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Durbar (Central) Square, Patan durbar square

  • Want to travel to an era bygone? Then Durbar Square is the place to be! The Durbar Square Central is a popular place among the tourists. It is well known for the ancient Royal Palace, which faces next to the square.

    :The concentrated mass of temples in this region is perhaps one of the biggest highlights of this place. It is here that you will find a stunning display of Newari architecture. The temple construction here happened from 14thto 18thcenturies, especially during the reign of King Siddhinarsingh Malla. The Durbar Central Square is one of the perfect places where you can wander around for hours, looking at magnificent buildings.

    : The Durbar Square is located in Patan Nepal.

    : Entry is from 7 am to 7 pm. 

    : For foreign travelers, the prices are from USD 3-8.

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