibrant street life or the handicrafts it present. As we were a group of friends travelling, it was complete fun enjoying our excursion specially being carefree as we had our pickup and drop arranged too. And as it was a waking tour we could also spend time on shops and stalls we were interested in.
It was one trip trip whose memories won't fade ever. Such an amazing experience we had throughout the trip. Loved the work you guys did. Thanks!
Cannot deny the fact that it was the best planned trip we went on! Everything was perfect and up to the mark. Will definitely visit again with Thrillophilia.

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People Also Ask About Maldives

  1. Which are the best restaurants to eat in Maldives?

    1. Reethi Restaurant: A part of the One&Only Private Island Resort, Reethi Restaurant is known for its delectable offerings of global cuisine in a tasteful dining space with views of the ocean and an open-concept kitchen that lets the guests enjoy the entire process of their food being prepared by dedicated chefs. Split into three seating sections based on elements - Earth, Aqua and Fire, each of it has a palatable thee and a variety of dishes on the menu for you to relish.

    2. Muraka: Sitting atop a jetty deck in Mirihi Island of Ari Atoll, Muraka is a different take on ‘on-the-sea’ dining. A menu crafted using fresh flavours and quality ingredients, it is no wonder among the best places to explore the food in Maldives. Complimenting the subtle and authentic dishes is the rustic wooden interiors of the restaurant and views of the natural oceanic surroundings.

    3. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant: The splendid Ithaa Underwater Restaurant lies 16 feet under the oceanic water level. Having transparent glass-walls, the guests get an experience of dining in an aquarium with the sea creatures swimming and floating all around. The restaurant has been a popular attraction for tourists and has found mentions in several media posts for its unique dining and a delicious selection of dishes.
  2. Which are the best places in Maldives to enjoy seafood?

    1. Jazz Cafe: A trendy cafe in Male, Jazz is among the most popular places to dine on Maldives food. With an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, live evening music performances and other entertainment, your experience of gorging on delicacies, especially seafood from the Maldives and around the world become unforgettable.

    2. The Sea House: Situated on the first floor of a waterside jetty on the Hulhumale Ferry Terminal in Male, the Sea House much like its name is one place where you can find the freshest of pescetarian food in Maldives. The open deck seating area presents stunning views of the island and the ocean. Meanwhile, their specialities like Fish Curry, Mas Huni Roshi (Maldivian Breakfast) etc. are worth a mention.

    3. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant: The Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is one of the few concept dining outlets in the Maldives that have enabled the guests to enjoy their meals while being surrounded by the magnificence of the marine world. The iconic restaurant is also one that offers a range of delicious seafood in the Maldives, such as -Maldivian Live Lobster, Fish Curry, mas Huni, and more.
  3. Which are the best places to eat Indian cuisine in Maldives?

    1. Bombay Darbar: Situated within Newtown Inn in Hulhumale, Bombay Darbar is a tantalizing restaurant whose expertise lies in authentic Indian dishes, prepared by skilled chefs. Their palate of flavours ranges from North to South in non-vegetarian and Vegetarian options, offering curries, stews, biryanis, cutlets etc.

    2. Symphony Restaurant: Counted among the long-standing restaurants in the Maldives, Symphony in the capital city, Male is one place that offers delectable cuisines from India, other parts of Asia as well as the West. The ambience of the dining space is very sophisticated and high-end that compliments the rich favours of the Maldives food well.

    3. Tandoori Flames: To satiate your cravings for spice and flavour of Indian food in Maldives, the Tandoori Flames is one place that you must head to in Magu, Maldives. Presenting with a delicious menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, some of the must-try items include - tikis, grilled/tandoor, garlic naan, paneer masala, daal, gulab-jamun etc.
  4. Which are the best underwater restaurants to eat in Maldives?

    1. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant: Built 16-feet under the sea level with glass walls that offer a 180-degree view of the surreal surroundings underwater, Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is one of the best in the Maldives, having been featured in several magazines and other publications. Being a part of the Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island Resort, guests can relish the best of European cuisine here.

    2. The SEA: Surrounded by large and small fish, and other beautiful sea-creatures as you dine, the SEA at Anantara Kihavah is among the few underwater places where you can enjoy the Food in Maldives. Deemed to have the first undersea wine-cellar, the SEA has a wide variety of wines that can be paired up with gourmet dishes perfectly.

    3. Minus Six Metres: A part of the OZEN by Atmosphere Resort on Maadhoo Island, Minus Six Metres is yet another underwater dining concept that brings the diners face to face with the immaculate marine life. With a depth of 20 feet below sea level, this place is definitely one worth visiting. Apart from that, their menu of global cuisines and exotic seafood is also exceptional.
  5. How expensive is food in Maldives?

    The cost of food in Maldives can vary considerably depending on where you dine and what type of dishes you prefer to order. However, based on average spending done by most travellers, one can expect to spend 15-20 USD or 1000-1500 INR per day for two. Also, breakfast costs are lesser than those of lunch and dinner in the Maldives.
  6. Is vegetarian food available in Maldives?

    Yes. Keeping with the diverse tourist crowd in the Maldives, many restaurants have either incorporated or have opened new restaurants that serve a plethora of vegetarian dishes in the island country.

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