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12 Kathmandu trekking places

  • Trekking in Kathmandu offers you the one of the best breath-taking mountain views without climbing high. If you want to taste the real trekking experience you can trek the famous Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Gangja Pass Trek which is not just challenging but gives you an amazing opportunity to have the panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas.

    You can also witness the natural diversity with cultural heritage. You can also trek to Tsume Valley Trekking which is situated in northern Gorkha. The trekking experience will let you enjoy some of the most challenging experiences which you haven’t witnessed in your entire life.

    Here are some of the best Kathmandu trekking places:

  • 01Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Image Credit : meghla_akashe_pori
    Nepal is the land of majestic mountains. Annapurna is one of them. It’s the 10thhighest mountain in the world and one of the most fun challenges for trekkers. The Annapurna base camp trek is usually for 10 days, offers cultural insight and adventure for nature lovers. The trek takes you through the foothills that have several ethnic groups, terraced farms and charming villages. This pristine route with mountain lifestyle is going to win you over.

    Image Credits : Udey Ismail

    :The trek usually begins from Pokhara, the lake city. It takes you through other places like Ghorepani, Dhaulagiri and others. You will also get to visit the rhododendron forests and narrow valleys between Fishtail and Annapurana.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Since it is the 10thhighest mountain in the world, Annapurna is quite cold. Make sure that you carry right kind of winter wear, have sunglasses and first-aid.
  • 02EBC,Gokyo and Cho-la Pass

    Image Credit : Tom Kellett
    Tucked away to the Western Side of Everest Base Camp is the Ri Trail, Gokoyo and Cho-la Pass, which is perfect for those who want grandeur views, five terrific alpine lakes. This is one of the most adventurous treks for seasoned trekkers. It combines the Everest Base camp as well as Gokyo Valley with the highest elevation of almost 5500 meters.

    :The trip highlights include sensational views of snow-capped mountains and dramatic landscapes. The place is well known for its warmth hospitality as well. Trekkers will also get the opportunity to explore Buddhist culture, diverse ethnicities and pristine lakes. The trek usually includes Sagarmatha National Park as well.


    Things to keep in mind
    :The trek is difficult and therefore, make sure that you get the right sleeping bags, fleece jackets with wind-protection factor. Always carry sunscreen and water bottles among other necessary items.
  • 03Arun Valley Trek

    Image Credit :  Ben
    Off beaten trails in Nepal are perfect for those who seek to enjoy calmness and serenity of nature. Arun Valley is one such place. The non-touristic place is great for trekkers and you get significant views of Mount Everest and hundreds of mountains that can be viewed with naked eyes. The trek, which requires stamina and fitness is recommended for experienced and seasoned trekkers.

     Highlights:One of the best parts about the trek is that the length can be largely determined. Most travelers opt to trek in this region for 15-20 days.

    :The trek begins from Kathmandu valley, from where trekkers usually fly to Tumlingstar and then start with the ascent towards Tipchaur.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Make sure that you have practiced trekking before embarking on the trip. Carry basic items like water bottle, trekking pole, hiking socks and boots, sunscreen lotion, hats, sleeping bags and fleece jacket.
  • 04Gosaikunda Pass Trek

    Image Credit : Laxman Thapa
    Up for a trekking challenge? Then Gosaikunda Pass Trek is what you need to explore! Gosaikunda, located in the Langtang National Park is a stunning alpine water lake that rises to an altitude of over 4000 meters. The challenging trek pass is perfect for seasoned trekkers and is great for people who want to explore religious or spiritual side of Nepal.

    Image Credits : Raimond Klavins

    : Gosaikunda Pass Trek includes a trip to the lake, where you will discover how the lake was the abode to several Hindu deities, including Shiva and Gauri. The waters from the lake has been known for their mystic properties in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. A significant place of interest for trekkers, the place is known for its steep ascent as well as famous valley views.

    Usually the trek starts from Dhunche Village.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Ascend is steep, so people can get altitude sickness. Make sure that you carry first aid boxes.
  • 05Tamang Heritage Trail !

    Experience exciting, new trekking route between Langtang and Ganesh Himal with the Tamang Heritage Trail. The trail is one of the most welcoming trail is warmest and easiest trails in the country. Perfect for introductory trekking and beginners’, this trek takes you through Nepal and Tibetan borderlands, with gentle circuit treks.

    Image Credits : Stephen Bugno

    :The trek will take you through terraced fields and some of the most picturesque villages in the countries. For tranquility lovers, the trek has several peaceful valleys where you can enjoy the serenity. This is where the discerning trekkers go. On the route, you will also enjoy panoramic mountain views and hot springs at Tatopani.


    Things to keep in mind
    :The trek is a world expedition trek and you don’t really need to carry a number of things. However, don’t forget to carry a sleeping bag, fleece jacket, wind-protective clothing, sunscreen, backpack and a first-aid box.
  • 06Tsume Valley Trekking

    Image Credit : roman korzh
    Located against the majestic backdrop of Ganesh Himal and Buddha Himal ranges is the Tsum Valley, which is perfect for beginners’ trekking experiences. The valley, which occupies 1663 square kilometers is well known for its cultural diversity and magnificent panoramas of the mountains around. The place is popular for its Buddhist culture and traditions as well.

    Image Credits : roman korzh

    :The trek is not just an adventure. It is also a spiritual experience. The sacred pilgrimage valley here is home to Buddhism as well. When you pass through the valley, you get the opportunity to climb Arughat, visit Gumba Lungdang and then ascend to Soti Khola before going back to Arughat. The trek can last for anywhere from 12-21 days.

    :Starts from Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Ensure that you carry winter clothing, hiking socks and boots, carry a first-aid box, sunscreen, water bottle, a hat and trekking pole.
  • 07Island Peak Climbing

    Image Credit : Kiril Rusev
    Live your dream of conquering the mountains with Island Peak Climbing Trek! This trek is a great Himalayan experience and you get to enjoy glacier travel, snow and ice with the chance to ascend thousands of meters down the mountain.

     Highlights:The Island Peak Climbing trek will give you the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of friendly people in Nepal, magnificent scenery and length-breadth of cultural traditions. That makes this trek a refined blend of outdoor adventure and cultural exploration. The rewarding hike will take you through the summit of 18450 foot Kala Pattar and even offers spectacular panorama of Mount Everest- the largest mountain in the world.

    :The trek starts from Kathmandu. The journey continues to Imja Tse and Island Peak.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Carry first aid box with major medicines with you. Always carry a fleece jacket and other winter clothing. Don’t forget to take a well-stocked backpack.
  • 08Langtang Gangja Pass Trek

    Image Credit : Sebastian Preußer
    If you are a nature lover, then embark on the amazing, adrenaline pumping Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek that will help you appreciate the beauty of nature. The trek, which rises to over 5,000 meters offers tremendous panoramic views, challenges your abilities and takes you through the cultural exploration of the country.

    Image Credits : Andrew Smith

    :During the trek, you will encounter stunning green rhododendron and bamboo forests, which are simply breathtaking. You will also witness majestic waterfalls and snow-capped Himalayas, one of the highlights that makes this trek so diverse in nature. The trek can be undertaken from September to November or from March to May.

    :The trek begins from Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind
    :This trek is usually for 10-14 days, so make sure that you carry enough items, including a backpack, sleeping bag, right hiking socks and boots, among winter clothing and a first aid box.
  • 09Everest Base Camp Trekking

    Image Credit : onthego tours
    Everest is a daunting summit. It soars so high that even trekking at its base camp is a challenging adventure. Trek to the Everest Base Camp is arguably the experience of a lifetime. This trek allows you to step foot on the breathtaking Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The base camp is usually for 14 days and you get days to discover popular cities, hill stations and villages in the region.

    Image Credits : Davy Demaline

    :The base camp is recommended from March-mid May and from Sept-mid November as otherwise, the season is wet and climbing can be difficult. The trek will take you through the diverse regions in the country and bring you up-close and personal with the culture of Nepal.

    :The trek usually begins from Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Have some obligatory items, such as warm clothes, UV sun-block, hiking boots and other items. Don’t take unnecessary things for the trip. However, keep a first-aid box.
  • 10Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

    Image Credit : Gweltaz
    Trek to the beautiful Ghorepani with Annapurna Poon Hill Trek. At 3,210 meters, this trek is perfect for beginners and trekkers who want something moderately adventurous. Having Himalayas close up, this trek offers some of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights. The trek is usually 4-5 days trek.

    Image Credits : Steffen

    :The great locations are beautiful, absolutely lovely. The highlight of this trek is that it is the most unforgettable trekking experience. The views of awesome and the steep climb is worth it.

    : Pokhara is the beginning point for this trek.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Make sure that you carry water bottles for the trip, a backpack, sleeping bag, sunglasses, sunscreen and winter clothing. Don’t forget to have a first-aid box for any emergencies and make sure that you take nothing with you that can harm the environment.
  • 11Annapurna Circuit Trek

    Image Credit : Dima Mirkin
    Annapurna, one of the largest mountains in the world is most famous for its trek. The treks here go beyond the nature sight-seeing and take into account the Nepalese culture, diverse ethnicities and rustic mountain life in general. The Annapurna circuit is within the range of central Nepal. The total length is from 160-230 km, which makes it a moderate-difficult trek.

    Image Credits : Julien Lagarde

    :The trek rises to 5,400 m on Thorung La Pass and even touches the Tibetan plateau. This trek is usually 15-20 days and you will walk through numerous river crossings over steel-wooden suspension bridges.

    :The trek usually begins from Kathmandu and the first trek is towards Khudi. If you have to shorten the trek, fly out from Jomsom Airport in Jomsom.

    Things to keep in mind
    : Carry large water bottles, sleeping bags, fleece blankets and winter clothing as the weather gets quite bitterly cold.
  • 12Helambu Trek

    Image Credit :  Laura Billings
    Helambu is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal that should be visited. It is also spectacular for trekking and similar purposes. If you ready to embark on an adventure, then Helambu Trek is just the right option for you. The place, is famous for its sweet apples as well as artistic Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

    :The trek is usually 8-10 days long, although it can be completed in 5 days as well. The normal trail starts from place called Sundarijal, which has a small dam and hydroelectric station. This place then takes you through different villages and districts. Other starting positions can include Nagarkot, Kakani and Sankhu.

    : Helambu, 30 km from Kathmandu. The starting place for trek differs from region to region and depends upon the length of trek.