Surfing in Phuket

Kalim Beach, Kata Beach, Surin Beach, Kamala Beach, Nai Thon, Nai Harn Beach, Karon Beach, Laem Singh Beach, Layan Beach & many more.

Surfing in Phuket is known to take place along the western coast of the island, where a decent action of waves can be expected. The good thing for tourists visiting Phuket is that these waves are not high enough to restrict beginners from experiencing this activity. In fact, it is common to spot a competition taking place during the time of the low season. At some of the busiest beaches, you will easily find shops that offer surfing boards on rent and trainers who provide lessons in surfing. Planning your trip with one of the best Thailand packages ensures that you make the most of your time in this tropical paradise, combining the joy of surfing with the convenience of a well-organized travel itinerary.

Some of the best months to go for Surfing in Phuket are May to October, during which time, the waves hitting the beaches at an optimum pace, just perfect to experience the thrill of the activity. Also, the beaches can be less crowded at this time, offering a tranquil environment for you to surf.

Since Surfing has developed quite recently in Phuket, you will find several surfing schools and trainers to help you learn the activity at the beaches. Among the most popular surfing spots in Phuket are Kalim Beach, where you will find a throng of experienced surfers challenging the rocky cliffs. If you are a beginner and want to learn surfing, you can visit the Kata beach or Surin beach.

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Phuket Surfing FAQs

Which are the best places for surfing in Phuket?

1. Kalim Beach: Kalim Beach is located north of Patong Beach, Patong Road in Phuket, Thailand. One of the best beaches, only for experienced surfers due to the risk of rocky beach, provides a 100 m long surf stretch with waves that go up to 3 meters. The best time to surf here is during mid to high tides.

Yearly surfing competitions and other events such as Quiksilver Thailand Surf Competition are hosted here. This is one of the most popular Phuket surfing beaches that invite a large crowd during peak season with the best tides.

Location: 247 Kammala - Patong Rd, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand

2. Kata Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket Island, Kata beach is located on the west coast and is popularly known for its beauty, facilities, and activities. One of the most favorite activities that this beach is preferred for is surfing in Phuket.

The south end of this beach is the best area for experiencing the optimal level of surfing for beginners and experts alike. One of the most populated yet greatly facilitated beaches, Kata beach holds yearly international surfing events with guaranteed all-round safety procedures.

Location: Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

3. Surin Beach
The beautiful expanse of turquoise meets the white sandy area on one of the most amazing beaches called Surin beach located in Choeng Thale, Thailand. It is a well-known hangout spot for surf lovers with some of the heaviest waves for experienced surfers mostly at the two ends.

The central area of the beach is rocky which is visible during low tide. Surin beach is one of the highly preferred Phuket surfing beaches that offer amazing surfing opportunities and a competitive environment to enjoy the sport.

Location: Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

4. Kamala Beach
Kamala beach is located in Kamala, Phuket Island, best for touring opportunities. Its entirety is most favorable for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. The northern part is overall the best area for surfing opportunities. While its southern part is best mostly for beginners with over 1-meter waves, the center is good for advanced and experienced surfers with over 3-meter waves.

Kamala Beach lies near a fishing village with a sandy beach for relaxation and therefore is considered one of the best beaches for touring and enjoying surfing in Phuket.

5. Nai Thon
Naithon Beach is one of the secluded beaches that lie on the west coast of Phuket. It is set apart from the crowded Patong or Kata Beach areas. It is a sandy tree-lined beach that is great for swimming and sunbathing. One of the greatest adventures that you can venture into is surfing in Nai Thon.

The tides are mostly over 1 meter high, which offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to have fun surfing in Phuket. The center area of the beach offers the best waves for surfing and with maximum safety procedures on hand, Nai Thon has made it to the most popular beach destinations list for surfing.

Location: 23/31 Moo 4 Naithon Beach Rd. Sakoo, Nai Thon, Phuket 83110 Thailand

6. Nai Harn Beach
With surreal smooth white sand covering the beach lands, Nai Harn is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a laid back environment to the visitors. You can spend a complete day at this beach, surfing around the lavish blue waters and sailing on luxury yachts.

In spite of its remote location, you can access the beach by car and spend quality time surfing on the high waves.

Location: Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand

7. Karon Beach
Probably one of the longest beaches in Phuket, Karon beach is extremely popular for surfing in Phuket. The heavenly beachfront location offers a chance to enjoy its extensive nightlife and dining arrangements.

The beach offers a spacious land of white sands with ample scope for relaxing and surfing among the high tides of the water. You will not only have the benefit to enjoy this extreme water sport but also admire the beauty of the enchanting green surroundings.

Location: Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

8. Laem Singh Beach
Among the most beautiful beaches in Phuket, the Laem Singh beach is a Caribbean paradise, filled with lush green surroundings and alluringly blue waters, which serve as the perfect spot for surfing.

While the beach was closed off for a brief period in the last few years, it is now open by access through the water. Even if you are not much of a surfer, you will still find it amazingly interesting to spend time in this cosy and attractive land.

Location: Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand

9. Layan Beach: 
You will have to gain access to the Layan beach by walking down the beach from the Laguna Phuket area. With the waves crashing on shallow coral reefs, this beach is ideal for surfing but only if you are an experienced player at it.

On the Southern side of the island, you will find smaller river outlets, where the waves can come in really fast but this is among the best spots at the beach to go for a surfing ride.

Location: Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand

10. Mai Khao Beach: 
Among the most pristine and secluded beaches in Phuket, you will experience a joy ride when visiting the Mai Khao beach and getting down to surf on the waves crashing on its land. The beach offers a quiet and peaceful ambience, which makes the experience much more memorable for surfers and offers complete relaxation.

Location:  234 Mai Khao, Talang, Thepkasattri Road, Phuket Island  83110 Thailand

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Which are the best beaches in Phuket?

1. Freedom Beach: Among the most beautiful beaches in Phuket, Freedom beach is an image straight out of a fairytale with soft white sands and sparkling clear blue waters covering every inch of the landscape. Due to the lack of footfall, it remains relatively quiet but completely pristine.

2. Kata Beach:
Covered with white sandy lands, the incredibly blue sea and the availability of dining, shopping and nightlife at the beach make it a favored holidaying destination for families. You will find many budget hotels for staying here but only a few of them are located right at the beach.

3. Patong Beach:
Among the primary beaches known for Phuket Surfing, this beach is surrounded by amenities and activities which you can enjoy solo and with family as well. The middle section of the beach can get really busy at times since it draws heavy crowds at most times.

4. Ya Nui Beach:
Even though Ya Nui is a small beach, you will still find a huge crowd of people swarming in to get a view of the enchanting beach and its lush green surroundings. Among the most famous activities to enjoy at the beach are snorkeling and beach diving.

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What is the best time for surfing in Phuket?

The best time for Surfing in Phuket is between the months of April to October. During this time the monsoon season brings bigger waves and stronger winds, which enhances the experience of surfing. During the other months, the ocean is pretty much calm. From the months of June to September, annual Phuket Surfing events are held on the most prominent beaches.

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What is the approx cost of surfing in Phuket?

Surfing in Phuket is one of the most popular sports activities and the average cost for surfing on rented surfboards begins at INR 450 for a one hour session. If you want to take training sessions for surfing, it could cost up to INR 1200 for a one hour session.

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What are the important things to remember while going surfing in Phuket?

1. Do not try to surf yourself if you have no prior experience 

2. Always put on the right gear and use the right surfboard to protect yourself while surfing

3. Always make use of a surf leash to safeguard yourself

4. Practice some light exercises prior to your surfing session

5. Practice your poses on land first before entering the water

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