Prabalgad Fort Overview

Perching precariously on a boulder amidst the Sahyadri Mountain ranges at a height of around 2300 ft. above sea level, Prabalgad Fort is one of the most uniquely situated forts in the country. Experienced adventure enthusiasts who love a bit of an adrenaline rush, love to trek to the summit climbing the stairs cut into the steep rocky edges of the hill. It is quite an experience climbing up without any guardrails and soaking in the magnificent.

Prabalgad Fort is located in the Raigarh district of Maharashtra. It is a spectacular fort in the embrace of the Sahyadri mountain range along the western ghats. The fort is at an elevation of 700 m above sea-level on a plateau and provides vivid sight of the Irshalgad fort and the Kalyan fort.

For this reason, it also had a great historical significance as it was used as a watchtower. The fort got a rebirth under Shivaji’s reign and now it is a remarkable offbeat retreat from the exhausting city-life for the tourists. The Prabalgad terrain is covered with a green blanket of thickets.

The place becomes much more scenic during monsoons as mist covers the mountains and waterfalls emerge from within the lush thickets. However, one should avoid trekking during the rains. The summit offers amazing views of the Konkan area and the surrounding mountain ranges. 

The trek to the fort passes through dense forests through narrow trails. This terrain uphill is rocky and steep at some places with zigzag steps carved out of rocks. While ascending the fort, the plateau covered with a crown of mist makes for an awe-inspiring sight.

How To Reach

From Mumbai:

By Train: Board the train on Mumbai central and get off at Panvel railway station on harbour line. From Panvel bus station, take a state transport bus to Thakurwadi village. Thakurwadi village is the base village for Prabalgad and from here you have to trek to Prabalmachi, the base stop, from where the climb starts.

By car: You have to drive on Mumbai-Pune expressway via Vashi till you reach Shedung Phata Panvel. Take a turn towards the Thakurwadi village from Shedung.

By Air: Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji is the nearest airport to Prabalgad. You can reach Panvel from the airport via state transport bus and then travel to Thakurwadi.

From Pune:

By Train: Take a train from Pune Junction to Panvel Station which is a 3 hours journey. Panvel bus stand is a 15-minute walk from the station and buses to Thakurwadi are readily available

By car: Drive on old Pune expressway through Lonavala and reach Shedung Phata Panvel. From there, take a turn for Thakurwadi. It is approximately a 2-hour drive.

From Lonavala:

By Train: Regular trains are available for Panvel station and the journey takes around 3 hours.

By Bus: You can hire a private bus for a group tour or take a state transport day bus from Lonavala

By car: Drive on NH-48 to Navi Mumbai and reach Panvel. From Panvel, a 40-minute drive will take you to Thakurwadi.

Best Time To Visit

Winter season: Right after the monsoon season, the pleasant months of October to January are ideal for trekking to Prabalgad. The rainfall cleanses the lush green forests and an intoxicating aroma of rain-fed soil hits your nostrils.

Monsoon: The monsoon is the least preferred season for trekking as the terrain is rocky and there is fear of slipping. A lot of insects and leeches also pose a threat amid the forests. Frequent rainfall makes the trek difficult and cumbersome. However, with great will and efforts, one can take this expedition in monsoon as well. The mesmerizing views of sparkling wilderness from the top is worth all the efforts.

Summer: The summer season i.e. March to June makes the soil loose and thus the trek becomes a little slippery. But the weather is very cool and soothing. With ample care and precaution, one can enjoy the trekking experience. The rugged terrain and rocky trails lure adventure freaks to the fort.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Prabalgad Fort:

Kalavantin Durg: It is a 685 m high lofty peak near the Prabalgad plateau. The trek is marked by rock-cut steps that take you to the zenith of the fort. It is a perfect place for thrill and adventure lovers. Not to forget the breath-taking views from the top that will leave you in a trance.

Karnala bird sanctuary: Situated near Prabalgad in Raigad district, The sanctuary provides shelter to more than 150 native bird species and around 37 migrant species. One can delve into the pleasure of bird-watching and exploring the rich diversity of flora in the sanctuary. One can also hear the lovely wanderers of the sky chirping from a distance.

Louisa Point: About 3 km from Prabalgad, Louisa point is a very popular picnic spot in Matheran. The place offers charming views of the breath-taking mountains and the Charlotte lake appears to be a diamond necklace from here. It will lure you into settling down here and just relaxing your mind as you shed all the weariness of your soul.

Charlotte Lake: The lake is about 4 km away from Prabalgad and requires a light walk to reach there. It is an ideal place to sit on the benches and relax while diving into the splendid vistas in front of you. The shimmering waters reflect the pristine clouds overhead look like a live painting. A small waterfall at one end also comes alive during monsoons offering a fresh shower to the tired souls.

Things to Do Near Prabalgad Fort:

Sightseeing: The captivating landscapes offer tourists a respite from the humdrum of everyday life. The melodious chirping of birds, vast blue hues in the sky and soothing greenery spread all around will travel past your eyelids and descend slowly into your heart. The intriguing rock formation in the fort is a sight to behold.

Camping: Tents are available for rent and camps can be set up on the summit to relax after a tiring trek. Prabal plateau is a perfect place to unpack and make the beautiful bounties of nature your temporary home. A star-laden sky and warmth from the campfire are ingredients for a memorable night.

Trekking: There are many summits near the Prabalgad plateau that provide an adventurous trekking experience. The Kalavantin peak has a rocky terrain and trails surrounded by lush green forests. Irshalgad fort, which is the twin sister of Prabalgad, is also popular for trekking. One can also hike up to the Kalyan fort or the Chanderi fort situated within few kilometers of Prabalgad.

Picnic: The calm and serene environment of the place makes it ideal for a fun and relaxing picnic vacation. Places like Louisa point and one tree hill point offer a breath of fresh air and spectacular views while you sit and enjoy with your friends and family.

Photography: A glimpse of nature in all its heavenly glory is something no wants to miss. You can capture the spine-tingling stills of the fort and the beauty around. Take pictures of the mystique wilderness, chirping birds and hazy peaks blanketed by clouds and mist.

Mobile Connectivity:

There is good network connectivity in the base village of the Thakurwadi and Panvel area. As you trek to Prabalmachi, the cellular connectivity may decrease due to obstruction by forests and weather conditions. At the summit, there is low connectivity, but that will only provide you with a respite from the hustle-bustle of daily life.


The nearest ATMs you will find near Prabalgad are in Thakurwadi village. There are ATMs of major banks like Axis Bank, SBI, Bank of India and ICICI bank here. You can also find Bank of India on Panvel station.

Food Joints:

There are tea-stalls and snack joints in Prabalmachi which is the base point of the trek. There are food points like Richie rich resorts, Hotel Rangoli and the byke retreat. There are no food services on the trek, so you have to carry some energy food and drinking water with you.

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Prabalgad Fort FAQs

How do I get to Prabalgad fort?

By Train: From Mumbai central railway station, Panvel is about 43 km and takes 1.5-2 hours journey to reach. From Panvel, you can take a bus or a rickshaw to travel to Thakurwadi which takes another 40-50 minutes. The trek from Thakurwadi to the Fort takes approx 3 hours.

By Air: Chhatrapati Shivaji airport in Mumbai is the nearest airport which is connected to all major cities. From the airport, you can travel in a taxi to Panvel which is a 40-45 minutes drive. You have options to turn to the highway at Shedung in a taxi or travel to Panvel and then to Thakurwadi.

By Bus: The travel time from Mumbai to Panvel ST bus stand is around 2.5 hours via Mumbai-Pune highway. From Panvel bus stand you can take state transport bus to Thakurwadi which is an hour ride.

How much time does it take to climb Prabalgad fort?

The time depends upon the efficiency of the trekker. The terrains are steep and rocky. On an average, it takes 1.5 hours to climb the fort starting from base point Prabalmachi. During the monsoon season, the steps become slippery and it may take more time to climb the fort.

How can I go to Prabalgad fort from Mumbai by Train?

Board the train from Mumbai central to Panvel railway station which takes around 1.5-2 hours. There are regular local trains between two stations. Get down at Panvel and board a state transport bus from Panvel bus station which is a 15 minutes walk.

The bus ride to Thakurwadi takes an hour and from there you can hike to Prabalmachi.

Where to stay near Prabalgad fort?

You have two stay options near Prabalgad fort. Either you can rent a tent and camp on the plateau itself or you can find accommodation in the base village of Prabalmachi. There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses available near Prabalgad for tourists like Usha Ascots, Hotel Panorama and Richie rich.

Can we do trekking at Prabalgad fort?

Yes, you can do trekking at Prabalgad fort. In fact, it is the main adventure activity at this place. The undulant terrains, vast greenery and rocky zigzag steps to the summit make for a thrilling experience.

The bird’s eye view of the Kalavantin peak, Irshalgad fort, and sky-kissing mountains of the Sahyadris will leave you speechless for a moment. The visit to Prabalgad is once in a lifetime experience that you should not miss.

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