Vaadhoo Island, Maldives: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is a beautiful island in the Maldives which offers beautiful beaches, iconic landscapes and mesmerising beauty. When the sun goes down at Vaadhoo Island, the sea waves lapping the shore light up like a shimmering field of blue dots giving the sea the appearance of the starlit night sky.

This incredible phenomenon occurs during the late summer months due to the growth of phytoplankton, or aquatic creatures that glow in the dark. You can stir up the water, and if the plankton is present, it will splash around the gorgeous blue light, creating a mesmerizing sight. However, your chances of seeing this increase when you cruise offshore. The waves break against the boat and make the tiny organisms radiate light.

The clean water around Vaadhoo offers high visibility. And the rich marine life and colourful corals around the island make it a hotspot for adventurous water sports. Indulge in snorkelling and diving while swimming and kayaking are also popular activities here. Several cosy accommodations are available on the island, catering to every budget. You can also choose to stay at a luxury resort nearby and explore Vaadhoo on a day trip. The tropical climate, balmy sea breeze, and moderate temperature make the island a year-round holiday destination for honeymooners and families alike.

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How to Reach Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is part of the atoll of Raa in the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. Vaadhoo is 140.6 km (87 miles) north from Male, the capital of the archipelago. 

Vaadhoo Island is well connected to the rest of Maldives. When travelling from India, you can board a flight from any leading metro city like Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, or Mumbai. Some carriers offer direct flights while many provide connecting flights to the Maldives. You will arrive at the Gan Island Airport and then travel on to Male, the most prominent international airport in the Maldives.

Vaadhoo Island is situated around 8km (5 miles) from the Male International Airport at the capital of Maldives which is connected by all air from all parts of the world. You can hire a speedboat and reach the island within 15 minutes from the airport. 

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Best Time to Visit Vaadhoo Island

The climate on this equatorial island is pleasant all year round, with temperatures averaging between the high twenties and low thirties in Celsius. December and January are the most popular months for exploring the Maldives, with the season lasting until April. However, June to October offer the best chances for viewing the sea of stars.

What Not to Miss at Vaadhoo Island

1. Scuba Diving:
Enclosed by a coral reef, Vaadhoo Island presents an excellent site for sea diving. While underwater, you can view countless colourful fish and other sea animals like manta rays up close.

2. Kayaking: At sunset, venture into the sea on a kayak, a canoe-like boat propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Feast your eyes on the multicoloured rays of the sun washing the waves. And when it turns dark, you can observe the stunning sea of stars as the waves crash against the canoe.

3. Spa treatments: Experience a relaxing spa session with deep tissue massage, pedicures, specialized facials and body scrubs, and rejuvenate your body. Sip on immune booster juices and let the toxins melt away from your system.

4. Nurture your soul with yoga: After consultations with expert therapists, practice yoga on the yoga pavilions of the spas. Or, you can connect with the surrounding natural beauty with a meditation session and break free from the stress of city life.

5. Swimming: Take a dip in the sea, splashing around with your friend and family. Relax in the clear waters of the island and have a rejuvenating experience.

6. Candlelight dinner by the sea of stars: Delight your taste buds with local delicacies as you spend some romantic moments with your loved one, watching the waves turn fluorescent from eateries overlooking the beach.

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The Glowing Beach Phenomenon

The glowing beach is a natural phenomenon known as ‘bioluminescence.’ Tiny living organisms called phytoplankton floating in the water emit the vibrant blue light when agitated. These microscopic creatures are and often preyed upon by fishes. The glow is a part of their defence mechanism. It is meant to scare off their predators trying to eat them and attract larger animals that in turn, eat the fishes. 

The production of light inside the living creatures results from chemical reactions inside the microbes. The blue light emitted is considered ‘cold’ light because the light does not generate much heat. Therefore, it is safe to touch.

For bioluminescence to occur, the phytoplankton needs to exist at a constant temperature throughout the day and night. Hence, new moon nights between late summer and early winter are ideal for enjoying this splendour. These organisms are abundant in the sea around the Vaadhoo Beach during this time. They light up the shoreline in an otherworldly shimmer when they heat the sand along with the waves. Also, when you stir up the water with your hand, or a watercraft glides along the sea, the creatures are disturbed by the water’s movement and start sparkling.

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Other Essential Information About Vaadhoo Island

The exact timing for the sea of stars cannot be predicted. Your best bet is to take a stroll along the beach after dark, especially on a new moon night when the darkness is most intense, and watch the sea waves break on the sand or against a boat. According to the locals, you are likely to see the spectacular sight between late summer and winter, from June to October.

Price: Entry to the island is free. 

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Tips for Visiting Vaadhoo Island Maldives 

1. Pack your swimming suit and an underwater camera to enjoy snorkelling and shoot the exotic sea creatures around this atoll.

2. Bring your sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotions, as you will spend time in the sunshine on this tropical beach.

3. Do not touch or break pieces of coral when snorkelling or diving.

4. Consider buying a local 4G SIM card to enjoy excellent internet connectivity all over the island.

5. Change a part of your money to the local currency, Maldivian rufiyaa, which can be useful when you transact with the local vendors. 

6. You can choose to stay on the island. Or put up at a resort on a nearby island and visit the magical glowing beach on a day trip, with the help of licensed tour operators.

7. Avoid bringing alcoholic beverages or narcotics into the Maldives. The import and consumption of alcohol in the local islands are strictly prohibited. However, you can buy alcohol in tourist resorts.

8. When looking for souvenirs, do not purchase handicrafts like bangles or fridge magnets made from coral or turtle shells. It is illegal to export such items, and you may not be able to take them out of the Maldives.

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