15 Places to Visit in Czech Republic & Top Tourist Places

Tourist Attractions in Czech Republic

Brno, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Olomouc, Liberec, Ceske Budejovice, Hradec Kralove, Ústí nad Labem, Jihlava, Ostrava, St. Vitus Cathedral, National Gallery, ?eský Krumlov Castle, Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Strahov Monastery, The Bohemian Paradise, Hluboka Castle and many more places to visit in Czech Republic.

From clifftop chateaus fringed by reddish-green forests, to Cathedrals that kiss the sky, the places to visit in Czech Republic will leave you dazzled with their beauty. The country, with its multicultural vibe, has something for every traveller, whether you’re looking for adventure, an art tour or simply a good dinner.

A full exploration of the noteworthy places in Czech Republic would take several days to cover, for there are just so many to go by. From the hot springs of Karlovy Vary to the fantastic Cesky Krumlov Castle by the river Vlatva, or even the ginormous Prague Castle- there is just so much to see and do here.

The Cathedrals in the country are some of the best places to see in Czech Republic. From St. Vitus in Prague to St. Peter and Paul in Brno, each spire has a story of its own. The country is also well regarded for its magnificent castles, some of which are now declared heritage monuments.

Here are the some best places to see in Czech Republic:

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Over the years, Prague has earned a sobriquet of "city of a thousand spires." As you pass though the 1100 year old skyline, you’ll be rewarded with the mesmerizing views of the umpteen splendid views of the soaring old towers and the lovely domed churches which together make Prague one of the most fascinating architectural gem of Europe. No matter where you look, you’ll come across phenomenal examples of Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Renaissance styles of architecture that dot the city. Together these offer a dramatic contrast to the sturdy ancient Prague Castle. Acquiring one of the best preserved historical centers of Europe, the narrow laneways of Prague open up into spectacular squares, each of which are home to historical buildings and fine old homes just waiting to be explored. Being one of the largest city in Europe, Prague still continues to be a pivotal cultural, political and commercial center. It has played a role a pivotal role as the erstwhile capital of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. Today, Rome is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as a major draw for the tourists from far and wide. The city majorly lures the visitors who come here mainly for lively entertainment as well as rich music and theatre scenes.


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Nestled on the Morava River, Olomouc is historically one of Czech Republic’s most important cities. The city functioned as the former capital of Moravia, before being stripped of its status during the Thirty Years War. Now, the ecclesiastical metropolis stands out as a symbol of the Republic’s heritage. It’s traditional Baroque styles are found in its many protected historical monuments, making it one of the most visually striking places in Czech Republic.

The Holy Trinity Column at the heart of Olomouc is the city’s biggest pride. Now a designated UNESCO Heritage Site, the 18th century Column, is regarded for its striking Baroque designs. The stunning astronomical clock is another unmissable marvel here.

When in Olomouc, spend a while hopping across its many fountains. There are about six to seven mountains across Olomouc, each dating back to the 17th century and regarded as a great source of pride to locals here. One could also catch the puppet show at Kasperle’s Land, a traditional puppet theatre dating back to the early 20th century. Summers in Olomouc remain warm and pleasant, while winters are generally cold. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year, but is at its highest in the middle months.

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Nestled on the border of Moravia and Bohemia, Jihlava is among the most important cities in the Czech Republic. It is also the country's oldest mining city, its prosperity resting on silver mining from as early as the mid 13th century. The Renaissance city is typical in its cobble paved beauty, with its urban charm giving way to the beauty of the Moravian highlands and the Jihlava river that cuts across it.

When in Jihlava, start your tour from the vast central Square, Masarykovo Namesti. The buildings here are not only beautiful, but some even date back to the medieval ages. The Town Hall is the most important landmark here. The Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola is another Gothic marvel in the town square.

A great way to enjoy the beauty of the city would be to scale any of its two watchtowers- the Gate of the Holy Mother and St. Jacob's Church- for the sweeping views that they have to offer. If you're visiting in summer, you can also book a tour of the underground mines, now out of use. Winters in Jihlava span between November and March, while the rest of the year experiences fairly pleasant weather. Rainfall occurs between the months of June and August.

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Located in northeastern Czech Republic, Ostrava is one of the most important cities in the country. It was founded in the 13th century as a fortified town by Bruno, the Bishop of Olomouc, to protect Moravia on the northern end. The city sits at the confluence of four rivers, namely, Oder, Opava, Ostravice and Lucina. Ostrava is well regarded for its typical industrial architecture, having been since long one of the biggest iron producing cities in the world.

Ostrava’s Dolni Vitkovice is indisputably one of the best places to visit in Czech Republic. An erstwhile ironwork factory, this national monument is now known for its exhibition space and art installations.  The Michal Coal Mine was the first coal mine in the region, and can be a great place to explore when in the city.

For a good view of the city, head over to the New City Hall and ask to scale its Watchtower. Another interesting way to spend one’s time here would be to catch a traditional theatre show at the Antonin Dvorak theatre hall, one of Czechia’s oldest performance spaces. The climate in Ostrava is moderately continental. Which means, winters here are cold and often freezing, while summers can be pleasant but cloudy. Snowfall may occur at times, but is generally never abundant.

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Nestled on the confluence of the rivers Svitava and Svratka, Brno is always humming with life. Occupied since the prehistoric ages, the city has now undergone rapid changes to become one of Europe’s biggest commercial centres.  It’s skyline dotted with modernist details, Brno’s history finds vent in its fantastic architectural splendor. Church steeples and archaic monuments form the backdrop to this city, offering Brno it’s mysterious charm.

A visit to Brno will remain incomplete without a trip to St. Peter and Paul, Brno’s central Cathedral perched atop Petrov Hill. One of the best places to visit in Czech Republic, the Cathedral is a masterpiece in Gothic Art. The Spilberk Castle is another popular visit in the city, home to several outdoor concerts and exhibitions.

To add an offbeat item to your visit, one could choose to take an expedition to the Moravian Karst, Brno’s biggest cave system. One of the more romantic things to do  in Czech Republic would also be to take a boat ride across the Brno lake, nestled right at the very heart of the city. Brno experiences humid continental climates, which means summers here are warm to hot and winters very cold. Rainfall remains consistent throughout the year, although heavy showers are restricted to the months between May and August.

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Nicknamed the Manchester of Bohemia, Liberec is the textile capital of Czech Republic.  With the Jizera Mountains forming a backdrop to the city on one side, the beauty of Liberec combines rustic architectural charm with the beauty of nature. The Lustine Neisse ambles along the city, and adds to the charm of the place. Standing in the heart of the city, the Liberec Town hall is an exemplary example of the city’s marvelous past. The century old Botanic Gardens in Liberec is also one of the best places to visit in Czech Republic, and is worth a visit when in the city.

If you’re a traveller with a taste for adventure, scaling the Jested might be one of the best things to do in Liberec. The peak commands excellent views of the city, and is known for its beauty as well. The Bozkovské Dolomite Caves is another great option, being the oldest and most beautiful cave system in the region. The climate in Liberec is moderately continental, which means the summers here are pleasant to warm while winteres can be very cold. Snowfall in Liberec is more abundant than in most other Czech countries.

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One of the most sought after places in Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary boasts of a unique charm of its own; the little Bohemian city is home to over a hundred natural hot springs, and is popularly dubbed as the ‘spa city’ of Czech Republic. The city is named after King Charles IV, who founded the city during his reign. The beauty of Karlovy Vary derives from its unique architecture. The houses here reflect designs from years spanning across the 18th to the 20th century, and are often colored in bright pastel shades.

One cannot visit Karlovy Vary without exploring its hot springs. There are several colonnades across towns, each housing a group of springs, some of the better-known ones being the 19th century Mill Colonnade, Hot Spring Colonnade and the Market Colonnade. The Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene is another popular visit here.

An interesting way to spend one’s time in the city would be to take a funicular up to the Diana Lookout Tower, a watch tower known for its excellent views of the city. One could also take a day tour to the splendid Loket Castle, a 13th century relic that once functioned as a prison. Karlovy Vary experiences summer between March and September, while the months between October and February generally remain cold. The best time to visit the city would be between the months of June and July, when the weather remains warm and the rains are yet to set in.

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Ceske Budejovice is a low-lying city in the Southern Bohemian region. The medieval city was founded by King Ottokar in the mid-13th century, owing to its heritage value. Today, the city is best known for its local beer, popularly called Budweiser in other countries. The city possesses the typical urbanic charm of any historic Czech City. Set against the backdrop of rugged peaks at a distance, the well-laid city Ceske sprawls in all its glory, its skyline dotted with steeple ends and clock towers.

The Old Town in Ceske is one of its most magnificent areas, and is home to some of the best places to visit in Czech Republic. One of the biggest highlights in the area is the P?emysl Ottokar II Square, an architectural marvel that is also Czechia’s second biggest square.  The 17th century town hall and the Samson Fountain are two of the most striking highlights in the square.

If in Ottokar Square, you could complement your visit with a climb up the adjacent Black Tower. Once a Belfry and a watchtower, the Black Tower now acts as a viewpoint, commanding an excellent panorama of the city. However, a visit to the city would remain incomplete without a taste of it’s local beer, and a trip to any local pub or tavern should definitely be on every traveller’s list. Summers in Ceske Budejovice are comfortable, while winters are cold and freezing. The region remains cloudy throughout the year, with occasional showers.

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Best known for its football club, the busy city of Usti nad Labem sits on the confluence of the Elbe and Bilina rivers. The city derives its name from the Old Czech words ustie, meaning river mouth, and labe, meaning Elbe, and quite literally translates to “At the Mouth of the Elbe River.” Usti nad Labem is popularly regarded as one of the prettiest cities in the Czech Republic. The riverine beauty of the place is complemented by its modern city charm, and the two combine to imbue the city with a unique vibe of its own.

Usti nad Labem is known for its bright history, and one of the best ways to explore it would be to pay a visit to Hrad Strekov, a medieval castle that now also conducts regular exhibitions. Another interesting thing to do in the city would be to take a gondola ride to the Vetruse hill.

If you want to explore the natural splendor of the region, head over to the Kahnfahrt Obere Schleuse for a quick hike. You could also choose to take a boat ride in the gorge. The Milesovka Observatory is another great place to explore in Usti, and commands one of the nicest views in the world. The city remains cloudy throughout the year. Summers are generally pleasant and cool, while winters tend to be very cold or freezing. Rainfall is erratic, and interspersed throughout the year.

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One of Czech Republic’s oldest cities, the conception of Pilsen dates back to the 1st century or before.  Nestled in the Bohemian region, the city is the fourth most populous one in all of Czech Republic. Like most cities in the Republic, Pilsen is well regarded for its architectural beauty. Buildings dating back to the 17th century dot the countryside, adding an otherworldly charm to the place.

The town of Pilsen derives its fame from the traditional Urquell Beer, and a trip to the city warrants a visit to the 19th century Brewery that produces it. The Brewery offers comprehensive tours, offering a detailed insight into the process of protection. A visit to the Beer Museum and the Pilsen Historical Underground would also be the perfect way to complement one’s visit to the Museum.

History buffs should ideally venture out to explore Pilsen’s historical wonders, the Plague Column and Great Synagogue being among the best places in Czech Republic. A beer spa could be a great way to spend one’s time in the city as well. The weather in Pilsen remains cool and pleasant throughout the year. Rainfall too, is evenly spread out throughout the year, although thunderstorms are rare.

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Standing on the confluence of the Orlice and Elbe rivers, Hradec Kralove once functioned as one of Czechia’s most important trading routes. The city was severely damaged in the Thirty Years War with Sweden, but recovered quickly into the bustling, lively town that it is today. The city’s architectural brilliance has led it to be preserved as an urban monument zone. Home to some of the most brilliant Gothic architecture in the country, Hradec Kralove’s beauty finds its illustration in its cityscape.

When in the city, do not miss out on the opportunity to pay a visit to the Holy Ghost Cathedral, the striking 14th century Cathedral erected by Queen Elizabeth. The Castolovice Castle is another 13th century marvel in the city, and is one of the most striking places to see in Czech Republic. A  great way to spend one’s day in Hradec would be to scale the city’s white tower.

Standing at the very heart of the region, the White Tower commands excellent views of the city. A boat ride along the Elbe could never be a bad idea either. To add a bit of spice, you could always go on a craft beer tour of the city- Hradec Kralove has nearly 500 little breweries, and is well known for its craft beer. Summers in Hradec Kralove span between April and September, and are generally warm and pleasant. Winters are very cold, with the temperature often going below zero. Weather-wise, June to August would be the best time to visit Hradec Kralove.

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Other Attractions

Prague Castle stands tall in the centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Known as the world's largest ancient castle complex, it dates back to the 9th century. This record-breaking size is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, making it a significant landmark not just in Prague but globally. The castle is also known for its stunning architecture, featuring Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque elements. Over the years, it has been the home of kings and emperors and now serves as the official office of the Czech president.

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The Prague National Gallery is the largest and most important art repository in the country, and stands out as one of the top places to see in Czech Republic. It is one of the world’s oldest public art galleries and biggest museums in Europe. The conception of the National Gallery dates back to the 18th century, when a group of local intellectuals decided that the artistic taste of the common public in the city needed to be elevated.

The collections at the gallery range from the Old Masters to the new age modernist painters. There are several Gallery sites located across the city of Prague, the largest and main one being on Trade Fair Place. The Gallery also houses an impressive collection of Oriental Art in the Old Town sector.

Location: Staroměstské nám. 1, 110 15 Staré Město, Czechia

Timings:  Tuesday- Sunday: 10.00AM- 06.00PM

Highlights: Modernist art collection, exhibitions, oriental art 

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People Also Ask About Czech Republic

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Czech Republic?

    1. Prague Castle: At the very top of every traveller’s list of places to visit in Czech Republic, Prague Castle is a source of great national pride. Built in the 10th century, the 1000 year old castle has undergone several dramatic architectural changes. Over the years, it has been home to many notable figures in the country, including the Roman Emperors, the Bohemian Kings and currently the Czech President.

    2. Cesky Krumlov Castle: Dominating the backdrop of the eponymous city, the Cesky Krumlov Castle is one of the most beautiful places to see in Czech Republic. Dating back to the 13th century, the Castle is home to some of the most striking examples of Gothic architecture, including the Renaissance Hall, the Ballroom and the Chapel of St. George.

    3. The Karlovy Vary Colonnades: Although not one but many, the colonnades of Karlovy Vary stand out as some of the best places to visit in Czech Republic. The region is known best for its natural hot springs, and its neoclassical colonnades are home to several bathing and drinking fountains that are born from these springs.

  2. Which are the best things to do in Czech Republic?

    1. Dine at the Dancing House: The funky dancing house, or the Fred and Ginger House, is Czech’s most uniquely shaped building. One of the most bewildering places to see in Czech Republic, it is also the most photographed landmark here. The House, however, is not just a visual treat. The final level of the building houses a fine dining restaurant, which promises fantastic dining with views.

    2. Take a Beer Tour: Czech Republic is known well for its beer. In fact, the famed Budweiser stems right from here. One of the most fun things that one can do when in Czech is to go on a bar or tavern hopping tour of the cities. Apart from the high-end spirits, the pubs here also produce an excellent variety of craft beer.

    3. Marvel at the Astronomical Clock: The Astronomical Clock in Prague is a cultural milestone, and one of the most striking places to visit in Czech Republic. It is the oldest functioning clock in the world. It is also the third astronomical clock to ever have been built.  The clock was installed on one of the walls of the Prague Town Hall in 1410, and still remains in its original position. Four intricately carved figures appear at the striking of each hour.

  3. Which are the best Unesco World Heritage Sites in Czech Republic?

    1. Holy Trinity Column, Olomouc:  The end of the devastating plague in the 18th century brought with it a sweeping feeling of gratitude, and the Holy Trinity Column was erected as a symbol of hope and celebration. One of the most popular places to see in Czech Republic, artist Wenzel Render’s Baroque monument now stands as a testament to history in the centre of Europe. The Column was declared a Heritage Site in 2001.

    2. Kutna Hora: Not a single attraction but a town in totality, Kutna Hora is one of the most beautiful places in Czech Republic. The outstanding architecture of the town centre led it to be declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1995. The town is best known for its sprawling vineyards and Cathedrals. The Gothic stone house in Kutna Hora contains one of the biggest archives in the country.

    3. Litomysl Castle: One of the most notable places to visit in Czech Republic, the Litomysl Castle is one of the largest Renaissance castles in the country. The Chapel, billiards room, castle grounds, dining rooms and ceremonial salons are now preserved for public visit. The castle also features a statue garden, showcasing artwork dating back to the 18th century.

  4. What is the best time to visit Czech Republic?

    The best time to visit Czech Republic would be during the spring months, between May and September. The weather during this time remains most pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing. Most of the notable places to visit in Czech Republic also remain open during this time.

  5. How to reach Czech Republic?

    By Flight: For an international traveller, the only way to reach Czech Republic would be by flight. There are several airlines connecting major cities in the Republic to those around the world. Travellers from India can choose layover flights as well as direct options.

  6. What is Czech Republic famous for?

    Among other things, Czech Republic is best known for its Gothic monuments. The best places to see in Czech Republic showcase a fine assortment of neo classical and Gothic architecture, from its hilltop castles to memorial columns.

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