Things to Do in Czech Republic

With its ancient castles, otherworldly river cruises, historically pivotal bridges, chapels and a much laid back ambiance, you can find a myriad of intriguing things to do in Czech Republic.

Start with a whimsical journey of the talked town Plzen located on the western stretch of the Bohemian City and admire its cathedrals, synagogue, town halls and more, and end your day with a romantic tour of the Olomouc castle with its 12th century architecture and furnishings. 

There is no other place than Prague to visit, featuring some of the most extravagant and unique things to do in Czech Republic, like attending a folklore show, chugging beers at local pubs and relishing in the European ambiance. Add a final touch to your whimsical journey and take your partner for a romantic dinner cruise on the Vltava river with the architectural marvels and the amusing Charles bridge overhead. The scenic ambiance, candle lit dinner, soft music and chill vibe is probably a foremost and one of the best things to do Czech republic. With all this and more, you will never run out of things to do here.

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle stands tall in the centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Known as the world's largest ancient castle complex, it dates back to the 9th century. This record-breaking size is confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records, making it a significant landmark not just in Prague but globally. The castle is also known for its stunning architecture, featuring Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque elements. Over the years, it has been the home of kings and emperors and now serves as the official office of the Czech president.

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Czech Republic Things To Do FAQs

Which are the best adventure things to do in Czech Republic?

1. Explore Javoricko Caves - Out of a myriad of things to do in Czech Republic, exploring the humongous Javoricko Caves is a must. Situated in the Olomouc region of Central Moravia, a hike up to this ethereal location situated amidst the dense and lush green forest is a great start to a day.
This unique cave has helictites and stalactites formations growing from the roof defying the laws of gravity. Majority of the cave remains unexplored and inaccessible to tourists. However, there are several parts of the cave worth exploring like the fairy tale cave, the hall of thousand quills, nature cathedrals and more.

2. Wakeboarding at Hradec Kralove - Thrillseekeers get ready for an instantaneous adrenaline boost on an action packed wakeboarding ride through the infamous lake of Hradec Kralove region. At a very fair price, you can wakeboard or snowboard through the lake with expert assistance and guidance.
Wakeboarding requires you to get on a board tied to the back of a speedboat or motor vehicle of any sort which glides the skateboard at high speed in the streamline water. This immensely fascinating water sport is a hair-raising experience and a must try when visiting Czech Republic.

3. Cycling/Scootering in Bila Opava Valley - Situated on the foothills of the popular Mount Praded, Bila Opava Valley is a very distinguished and pre-eminent path for hikes and climbs. Tourists can also opt for biking through these stiff valleys. The valley has a plethora of waterfalls, springs and river channels adorning it.
On their way up, tourists can also witness waterfalls which are about 8 meters tall. Once on the top of Bila Opava Valley, you can also bike up to the cliffs of Mount Praded. Snacks, toilets and refreshments are provided at every stoppage while on the hike up to ensure a comfortable journey.

4. Visit Sumava National Park - Earlier known as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, Sumava national park is now a famous tourist spot for rendering a myriad of recreational activities. Located on the borders of Germany, this national park is a Bohemian Forest which has an area of 1686 square kilometres and features lush canopies, lakes, moors and distinct wildlife.
You can rent electric bikes and ride your way through the forests. This 25 kilometre exertion through the dense forest will take you through beautiful and prepossessing canyons, peaks and plateaus which are exquisite locations for photography.

5. Mountain Biking in Koprivna - Try Mountain biking through the stiff hills and crests of Koprivna. The most exotic and thrilling excursion is the downhill mountain biking amidst the stones and plateaus. The entire biking trail is approximately 12 kilometres.
These low tricycles are electric and have pedals attached to help you gear up and down through stiff paths. There are a number of trails you can opt for like family tracks, fun trails, free rides, gravity line, downhill, skill centre, and more. For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, this is the perfect expedition to do in Czech Republic.

6. Go Skydiving in Prague - Enjoy enthralling views of Prague and their fascinating locations in Czech Republic from a bird's eye view. There are a number of places where one can try skydiving. In this thrilling expedition, passengers are taken up to a height of 4000 metres and are required to jump off their planes and open their parachutes at a given time.
This is one of the best and safest ways to enjoy the ethereal views of Prague from top. The fall happens at 200 kilometres per hour and this thrilling expedition is a must try. You can also hire professional video and photographers to record this once in a lifetime moment for you.

7. Black Light Adventure Mini Golf Tour - If you are also a golf enthusiast, then we have listed out an extravagant addition to your ordinary golf sport. With the lights turned down and the music tuned up, dance your way through the grooving beats and show your amazing golf tricks and talents in the adventure mini Golf tour.
The mini golf tour takes place inside a  haven with fluorescent UV lights adorning the rooms to render more challenges and ultimatums and is one of the best things to do in Czech Republic

8. Learn about Bone Collections - For a chilling and extravagant tour of Prague’s most distinct locations, a visit to the insanely blood curling “Bone Church '' is a must. This museum has displays of bones belonging to the people who have perished in plagues and wars in 14th and 16th century European times.
The frightening and appealing way the bones are displayed giving an artistic touch is an alarming sight to render. The Sedlec Ossuary features bones of over 70,000 humans well preserved and taken care of. For people who don't scare easily, a visit to Prague’s Gothic All Saints Chapel will surely give nightmares for a lifetime.

9. Hiking at The Bohemian Paradise - When in Czech Republic, plan a hiking expedition to the bohemian paradise which is a UNESCO geological location too. This area has a lot of rock formations and hills adorning it. The kozakov hill is the largest in this area and a popular hiking expedition too.
Apart from this, the bohemian paradise also houses boscov caves which have dolomite formations, runes and remnants of the ancient Trosky castle, humongous ponds like the Vezak and Nevak. The trosky castle was established in the early years of 14th century and has an intriguing history of kings and queens and merchants who were residents here. A visit to the ancient remnant is a must when visiting bohemian paradise.

10. Explore Charles Bridge - Perched on Prague's Vltava River, Charles Bridge has 16 arches with 30 statues each representing the baroque statues of the 18th century. The Beautiful Charles Bridge is a popular tourist attraction, and is situated in close proximity to Prague castle. Take a thrilling boat tour with the Charles Bridge above your head and click prepossessing pictures too.

Which are the places to see in Czech Republic?

1. Prague - Probably one of the first tourist destinations in Europe, Prague with its exquisite architecture, ancient bridges, castles with intriguing history dating back to 1000 years makes it a must visit and worthy tourist attraction. Take a romantic boat trip on the Vltava river with the amazing Charles Bridge overhead and admire the intricate architecture of the Prague castle.

2. Olomouc - Listed amongst the UNESCO protected sites and topping the list of best things to do Czech Republic, Olomouc will impress any travel freak and history enthusiast with its age old buildings, quirky and vibrant ambiance and a plethora of restaurants that makes it a top notch tourist’s location. Shop for fancy European trendy attires and relish on wines and enjoy divine Czech cuisines.

3. Ostrava - This town has a yearlong vibrant atmosphere with musical festivity, chirpy pubs and clubs with old music, tasty dishes, good people and perfect mood. When in Ostrava visit the local zoo and admire the myriad of animal species, witness the beautiful lighting of Dolni Vitkovice at night, bolt tower cages and many other such interesting attractions popular among locals.

4. Sumava National Park - For adventure lovers, take a biking or cycling expedition to the popular Sumava National park and witnessing the amusing sunset is a must do activity. The Sumava national park covers an area of 1600 sq kms and features dense forests perched over rock formations, cliffs and plateaus rendering peaceful and tranquil locations for recreational activities.

How is the nightlife in Czech Republic?

1. Lucerna Nightclub - If you are a party animal who loves late night partying, loud music, drinks and a laid back ambiance, then this club is the top-notch option for you. Lucerna nightclub has an 80s theme and has a huge dance floor which remains open till late night. So pre book your drink menu and have an enthralling night partying here.

2. Roxy Prague - Topping the list of best nightclubs in the city of Prague, this age old hangout zone attracts a lot of tourist and local customers year longs, With a very intricate and detailed interior of ancient artefacts and renaissance art, Roxy club has a chill ambiance, blasting DJ, drinks and quick services to render a perfectly fine evening for you.

3. Folklore Show - If you find European culture enthralling then taking part in a folklore show is a must. With Prague's cultural dances, heritage, music, food and drinks, a folklore show best displays European customs and values. These shows also come with 4 course dinners and exquisite performances keeping you engaged for an eternity and are amongst the list of unique things to do in Czech Republic.

4. Cruise on Vltava River - Fancy a romantic evening with loved ones? Explore more of Charles bridge by taking a sought after cruise ride on the Vltava river with the fascinating sunset adorning the extravagant attraction.

What are the romantic things to do in Czech Republic?

1. Visit Lobkowicz Palace - Take your loved ones on a dreamy tour of this introspective and otherworldly castle which has been the previous residential areas of Kings and Queens of Europe. The castle’s eastern gate has a myriad of shops selling antiques, silverwares and delicacies to enjoy from. Learn about the enthralling history of Lobkowicz family and admire the mozart art gallery too.

2. Explore Moravia - Moriva with its long green stretches of verdant plantations is a shared territory of Poland and Bohemia. This beautiful tourist attraction had been the hub of German tribes dating back to the 4th century. This attraction features a calming and relaxing atmosphere, much needed to take a break from the hefty itinerary.

3. Vltava River - The immensely beautiful Charles Bridge perched on the medieval river of Vltava is a couple hotspot. Enjoy scenic sunsets, enthralling ambiance and European art whilst on a whimsical boat journey on the river. This exquisite river is the longest of its kind in Czech Republic and covers the entire stretch of Bohemian Forest.

4. Visit Trebek - This is a very small town located on the maps of Czech Republic and is extremely popular amongst locals for its scenic sunsets, age old buildings rendering a classic 80s vibe, pubs and bars selling tasteful wine and more. This is the perfect place to recall romantic moments with your loved ones and have a happy and peaceful time.

How to reach Czech Republic?

The best way to reach Czech republic is by flight as sea and road transports are not viable options. There are a number of airlines from each country directed to Prague in Europe.

What is the best time to visit Czech Republic?

Czech republic has a cool and pleasant climate year long as any other European nation. However, tourists must avoid the rainy season if they wish to have a hassle-free journey.

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