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About Liberec

Nicknamed the Manchester of Bohemia, Liberec is the textile capital of Czech Republic.  With the Jizera Mountains forming a backdrop to the city on one side, the beauty of Liberec combines rustic architectural charm with the beauty of nature. The Lustine Neisse ambles along the city, and adds to the charm of the place. Standing in the heart of the city, the Liberec Town hall is an exemplary example of the city’s marvelous past. The century old Botanic Gardens in Liberec is also one of the best places to visit in Czech Republic, and is worth a visit when in the city.

If you’re a traveller with a taste for adventure, scaling the Jested might be one of the best things to do in Liberec. The peak commands excellent views of the city, and is known for its beauty as well. The Bozkovské Dolomite Caves is another great option, being the oldest and most beautiful cave system in the region. The climate in Liberec is moderately continental, which means the summers here are pleasant to warm while winteres can be very cold. Snowfall in Liberec is more abundant than in most other Czech countries.

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