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Maldives Water Sports

Snorkeling, Catamaran Sailing, Jet Skiing, Banana Boat Ride, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Parasailing, Flyboarding, Windsurfing, and many more.

The sun-kissed beaches, pristine waters, and crystalline lagoons come together to offer you the most thrilling and fun-filled water sports in the Maldives. All the tourists flocking to this tropical archipelago feel it mandatory to march into the sea and do something adventurous before bidding goodbye to this island nation.

The exhilarating and equally exciting water sports activities in the Maldives attract all kinds of adventure junkies, irrespective of their age groups and level of expertise. Making for the water sports capital of the world, Maldives is well-equipped with a myriad of training schools, experienced instructors, and superior quality safety equipment to allow the adrenaline-seekers to focus on their sport rather than worrying about safety in the sea.

There is no boundary to the number and kind of water sports available in the Maldives. Starting from scuba diving and snorkeling Hulhumale Beach to jet skiing and parasailing in Vabbinfaru Island, you can experience unlimited water activities in the Maldives. Furthermore, when in the Maldives, you do not have to search a lot to find the best places to enjoy your favorite water activities. Almost all the resorts here offer their guests the best water sports experiences for their recreation.

Here are some of the best water sports activities in the Maldives:

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Maldives Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best water sports activities in Maldives?

- Snorkeling
Counted among the easiest Maldives water sports even for the non-swimmers and beginners, snorkeling lets you explore the spectacular underwater world of this archipelago without having to go too deep into the water. You can just take your fins and masks and go float in the relatively shallow areas of the sea if you are scared of depth. Snorkeling will also incur the cheapest water sports cost in the Maldives, probably 85 USD for 2 hours.

- Catamaran Sailing
Considered to be one of the safest and best water sports activities in the Maldives, Catamaran Sailing attracts couples and families alike. While you sail across the azure waters in your catamaran, you can enjoy exploring nature and the picturesque islands of the archipelago. When doing catamaran sailing, all you have to do is just sit back and relax in serenity as the cool waters hit your face and the soft breeze zooms through your hair.

- Jet Skiing
Owing to the super terrific speed and bewildering thrill, jet skiing is counted among the most preferred water sports available in the Maldives. Done both by beginners and experts, jet skiing just requires you to wear your life jacket and go zoom through the waters at high speeds. If you are a beginner, you should take your instructor along with you for the ride and if you are seasoned, you can go alone and test your skills.

- Banana Boat Ride
Loved by children as well as adults, banana boat riding is one of the most fun-filled and budget water sports in the Maldives. This exciting ride on the blue frothy waters involves an air-filled banana-shaped tube on which you have to sit and hold on to while the speed boat attached to your tube pulls it across the sea with high speed. This sport will cost you anything between 60 to 80 USD per head.

- Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving is a very common water activity that every tourist wants to try at least once before leaving the Maldives. The clear waters and the colorful reefs of this archipelago favor this water sport here like no other destination. Scuba diving lets you go deep into the sea and explore the blooming coral reefs and swim with the huge fishes.

- Wakeboarding
Known as one of the most adrenaline-pumping water sports in the Maldives, wakeboarding lets you cruise along the waves standing on a surfboard. While your focus should be on maintaining your balance, you can still try out some stunts and test your skills if you are a seasoned wakeboarder. You can enjoy wakeboarding in the Maldives during the months between April and October. While the experts can directly go for the sport, the beginner can take up starter lessons to avail some training before trying this water act.

- Underwater Walking
Considered to be one of the most unique water sports activities in the Maldives, Underwater Walking offers you the chance to walk on the ocean floor and watch the beautiful aquatic creatures closely right in their habitat. Underwater walking does not require you to be a swimmer; you just have to wear your oxygen mask and go for it!

- Kayaking
Making for one of the cheapest and most enjoyable Maldives water sports, kayaking is loved by people of all age groups. When doing kayaking, you just have to paddle your kayak yourself and drive it in amidst the vast sea of sparkling azure waters. Kayaking is mostly done during the months between April and October and usually costs around 30 to 50 USD per head. The kayaks are generally offered without any cost for 2 hours, but you need to check about this directly from your instructor.

- Parasailing
If you want to enjoy an aerial view of the pristine archipelago of Maldives, go try parasailing without a second thought. This exhilarating water sport involves a parachute that will let you cruise across the sky while you’re tied to and towed by a powerboat. While you are up in the sky, you can bask in the panoramic view of this island nation and feel free like a bird as the wind kisses your face and passes through your hair.

- Flyboarding
Involving a combination of aerial and water sport, Flyboarding is one of the most extreme water sports activities in the Maldives. When doing this sport, you need to stand on a flyboard that is connected with a jet ski with the help of a hose. The jet ski will send you up into the air with excessive force and once you are there, you can enjoy the picturesque views or perform your stunts over the water.

- Windsurfing
Windsurfing offers you the best exhilarating feel of surfing across the cool winds over the waves as well as riding through them. Many resorts in the Maldives offer their guests the chance to indulge in windsurfing and the sport is mostly done during the months between May and October. It is highly advisable for beginners to learn and practice the techniques of windsurfing from a qualified instructor before marching into the sea to try this water sport.

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Which beaches & islands are famous in Maldives for water sports?

- Veligandu Island Beaches
Lying in North Ari Atoll, the cozy Veligandu Island has stunning beaches with sparkling crystal clear waters, which make it the best Maldives island for water sports. Adventure junkies visiting this island love to experience swimming and snorkeling here.

- Vabbinfaru Island Beaches
Although Vabbinfaru Island is known popularly for its charming villas, the pristine beaches here ooze out romance and tranquility from every end. The beaches here are often visited by thrill-seeking couples, who spend time enjoying parasailing, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

- Baros
Making for a spectacular island resort, Baros has gained a lot of popularity for its white sands, clear blue waters, picturesque lagoons, and colorful reefs. All these beautiful elements offer a very tranquil as well as an adventurous atmosphere for the tourists to enjoy reef snorkeling like never before.

- Dhigurah Beach
Nestled in South Ari Atoll, Dhigurah Beach is one of the least explored yet the best Maldives island for water sports. You can enjoy taking a refreshing swim in the azure waters of this beach or dive deep into the sea to swim with the whale sharks. This place is also lined by a plethora of cheap cafes where you can hang out with your loved ones after a thrilling beach day.

- Hulhumale Beach
Kaafu Atoll’s Hulhumale Beach is an amazing destination to experience an amazing influx of adrenaline without making a hole in your pocket. Showcasing the bluest water you can find in Maldives, this spectacular beach offers you the best scuba diving and snorkeling experience. Here, you can even board a romantic sunset cruise and soak in the mesmerizing sunset views while floating on the serene waters.

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What are some of the popular underwater activities to do in the Maldives?

- Scuba diving- Dive deep into the sea to experience the best underwater life. The beautiful marine life can be explored by indulging in this activity.

- Snorkeling- Snorkelling is done at the surface of water and beginners can opt for this activity to explore the underwater world.

- Underwater walking- This is a thrilling activity of walking on the sea beds and exploring the life underneath

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What is the best time to visit Maldives for water sports?

The most ideal time for visiting Maldives for water sports is during the dry months of December to April. During this time, the sea is calm, the sun is bright, and skies are clear, favoring water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. However, the surfing junkies should visit Maldives during the monsoon months from late February to Mid-November, when the seas are a bit rough and the place experiences torrential rainfall.

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Is Maldives safe for water sports?

Yes, Maldives is absolutely safe for enjoying water sports. With a plethora of water sports training schools, premium quality safety gears, and highly trained instructors, this place is all set to offer you the safest water sports experience.

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Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sports activities in Maldives?

Yes, non-swimmers and beginners can also enjoy water sports activities in Maldives. There are a number of water sports that do not require the participants to learn swimming at all.

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Where can I do scuba diving in Maldives? What is the cost of scuba Diving in Maldives?

Maldives has a plethora of amazing diving sites including Hulhumale Beach, Cocoa Island, Vabbinfaru Island, Nika Island, Sun Island, Kurumba Beach, and Kandolhu Island.
In general, scuba diving water sports cost in Maldives can be anywhere between 130 USD to 1000 USD.

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