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Maldives Shopping

Shopping in Maldives is a hit amongst travellers as the destination has tons of options for all shopaholics. Maldives has got a wide range of shopping destinations to cater to all the needs of the visitors. It has got a number of cute and beautiful boutique stores, bustling marketplaces, traditional bazaars, and up to the minute shopping malls and complexes. All these places mainly deal with traditional and modern handicrafts, designer clothes, beautiful stone set jewellery, duty free goods, perfumes, and whatnot. Tourists mainly indulge in shopping in Maldives at these places to get brilliant products at a much cheaper price to carry them back as a souvenir from the trip. One can also think of getting these products as a gift for some loved one.

As they say, shopping is a wonderful stress buster, Maldives shopping is just curated for shopaholics who would never ever get bored strolling across the stores to find out something new and trendy. Maldives has got some of its popular shop destination in places like Majeedhee Magu, which is known for its clothing and accessory counter, Male Local Market, which is famous for its local food stuffs and Maldivian delicacies, Chaandhanee Magu, which is famous for its street market scenes, and many such places that perfect cater to all the needs of the people.

On a visit to Maldives, you should make sure that you spend enough time in the Maldives shopping searching for some of the best articles that the country can offer. You should plan to buy Thundu Kunaa that are traditional Maldivian mats made from natural fibres, Maldivian Sarongs that are traditional garments of Maldivian women, Lacquer work products such as vases, boxes, plates, baskets and even pens, miniature version of the traditional public transportation system - Dhonis, and many other products as well. 

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Maldives Shopping Tours FAQs

What are the best places to shop in Maldives?

1. Majeedhee Magu: One of the best-known and busiest Maldives shopping places; you can pick up branded and local Maldivian clothes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, and handicrafts like Dhonis, Liyelaa Jehun (lacquer), Thundu Kunaa (woven mats), etc. It spans the length of Male from the east to the west.

2. Le Cute: This is a famous Maldivian retail shop at Majeedhee Magu best known for its huge range of lifestyle electronics, fashion, and beauty products. A one-stop-shop, Le Cute is one of the best places for shopping in Maldives, especially for its international and Maldivian branded makeup, skincare, and bath & body care.

3. STO Trade Centre: This convenience store, one of the best Maldives shopping places, sells everything under the sun right from cosmetics to accessories, exotic cheese, rustic bread, and packaged foods. There is a small souvenir corner here that great to pick up handicrafts made from coconut shells. The store is located at 6 Orchid Magu, Male.

4. Island Bazaar: This organic and earthy store in Male is a must-visit for those who love collecting one-of-a-kind handmade products. Their collections of candles, apparel, homeware, jewellery, etc. are made by local artisans and inspired by islandic beauty making them breezy and unique.

5. Nala Boutique: This charming store, located within the Kurumba Resort, is famous for its handmade products, especially its coconut oils, handicrafts, and artworks. Besides, you can pick up jewellery, scarfs, sarongs, tote bags, skirts, footwear, and even rare stamps, making it one of the top places for shopping in Maldives.

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What is famous in the Maldives for shopping?

1. Electronics: Maldives shopping places like Asters and Majeedhee Magu are known for the latest electronics. You can pick up the newest mobile phones, notebooks, laptops, and home appliances here.

2. Handmade beauty products: There are several great Maldives shopping places like Skin Candy and Majoie Maldives to pick up premium handmade skincare products like algae and charcoal infused treatment serums, hair oils, face masks, etc.

3. Diving equipment: Being a famous watersport destination, there are amazing shops here like The Dive Shop that sells hi-tech diving equipment. You can pick up underwater cameras, marine radios, and even paddle boats here.

4. Coconut products: Coconuts are synonymous with any beachside destination and Maldivians excel in making beautiful use of coconuts. Pick up painted shells, coir mats, moisturisers, cooking oils, slippers, and fragrances, etc. at the local markets.

5. Local foods: Maldivian foods and dry snacks like pickles, dry fruits, desserts made from coconuts, and savoury snacks are a must-buy. Non-vegetarians would love the canned smoked fish, dry fish chips, and caviars available at the local markets.

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What are the famous shopping malls in the Maldives?

1. Centro Mall: The first mini Maldives shopping mall to be established in the Maldives, located at Hulhumale, Centro Mall is the one-stop-shop for international and local brands of home appliances, clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. The mall has a salon, spa, and great restaurants like Manhattan Fish Market and Bread Matters, etc.

2. Angolo Souvenir Shop: As the name suggests, the shop stores a great collection of souvenirs and collectibles ranging from fridge magnets, T-shirts, jewellery, dhonis, etc. The highlight of the shop is its beautiful collection of products made from coconuts and seashells, making it one of the most popular places for shopping in Maldives at Maafushi Island.

3. Olive Tree: One of the largest stores in Maldives for groceries and personal care products, Olive Tree at Male is a must-visit. Pick up freshly baked breads, delicious local snacks, exotic fruits and vegetables along with hi-end toiletries, perfumes, and makeup.

4. Mare Scuba Concept: A must-visit for diving enthusiasts, this tiny store sells the latest diving gear, underwater cameras, marine radios, paddle boats, and even catamarans, making it one of the best one-stop-stop places for shopping in Maldives. What’s more, they even provide diving training and instructors. It is located at Chandhanee Magu, Male.

5. Brandloom by Enmak: One of the chicest places for shopping in Maldives, Brandloom is a must-visit for those who love premium products. You will find the best of travel and lifestyle products from brands like Swiss Army Knife, Wenger, Polar, and Victorinox. Brandloom is located at Hulhumale.

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Which are the famous shopping markets in the Maldives?

1. Male Local Market: Equally popular amongst locals and tourists, this is the best place to pick up things that are quintessential Maldivian like dhonis, reed mats, coconut slippers & lampshades, flower vases decorated with seashells, etc. Try the local snacks here and don’t miss carrying dried fish chips and tea leaves, etc. for home.

2. Chaandhanee Magu: Also known as Singapore Bazaar, this vibrant market is famous for products sourced from Singapore like electronics, accessories, artworks, etc. Located in Male, there are numerous shops selling hand-painted T-shirts, handicrafts, sarongs, dhonis, coconut brooms, etc.

3. Skin Candy: A haven for those who love pampering their skin, Skin Candy at Henveiru, Male is a great place to pick up organic skincare products. This beige-hued outlet with a soothing ambience sells face cleansers, body oils, serums, hair treatment products, etc. made using unique ingredients like activated charcoal, algae, etc.

4. Oevaali Art Shop: This is the perfect place for people who love collecting art and unique handmade collectibles. Pick up acrylic art acrylic, sculptures, leather phone cases & notebooks, handmade scented candles, artisanal room sprays, etc. It is located at Bodu Fun Gandu Magu, Male. 

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What can I shop at Maldives airport?

- Premium chocolates like Godiva, Galler, Goldkenn.
- Makeup and perfumes from luxury brands like Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, etc.
- Hand-painted sarongs, T-shirts, skirts, etc.
- Souvenirs like miniature dhonis (boats), fridge magnets, reed mats, postcards, etc.
- Coconut oils, masks, fragrances, etc.
- Premium liquors and smokes.
- Traditional herbs, tea leaves, spices, coffee beans, etc.

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What should I take as a souvenir from the Maldives?

1. Artworks: The natural beauty of Maldives is depicted through striking artworks replicated in paintings and on collectibles like shoes and canvas bags. These intricate handmade items are available at places like Oevaali Art Shop at STO Trade Centre.

2. Sarongs: This colourful beachwear is a must-buy to remind you of your Maldivian holiday. Known as ‘Feyli’, they are available in a range of floral prints and colours. The best collections are available at Majeedhee Magu.

3. Jewellery: Jewellery made of natural items like seashells, colourful stones, and coconut shells is made by hand and is a must-buy here. 

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Is the Maldives expensive for shopping?

It completely depends on where you’re shopping in Maldives! Ultra-luxe shops and malls like The Island Bazaar and Brandloom store premium products that are bound to be expensive.

Street markets like the Male Local Market, Majeedhee Magu, and Chaandhanee Magu etc. are comparatively inexpensive where the shopkeepers are open to bargaining.

Which place in the Maldives has the maximum number of shopping stores?

1. Majeedhee Magu, Male: This huge street market has hundreds of shops selling everything right from clothes to perfumes, local handicrafts, accessories, fresh produce, canned fish, pickles, etc.

2. Chandhanee Magu, Male: This hugely popular street market has hundreds of local stores for their variety of products. Pick up handcrafted boats, seashell jewellery, coconut products, fresh fruits & vegetables, and local snacks.

3. Hulhumale Island: The island houses the maximum number of Maldives shopping malls like Centro known for its international branded shops and Brandloom that is famous for its premium travel and lifestyle accessories. There are several other malls here like Asters, Blanc by Veligaa, STO Hulhumale Shop, etc.

Are there any flea markets in the Maldives?

Yes, there are several vibrant flea markets in Maldives like the Male Local Market known for its fresh produce, handicrafts, and jewellery, etc. and Majeedhee Magu for its electronics, souvenirs, and traditional Maldivian dresses. Another great option is Chandhanee Magu famous for electronics and cosmetics imported from Singapore.

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