10 Hill Stations in Andhra Pradesh 2024: Distance & Best Time

Hill Stations Of Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley, Horsley Hills, Nagari Hills, Maredumili, Tirumala, Nallamala Hills, Lambasingi, Papikondalu, Nagalapuram, Ananthagiri, and many more.

There are a number of hill stations in Andhra Pradesh that help you experience nature’s harmonious beauty and relaxes the mind of the visitors through its serene environment. These hill stations are dotted with soaring mountains and lush greenery and are known for their charismatic beauty. 

Horsley Hills offers picturesque scenery of the virgin forests, accompanied by delightful birds, and treats the soul of the distressed travellers with its natural fix and soothing environment. Araku Valley is one of the most famous hill stations in Andhra known for its tribal culture, untouched beauty and enchanting waterfalls.

The prime fascination of this place lies in the diverse tribal culture and untouched natural beauty that allures the heart of the visitors. Ananthagiri is another gorgeous haven where sumptuous ranges and the cascading waterfalls greet the visitors to have a love affair with nature. The coffee plantation and crooked mountain ranges make this valley a must-visit for all those looking for a peaceful sojourn.

Here is the list of best hill stations in Andhra Pradesh:

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Araku Valley

Araku Valley is 120 km away from Visakhapatnam city and is popular for enchanting waterfalls, beaches, and tribal culture. It is one of the many unexplored hill stations in Andhra Pradesh that presents a reviving experience. The Araku Valley is home to many tribes and thus the tribal art of this place is the prime fascination.

The highlight of the Araku valley is the pleasant weather, soaring mountains and lush green valley which is why it is also renowned as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh.  The place is a must-visit for the adventure freaks as they can experience trekking in the crooked mountains. The coffee plantations, beautiful waterfalls, and the delicious bamboo cooked chicken, all make the valley worth visiting. 

Best Time to Visit: September to February 

Highlights: Borra caves, Museum of Tribal Arts
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Horsley Hills

The series of mountains in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh is famous for the bewitching scenery and rich flora and fauna. As a legend of a saintly woman Mallamma is associated with Horsley Hills, the place is also recognized as Yenugu Mallama Konda.

It is said that this woman who lived atop the hills was fed by elephants. Horsley Hills has many places to make your visit to the hills an experience of a lifetime. There are many waterfalls and streams that can be visited as well as sites that give a panoramic view of the hill station.

The valley gives a sneak-peek into the varied species of birds & animals and shows nature at its best. 

Best Time to Visit: December to February 

Highlights: Gali Bandalu, Gangotri Lake, Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Mallama Temple
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Nagari Hills

Nagari Hills of Chittor is 115m above sea level and is considered to be one of the best picnic spots. With the Kushasthali river flowing alongside the dense forests, this place attracts a lot of hikers and trekkers. However, the place is far away from human advancement and there are no places to stay at the hill-top thus, it is only suitable for a one-day expedition.

The prime attraction of this hill station in Andhra Pradesh is the Nagari Nose which is a towering hill resembling the shape of a nose.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Highlights: Nagari Nose, Gurramkonda fort, Kailasakona falls


The Maredumilli village of Andhra Pradesh has not acquired much attention from the people as a tourist spot yet but it is visited by people for a rejuvenating experience. The tall eucalyptus, palm trees, and bamboo grooves add on to the beauty of this small village.

The clean water streams paving the mountains and big waterfalls escalates the picturesque to a great extent. The waterfalls and viewpoints gain a lot of tourist attention for its tranquility. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Highlights: Jalatharangini falls, Amruthadhara Falls, Rampa waterfalls, Sokuleru Vagu, Manyam Viewpoint


The Tirumala town of Andhra Pradesh is popular all over the world for its rich history and the devsthana Tirupati which is approximately 20km away from the town.

The hill station has an altitude of 980 meters and offers an alluring scenery to the tourists. Apart from the challenging trek sites, the waterfalls and temples add charm to the hill station.  

Best Time to Visit: September to January 

Highlights: Venkateshwara temple, Akasa Ganga waterfall

Nallamala Hills

The most popular hill station in Andhra Pradesh is the mountain range of Eastern Ghats, Nallamala Hills. The major highlights of the place include the thick forests and the rocky hills which attract a lot of nature lovers and photographers.

The diligently chiseled mountains by the Kaveri and Pennar river offers a stunning view of nature.

Best Time to Visit: October to January 

Highlights: Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Sanctuary, Cumbum Lake, Srisailam Temple


The small village in the Visakhapatnam district, Lambasingi is located 1000 m above sea level. This hill station in Andhra Pradesh is also popular as the Kashmir of Andhra for the close-knit forests and freezing temperatures. As the temperature here goes down to 1 degree C, this place is ideal to enjoy winters in South India.

The Lambasingi is famous for its exemplary beauty and enjoyable picnic spots. However, the most pleasurable thing to do in the hill station is overnight camping in the chilly weather and under the clear night sky. 

Best Time to Visit: November to January 

Highlights: Kothapalli waterfall, Thajangi Reservoir


The mountain ranges of Papikondalu goes alongside the river, the Godavari. The name ‘Papidi’ Kondalu means the middle hair partition of a woman, as the shape of the valley resembles the same. This hill station in Andhra Pradesh gives the most unique and alluring view of the mountains and the gurgling river.

Papikondalu is an ideal place for thrill lovers as you can enjoy trekking on the rocky mountains. There are many places to see in Papikondalu varying from the sacred temples to the rich flora and fauna. 

Best Time to Visit: October to January

Highlights: Bhadrachalam temple, Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary, Pattisam island


Nagalapuram or the Nagala Hills is part of Eastern Ghats and is widely known for the flora and fauna that it inhabits. This place is a serene way to take a break from the buzzing city life. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday or can have an adventure-packed vacation at Nagalapuram.

There is a great scope for participation in adventure activities such as trekking the bumpy trails or biking on the rocky hills. You can also set up a camp and bonfire amidst the thick green on the hilltop. 

Best Time to Visit: October and March

Highlights: Veda Narayanaswami temple,  Mini Courtallam, Shiva Temple falls, Ubbalamadugu waterfalls


The thick forests and the white waterfalls of Ananthagiri are similar to the other hill stations in Andhra Pradesh yet the extra delight is added by the coffee plantation that makes it a holiday-perfect destination. Apart from the tall trees and swift streams in Ananthagiri, there are spots that give an impressive view of the valley.

The hill station is full of alluring places with a rich history and peaceful aura. As per the locals, the hill station is said to be the oldest inhabited place in Telangana. There are also ruins of historic caves and remains of monuments that back up this local legend. 

Best Time to Visit: October to March 

Highlights: Godamguda viewpoint, Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Nagasamudram Lake

People Also Ask About Andhra Pradesh

  1. What is Lambasingi famous for?

    Known as the ‘Kashmir of South India’, this is the only place in the hot & humid southern India to receive snowfall in winters. Besides this, it is famous for its gorgeous landscape of thick forests and lush plantations of coffee, apple, strawberry, and spices. Lambasingi’s wildlife of rare birds and animals makes it popular with nature enthusiasts. 
  2. How do I get to Lambasingi?

    The nearest railway station is Chintapalli located around 20 kilometres. You can hire a cab from here to reach Lambasingi. The closest airport is at Visakhapatnam located around 106 kilometres away, reachable via cab. If you are travelling by road, you can reach via Anakapalle, which is the shorter route or through Sabbavaram. 
  3. Which are the famous hill stations in Andhra Pradesh to visit for a one-day trip?

    Srisailam: Head over to this rugged but lush hill station to take a respite from the southern plains as you enjoy escaping into the dense forests and exploring hidden cave systems here. Visit the tranquil Uma Maheshwaram and Kameshwari Temples, the sanctuary here to see crocodiles & leopards, and several beautiful waterfalls.

    Tirumala: This quaint hill town, surrounded by the 7 peaks of the Seshachalam ranges of the Eastern Ghats, is one of the best places to enjoy a day trip to. The Venkateshwara Temple is a must-visit along with the sacred Akasa Ganga waterfall and Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary for seeing tigers, panthers, ibex, etc.

    Lambasingi: The only place in Southern India that will let you enjoy snowfall, the beauty of this scenic hill station is often compared to Kashmir. See the stunning lush expanses of the Thajangi Reservoir, the beauty of the Kothapalli waterfalls, and Susan Garden for its gorgeous expanses of yellow & black flowers.
  4. Which is the best time to visit Araku Valley?

    Post monsoon and winter months (September-February) are the best to visit Araku Valley. During this time, the temperatures range between a pleasant 14-26°C, perfect to be outdoors amidst the cool breeze and lush surroundings minus the heat and humidity of the summers.
  5. Which are the famous hill stations in Andhra Pradesh to visit for a honeymoon?

    Araku Hill: This beautiful hill station, shrouded in a romantic misty ambience, is perfect for enjoying your honeymoon. Escape into the beauty of the Katika waterfalls and the nearby Borra caves, stroll at the lush Padmapuram Gardens, and the cool Machkund pool near the river.

    Lambasingi: What will be a better place than the one that’s referred to the ‘Kashmir of South India’ to enjoy a serene honeymoon at the only place in Southern India that enjoys a snowfall. Visit the stunning gorges around the Papi Hills, enjoy the beauty of the Kothapally falls, and enjoy traditional Andhra cuisine at villages like Bojjannakonda and Sankaram.

    Nallamala Hills: Escape into the largest hill station of Andhra and take long trails in its dense forests as you spot leopards, antelopes, and chinkaras at the Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve here. See a romantic sunset at Cumbum Lake and long walks at the secluded Srisailam Dam area.
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