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There is no better adventure than soaring high above in the sky and enjoying the beautiful landscape underneath. The thrill of flying through the open sky while letting the wind blow past your face is an experience of a lifetime that paragliding is all about. In India, Paragliding near Pune has been one of the most noteworthy adventure sports that has been a raving topic of discussion for the past few years.

Kamshet, the top Paragliding hotspot of India is just merely 100 km from Pune and has a spectacular scenic view that is worth exploring from up above the sky. The stunning Pavana Lake along with the cascading Indrayani river aside, Kamshet is filled with beautiful valleys of the Sahyadri range and small scenic wooden cabins strewn all over the lush green land.

Mystical and void of any urbanization, the tiny jewel hotspot of Kamshet is perfect for Paragliding in Pune, not just because of the 360-degree panorama but also because of the all year round optimal weather that makes paragliding possible here.

Kafinath and Purandar are two offbeat yet beautiful locations within 30 miles of Pune that are also well-known Paragliding destinations of India. Age-old grand fort, miles of paddy field, hilly landscape are some of the most promising views one can enjoy while surfing through the sky over these places.

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15 July 2015
Kamshet is the unparalleled beauty that you get to see and enjoy on your weekend and we luckily got that chance this holiday when we all decided to be a little generous.
24 August 2015
This was fifth time in paragliding and first in Kamshet region. Amazing experience- what a feel you get while gliding though the air. Awesome place and service provided is also satisfactory. Great-great experience.
13 September 2015
Woohhooo! The feeling of flying like a bird over the stunning and breathtaking moutains, valleys and cliffs is just unparalleled by anything I have experienced so far. The instructors were extremely helpful and well informed which kinda helped in taking a little of the fear away.
12 August 2015
Epic Trip! Had so much fun doing this activity! Thanks to the guys over there who are all extremely well informed and cheerful.
29 October 2015
This was a truly thrilling experience for us and I had an amazing time with my college friends. My fear of heights vanished. This is safe even if you are a tad overweight like me so dont worry.
09 February 2016
Gudakesa Bhattacharya Paragliding Joyride in Kamshet
Celebrated my birthday by going here for an exciting experience and I am lucky enough to have gotten to enjoy it.
29 December 2015
What an awesome experience!! Completely scary for someone with fear of heights, but once done, the feeling of accomplishment is just the best.
17 December 2015
Chandak Mukhopadhyay Paragliding Joyride in Kamshet
Absolutely stunning views! Mind blown. Highly recommended.
10 January 2016
it was so amazing experience. i always wanted to do this....thanks alot for an amazing activity....
10 November 2015
Total worth the price. It was my first time of paragliding and i enjoyed a lot. So, refreshing and peaceful....

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Pune

  1. What are the best places to go for paragliding near Pune?

    1. Kamshet: Kamshet, a small quintessential town on the bank of the Indrayani River has one of the most beautiful and scenic aerial views of the country. Constant wind speed ranging between 15 to 20 km an hr along with the hilly terrains of the Sahyadri makes Kamshet an ideal place for paragliding in Pune.

    The beautiful Pavana Lake and the undulating valleys of Shindewadi Hills laden with beautiful flora and fauna offer a view unlike any other that can only be experienced when one flies over the area.

    Location: Mawal taluka, Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Price: Depending on the type and duration of Paragliding, the cost of a single session of 10 to 20 minutes of flying time ranges between 2500 INR to 4500 INR.
    Timing: October to May

    2. Panchgani: For ardent thrill and adventure seekers, there is another offbeat yet quiet famous destination for Paragliding near Pune known as Panchgani. A hill station that offers the best views of Bhilar, Khinger, and Tapola, Panchgani is perfect if you are an experienced Paraglider wanting to try some new and technically tricky routes

    Location: Satara, Maharashtra, India
    Price: Paragliding in Panchgani can cost between 2000 INR to 3000 INR per person for a ride of 10 to 15 minutes duration
    Timing: October to March
  2. When is the best time to go paragliding near Pune?

    Paragliding is best experienced when the sky is clear and there is an ample wind speed. Between October and April, is the perfect time for paragliding.  From May onwards until September, the cloudy weather accompanied by heavy monsoon and unpredictable winds and storms is very dangerous for paragliding in Pune during this time of the year.
  3. What are the different types of Paragliding in Kamshet?

    Paragliding operators in Kamshet offer 3 specific types of Paragliding experiences. These are-

    - Joy or Classic tandem Paragliding: If you are a beginner in the world of paragliding, Joy Tandem is a perfect choice. Soar high up in the sky and enjoy the stunning view while an experienced pilot accompanies you along and maneuvers the glider.

    - Instructional Tandem Paragliding: In case you want to try paragliding yourself, that’s also possible thanks to Instructional Tandem Paragliding. While you maneuver through the open sky, the pilot will assist you with the proper navigational details for a smooth ride through the sky.

    - Acro Tandem Paragliding: Perfect for adrenaline junkies who are trained paragliders, this is an ultimate thrill-seeker’s dream. Acro tandem is solely for experienced and certified paragliders wishing to explore the sky on their own as a single rider.
  4. How much does paragliding cost in Kamshet?

    Paragliding is of three types namely Joy or Classic tandem Paragliding, Instructional Tandem Paragliding and Acro Tandem Paragliding . Based on the duration and type chosen for paragliding near Pune, the price for one person can range between 2000 to 4500 INR for an average of 15 minutes of flight time.
  5. Which people are not allowed to do Paragliding near Pune?

    - Anyone under the age of 12 and over the age of 65 yrs is not eligible for Paragliding. For riders between the age of 12 and 18, parental consent is mandatory.
    - Anyone who has a mental and physical disability is not permissible by law to paraglide.
    - The weight of the person paragliding should not be over 90 kg and under 25 kg.
    - Anyone who has Lung and Heart-related ailments is not permitted to try Paragliding.