15 Places to Visit in Raigad, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Raigad

    Raigad Fort, Jagadishwar Temple, Takmok Tok, Queen’s Palace, Raigad museum, ShivtharGhal, Gangasagar Lake, Sagargad Fort, Varsoli Beach, Kihim Beach, Kondana Caves

    Enjoy a refreshing outing by catching a glimpse of the most  amazing places to visit in Raigad with your loved ones. Promising a memorable time with interesting sights that range from museums to historical forts and picnic spots to ancient caves, these places in Raigad are a delight for all kinds of tourists.

    A plethora of beautiful
    tourist places in Raigad promise to leave everyone spellbound. If you like an adventure, there are various forts like Raigad Fort, Sudhagad Fort and Sagargad Fort where you can undertake a hike to see the most beautiful views of Raigad. Nature lovers here can enjoy places like Gangasagar Lake, Diveagar Beach and Varsoli Beach.

    With so many places to visit in Raigad districts, tourists are sure to be left spoilt with options. Some of the notable tourist attractions to not miss here include Raj Bhavan, Raigad Museum, etc. It is also famous for offering sights like ShivtharGhal and Jagadishwar Temple which are associated with many famous events of history.

    Here is the list of best places to visit in Raigad:

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      Perched at an elevation of 1200 feet, Takmak Trek takes you to one of the most marvelous views witnessed from tourist places in Raigad. It is famed in history as a place where criminals were executed in the past.

      The place enchants everyone with its pleasant weather which is full of cool breezes and chilly temperatures. The view from the top here is excellent and allows the shutterbugs to enhance their photography skills. However, it is advised that you climb carefully on this hill as it can be risky for tourists.

      Raigarh Fort, Raigad Trail, Gherakilla Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: Winter season.

      Timings: During daytime.

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      Constructed during the time of the great Maratha king ChhatrapatiShivaji, Jagadishwar Temple is an important shrine to be visited in Raigad. This temple is a depiction of Hind-Muslim unity through its brilliant architecture and revers Lord Shiva who is worshipped as Shri Jagadeshwar.

      The temple has a Shivalinga and attracts many Hindu devotees in Raigad even though it is not in a very well-maintained state. One of the popular religious places to visit in Raigad, Jagadishwar Temple is a sight to marvel for history lovers.

      Location: Raigad Trail, Ghar killa Raigad, Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: November to February.

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      Perching precariously on a boulder amidst the Sahyadri Mountain ranges at a height of around 2300 ft. above sea level, Prabalgad Fort is one of the most uniquely situated forts in the country. Experienced adventure enthusiasts who love a bit of an adrenaline rush, love to trek to the summit climbing the stairs cut into the steep rocky edges of the hill. It is quite an experience climbing up without any guardrails and soaking in the magnificent.

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      One of the popular places to visit in Raigad, Gangasagar Lake is an impressive artificial lake near Raigad Fort. It is known for its scenic environs that are full of snow clad peaks. The lake was built to serve the purpose of providing water to nearby villagers and fulfill the water needs of the royal family.

      Moreover, it is believed that waters from River Ganga were brought here to fill this pond. The lake is located adjacent to the queen chambers in the fort from where one can see the clear views of the surroundings. The lake in recent times has become a famous Raigad picnic spot and usually flocked with a number of domestic and international tourists.

      Location: Gangasagar Lake, Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: Throughout the year.

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      One of the most beautiful places to visit in Raigad, Raj Bhawan is the place from where Shivaji administered his kingdom. Today it is hailed as a grand palace building from where you can appreciate the old world charm. Gleaming with architectural brilliance, Raj Bhawan is a grand building with beautiful rooms and corridors.

      The building houses two large tanks which were once used by the royal family and boats of a well-maintained drainage system. One has to undertake a climb of 1,450 steps to reach here and then enjoy this historical delight. Some of the prominent attractions in the building include the RameshwarMandir, WaghDarwaja, TakmakTok, Bara Tanki, and grenades depot.

      Location: Raj Bhavan, Raigad,

      Entry fee: INR 25.

      Timings: 8 am to 5:30 pm.

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      Located in Alibaug, this hill fort is located amidst lush and thickly forested expanses offering beautiful sea views. Before being finally handed over to the British, the fort changed hands between rulers like Shivaji, Bhivaji Gujar, Kanhoji, etc.

      It is said that prisoners were hurled to their death from the monkey point at the fort. A beautiful Dhodhane waterfall, a temple, and a water tank on the way to the fort make the trek to the fort more enjoyable.

      Best Time To Visit: Winters (October-March) and monsoons (July-August).

      Distance from Raigad: 33.2 kilometres.

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      Vikatgad Peb Fort is located on the Matheran Hill Range, about 2,100 feet above sea level. It is a popular trekking spot for those seeking an adventurous trail. It is continuous to other forts of the Matheran Hill Range along with Malang Gad, Tauli Hill, and Chanderi Fort.

      Being close to the major cities of Pune and Mumbai, with a well-connected railway system, attracts trekkers from both the cities, mostly on weekends. Not much is known about the fort, and most of it is in ruins due to a supposed battle that took place in the 19th century.

      However, it was a storage for food grains and ammunition and was also visited by the British Captain Dickinson in 1818. The two entrances to the fort are in ruins. There are still traces of the idols of Lord Hanuman within its periphery. The approximate time required to visit all the palaces in the fort is 1 hour.

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      One of the well-known places to visit in Raigad, this place is definitely not to be missed if you are a history lover. Raigad Museum has immaculately organized a gallery of history from the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

      It has on display a number of items that will excite your curiosity which range from turban collection of Shivaji, his earrings, mojari shoes, sword sheath, some rare photos, hand-written documents etc. These authentic articles are sure to take you back in the bygone times as they are preserved so well at Raigad Museum. It is flocked by a number of visitors and maintained by the descendants of Ninadji Bedekar and Shri Babasaheb Purandare.

      Raigad Road NearRaigad Fort, Raigad.

      Best Time to visit: Throughout the year (Closed on Mondays).

      Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM.

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      Built on the Dhai river near Khalapur, Morbe Dam is a nice spot to seek some adventure in Malshej. It is a popular weekend getaway and has been used as a shooting place for various Bollywood movies.

      Some of the popular times when this dam was featured on the screen includes glimpses from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It offers a refreshing getaway during the monsoon days in the months from July to September.

      GoDavari River Near Khalapur, Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: November to February.

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      Image Credit : wikimedia.org

      With sparkling white sands and crystal clear waters, Diveagar Beach is one of the most recommended Raigad picnic spots for nature lovers. It is dotted with coconut and betel nut trees that add a mesmerizing look to its scenic landscape. The serene beach has a stretch of about 6 km and offers a good escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

      Located on the Konkan coast, this beach is a great tourist spot to see a number of seagulls who migrate here. Moreover, tourists here can pay their respects to a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha to calm their minds. A popular getaway to be enjoyed with your loved ones, Diveagar Beach is a sight to behold in Raigad.

      Location: Diveagar Beach, Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district.

      Best Time to Visit: October to March.

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      Also famous as ‘Rani Vasa’, the Queen’s Palace is one of the must visit tourist places in Raigad for history buffs. Made of six chambers, the Queen’s Palace was once used by the royal queens of Shivaji.

      Built with wood, the interior of this place is still in great condition and captivates the tourists. It comprises six chambers which are equipped with all the facilities and in some places it boasts of having beautiful minarets.

      Location: Queen’s Palace,
      GherakillaRaigad, Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: October to March.

      Entry fee: INR 25.

      Timings: 8 am to 5:30 pm.

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      Located on Mumbai Goa highway, Mahad is one of the best historical places to visit in Raigad. Along with housing the famous Raigad Fort, it is well-known to be the center of the famous socio-political movement called Dalit Satyagrah launched by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

      The place will bring out the patriot in you as it is considered the land of freedom fighters with many revolutionary struggles happening here. It was the seat of Maratha kingdom as it was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj at Raigad Fort. The place also excites cultural travelers by hosting festivals like Shimga Festival and Shimgotsav. Other notable places to visit here are Raigad Ropeway, PandavLeni Caves and Gandharpale Caves.

      Location: Mahad district, Raigad district, North Konkan region, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: Throughout the year.

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      Situated amidst the gorgeous landscapes, ShivtharGhal is one of the popular places to visit in Raigad  if you are a history buff. Also called Sundarmath, this is the place where the famous Marathi poet Samarth Ramadas Swami lived for 22 years and dictated Dasbodh to Kalyan Swamy. Moreover, it is also said that this is the place where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj met Samarth Ramdas for the first time.

      Bhor-Mahad road VarandhaGhat, Raigad, Maharashtra.

      Best Time to visit: During monsoon season.

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      People Also Ask About Raigad

      1. Which are the places to visit in Raigad district?

        1. Raigad Fort: Tucked on the top of Sahyadri hills, Raigad For is a massive fort that celebrates the heritage of Maratha Kingdom. It reminds of Maratha valour and houses some notable attractions like NagarkhanaDarwaja, Mena Darwaja, MahaDarwaja and PalkhiDarwaja.

        2. Diveagar Beach: Bustling with natural beauty, Diveagar Beach is an ideal getaway for beach lovers on a weekend. It is dotted with palm trees and offers an adventurous getaway for families and kids along with many laid back activities.

        3. Jagadishwar Temple: With the main deity as Shri Jagadishwar, this Hindu temple is known to be visited daily by Shivaji. Located in the royal palace, this famous temple also reflects the fascinating use of Mughal architecture.

        4. Raj Bhavan: Known for its excellent architecture, Raj Bhavan is an exquisite building built by Shivaji. This is where the royal family used to stay in the past and now incites curiosity of all history buffs.

        5. Madhe Ghat Waterfalls: Promising to capture your sight with its scenic beauty, MadheGhat waterfalls is located in the midst of thick vegetation. One should visit this waterfall to admire breathtaking natural beauty.

      2. Which are the places to visit near Raigad Fort?

        1. Raigad Museum: A must visit for history lovers, Raigad Museum gives a glimpse of the past by having on exhibit the items once personally used by ChhatrapatiShivaji. It has various galleries where you can see Shivaji’s earrings, mojari shoes, sword sheath, some rare photos, hand-written documents etc.

        2. Jagadishwar Temple: A prominent
        place to visit in Raigad district, this temple is known to be built in the Hindu-Islamic style. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and frequented by many devotees.

        3. Varadvinayak: This is a popular Ashtavinayak Temple in Raigad that is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It was built in 1725 AD and draws in many religious visitors.

        4. Madhe Ghat: Situated in the midst of thick forests, MadheGhat is a wonderful escape for nature lovers. The area boasts of a beautiful waterfall and enchants history buffs with many famous attractions.

      3. What are the best day trips from Raigad District?

        1. Day trip to Panvel: Enjoyed as a corporate getaway, a team outing to Panvel can be enjoyed to have fun over the weekend. The getaway offers many adventure activities which you can partake in for a refreshing escape from office.

        2. Overnight Trek To Sudhagad Fort: Sitting on a huge plateau, Sudhagad Fort is a notable weekend getaway from Raigad. One can enjoy an overnight trek to this fort to see the spectacular morning views and visit the famous Bhoraidevi temple there.

        3. One Day Trek To Kalavantin Durg: All the trekking lovers will love a thrilling expedition to Kalavantin Durg. It lets you savor an adrenaline rush as you pass through a landscape of lush greenery and beautiful winding roads.

        4. Visit Mahabaleshwar: Tucked in the middle of Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar boasts of hilly landscapes, ancient temples, beautiful waterfalls and undulating valleys. It is known for its natural beauty and offers a refreshing escape from all the troubles of life.

      4. Which are the best forts to visit around Raigad District?

        1. Raigad Fort: This notable hill fort built in 1674 AD is a sight to behold in Raigad. It is famed for having an artificial lake called Ganga Sagar Lake and hoisting the king's palace on a cliff. It is known to be renovated by Chhatrapati Shivaji and enchants all history buffs.

        2. Murud-Janjira Fort: Located on the Arabian Seam this famous fort can be reached by taking a jetty. The fort is an interesting attraction among
        places to visit in Raigad district as it is in ruins now but was once hailed as the strongest marine fort in India.

        3. Kolaba Fort: Known as the major naval stations during the reign of Marathas, Kolaba Fort is a popular site for history lovers. It is well known for having freshwater walls in its complex even though it is constructed as a seaside fort.

        4. Sudhagad Fort: Also known as Bhairavgad Fort, Sudhagad Fort is a must-visit if you fancy roaming around the ruins of the past. It once housed an old palace, temples and a big bastion during the Maratha empire.

      5. Which are some famous treks in Raigad?

        1. Sudhagad Fort: This vast fort is tucked on top of Sudhagad Plateau and hailed as one of the best tourist places in Raigad. It is famed for having a temple dedicated to Bhoraidevi and attracts tourists with the exact replica of the Maha Darwaja.

        2. Raigad Fort: Even though with most parts in its complex in ruins, Raigad Fort is a delight for history lovers as it once served the residential spot for Chhatrapati Shivaji. Some of the popular structures that can be seen here are Quarters, Public Durbar, Watch Towers, Darwazas (gateways), etc.

        3. Sarasgad Fort: Also known as a twin of Sudhagad Fort, Sarasgad Fort is an important place to visit in Raigad for trekking. After climbing up the hill, one can soak in the enthralling views of the mountains in the surrounding areas.

        4. Thanale Caves: Trek to Thanale Caves to admire the ancient rock-cut caves and marvel at this archaeological site. It also boasts of having two Chaityas, two Stupas and some Viharas that date back to 1st Century B.C.

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      Every nooks and corner of this farmhouse it makes me felt like home, the rooms were very clean with comfortable beds, blankets, mattresses, and pillows. The kitchen looks nice and all the belonging of this farmhouse was pretty good and well-arranged. The housekeeping served us with good and delicious foods. It has a nice garden where In my free time walking around it and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the place. I felt comfortable and safe during the stay here.
      Dhanvin Mahajan Diveagar Water Sports
      Overall it was an excellent trip! it was a 10 upon 10 fun for sure. I booked through Thrillophilia, we got at a good price which includes stay, meals, and the activities. If you purchase for a single activity it was costly from the local vendor at the beach. But this company arranged everything with perfection. The operator and the instructor were kind and helpful explained well in detail about everything. Go and try this and have a wonderful experience.
      Adhrit Menon Sarasgad Trek
      Everything was spot-on... the trek was not challenging at all, it's very suitable for kids, adults, and elderly as well. Overall was on time our guide was very approachable and accommodating informed us in detail about the do and don't and sometimes very funny crack jokes and make the walk comfortable for everyone. The scenery was nice and the attractions were marvelous. It was a sweet and smooth tour and we took many pictures with all the co-traveler and staff.
      Bhaanumati Khan Diveagar Water Sports
      What does really matters on this tour was that it's hassle-free and as well that we are able to take part in each activity mentioned on the site, The operator was nice helps us with good staff and equipment to enjoy the day to the fullest... This tour was complete fun and excitement. I would highly recommend it to all.

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