Charles Bridge, Prague Overview

Charles Bridge is one of the most famous ancient landmarks in Prague. Visitors hope to take a picture of the Charles Bridge in memory of the Czech capital tour. Charles Bridge provides visitors a unique photo opportunity regardless of the time of day.

Connecting the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Malá Strana neighbourhood, where Prague Castle is located, the oldest bridge in Prague is Charles Bridge. Constructed between 1357 and 1402, it served as the sole bridge across the Vltava River within the city. It ranks high among the most significant Gothic buildings in the world.

Crossing Charles Bridge is a truly enchanting experience. In the daytime, it becomes an essential monument to visit. It is a work of art that requires quiet contemplation due to its characteristics. When the sun goes down, it becomes a romantic crossing. Invariably, they end up in the beautiful and simultaneously Bohemian Malá Strana (Little Town) district of the Czech capital.


• Explore the Gothic architecture of the bridge. Around it there are 30 statues and paintings from the Baroque era.
• Discover lovely views of Prague Castle, the Vltava River, and the city skyline which is loved by many artists and tourists.
• Know about the history from the 1400s to the present; the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, spans the Vltava River. 
• Observe this busy bridge because only people on foot can cross it. Street performers, artists, and vendors shop along the gravel walks.
• Talk to the people who are in love and should go to Charles Bridge, and those in Prague should see it too. It has a charming mood and beautiful views.

How To Reach

1.By car: From Prague Airport, it's easy to get to Charles Bridge. You can drive there yourself or hire a cab. To reach this bridge, the ride takes 17 minutes, which covers 15 km. The taxi fare is between 500 and 600 Kc.

2.By bus: You can take 119 bus to go to the A/Green metro station. Then reach Malostranska station. Then walk a little to get to the 22 or 21 tram. After that, reach Malostranska" Namesti. After walking a little, you will reach your destination.

3.By tram: The tram no 17 takes you to the charles bridge from the main city of Prague. This trip takes around 17 minutes and is 2.5 km long.

Best Time To Visit

Guests are welcome to stroll across Prague, Czechia's Charles Bridge, all year round, at any time of day or night.

1.Best Season: If you want to see Charles Bridge in all its winter glory. Come in January or early February if you want to enjoy the snow.

2.Best Day of the Week: Monday through Thursday are the most peaceful days to visit Prague's Charles Bridge in the Czech Republic. To avoid huge crowds, you must avoid the weekends.

3.Best Time of the Day: You can visit Charles Bridge either first thing in the morning or last thing at night if you want to avoid crowds. To walk around it peacefully, you need to get there before morning at 8.

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1.Going early in the morning will help you avoid crowds and enjoy the bridge as it gets lighter.

2.If you go during off-peak hours, you can get to know the bridge and its surroundings better. 

3.You can get up before dawn to take pictures of the bridge, statues, river, and Prague Castle. Winter in Prague is beautiful.

4.Stopping on the bridge gives you a different view and keeps you away from the crowds.

5.Each end of the bridge has a tower with a view and a small exhibition space. 

6.You can drive or row a boat for rent. It's fun to see the bridge this way.

7.You can go on a boat ride. Boats give you a different view of the bridge.

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Point of Interest for Charles Bridge, Prague
Charles Bridge's Artwork

Charles Bridge's Artwork

The statues on Charles Bridge are its most striking feature. Around thirty sculptures adorn either side of the 500-meter bridge, elevating the grandeur of the city's crossing. Replicas of sculptures were installed there at the turn of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, depicting various prominent saints. Many people touch the statue with their left hand to ask for a favour. Some visitors even go as far as touching the statue's base, a sign of devotion, hoping to make a future return to Prague.

Charles Bridge's Night View

Charles Bridge's Night View

Thus, the Charles Bridge ushered in the new millennium. Despite its protection, it is still vulnerable to the powerful currents of the Vltava River. When the sun goes down, this Prague landmark changes. A true sensory delight is crossing Charles Bridge at night. Nothing beats the castle's lighted towers, the river's magic, and the grounds' musicians for a memorable night. Seeing Prague at night is an experience you should take advantage of, just like the nightlife in Prague.

The Bridge's History

The Bridge's History

The river Vltava finally solved its problem with the construction of Charles Bridge. Inundation washed away the existing Judith Bridge, severing connections between the two halves of Prague. This spot had served as a crossing for ages. Before the construction of the Judith Bridge in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a wooden bridge had linked the river's banks in the tenth century. King Charles IV authorised the construction of the current bridge, which re-connects the Old Town with the castle and Malá Strana. 

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