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About Brno

Nestled on the confluence of the rivers Svitava and Svratka, Brno is always humming with life. Occupied since the prehistoric ages, the city has now undergone rapid changes to become one of Europe’s biggest commercial centres.  It’s skyline dotted with modernist details, Brno’s history finds vent in its fantastic architectural splendor. Church steeples and archaic monuments form the backdrop to this city, offering Brno it’s mysterious charm.

A visit to Brno will remain incomplete without a trip to St. Peter and Paul, Brno’s central Cathedral perched atop Petrov Hill. One of the best places to visit in Czech Republic, the Cathedral is a masterpiece in Gothic Art. The Spilberk Castle is another popular visit in the city, home to several outdoor concerts and exhibitions.

To add an offbeat item to your visit, one could choose to take an expedition to the Moravian Karst, Brno’s biggest cave system. One of the more romantic things to do  in Czech Republic would also be to take a boat ride across the Brno lake, nestled right at the very heart of the city. Brno experiences humid continental climates, which means summers here are warm to hot and winters very cold. Rainfall remains consistent throughout the year, although heavy showers are restricted to the months between May and August.

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