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A prominent mountain peak in Nepal, Phulchowki surrounds the valley of Kathmandu. The mountain is called ‘Phul,’ to reflect flowers, the literal meaning. This place is a natural garden of flowers and everything bright-beautiful!

:The Mountain is a bed of wild roses, along with iris, yellow jasmine and several native flowers. Exploring it is fun and enchanting because of the grove of rhododendrons in various hues. The path or the trail towards the summit includes keep able roads. The route takes you through the Buddhist shrine as well.

If you have tried trekking or love hiking, then go ahead and scale the peak- it shouldn’t take more than four hours. The area is well known for its resorts as well. If you are looking for something peaceful or if you are searching for a short, easy day hike, then this is the place that should be listed in your itinerary.

: Ryale, Nepal.


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