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About Kakinada
Also known as Cocanada, Kakinada is a quaint district in Andhra Pradesh nestled on the coast of Bay of Bengal. The district is around 30 miles east of Rajahmundry and serves as a major seaport. Counted among the largest cities of Andhra Pradesh, it is home to numerous pristine beaches where one can relax in peace. Due to its leisurely vibe and well-planned settlement, the city has also bagged the title of pensioner's paradise.

Being home to several sandy beaches, Kakinada provides an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of routine life. If you want to relish the real beauty of this city, head off to the Kakinada beach which is dotted with mesmerizing shoreline views. The coastal city encompasses several sightseeing spots where you can unwind amidst the exotic flora and fauna.

With beaches like Kakinada and Uppada in its reserve, Kakinada has emerged as a favoured destination among the young travel enthusiasts. It witnesses a huge influx of adventure junkies who love to indulge in water sports activities and relax by its verdant beaches later on.

In addition to being a major island attraction, it also features numerous sacred spots such as Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple and Pithapuram, where you can offer your prayers to lord almighty. Want to spot some amazing wildlife creatures on your Kakinada tour? Make your way to Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary to spend some uninterrupted time amidst its diverse flora and fauna.

From relishing the unspoiled shoreline views from its verdant beaches to treating your taste buds with authentic local dishes, the list of things to do in Kakinada goes on and on. If you are eager to unfurl the local culture, you can also attend the Kakinada Beach festival where you will get to see numerous celebrities performing live on the stage.

While here, you can't miss out walking on its Glass Bridge which is enveloped by lush greenery and water on all of its sides. 
Kakinada district witnesses pleasant climate during the winter season. It is during this time when you can go for carefree walks across its beaches or indulge in a shopping spree at the local markets.

Hence, if you are planning your trip to this Southern beauty, visit here in the months between October and March. Summer season is not considered ideal for Kaiknada excursion as during this season the temperature might go as high as 40 degree Celsius.
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