Karlovy Vary

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About Karlovy Vary

One of the most sought after places in Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary boasts of a unique charm of its own; the little Bohemian city is home to over a hundred natural hot springs, and is popularly dubbed as the ‘spa city’ of Czech Republic. The city is named after King Charles IV, who founded the city during his reign. The beauty of Karlovy Vary derives from its unique architecture. The houses here reflect designs from years spanning across the 18th to the 20th century, and are often colored in bright pastel shades.

One cannot visit Karlovy Vary without exploring its hot springs. There are several colonnades across towns, each housing a group of springs, some of the better-known ones being the 19th century Mill Colonnade, Hot Spring Colonnade and the Market Colonnade. The Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene is another popular visit here.

An interesting way to spend one’s time in the city would be to take a funicular up to the Diana Lookout Tower, a watch tower known for its excellent views of the city. One could also take a day tour to the splendid Loket Castle, a 13th century relic that once functioned as a prison. Karlovy Vary experiences summer between March and September, while the months between October and February generally remain cold. The best time to visit the city would be between the months of June and July, when the weather remains warm and the rains are yet to set in.

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