Best Surfing Tours in Phuket - 2020

Gear up for some splashing fun with a day doing surfing in Phuket. The beautiful island of Phuket is often cited as one of the perfect destinations to experience a surreal way of living by the beach. It is replete with some of the most luxurious spas, restaurants and hotels that take the tourists on a rejuvenating journey. The picturesque beaches of Phuket get etched in the hearts forever and promise an exciting day for everyone. Whether you are a water baby looking to flex your muscles or seeking a relaxed day by the beach, Phuket ticks all the boxes for the vacationers. When we talk about adventure in Phuket, it is hard to miss the exhilarating experience of surfing in Phuket. Although the winds and water in Phuket are not as impressive as of places like Hawaii or Sydney, Phuket is getting famous for organising this water sport. Moreover, Phuket has been hailed as the best place in all of Thailand to be mesmerised by surfing in the sea and attracting throngs of crowds lately.

The most favourable time to enjoy surfing tours in Phuket is from the month of April to November. This is the time when there is low season for tourism in Phuket and the beaches are dotted with first-time surfers. With the waves not being too strong, Phuket’s West Coast offers the best setting for the beginners. Phuket also offers pleasant weather conditions with ideal air and water temperatures and is comparatively less crowded that makes surfing here the ideal activity to add to your bucket list. There are various surf shops where you can rent a surfboard and learn the tricks of this adventurous trade in Phuket. They boast of qualified instructors and have the international experience of surfing under their belts. The people here can choose among various surfing equipment and then go out into the sea. The certified instructors are considered to be the best guides for the beginners who are trying to learn surfing in Phuket. The average cost of surfing tour packages in Phuket starts from 200 Baht per hour and can go up to 4000 Baht a week. However, the actual cost will vary depending upon the duration of surfing, the destination, number of people involved etc. This fee involves board rental by the surfing schools, a rash guard and a leash. Tourists here can also opt for private tuitions and learn the fantastic sport of surfing when on a vacation with their friends.

The feeling of beating the waves and experiencing the pull of water while surfing is a refreshing break from the usual adventure activities. The waves in Phuket are not too strong but offer a lot of fun for those who indulge in this awe-inspiring adventure. The various places where you can get some surfing action in Phuket are Kata Beach, Kalim Beach, Kamala Beach, Surin Beach and Nai Harn Beach. Other prominent places to go for surfing here are Karon Beach, Nai Thon, Nai Yong which offer great conditions for the sport. At Kalim Beach, there are various surfing competitions where people can ride the swells up to 100-metre-long in the air. There are yearly contests and surfing races which are organised by Quicksilver Thailand Surf Competition in Phuket. Another great place for surfing in North Phuket is the beautiful Kamala Beach. The gentle swells here make surfing look like a cakewalk and promises an ideal spot to begin your love affair with surfing in Phuket.

In Phuket, Kata Beach is often cited as the best place for surfing. Also called ‘Surfing Mecca of Phuket’, Kata Beach boasts of various surf shops. The waves here go up to the maximum height of two metres and promises an incredible experience for both the first-timers and professionals. This beach often gets crowded but it is a wonderful place to soak in the bustling energy of Phuket with surf contests and amazing surfing participants. Another place for the novices in surfing to enjoy a fascinating time in Phuket is Nai Harn Beach. Here the winds are not too challenging and go up to a maximum height of just three metres. Here, people can enjoy two varied surfing experiences. While there are mighty swells to take your breath away at the north of the beach, the southern side is flanked by the beautiful lagoon and permanent sasandbankith gentle swells. For the experts and professionals looking for surfing tours in Phuket, Surin Beach is the best place to savour an adrenaline rush. The challenging waves here go up to two metres and pose a great adventure for the advanced surfers. It is an ideal spot for surfing and promises a thrilling getaway on this beautiful beach in Phuket. Whether you are visiting Phuket on your honeymoon, enjoying a family vacation or backpacking with your friends, nothing should keep you away from the fascinating experience of surfing.

Phuket organises various surf competitions and attracts the best international talent to show off their surfing skills. These surf contests have been going on since many years and often cited as a major highlight of surfing tours in Phuket. At Kata Beach, one can look forward to Phuket Surfing Contest where the prize money goes as high as 100,000 Baht and organised in mid-September. There is Kalim Surf Competition in September that is arranged by Kalim Reef Surfers. Another great surfing contest which you can enjoy in Phuket is the Kamala Go Surfing Contest organised by the locals in Kamala Beach. Promising an experience of a lifetime, surfing in Phuket allows one the fascinating adventure. If you are an adventure aficionado, surfing is an astounding activity that promises to be the best part of your trip to Phuket. It is a nice way to relax and unwind and keep yourself fit in the serene ambience of Phuket. Surfing in Phuket is an enchanting enterprise to soak in the panoramic views of the beach and add a superb adventure to your list of accomplishments in life.

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People Also Ask About Surfing in Phuket

  1. Is surfing in Phuket dangerous?

    No, surfing in Phuket is not at all dangerous provided you must visit there between the months of May to October as well as listen to all the instructions given by your trainer to have a smooth experience.

  2. What are the best beaches for surfing in Phuket?

    -Kalim Beach: This is one of the best spots for surfing in Phuket, owing to favorable waves and depth of coral reef. The wave ride is approximately somewhere between 50 and 100 meters and gets very shallow in the end. The upper limit of the swell is 3 meters.

    -Kata Beach: The suitability of Kata Beach as an ideal surfing location can be understood from the fact that Phuket Surfing Contest is held here. With boards on rent, experienced instructors and favorable waves, aspiring surfers can be assured to have a fun time here. May to October is the best time for surfing here.

    -Surin Beach: This beach has a great atmosphere for surfing with at both ends. You can expect to enjoy waves up to 2 meters high at Surin Beach. On the low waves the tides are low-mid and on the high waves, the tides are big. It is advised to be careful about the rocks.

    -Kamala Beach: A delight for surfers in Phuket, Kamala Beach is popular for Kamala Go Surfing Contest. If you are a professional surfer, do participate in this contest organized on the northernmost end. Stable sandbanks and consistent waves that are up to 3 meters in height are the features that make this beach popular for experienced as well as beginner level surfers.

    -Nai Thon: This is a rocky beach and an ideal choice for surfing among experienced surfers. One can expect to swell up to 3 meters high on a windy day here. The beach is not usually crowded, so you can have some exclusive surfing experience. Shallow lurking reef is one of the major characteristics.

    -Nai Harn Beach: The most appropriate part of the beach for surfing enthusiasts is a permanent sandbank at its southern end. You can indulge in a fast and intense surfing experience here with waves escalating up to a height of 3 meters. For the most favorable waves visit between May and October.

    -Karon Beach: If you are a novice in the world of surfing, Karon Beach is one of the most recommended options for surfing in Phuket. The sandbanks are ever-changing due to the volatility of tides. You can enjoy small swells in low wind conditions. Waves rise up to a height of 2 meters.

    -Laem Singh Beach: This is one of the prettiest beaches where you can indulge in surfing in Phuket. Swell ranges between 0.5 and 3 meters, making Laem Singh Beach an interesting choice for surfing. Bodyboarding is a popular style due to the fast waves created due to the presence of rock formations.

    -Layan Beach: North-west to South-East wind bringing swells up to a height of 3 meters makes Layan Beach a favorite surfing spot in Phuket. However, the beach is mostly frequented by experienced surfers as the coral reef is quite shallow here. 

    -Mai Khao Beach: A treat for real daredevils, Mai Khao Beach features a rough surfing experience in volatile tides. Winds direct from northwest to southeast, giving birth to swell up to 2 meters high. The drop-off at the beach is steep, so inexperienced surfers need to be careful while indulging in surfing here.

  3. Do I need to know Surfing before trying it in Phuket?

    Yes and no, depending on the beach you are opting for. Some beaches in Phuket are not safe for inexperienced while some beaches are capable of catering to beginners. There are plenty of beach clubs in Phuket where you can take surf classes and surf with experienced instructors.

  4. Is December a good time for surfing in Phuket?

    No, December is not a good time for surfing in Phuket. However, months between May to October offer you the best waves to surf.

  5. What gears I should have for surfing in Phuket?

    If you are a professional, just a surfboard would suffice. However, for beginners, the gear includes surfboard, wetsuit, fins, leash, and wax. You can easily get surfing gear on rent at beach clubs in Phuket.

  6. What is the minimum age for surfing in Phuket?

    There is no rule as to the age of the person willing to participate in surfing in Phuket. However, it is advisable to not let kids try the activity as surfing is not free from risks and waves are unpredictable.

  7. How much does surfing in Phuket costs?

    There cannot be a perfect estimate of surfing expenses in Phuket as it largely depends on what all you need for the gear. The surfboard is a basic requirement which can be hired at an approximate rent of 150 Baht per hour and 500 Baht per day. Although, the rent may vary from one beach club to another.

  8. What is the best season for surfing here in Phuket?

    The months of September and October are the best for surfing in Phuket. But you can enjoy surfing anytime from April until October.

  9. Will there be any surfing instructor to teach?

    If you are not an experienced surfer, you can easily get instructors to teach surfing. You can either find an instructor there or you can book a surf lesson beforehand. Booking a private group surf lesson costs around INR 1900 per person.