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  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Be wary of the touts.
    • Do not get involved in any form of drugs.
    • In case you come across anyone who seems suspicious, maybe a drug peddler, it is best to keep away from such an individual. Often, the trend says that the drug pedlars tend to get away from such a situation and it is the tourists who face the trouble.
    • Do not entertain the beggars.
    • If you are eating street food, make sure you check for the quality before placing an order.
    • Whenever you buy a water bottle make sure you check that the seal is intact.
    • Do not buy a water bottle from the brand that is not known to you.
    • Always carry with you at least one identity card.
    • Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in a public place.
    • Do not leave any of your important documents in the hotel room.
    • Make sure you book a hotel in an area that is located near the attractions of the city.
    • Make a booking in a hotel that has a room safe.
    • Do not get overfriendly with the strangers

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Czech Republic is 16 years.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Charles Bridge

    Charles Bridge is an iconic bridge in Czech Republic that goes over the Vltava river located in the city of Prague. The famous King Charles IV looked over the construction of the bridge in the year 1357 and it has been a major tourist attraction since then. It took almost 2 centuries to build this historic bridge and you can sense the efforts that has gone into building it by walking over the bridge.

    Prague astronomical clock

    Astronomical clocks are located at famous spots around the world and Prague is fortunate to have one of them. These clocks are accurate to the atomic level and are counted as some of the most precise watches in the world. Moreover, they look phenomenal with their antique looks and thus a lot of people visit there to witness it before their eyes and have a nice photo op.

    St. Vitus Cathedral

    The St. Vitus Cathedral is popular in the country because it is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. It is built in a Gothic architectural style and you will just love the way how it looks especially when the lights are on at night. Many people claim that it is by far the most beautiful Cathedral in any European city and thus it is a must visit place in Czech Republic.

    Prague Castle

    Prague Castle is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city of Prague. It consists of many small castles which together form the big Prague Castle. The architectural style which it boasts of include the Renaissance architecture, Mannerist architecture and Gothic architecture. The combination of these three styles makes it look splendid since it was opened in the year 870 AD.

    Municipal House

    If you like to witness classical concerts, the Municipal House is the perfect place to be at. Inside the building, the Smetana Hall is home to all kinds of concerts and attracts a lot of visitors. The House was built by Osvald Polivka and Antonin Balsanek, they both were highly praised for their marvelous creation. You must check out the lined up concerts well in advance before you visit so that you can choose the ones you like.

    Spanish Synagogue

    The Spanish Synagogue looks so beautiful that it will leave you spellbound. It is built with a Moorish Revival architectural style and the structure of the building looks just amazing. Even the interiors of the Synagogue are beautifully done by Josef Niklas and Ignac Ullmann as both of them were architects for building the Spanish Synagogue. For those fascinated by beautiful pieces of architecture like this must definitely visit the place during their holidays in Czech.

    Prague National Gallery

    Prague National Gallery is an elegant museum that is completely owned by the state and is located in Prague. Art lovers will have a great time here as it is the place which holds the largest collection of art work in the whole of Czech Republic. You will find everything from ancient medieval art to ultra modern art all under the same roof.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Guided tours

    Guided tours are the best way to explore the city in the least possible time and enjoy the most. There are various travel agents and tour packages that offer you a guided tour of the complete Czech Republic in just a few days. So while you are planning for your holiday in the country, just make sure to book some guided tours and they will show you the right places at the right time.

    Explore the Old Town Square

    There is so much to explore in the Old Town Square. It has been the bustling part of the city since the 10th century and still witnesses a huge number of crowd no matter what time you go there. Try out the local cuisine, gaze at the wonderful architecture and take a stroll through the historical streets nearby. The experience is totally worth it and you will be kept entertained by various street artists and musicians here. Visiting the Old Town Square is indeed an important thing to do.

    Witness the hour completion at the astronomical clock

    The Prague astronomical clock is definitely one of the must visit places in the city but it is a different experience altogether to witness it strike an hour. Watching the mechanical clock complete the hour is completely surreal as it is one of the most accurate watches in the world. There are various onlookers while an hour comes to end so that they can watch the beginning of the new hour in this astronomical clock.

    Walk through the Golden Lane

    The Golden Lane is located inside the grounds of the Prague Castle and is quite famous for the mystery it hides. It is believed that in the ancient era, alchemists used to come here and transform normal metals into Gold in the lane. No matter if this story is true or not, you will have a serene experience by taking a walk through the Golden Lane. World famous writer Franz Kafka also had a house in the lane where he used to come and write. It is a great sightseeing attraction of the Czech Republic.

    Eat the local cuisine

    If you are travelling through different places, one of the best things you must do is to try out the local cuisine. Every country has their own cuisine which they are well known for and having a stay there without trying the food leaves the holiday unfulfilled. Meat lovers must definitely try out the Koleno or the Pork Knuckle at a local restaurant here. The dish is very popular in the Czech cuisine.

    Watch Puppet shows

    In the initial days of your holiday in Czech, you will soon realize that people here are very passionate about puppets. There are more than 20 puppet shops, 30 puppet makers and a puppet museum just in the city of Prague. In the past era, puppets were used as a means of entertainment in various royal ceremonies as well. If you are in Prague, do not miss the puppet shows as they are very entertaining.

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