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Best Things To Do in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Holiday Packages

Explore and discover Hyderabad, the ‘City of Nawabs’ or the‘City of Charminar’ like never before!Join the walk from State Central Library to the City College anywhere between 10am to 5pm and get acquainted with Hyderabad’s bygone era. Accompanied with a certified guide, this 2 hours walk brings out the best of the city’s eternal vibrancy and grandeurs. Starting from the State Central Library, the tour offers you an insight of its timeless collection and golden history. Established in 1891, this public library houses around 500,000 books and rare palm-leaf manuscripts which holds a testimony
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Discover the city of Hyderabad in a splendid way and get acquainted with its history! This 2 hours walking tour of the city of Nizams take the visitors to some of the major landmarks within the city and gives an insight of its rich history and immortal splendour. With your arrival at the Charminar, the signature monument of Hyderabad, anywhere between 10am to 5pm, proceed towards the nearby bazaars. Witness the liveliness around the market places and take a stroll towards the Unani Hospital and RathKhana. Post this, on the way to the stunning Mansoor Khan’s Mosque, visit the SardarMahal,
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Hyderabad, one of the stunning cities in India, has successfully retained its past glories and grandeurs. Be it the ‘Shahi’ charm of the old city, the delicious cuisines , everything offers a unique and unmatchable identity to this state. This 4-5 hours tour offers a splendid way to witness and experience the old world charm and authenticity of Hyderabad. On assembling at the Charminar at around 10am or 3pm, emabrk on this tantailzing tour of Hyderabad with a cup of Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits. Known as two of the best and most delicious specialities of the city, one cannot afford to mis
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Traveller Tales From Andhra Pradesh


Zain Azam

06 September 2016

Fantastic Experience!


Bhramar Patil

22 December 2015

The greenery and natural beauty of this place is what makes it so appealing. The serene location surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings give you a very relaxing feel. After a long tiring week we were looking for a place where we can just relax, rejuvenate and come back feeling refreshed. This was just a few hours drive from the city so we decided to come here. The ambience is lovely and the staff is very friendly. The food is good.

  • 1466144189_51698_173970045960965_1929010_o.jpg
  • 1466144189_53199_173969632627673_4428090_o.jpg
  • 1466144189_78091_173969779294325_6498843_o.jpg
  • 1466144189_164124_187317121292924_5291502_n.jpg
  • 1466144189_298727_260197184004917_3390593_n.jpg
  • 1466144189_11894406_1066562913368336_5006490169670523935_o.jpg
  • 1466144189_11906815_1066562910035003_1833973879969508313_o.jpg

Gandharv Jain

16 October 2015

The first thing that comes to your mind when you enter this resort is the fact that it is absolutely beautiful! The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The resort has many different areas where you can just sit and relax. There are a lot of activities that you can be a part of or you can just relax by the pool. The resort is close to the city and can be visited anytime. One of the best places to have a relaxing weekend.

  • 1466143423_149108_173007042723932_3827595_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_165701_187316977959605_4458147_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_185640_200607216630581_6604283_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_197018_200607256630577_3439788_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_10994060_950517178306244_2876479219748876935_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_11902229_1055831761108118_9054373629105049148_n.jpg
  • 1466143423_12003127_1078072648884029_6805566335328044339_n.jpg

Prema Mahajan

14 January 2016

This is a great fun activity that you can go for with your friends. We were a group of 8 and decided to try this one weekend. Its something different and loads of fun. Its great to see that we have something like this in Hyderabad so we get to indulge in some different kind of activity unlike the same usual bowling and all. Superb place to go to once in a while.

  • 1466683315_524926_480292232014176_680739002_n.jpg
  • 1466683315_10532371_772020636174666_5379660074221806104_n.jpg
  • 1466683315_10626883_765846823458714_1012010794576181299_n.jpg
  • 1466683316_11899991_946550218721706_7914641940427394060_n.jpg
  • 1466683316_12804822_1036934726349921_7656830679279403919_n.jpg
  • 1466683316_12963658_1059654790744581_1806126359977201470_n.jpg

Sandeep Kishan

16 September 2015

Charminar is in Old Hyderabad and its a wonderful monument in India which is 400+ years old and its gorgeous architecture is worth seeing. Its a happy tour for us and also you can go inside the Charminar but you have to pay some amount for that. You can have tasty Hyderabad Biryani, Haleem here which is very famous.

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